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help a native girl get justice against her abuser

Hi all! Some time ago, I made a post about leaving a heavily (sexually, mentally, physically) abusive ex and moving out and away from him. After getting my living situation together, I seeked out legal advice from a lawyer who deals with domestic violence. I was able to build a case against my abuser and have decided to take legal action. Native women experience domestic violence more than twice as often than any other ethnic group, historical trauma is definitely fucking real. It is so deeply deeply important that I get some kind of justice. Lawyers are expensive and while I make decent money to care for myself, I don’t make “I can sue anyone whenever I want” money. I’m going to need some assistance with legal fees, my google wallet is I’m forever grateful for any sized contribution, any reblog, any kind and supportive words. It means more to me than I can ever ever express.

“I’m scared to go back to work. I just called out someone in front of a large group of people. I just wouldn’t let it go. I should have taken it offline, but I had to be right. I could have stepped back, watched the movie version of myself, and seen how my behavior was being seen by the people around me. But no— I just couldn’t let it go. My therapist would be so upset with me right now. I almost went home, but there was a woman taking a diarrhea shit on the train platform. So I think God, who I don’t even believe in, is telling me that I need to go back to the office and figure this out.”


Context: We’re running Curse of Strahd 5e, and our group is staying at an inn for the night. We’re separated into two rooms. The Monk and Wizard are in one room, and the Paladin, a wolf I insisted is my buddy, and myself (druid). During out last big fight a session back, our Monk picked up a coin that’s cursed and she’s been acting weird. None of us picked up on it because we’re idiots. 

Middle of the night the monk wakes up, opens the window and in pops Strahd, coming to take his dairy back. Strahd orders the Monk to kill the wizard but luckily she’s rolling poorly so she’s striking the wall, instead of the Wizard, who is understandably panicking. We roll poorly to wake up, but the wolf rolls high, and wake me. I then turn to wake the paladin.

Me: Arkas! Wake up!

Paladin: What? What the hell?

Me: Strahd, the vampire, is in the other room! 

Paladin stands up, grabs his warhammer, and cannot get his armor on in time, so he stumbles out in only his briefs, half asleep, slams open the room to our room. 

Paladin: STRAAAAAAAAAAAHD! *charges toward Strahd who is easily capable of one-shooting him*

Me: Alright then… I’ll stay here and not die. *shuts door behind him*

Paladin’s yell actually did wake up everyone, and turns out there was a group of wereravens in the inn, so they chased Strahd out, but now every time we encounter Strahd in the world, we all go “STRAAAAAHD!”

Merry Christmas! It’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Because exams are so serious, you can enjoy reading something a little light-hearted :)

Study 3-4 weeks in advance of the finals. I feel like once you actually get down to it, after all the touching up to find out what concepts you need to understand or reclarify with the teacher, then starting revision about 4 weeks advance is enough to get you a very high mark in a course. Of course assignments usually take a lot of the time, but if you can manage to start, then you’ll find that everything else kind of falls into place. And you still manage to finish those assignments before the due date.

Form study groups leading up to the exam. Or not. I usually prefer studying by myself since I’m someone who works at their own pace, despite the fact that the times that I studied with others were quite productive. If it works for you, I say go for it.

Study for open book exams too! Because you can guarantee that they’ll ask you questions that make you wonder whether you’ve even covered that even remotely in class. Radiometry, Photometry and Colorimetry exam I’ll forever remember you ==‘

Arrive at the exam place early to tackle exam stress and anxiety. I find that getting to the exam facility early really helps you acclimatise to the environment and focus on staying calm and collected. When I was in first year a lecturer advised us to arrive an hour early just in case any train delays occur, so now I usually arrive more than 40 minutes before an exam. Also don’t freak out in the exam. Every minute counts!

Try and convince yourself that you don’t care anymore. This totally works for any overachievers or people who stress about doing the best that they can like me. Yep, just repeat to yourself, or listen to the song! “I Don’t Care” :) a little 2NE1 never hurts (my music style is more SM Ent though haha).

Study till the last minute. I’ve tried both relaxing the last day and studying the last day. Personally I’ve had one or two cases where studying on the last day led to an extra mark, and I don’t feel any big difference in stress levels, so I always just try and study until the last minute.

Exam staff are so very difficult. Not kidding, even a tiny blue tint and you can’t bring your water bottle in. You can’t wear a watch, or even put it on the table. You can’t write your name after times up, yup, even just your name so they know who filled out the exam LOL. They’re just doing their job, but they’ll get you to pull out your hair wondering who. the. heck. made. these. rules. Taking bets for the next thing they’ll ban! (my money’s on jumpers and jackets)

Collect the massive bags that they give you before an exam. I was literally so sad when they switched over to those tiny plastic bags. The big ones we used to be given that would fit your laptop were made of such good material and you could use them again for many purposes. I did manage to snag quite a few the first few semesters we had them though ;)

That moment when you manage to sit next to your friend in an exam and wave hiiiiiiiiiii (which translates to *heeeeeeeeelp*). Exam seating is random so you get given a card and you follow the spot to your seat. There was one time though that was such a coincidence I was like whaaaa? I was sitting an exam and went in with my friend. When we were about to get the cards, I turned around to go get my ruler from my bag just in case, and the card that I got was literally the one right next to my friend hahaha. 

Make sure you don’t drink too much water. Some exams really have you racing against the clock! No time for tinkling in the toilet when you have to tinker with the test whilst the time goes tick tock! (did you like that cause I thought that was pretty funny… no…? okay…)

Don’t leave early unless you’ve racked your brains for the answer twice over. Once I finished an exam early and checked my answers once or twice before sitting back and relaxing (which really means uncomfortably shifting around in a chair with no cushioning). I had about 20 minutes left for the exam, and only in the last minute did I flip over and realise I had read one question wrong. Thankfully I was able to change it and get that extra mark ^_^




Thank you.

2016 has finally come to an end. It’s certainly been an eventful year that I’m sure none of us would like to repeat ever again. But I’m not here to talk about that. But rather, the project that’s been going on year-long regarding the Tokyo Ghoul 2016 calendar.

Every day, we’ve been posting a coloured page for each day of the year. It’s been a struggle, with everyone having busy schedules and random life events thrown at them. It has certainly been a struggle for me, because I completely underestimated just how time and effort this project would take up. But here we are now, on the very last day of the year, and I can say that despite the difficulties, it has been so fulfilling. I’ve learned a lot about myself, learned a bunch of pretty cool skills, and got to know a group of wonderful people.

Speaking of these wonderful people, here is a giant thank you to everyone who helped out with the project at some point:

  • Michi (makyun) - for starting this project, for letting me join, and for putting up with my chronic lateness (for every late calendar post, most of them were my fault, I apologize). But most importantly, for tearing and scanning all the pages, translating them, writing post captions, and later also helping with cleaning and typesetting. She has done so much, so make sure to thank her for all her hard work!
  • Lily (eyepatch-centipede) - for cleaning and typesetting, and even making a cleaning guide to make it easier for the cleaners.
  • Mar (tealsnap) - for cleaning and typesetting. And for trying to help me fix my phone when it went completely ham :’D
  • Cora - for cleaning.
  • Low (floppyamon) - for cleaning.
  • Kat (nickiforov) - for cleaning.
  • MasqueRider - for colouring some of the pages when I wasn’t available. He contributed to over 20 pages, which you can look at here.
  • Tammy (drowning-in-theories) - for translating.

My last thank you is for everyone. Thank you for supporting this project, whether through reblogs or likes, tags or replies, or even just taking a peek at the posts every once in a while. It’s been a pleasure reading through everyone’s comments on the calendar posts, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts as much as I have.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful Happy New Year!

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after everything that took my interest in the liveshow i thought i can't wait to read your thoughts on it. have any? x

i’m not in the greatest headspace and probably can’t rewatch this ls so i think i will do things a bit differently today and just share some of the best messages i received from people on the liveshow. i always feel bad bc i spend a lot of time writing my own thoughts and then tend not to a good job sharing other people’s thoughts that they take the time to send to me so hopefully their words can speak to what i don’t have the ability to think/write about today. 

While I found dans ls pretty unextraordinary, his whole sexuality talk was really great. There is a large group of his fans who are not straight, and many of those, myself included, may be struggling with figuring ourselves out. Hearing him talk about things like that and how important it is for individuals to make their own decisions on how they want to label themselves is something I really needed to hear.

i really liked this liveshow!! honestly dan talking about labels and how they can be a good thing but can also be unnecessary made me super happy. i feel like he was just really saying the first things that came to mind with that whole “daniel lester” “good suggestion” and the openness when it came to talking about sexuality. and the way he talked about it, like he’d given the matter a lot of thought beforehand, was just very interesting. idk, just my take

well that’s that, dan officially referred to himself as formless blob after using that exact same term to describe people who choose to exist without a label.

dan mentioned the validity of asexuality again today and I’m crying again??? he is so good

the whole sexuality bit was really great and uplifting and validated a lot of what i’d written about the topic this week, in terms of people’s unrelenting pressure for dnp to place an explicit label on their sexual preferences and then share that with us. the compulsion to treat your sexuality as an intrinsic and widely shared part of your identity is great for some people but not as good for others and i love that dan gave voice to the people who might be questioning and uncomfortable with placing one static label on their experiences. this was also the furthest i think he’s ever gone in basically embracing the label of queer (when someone said it was a good umbrella term and he immediately said “it is” and talked about how it encompasses everything that’s not normative. he then defined what those normative groups would be and pointedly didn’t include himself in that group.) as anon above said, he also either consciously or subconsciously referred to himself in the exact same way as he suggested to another person to describe themselves if they didn’t want to label their sexuality (i.e. formless blob). and then of course,,, the sucking balls comment. the way he was weirdly enthused about the “your hair is like my sexuality” comment. good stuff. 

I love the way you criticize Dan and Phil (in a respectful way) and point the things you don’t like about them. I wanted to know what do you think about Dan saying that he likes that he has a diverse audience, with different tastes, ages and humor. To you this doesn’t have anything to do with all the tween girls thing? Also I have seen a lot of comments that want them to play lis to see what choices they make (and well, the game is about choices, so that’s not actually weird)

yep i thought dan did a good job walking back some of the instinctive criticisms he’d made towards his audience earlier in the ls. as i said, he does a pretty good job trying not to explicitly play into “fangirl” stereotypes but that doesn’t change the fact that his instinct is to mock/tease them and take them less seriously. so i don’t know. i feel on the fence about it. 

regarding the ‘play life is strange!!!!’ crowd: i agree that a lot of people have been spamming them to do that, and talking about how it’d be interesting to see the decisions they make. i also understand why the idea of that makes dan extremely uncomfortable. what i didn’t agree with was the way he assumed a high-pitched annoying voice to make fun of the people who were asking him to do it, and then the way he was sort of making fun of how people would be so into watching him and phil make moral decisions. his voice was dripping with sarcasm and mockery and it felt really rude to me. he talks about how people will psychoanalyze him and how it’s all dumb because you can’t tell anything about him from what he does on a youtube video … which obvi hits me personally a little bit hard bc all i do is sit here and think about his personality based on what he does on youtube and what he says in live shows lol so once again im just like ??? lol why do i do this? i mean he’s wrong, blatantly. you can tell a LOT about him from what he does on youtube and what he says in live shows and whatever, but as before i’m sort of put in the position of wondering if all of this rambling is actually invasive and disrespectful ,, who knows

it’s worth adding that dan was not only rude repeatedly to the audience but also to phil at one point? when someone in the chat asked what to do when anime is better than reality he said something like “just settle for someone who is definitely more disappointing than your fav anime character,” like referring to himself which is .. interesting .. i mean it’s def the same type of joking way he talks about phil but he delivered in a much more deadpan and dry way than his usual joking tone so it was just .. weird.

(edit, adding this bc it’s great): i love how proud he seems to be of the dapg channel!!!! he just keeps promoting it and saying it’s really funny and telling people to go watch it. it makes me really warm to know that even if he has been having some issues with dinof, he still is making something he’s happy with (as someone who works w creative things, i understand how frustrating it is to make things you don’t think are good enough, even when other people tell u it’s fine)

yes. he so happily sponned dapg and that made me happy to hear. it’s clear that it’s playing the same role it did back in december for him when he explicitly told us that making gaming vids w phil was what he needed at that moment for his peace of mind and his happiness (as opposed to ‘being existential and sarcastic’ or something along those lines on dinof) 


chat: daniel lester

dan: good suggestion!!!!!!

me, instantly craving death .. 

other notes: the allusion to hating the apartment for its noisiness at the end. they gon move. the constant allusions to how stressful and tiring the last two weeks have been. they’re definitely working on some stuff. it will be interesting to see what it is and when it comes to light. the whole talk about watching ‘get out’ and dealing w the annoying person who wouldn’t stop being loud was really funny, esp bc it involved YET ANOTHER reiteration that phil gets anxious in social settings. why are they both really pushing that so hard these days?? it’s def interesting to me. i also liked that when someone suggested he play dungeons and dragons he immediately related it to phil. and to sum all of that up, the twitter reply to the person that edited ‘me and phil’ onto his forehead was gold. ‘tldw’ or ‘too long, didn’t watch’ (a play off of ‘tl;dr’ which means ‘too long didn’t read,’ which is used as a way to summarize really long posts/articles, for those who were confused) so he’s basically saying that if anyone doesn’t want to watch the ls bc it’s too long, that picture is all the summary you need. i mean,,, he’s not wrong. at least he’s self aware. 

(live show: dan or the grim reaper? scientists can’t tell - 3.21.17)

|Daryl Dixon imagine| requested

It had been about two months since the prison fell apart, the screams and the blood was all I remembered from that day. The group got split up and we all had to go our separate ways, from what I could see everyone split off with someone from the group, unfortunately I had nobody to go with so now I was left to survive by myself … and protect mine and Daryl’s baby that I was carrying. I had such high hopes of being reunited with the group and with Daryl especially but now with each moment passing I was completely loosing hope.

I gripped my stomach as I felt my baby stir and kick harshly. “Jesus, you’re one strong kid, take after your father.” I whispered to myself smiling as I continued on the main road heading to god knows where. I kept my gun raised at all times always on alert, I’d occasionally hear noises in the bushes hoping Daryl would step out but usually it’ll be a walker or some animal. I stopped and drank the last bit of my water making a mental note to get more. I heard another rustle in the bushes and turned around with my gun raised at the noise, “Hello? Daryl?” I said. ‘Don’t be stupid Y/N, Daryl isn’t there.’ I kept telling myself. I wiped the tear that I didn’t know fell and picked up my bag to carry on walking north. 

For hours I kept thinking about Daryl, I was scared I’d forget what he looked like after so long, I kept the same image in my head of his face. His rare but beautiful smile he only showed me. 

External image

After a few hours I came across a little village that I hoped was abandoned so I could do a quick supply run. I saw a small grocery store on the corner and walked stealthily towards it, “Pray that no walkers are in there kiddo.” I said rubbing my stomach. With my gun pointing in front of me I quietly opened the door and briefly inspected the surrounding area. It all looked fairly normal for now. “Okay, water.” I whispered to myself as I saw a few bottles on the floor and packed them in my bag. I already had enough food so I continued looking for batteries and such. 

I heard a massive bang from behind me and before I knew it I was being pulled down by my shoulders, a heavy weight was weighing them down followed by a sharp growling noise. I tried to grab my gun that fell on the floor but I couldn’t. “Help!” I screamed. The walker kept trying to take a chunk out of my neck, I used my hand and pushed its forehead back til I heard its neck snap and bend backwards. I gagged at the sight but carried on, its head fell on the floor still snapping it’s teeth. 

I put my hands on my knees and took a deep breath then I heard a gunshot and the walkers head stopped snapping. I quickly drew my gun at the person who shot the walker and he raised his hands in defense. 

“Woah, Woah.” The man said stepping back. “Who’re you?” I whispered, my voice still shaky. “My names Aaron, look I mean you or your baby no harm at all. I see you’ve been struggling, I want to help you out. I live in a community safe zone called Alexandria, please come back with me and all of us can take care of you and your baby.” Aaron said, I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not, his eyes seemed so genuine and harmless but you can’t trust people nowadays, Daryl always told me that. “You could be lying.” I bluntly replied. Aaron nodded, “I could be, but I’m not, I wouldn’t come out all this way out of Virginia to look for survivors in need of help. Please come back with me.” Aaron pleaded, I knew I shouldn’t trust him but I did, he looked harmless and so eager to help a pregnant woman so I decided to go with him, what else have I got to lose?

~~Months into Alexandria~~

“Whats mommy got? Is this your favorite little bunny?” I said playing with my baby girl. I shook the bunny in front of her and watched her crystal blue eyes light up with joy. She was beautiful, she had Daryl’s blue eyes and his nose, she had my face shape and my mouth.  

I stroked her soft skin thinking about Daryl, will I ever see the love of my life again? or any of the group for that matter, I hoped and prayed Judith was okay. 

I heard a gentle knock on my bedroom door and invited the person in. “Hello sweetheart, hows the little one?” Deanna whispered smiling down at my baby. “Shes okay, spent the last hour staring at her eyes, there like his.” I said a tear threatening to fall. Deanna placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. “Shes beautiful you know. We’ll find Daryl, I promise.” She said. “We have new guests arriving here, would it be too much to ask if I asked you to greet them and show them round?” Deanna asked me. I shook my head and stood up, Deanna told me she’d look after my baby whilst I went to greet everybody. 

I left my house and started walking towards the main gate to greet the new people. I squinted and saw in the distance Aaron talking to them … then I saw … no … what? 

Aaron turned around and smiled at me, I put my hand over my mouth as the tears from all those months came crashing back. “Daryl!” I screamed. I saw him turn around, he instantly dropped everything even his crossbow and sprinted towards me. “Y/N!” He shouted. We both ran as fast as possible and met in the middle where he picked me up by the waist and brought me into a crashing hug. 

“My girl … god I missed ya’” He whispered in my ear, his voice shaking. “I missed you too baby.” I said back crying. The rest of the group surrounded us and engulfed me in a massive hug. “I can’t believe this.” I whispered. 

“Wheres our baby?” Daryl said holding my hand as he placed a kiss on my lips, the kiss i’ve been craving. “Right here.” A voice said, we both turned around and saw Deanna holding our baby, I smiled as Daryl took her from her hands and cradled our little blessing. “What’d you call er’?” He asked looking down at her. I paused for a bit and looked up at Carol. “Sophia.” 

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a “10 Years Later” meme going around; I love taking the opportunity to do these comparisons because it gives me visual evidence of the progress I’ve made. I’ve come a long way from the girl on the left: miserable and always feeling left out because I couldn’t really fit in to any social groups, rejected by every boy I’d ever had a crush on, and struggling with my weight. (There’s a reason I have no photos from 2006 or prior: I wouldn’t let anyone take pictures of me because I hated myself so much, and at this point I was at my heaviest weight of 155 lbs and couldn’t run more than 100 yds without getting winded.) I had zero self-esteem, especially because I often overheard people I considered friends making fun of me. Also: terrible hair and fashion sense. (Can you believe I ended up going to college for fashion?!)

As you can see, though, things have changed — and I really, truly owe it all to cosplay. I now have a community of people who enjoy seeing my work and accept me for the weird, quirky nerd girl I am. I’m now in the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had with the most beautiful woman (maybe those middle school boys knew something I didn’t yet, haha!) and she makes sure I know I’m loved every day. I’ve lost 50 lbs. since cosplay motivated me to start exercising, and now going out for a 10k run is my idea of a good time! I love being in front of cameras now, and along the way, that’s basically become my job. My self-esteem is the highest it’s ever been, and yeah, there’s still people out there who say cruel things — but now I have the friends and support system to show me all the bullying is utter hogwash. And, thank the salon gods above: my hair rocks.

Nah, I ain’t perfect, not by any means. Life isn’t any easier and I still face challenges on a daily basis, and trust me, there are definitely days where I want to curl up in a blanket burrito because my old self-esteem issues rear their head to make me doubt myself. But I’ve inarguably grown and changed as a person in the last ten years, and the life I’m living now is one that lil’ high school Nina never could have envisioned. And that makes me all the more excited to see what the next ten years will bring!

Loki’s letter

Paring: Loki x reader

Warnings: angst and fluff

Summary: you find a letter Loki wrote, on your table. In the letter, he confesses his love for you. But was it the right thing to do? 

Note: Once again, English is not my native language, and please give me feedback. And let’s all take a moment and appreciate Loki’s/Tom’s eyebrows!

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I have tried to escape. From what you ask? From myself, dear.

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Yeah actually hear me out here-

I’ve noticed myself and a number of other users realizing the sort of stagnation in lore and site progress, so what if we as Users made our own en-masse Lore registry?

A thread where we- as a Userbase- can list all Lore Clans and update thread subscribers on lore? We can take pings, post offers on Clan alliances, post when we get ideas, have a sub-thread where we throw ideas around. A Discord group, perhaps? The Lore Library or something. Lore-writers can toddle onto a place and yell out “HEY Who’s looking for some joint lore” and be in a place where they know their voice won’t just be lost to the sands of time? Too many lore writers go unnoticed and its tragic. What do all of you think? I’d gladly scrape together other likeminded people where we can pull something off like this


Glenn Rhee in every episode - Guts

Look, until now I always came here by myself. In and out, grab a few things, no problem. First time I bring a group, everything goes to hell. No offense. If you want me to go down this gnarly hole, fine. But only if we do it my way. It’s tight down there. If I run into something and have to get out quick, I don’t want you all jammed up behind me getting me killed. I’ll take one person, not you either. You’ve got Merle’s gun and I’ve seen you shoot. I’d feel better if you were out in that store, watching those doors, covering our ass. You’ve got the only other gun, so you should go with him. You be my wingman. Jacqui stays here. Something happens, yell down to us, get us back here in a hurry.

autistic self diagnosis doesn’t “invalidate” paper diagnosis as much as it subverts the idea that only neurotypical doctors can identify autism. i’m 100% okay with invalidating the idea that autistic people as a group are incapable of figuring out they’re autistic.

it was a fellow autistic person who first identified me as autistic, and my self diagnosis process was taking some time to research and accept it. i consider myself to have been autistic-community-diagnosed.

tl;dr: you don’t need a neurotypical to tell you you’re autistic in order for you to know you’re autistic. self diagnosis is valid and several autism orgs have resources for figuring out if you’re autistic.

Hired by BigHit: Dreams vs Reality- Part 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, [mentions of sex in later parts]

Summary: As a talented underground rapper, you’ve just become Bangtan’s new hiphop coach! What happens when you meet the boy who has big dreams of joining the rap line?

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // ?

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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I had an elephant tour today (we take guests into the barn to watch some training) and the elephant supervisor who is very intimidating and the best of the best said she wanted ME to do the talkm My heart is still beating soooo quickly hahaha

THEN i take my group to meet our rhino and the director of the zoo walks in with his group and i start mentally freaking out. But my exterior is calm and collected as i continue on with my presentation for them. Director man asks my group if they are enjoying themselves and my group starts talking about how wonderful their tour is and how amazing i am. Then, as we are leaving I hear the director sayn in reference to myself, “she’s fantastic and very good at what she does”


The director is THE MAN of the zoo. He’s everyone’s boss. And he got to see me work and said i did reaaalllyyy well


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What made you wanna be with Pam? Did u just wanna meet up with her bc she's good looking or? What did ur friends say about her?

I think how she is different from other people, to me she is intriguing. I seem to have this ability to connect with her so easily, like often we get creeped out because we are so alike it’s quite amusing. She is very beautiful and I love her ideas and outlook on life.
My friends make silly jokes about being vegan and even myself being vegan but they get over that, it’s just a sense of maturity that needs to take action, but boys in a group surrounded by boys will always behave in a certain way than if they were alone.
Anyway thank you for the question 😊

- Bryan separating from the group to check something out

- Bryan missing when everyone re-groups

- Miller asking where Bryan is

- Harper saying she thought she heard him say he was going in such and such direction

- Miller going that way to find Bryan

- Miller finding Bryan’s body on the ground

- Miller shaking Bryan to no avail

- Miller resting his forehead against Bryan’s as he pounds the floor beside them with his fist because they finally had one another again, and Bryan was gone now. 

- Monty coming to see what’s taking Miller so long and about to say he needs to hurry when he sees why Miller hasn’t returned yet

-  Miller knowing he needs to go because it isn’t safe, but he doesn’t want to leave Bryan there.

- Monty putting a hand on Miller’s shoulder in comfort

- Miller picking up Bryan and carrying him back to where the others are.

- Clarke going towards them ready to look Bryan over

- Monty stopping her before she can get to them, shaking his head to let her know that it’s already too late.

- Bellamy offering to carry Bryan back to the jeep for Miller as they get ready to leave Arkadia to go look for Luna

- Harper sitting next to Miller in the back, placing her hand on top of his in comfort

- Silence from everyone as Monty drives.

- Raven starting to realize Monty is driving in the direction of somewhere familiar

- Clarke realizing too and telling Monty this isn’t the direction they should be going

- Monty telling her that it is. That this was important

- Monty driving to the Dropship and everyone understanding why after he stops the car and looks back at Miller

- Miller who has Bryan’s head in his lap, stroking the familiar brown hair from his forehead as if the other boy is only sleeping.

- Octavia going into the Dropship to find one of the shovels left behind. 

- The delinquents, Raven, and Sinclair walking to where the other delinquent graves had been.

- Clarke seeing Wells’ grave and clenching her jaw tight to keep the tears from welling up, but it’s no use. 

- Miller starting to dig a grave for Bryan, but grief overtaking him, and Bellamy gently taking the shovel from him. 

- Bellamy finishing digging the grave

- Miller taking Bryan’s jacket off of him, replacing it with his own, and putting Bryan’s on himself before placing his body in the grave.

- Miller taking the shovel back to start filling in the grave.

- one by one everyone starting to return to the jeep

- Jasper being the last one left with Miller

- Jasper reaching out to touch Miller’s shoulder

- “It wasn’t your fault”

Restoring the World, 30 foot Cubes at a Time

So I’m in a group with all relatively new players (myself included) and our DM has stuck us in a world flooded by a lich. We have a Drow Ranger, a Human Cleric, a Dwarven Paladin, a Human Projectionist (homebrew) and me as the Fire Genasi Sorcerer. (I pulled the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion.)

This conversation takes place while the DM is talking shop prices with the Projectionist and Ranger. We just found out that we can buy spells, so I’m browsing the spell list.

Me (OOC): I should buy the Create/Destroy Water spell.

Cleric and Paladin (OOC): Why?

Me: Since it uses sand to destroy water, and there’s a lot of sand because beaches, I could just slowly destroy all the water and restore the world.

The Cleric and Paladin stared at me for a bit before realizing how great/stupid that was before bursting into laughter, which caught our DM’s attention. After explaining what we came up with, he told us that there wasn’t a spell scroll for that.

[SUMMARY: Daryl begins to like a plus size girl, Maryanne who has an abusive alcoholic father.]


NOTE* please don’t take offense that I called her “plus size” I’m plus size myself. And I wrote that so people who requested this know that this is the story they wanted.

Daryl and Maryanne.

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melancholy-marley  asked:

About how long does it usually take to draw, edit, and upload a drawing (let's say of 2 zodiacs).

I’d say on average 20-45 minutes total for each. The time really increases if I don’t have an idea for a pose or a background right away and I have to sketch out a few options for myself.

But my general process starts with light pencil, then ink, then watercolor, and then digitally cutting it out and adding the background and text (and color correction if needed). I usually do a big group of them at once before I work with them digitally.