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Hiya!!! I'm not over the ILY scene yet and I don't think I'll ever be over it. But what irritates me the most is people(read other shippers) saying that he doesn't actually love her and realises he loves her as a friend (LOL). As if that's a big realisation for him. I think that scene was definitely aboit romantic love. We finally got to see his heart. I always believed they'd end up together but I wasn't expecting that ILY.

Yeah absolutely. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the very point of that scene was about romantic love. The WHOLE episode was about love, but THAT SCENE was about romantic love. The first two tests dealt with general human feeling and compassion. The last test involved love of family/friends. But the coffin scene was specifically about romantic love. Because when the coffin says I Love You and they realize it’s for someone who loves Sherlock, obviously that’s not a platonic love. Because how would that narrow it down? Everyone involved loves Sherlock in some way! But do they consider perhaps Mrs. Hudson?? No! The only two women mentioned in that scene are the ones who have a romantic/sexual connection with Sherlock. People just need to employ some super simple deductions to reach the romantic love conclusion, it’s not that hard. And then as far as him meaning it in that particular way when he speaks it, perhaps just simply look. At. His. FACE. And listen to his frickin VOICE. I mean, come on, people…

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The thing about being diagnosed with depression at 19 is everyone tells you “being sad sometimes is normal” and that it will pass, fear of mental health issues makes people want to convince you that all the emotions you are (or aren’t) feeling are normal. However that’s not the case so despite good intentions it does no good to act as if it’s normal. For a long time I was scared of getting the help I needed because of the stigma that would come with an actual diagnosis or “labeling” as my mother puts it. I’m glad I finally overcame that fear in order to work on doing better for myself.

so we’re just not going to talk about how Niall got off the plane to Australia looking like a hot, rich boyfriend who just finished backpacking around Europe and now he’s back to finish getting his MBA from Columbia?????!!!!!!!

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More shippy lol but isn't it great how Sherlock berates everybody about their sentiment except for when it comes to Molly. ASiB shows this perfectly in contrast because he finds out in the same episode that two women fancy him. He uses it against Irene, but doesn't even attempt to discourage Molly from it ❤

Girl, yass!! When has he ever been like “down with emotions” when speaking to Molly. Particularly Molly’s feelings for him (once he sees them) seem almost untouchable to him, like they’re just completely off limits for his snarky comments, as opposed to the way he talks to other people about their feelings. The closest he came to stamping out romance when speaking to her was when he told her to “avoid all future attempts at a relationship.” But, I mean, I’d like to HC that as meaning “avoid all future attempts at a relationship…EXCEPT WITH ME.”

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i just saw the HD picture of tony’s new armor and QUESTION are those lines on the shoulder plates and things going to glow (if at all) blue in the actual movie??? or gold?? this is Important i need to know immediately bc depending on the color that thing kind of reminds me of three particular armors