not talking about the color lets ignore that

Tea Time!!!

Ok, so let’s talk about something that has been bothering since I first came to this fandom. Why is it that whenever there is meta addressing the very fucked up ways in which we ignore and exclude characters of color in our works that there is always that one person that has to say, “Well why don’t you create your own stuff instead of complain?”

I wonder if this particular person has ever considered the fact that the people who make the argument for more representation for characters of color in fanworks are the ones producing and contributing fanworks. Why do ppl in this fandom have a problem with these trends being pointed out and use this useless ass presumptuous argument to take away from what’s actually being said?

Even if that particular person is not the most active in the fandom in the first place, it’s always important to be critical of the problematic trends that occur in fandom. A lot of y'all I noticed don’t seem to be able to handle or accept those criticisms because you either know it directly includes you and your lack of participation and that makes you uncomfortable, or you don’t want to bother to put the work in when marginalized groups decide to criticize shitty behavior in fandom.

So before I hear anybody try and tell me what I’ve done for this fandom, just being able to see the trends in that fandom (and also how they might mirror other fandoms) is enough, what I wanna know is why are you so pressed when ppl point this obvious shit out? Like it’s pretty obvious when you try to look for Finn-centric fics on AO3 and most of them are tagged Reylo or some other dumbass unrelated shit that that has something to do with the way white fandom interacts and belittles the characters of color. It’s definitely not cool that a nobody like fucking Army Husk (a white male character) has more fics that either of the leads of TFA (and don’t tell me no dumb fucking bullshit like “he was more interesting than Rey or Finn” BITCH WHERE?? FOR 3 FUCKING MINUTES?)

In what goddamn context does this make any sense if not to explain this fandom’s race/gender problem?

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Who the fuck are y'all trying to fool??? Come Episode 8 I better not hear no goddamn shit from this fandom cause if y'all could really understand how much I’ve had it with this shit. Like you really can’t see the disparity between alla of that shit? And the first thing you wanna tell me is to make more works? Instead of questioning why there is an overwhelming amount of works for a white male character that only had three minutes of fucking screentime???.

The trans community / the LGBT community in general and where we’re at today is largely because of trans women of color

Recognize women like Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson today as we talk about trans visibility.

These women have shaped who we are and what we’re still fighting for.

And let this serve as a reminder to cis LGB people who want to drop the T. You are ignorant of your history and you’re blatantly disrespecting every LGBT person. We owe everything to our trans elders.

To My Fellow Light Skins

Don’t let people get away with colorism, ESPECIALLY yourself. Just because it does not have negative effects on us does not mean we can be silent on it. Stop telling your children to stay out of the sun, stop spreading around those “”“memes”“” that devalue dark skin, stop denying that colorism exists, stop ignoring colorism because we benefit from it, stop shutting down people with dark skin when they try to talk about their real experiences with colorism, stop letting your friends get away with their racial “preferences” that just so happen to exclude people with dark skin. We cannot be silent on injustice in our community.

Hello World
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  • The Front Bottoms

“Sometimes you talk when you are sleeping about things that have no meaning
but I listen anyway
I have been thinking about leaving, but my best options say to stay
I think I’ll lay down in the street and let the cars drag me away
“You know what I mean?” I think you ask me when you’re done telling me your story
But I am drunk and I have been ignoring every single word you say.
And now you show me new tattoos as my fingers touch your skin
You say they all have so much meaning, while colored ink is sinking in.”

Women’s Appreciation Week

Day 6: Unfairly Treated Female Character

Take a wild guess at which part of the fandom often shits all over Melinda May. If you guessed the part of the fandom that usually rips into characters of color and women in order to put their precious white boy Nazi in a better light, then you would be correct.

I love May so much, and to see her get so much hate from the fandom really makes me mad. I feel like a good portion of the fandom is very good to her, us May stans and Philinda shippers, but so many people either completely hate on her, or just brush her off and ignore her.

So let’s talk about the things she gets hate for. The first thing that happened was she slept with Ward. Oh how I remember the way those Skyeward shippers laid into her and HATED her for that. Because god forbid May have a relationship with a guy. You know, I shipped Skyeward at the time (I know, that’s probably hard to believe) and I was okay with it. So what? May and Ward are doing it. Everything is not about ships. (BTW this is all before I knew it was dub con).

I’d say the next big she did that had people hating on her is her fight with Ward in Yes Men. The guy was pointing a gun at her and he was brainwashed. She had to try and restrain him, so she fought him. People seem to think she fought him because “she was jealous!” sorry, what? She was trying to protect herself and the team. The other thing is how she hit him after he came back to his right mind. They also say that she did that because she was jealous. I’ve always interpreted it as she was still heated from the fight, he had just tried to shoot at her, and she was pissed off. So she hit him. And honestly, now that we know he’s Nazi scum, I’m glad she hit him. Sure, in the episode, she was probably hurt over Lorelei and finding out he had feelings for Skye, but she was not motivated by jealousy. She was trying to protect herself.

I remember when May made that phone call at the end of the episode to an unknown person, she was crucified. Everyone thought she was evil. It’s funny how everyone immediately hated her for that, and yet a few weeks later when Ward shoots three SHIELD agents, everyone is saying “Well, we have to wait and see, guys! He could be brainwashed!” and making up all these excuses, meanwhile, they just hated May immediately for something we had no idea about.

What she gets the most hate about, I think, is when she beat Ward in their fight in the season 1 finale. First of all, I’m pretty sure this bothers people because, in their minds, a woman could never beat Ward. Certainly not a woman of color! But they also call it “beating up an abuse victim.” Oh yes, Ward was such a poor, broken soul, wasn’t he? May had absolutely NO motivation to fight him. The guy had dub conned her into sleeping with him. That is disgusting. That is a sexual crime. Tell me you wouldn’t be angry.

Now let’s look at the actual scene. Ward is talking to Skye, and May is hiding out, waiting for him to move forward. Ward is pointing a gun at Skye, May’s teammate, and is seconds away from kidnapping her. Not only that, but he threatens to rape her. So do not tell me May had no motivation for fighting him. She heard him threaten Skye, and he had a gun. She had to act, so she fought him. In fact, if she hadn’t fought him, Coulson and Fury would have died because Skye would have never got to Ace.

People just look for reasons to hate May. It genuinely bothers them that May has turned Skye into a great agent, and is a far better S.O. than Ward ever was. They just hate her. They hate that she’s a hero.