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Shut Doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Title: Shut doors (Doctor Strange x Reader) [SMUT]

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Reader and Doctor Strange, the Avengers

Request: Doctor Strange x Reader with 10+17, annnnnnnnnnd smutty-ish, please? If you could write it, I would be appreciate so much. And thank you in advance. Hoping that you would have a nice day! By @septimaseverina (sorry the link didn’t work the first time around, silly me. 

10. “It’s not what it looks like…”

17. “Oh please! It’s not like you’ve never seen something like this before.”

Summary: When a one night stand leads to awkward silences, awkward glances and awkward conversations you feel you’re never going to get your best friend back. But, when a mission threatens your life will everything change?

Word count: 965

Warnings: Mentions of potential death. SMUT, yep, you heard Doctor Strange smut. 

Tags: @tmntwhat-you-get-is-what-you-see @trinswhimsys

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Come Watson, the game is afoot (again)!! Here is my completed full color Sherlock illustration! I like to hide little easter eggs throughout my work–see if you can find all of the hidden references!

Unfortunately, I lost the post-it note that had the names of all the people who asked me to tag them when I posted the final piece–so I looked back through tumblr and tried to remember the names as best I could! @addignisherlock @anotherwellkeptsecret @junejuly15 @sherlockedwatson @hobbitbilbo @theheartandthebrain

And a special shoutout to @johnlocklives, because I knew I would miss someone.

I hope that’s everyone!

The Final Problem PT1

Charcoal on toned gray paper

Kate Skinner

Own this as a print HERE

“I love you more than Sherlock loves ginger nuts.”

Posting this one because I saw another version of it posted elsewhere as Johnlock.  I see a lot of Freebatch mislabeled as Johnlock.  And as much as I’m into Johnlock, when it’s just the actors hanging out, or people asking about Ben hanging out with Martin, (not John hanging out with Sherlock), that’s Freebatch, people, not Johnlock.  This holds true even if they’re on the set.  If they’re just joking around on set, if they’re not filming, it’s them, not their characters.

In short, Freebatch happens in real life; Johnlock happens within the show.

FREEBATCH  FICLET: We need to practice the kiss!

yeah. it’s what’s on the box. 

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i’m totally not.

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