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I don't agree with how she worded it but Anne's right. I can't even vote in some of these categories because they're overrun with romcom cliches. You have talented writers that really put thought and creativity and others that skate by on overused tropes but yet get gold stars for it. It's frustrating to see many truly talented people left out because a spot that could've been theirs is taken by somebody who wrote the 100th romcom cliche we've already read. Those nominations don't seem fair.

It is your right to believe that Anne is right. Not everyone can share the same views and perspectives over things. However in my opinion people are allowed to write whatever they want and read whatever they want. And no one should be ashamed for their tastes and for what excites them.

And the last time I checked awards and even popularity in reviews is not the go to guide that will tell you which story is of great worth or value. It does not work that way. It never did. And it did not work that way even in the KC awards at their first run.

IMO we need to chill a bit and understand that some things are just made for fun and for promoting positivity. Not everything has to be about stirring drama. And a value of a story is not measured by the genre it is in. There are many factors. Rom com cliches and tropes might not be something you value or like and you might not consider them progressive or artistic but even those have their place into art and any form of entertainment. They would not have earned the cliche title otherwise.

But we are losing the whole point here. Which is …fanfiction. Escapism. Writing for fun. Writing your dreams and inspiration and reaching out. It is meant to be interactive and to focus on a certain community/fandom. And for that to happen people need to understand that in diverse communities you will need to come to terms with the existing variety. And no one here is forcing anyone to read or write something they do not like or promote something they do not favor. And that is the beauty of it. To be able to have everything and to have such a wide spectrum that you would not find anywhere else about characters that inspired you. You can find masterpieces and trash and well thought stories and ridiculous crack and literature and smut and rom cons and horror and comedy and all kind of genre. Every person out there is unique and different in their own right and fanfiction is actually a representation of that. To see so many things and so many conflicting projects coming together into a fantasy world and then to pick what suits your tastes and be happy as other people will also be but not necessarily by the same things that excite you. And yet the core remains the same since everything is inspired by the same source so you have that in common.

Fanfiction is a form of art yes but remember it is also a hobby and something people do in their free time. Should I also add the obvious point that fanfiction is not originating 100% by the inspiration of the fanfiction writer here? I mean come on. Fanfic writers AND fanfic readers search to read and to write things that are born by already existing shows and characters and then those characters and stories are manipulated into a different universe or into canon divergence by the author that writes the fic. It is not purely authentic by default. And in the end the problem here is what genre people prefer more? And as for the truly talented people that are left out…there is something called a subjective opinion. The KC awards attract people that share their faves and likes. You have the right to nominate whoever you want as others do and the KC awards have a timeline of update. You can’t nominate people who have not updated for years or have not updated in the last year for at least two or three times. If you want to participate to the awards you have to follow the rules. Otherwise ignore the whole thing and it would still be okay because the KC awards are not the authority in the fandom or the holy grail to point out which stories are worth it and which are not.

And excuse you but gold stars? Really? The last time I checked the KC awards or any other form of giving an award into fanfiction is a fandom activity meant to unite the fandom and not exclude people from it. Those awards are a silly fandom activity meant for all of us to do something positive. And in a diverse community as the Klaroline fandom is you can’t expect everyone to like the same things especially in a time where the shows have declining so much that have managed to decrease the number of fics that get produced. The KC fanfiction world however as a whole has literally thousand of fics. Of all kind. Of all genre, Of all value. Feel free to go out there and read what you like and reach out to the writer and tell them how good they are according to you.

But please guys. The only gold star a fanfiction author is going to get is a meaningful review. Is people reading his/her stories and contacting them and engaging into conversation. That is it. Unless you believe that people publish fanfiction in order to get publicly acknowledged as the next Edgar Allan Poe.

I am all for art here but remember we are all people with feelings. There are really young people out there that want to write and are in a constant struggle for improvement and have anxiety over publishing their stories. And a story could be simplistic but your artistic integrity perspective but for others it could be a breath of fresh air and an escape of a hard day and a hard reality. There are people out there that simply want to celebrate what they love and like by trying to write something about it. Since when have we turned fanfiction into a hardcore arena for people to write like Tolstoy? I am sorry but that kind of holier than thou attitude was never my cup of tea.

I am all for constructive criticism (trust me on this) but I  will never agree with people segregating fanfiction and even art and trying to shame others for what they like to write and read. That kind of divide that wants to separate people into higher and lower talent and classes and shame people for their tastes is not something I am going to agree on building or supporting. Not ever.

I mean have your fun. Go read what you like and you consider art and on the platform you are feel free to use the review button and give all the gold stars you want to the talents you stumble upon. Or be the greatest writer you can be and try to write something you consider well thought. No one is there to stop you.

But freedom of speech and expression does not work only half way through. You can’t tell to others what is art or what is good or what is talent and to expect them to simply follow your way of thinking and if they don’t they should be shamed for it. You can only share your opinion and others have the same right.

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Your "Things I Want" list gives me life but why don't you like the twins? :(

Why? Because they helped kill Boyd. Because they were part of the Alpha Pack that killed Erica. The Alpha Pack that kept Boyd and Cora locked in a vault for months. The Alpha Pack that terrorized, abused and hurt Derek. Because Aiden beat the shit out of Cora. Because Ethan is lying to Danny and getting him into danger and Danny has no idea. Because Aiden thinks he can play with Lydia (boy you’re in for a surprise.) Because they were supposed to be the bad guys for a reason. Because they are selfish and only think of one thing, themselves. And because I hate the idea of the twins joining Scott’s pack when they have Erica’s and Boyd’s blood in their hands.

I see this post going around and it really makes me grind my teeth.

I really can’t stand Anders, so obviously nobody wants to hear what I have to say about this.

But what really bothers me about it is that IN REAL LIFE, we ALSO apply the label of terrorist really really really selectively, as in if people with the wrong skin color or the wrong religion do something, it’s terrorism, but if a white guy does it, it’s just random violence.  (note: those are actual news articles about shootings, trigger warnings apply)

And that lets us just ignore systemic patterns of behavior because we have some prejudiced ideal about What Terrorists Look Like. (Again, actual news articles, disturbing, trigger warnings.)

It bothers me in the game because if it had been Velanna in his place, someone visually Othered and racially oppressed in the game world, we would not hesitate to call her a terrorist for a single minute. But blonde human Anders is a freedom fighter, and NOT a terrorist, not even a little bit, nope, never.


I don’t care if you think what Anders did is right. ALL terrorists think what they’re doing is right. All terrorists are acting against an overpowered system that they have no hope of defeating any other way. You can still like and defend Anders but acting like everyone else is out of bounds for pointing out that what he does is the very definition of terrorism is not reasonable.

quick note because I’ve been getting messages about it: yes I do know about what happened last night in a certain show involving a certain character.

I’m just waiting a couple of days before posting about it in order to try and let everyone who watches the show see that episode before they see a spoiler if that is even possible because the news is pretty much EVERYWHERE

So yeah, a couple of days :)

Hey homie.

No lil shoutout to the thorns for the three years you’ve spent with them? Who gave you up, their star player because you requested it? Who well, didn’t really have much of a choice either way.. None for the riveters who’ve supported and cheered you on every single time you stepped on that field in providence? Nah? Not today? Not your speed? Not feelin it? Huh. K cool. Good talk.

The whole "Ice Queen" thing

Figured I should throw in my $0.25 on this.

Is it a problem that Jaune keeps going after Weiss after she’s said she’s not interested in him? Yes. Yes it is.

Now let’s step back and take a look at Jaune. He’s said before that he has masculine bullshit in his head (though not in those exact words). We know that he lets it affect him.

We also know that he was told by a family member that he looks up to and wants to be like that all women look for is confidence. He then sees Neptune stroll in and deliver the exact same lines to Weiss that he used a while ago, except with confidence. Lo and behold, it works! So if he has confidence and tries again, it’ll work for him too, because women look for confidence, right?

This is what Jaune has been taught, so this is what he does. It doesn’t make it right by any stretch of the imagination.

We also know that Jaune is capable of learning. He occasionally needs to be whacked with a clue-by-four for that process to start, but he can learn from his mistakes.

Because of that - because he can learn - I’m waiting until the end of this particular arc before I get upset. I’m going to hope that another character - doesn’t matter whom, so long as it’s someone Jaune will listen to - pulls him aside and gives him a solid lesson on how no means no. Because Jaune is dumb and occasionally needs things spelled out for him, but he will learn given the opportunity.

So I’m going to wait until the end of this story arc. I’m going to hope that this gets resolved in a satisfactory way. I’m going to hope it’ll be framed as a lesson to Jaune, so that younger viewers will also learn that same lesson (because let’s be real, there are younger viewers here, and seeing someone learn and accept that no means no would hopefully be influential in a good way).

I’m going to wait to see what the larger picture is. I’m going to hope.

And if it pans out poorly, I’ll make my opinions known to the people who have the power to shape the next season.