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They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

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I'm amused with how you put your thoughts into things. I'd like to hear your two cents on this. Compare, classify and discuss about these guys: Jellal, Laxus, Gray, Natsu, Gajeel, Bacchus, Hibiki, Sting, Rogue, Lyon, Ren, and Elfman. Who is the boob-man, butt-man, leg-man, neck-man, combination of two/three or all of the above?

Another question that makes me laugh!!! I LOVE YOU WHOEVER SENT THIS!!! I am more than happy to share my thoughts on anything like this.

But alright, this is gonna be interesting… I’m still laughing as I type this, too.


I’d say he’s a combination of boob-man and leg-man. I say boob-man merely because of what happened at the water park with Erza. I don’t care if he was saving her from Ichiya, his hands acted on instinct and went for what was most important- her boobs. I can also see him very much appreciating a woman’s legs, though, especially Erza’s. He likes strong, well defined legs.


He’s probably all of the above, but a good emphasis on legs. Really, though, he appreciates everything a woman has to offer. He also really likes the small of a woman’s back, where the skin is soft and he can just tease the swell of her butt. You know he very much enjoyed where his hand was while dancing with Mira. ;)


Leg-man, definitely a leg man. Maybe also boobs, but I’d say legs and hips are his favorite parts of a woman. He also likes them to be strong, but also a little curvy and defined from the waist.


Boob-man. I don’t really even think this needs an explanation, he definitely likes boobs.


Well, there’s the obvious butt-man part, but I also think he’s a neck-man, too. I can see him being the type to enjoy rubbing Levy’s neck while she’s reading, help take away the tension as he runs his fingers along the column and into her hair. And of course he likes to kiss her there, too. ;p


Bacchus is a ‘woman’-man. If it is a part of the female body, he likes it. Specifically, I’d say his favorite parts are boobs, and also back and shoulders, oddly enough, and hips… and stomach…. Seriously, I can just list body areas and he will give a big thumbs up to all of them. He just really likes the female body.


I actually think that as much as he loves women, he is most attracted to a woman’s personality and not entirely her looks. Sure, he’s canonically dating Jenny, but I like to think that he’s just as intrigued by her mind as he is her model body. I’d say if he had to choose, though, he’d go for legs.


Getting tougher now. Hmmmmm, with Sting I find myself leaning towards hips and boobs…. and maybe also arms? I don’t even think I can explain it, it’s just this weird image I get with him.


I gotta go with boob-man for him, not even cuz of the Sabertooth special chapter with Yukino, I just get this really strong sense that he goes for boobs. (For my favorite crack Rogura ship, I just imagine Kagura hugging him to her chest like Erza does with… everyone, and Rogue’s just frozen with this huge blush hoping he doesn’t have to move from that spot anytime soon).


Leg-man again, but also a boob-man. He’s also weak to some smiles, I think…. So lip-man… I say that’s the thing, lol.


Boob-man, definitely a boob man and I can’t explain this one, just a feeling I get.


He’s a MAN! AHaHAHAHA…. Okay, he’s an 'Evergreen’-man. I’m not even kidding on this. He actually called her a woman. Everyone else, including his own sisters, he talks about them being manly or whatever, but Evergreen is the only one he has called a woman with amazement. Therefore, he is an Evergreen-man and no one argue me on this.

Okay, I think I got all of them. I hope this answers that satisfactorily! Seriously, I love all of these that I’ve been getting. XD