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You always talk about Lance being observant so I was wondering what your take was on him not realizing Pidge was a girl and him getting trick by Nyma. I believe that Lance is observant too but do you believe that those two scenes go against that?

This is a really interesting question!

I’d say that no, these two cases don’t really take away from Lance’s observational skills. The thing about being observant is that there has to… actually be something to observe. Something that indicates that something is off. Pidge seemed pretty comfortable presenting as a boy and I don’t think there was really anything that would noticeably indicate that she wasn’t

So I figure that it didn’t even occur to Lance that Pidge might be hiding her gender? I don’t know about you guys but uh I don’t really question the genders of the people around me. There’s really no reason for anyone to know that Pidge is actually a girl unless they know about the Holt family like Shiro (and probably Keith), or found out another way like Allura (the mice) or Hunk (the diary).

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ive wanted to draw a picture of void for 2 days and i ended up drawing three different ones until i managed to make one that i actually liked i dont know why it was so hard but anyways here is a picture of the world’s most obscure sonic character probably

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I think that as a lover of Scorbus, I can say that everyone in this fandom loves you, your art is sometimes really lovely, sometimes really dumb and crazy, you have a bit of everything to be perfect. I know that you are taking recuests, so I was wondering if you would like to draw on ink something from our King!Scorpius / Griffindor!Albus AU, because I'm loving this 2 caracters and I want to see how you see them.

Anonymous asked: (Sorry 4 the bad English, I’m an Italian student) Anyway I was wondering if u can draw something about King!Scorpion and Slytherin!Albus. Like something with a badass Scorpius and a punk Albie like @al-ways-trouble and @ask-scorpius-hyperion-malfoy Thanks if u do this! 

[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.28 - King!Scorpius & Punk!Albus ]

I ended up leaning towards what the anon asked for and drew punk Slytherin!Albus instead of the Gryffindor AU because it’s double badassery Scorbus *v*

I’m more used to drawing sweet and modest characters so I have no idea if I got the look right… but I hope you like it all the same!

Season 4?

wait so from my understanding season 4 should be something along these lines:

Season 4 starts with voltron gang heading to Olkari for some unknown reason we do not know of at this point of time. While there the idea of building a coalition is brought up since Voltron at this point has been seen as symbol of hope and peace and to add on with the accomplishments several galaxies are standing with Voltron in the war. I’m guessing here, either or Coran or someone else brings up that they can rally the war by showing off voltron at shows so people can join the coalition. The reactions are mixed between all of them but put emphasis on Keith who straight up doesn’t like the idea of Voltron being seen as some “circus.” One of the other paladins or Coran and Allura try to argue with him saying it would get people to join forces with voltron. However the argument gets heated and (i’m guessing here again) Shiro breaks up the argument by saying “look we’ve had a long day, let’s all sleep on the idea.” (Or something along those lines). Que everyone to leave the control room except keith, who’s left with Shiro. Keith brings up that putting on the shows will make make voltron look like a “circus” and brings up that the team’s first priority should be trying to stop Lotor. Que the scene from the first trailer we got from the first trailer “lotor hasn’t been seen in months..” (.) By then I think Shiro would reassure keith and say something like perhaps getting people to join the coalition should be our priority instead of going head on with lotor. (I guess), Keith doesn’t agree and he’s worked up because no one wants to pursue lotor, so we might see him go rogue and leave the team to go find Lotor. (This certainly can be a possibility because in season 2 he easily leaves when he thinks he’s the reason why zarkon keeps finding them.) Explaining why Keith is not seen in some of those screenshots of the new season 4 trailer.  With one of the paladins missing, I’m sure that the team will consider finding Keith a side mission, while they focus on expanding their coalition. Keith won’t probably be gone the whole season, they’ve probably shift between keith’s pov and the whole gang’s pov. Since we got 7 episodes of season 3 or season 3 part 1, we’ll get the next 6 episodes to finish the rest of the whole season 3 which should make a total of 13 episodes the same amount of episodes we’ve gotten the past seasons. But to continue, after keith may go missing (for like 1-2 eps), this may start parts where the group will be starting to promote the coalition shows and go off to separate destinations in pairs to promote people to join the coalition (explaining how pidge and hunk are seen together communicating with rolo and nyma.) Keith will probably reunite with the paladins when the castle gets attacked and they need voltron so the castle won’t be destroyed. (Specifically in the new trailer 9/19 at 0:34-0:35 where the castle’s particle barrier is being torn). With Keith back the gang should be able to form voltron explaining why in the new trailer we actually see voltron formed, (It wouldn’t make sense if keith is not missing here because “shiro” can not pilot the black lion for right now. Now for the future eps, (specifically Matt holt and the holt sibling fight) we could most likely see this at the near end eps of the season. I think how a holt reunion will be planned will mostly likely occur when Pidge hears rumors of a rebel base that has a human similar to hear appearance or she hears about a rebel group with the similar clothes being in a particular city that they happened to be in or close to. Pidge during these eps will most likely do the things bex said about “her crossing the line”. Perhaps doing some illegal methods or not so safe ways to get information on her brother. But in the end will get reunited with her brother in this season due to the “leaked” seoul comic con season 3 trailer. Not everything will be rainbow and sparkles as the reunion between the holt siblings could cause matt to make PIdge choose weather or not to join the rebels or stay with voltron. Which could mean pidge characterization a bit to see how she would deal with this situations. Season 4 could end with another showdown with lotor or someone else. 

Sorry if it got confusing in any way. There are definitely different ways then what I’ve predicted, i’ve given thought to them however i’m quite tired after writing all of this since I have homework to top this off. Forgive for the grammer and spelling mistakes, I’m kinda short on time and this just came into my mind. 

Thanks for reading all the way!

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Some time ago I made one of this with only boys, saying that I wanted to do one with all the ladies I love. I finally did it~ 

I honestly could make one alone with only One Piece felamle characters, because I love so many of them… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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You call them lazy and afraid, presumably insulting them about their decision about junkrat then in the tags go off about how glad you are they didn't put a specific clinical mental illness on him? I'm getting mixed messages here.

That’s because my opinion of this is really mixed, like, really, really fucking mixed. And I’m sure I’m not the only person, too.

Because really, what we’re talking about is a character in a game that somebody has created, in a world where people, especially on this website, are trying hard to gain representation and respect, which typically is overlooked. 

Unfortunately, though, sometimes this type of thing can lead to a negative light. Junkrat is portrayed in the negative light, and his “insanity” is seen that way, too. It is very, very negative. And if you’re wondering what I mean by that, is that his insanity is basically seen as a bad thing. He’s crazy. They call him ruthless, they use his insanity as almost an insult in his own bio, though they do fall back on themselves and say it’s given him no fear of his own explosions, but that doesn’t stray from the fact that they did call it a bad thing. Now, if you were to slap an actual mental disorder (mind my italics) on top of that, instead of the fictional bullshit “oh yeah the radiation made him crazy” spiel, you have an entire group, and category, being shown in that negative light as well. That’s exactly why people fucking despise Junkrat, and I get them. No mental illness, even completely fictional, like in Junkrat’s sense, should be put in a negative light, but it is. Luckily, and here’s where my mixed message comes in, it’s fictional. It’s honestly one of the reasons why I enjoy him and not Symmetra, because wherein Symmetra is canonically Autistic and follows the honestly annoying stereotypes, Junkrat is just Junkrat. And I guess, because Junkrat’s little affliction is made up, Blizzard could have taken some liberties and made his whole “brain damage because radiation” actually define him, in a way. Thankfully, they’re steering clear of Symm going down this path. Because Symmetra is Symmetra, except there are just little things she does, but her entire life doesn’t revolve around that, nor does her personality. Junkrat on the other hand, it’s obvious he’s obsessed with explosions, isn’t afraid of them, and is kind of the whole movie-spot idea of what insanity looks like. 

Honestly, them making Junkrat this way, is completely stupid, but ingenious at the same time. It’s so fucking sneaky. It lets them do whatever they want with this character, without people getting their knickers in too much of a twist.

It’s why I have a mixed opinion on this, and I apologize I didn’t write a page long excuse as to why. I prefer to keep this blog neutral on many basis, and this is one of those things I’d prefer to remain neutral on. People can think different things, and I’m happy you asked because I’m sure somebody would’ve taken this the wrong way. It’s up to you though to form an opinion on this, this is just me.


Note: You can be any character from any Danganronpa game or anime, besides characters that are already taken, Monokuma, Usami/Monomi, or any other variation of the bear.

Current Participants!

1. Nagito Komaeda (Goodbye Despair)

2. Byakuya Togami (Trigger Happy Havoc)

3. Celestia Ludenberg (Trigger Happy Havoc)

4. Kaede Akamatsu (Killing Harmony)

5. Saihara Shuichi (Killing Harmony)

6. Ibuki Mioda (Goodbye Despair)

7. Chiaki Nanami (Goodbye Despair)

8. Peko Pekoyama (Goodbye Despair)

9. Kokichi Ouma (Killing Harmony)

10. Tsumugi Shirogane (Killing Harmony)

I was tagged by everyone’s favourite F1 mom, @theianitor!!!! thank u

💫 name: Jennifer-Louise
💫 nickname: Jenny or Jenn
💫 gender: female
💫 height: 5’7″
💫 ethnicity: White ass bitch
💫 favorite fictional character: Garrus Vakarian, Cullen Rutherford, John Hancock, Sesshomaru
💫 favorite fruits: honeydew melon, pears, apples
💫 favorite season: I would say either fall or winter because I hate being overly hot and I don’t have to worry about my makeup melting off
💫 favorite book series: the “Hannibal” series by Thomas Harris, maybe Harry Potter 
💫 favorite flower: Forget-me-nots or lilacs
💫 favorite scent: Cinnamon and apples, the smell of home cooking, lavender 
💫 favorite color: Black, burgundy, dark blue, lavender 
💫 favorite animal: Cats, deer, capybaras 
💫 cat or dog person: Cat!!!! Kitty friends!!
💫 number of blankets: None in the summer, like 30 in the colder months
💫 dream trip: I’d love to explore Italy or the UK specifically for the history- I want to see all of the museums and the old buildings!
💫 star sign: Sagittarius 
💫 time: 1:55pm
💫 birthday: December 5th
💫 favorite bands: A LOT. VERY MANY! But the ones that come to mind right now are Siouxsie And The Banshees, Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Flagship, The Ink Spots, etc.
💫 favorite solo artists: Grimes, Melanie Martinez, Enya, Lights, Keaton Henson, Birdy, etc.
💫 the song stuck in my head: “Find Me” by Sigma feat. Birdy
💫 last movie i watched: I’m currently watching “The Fellowship of the Rings” :~) for the 20th time lmao
💫 last show i watched: Friends
💫 when did i create my blog: Maybe a year ago?

💫 what do i post: A weird eclectic mix, mostly memes at this point with the random pretty aesthetic picture or F1 post 

💫 do you have any other blogs: Yes, I have one other blog for horror  / spoopy stuff  :^) 

💫 do you get asks: Not often and when I do they’re quite random. Luckily nothing too hateful this far
💫 why did you choose your url: I wish I knew
💫 following: 80
💫 followers: 100 (a Smol baby blog,,,,)
💫 average hours of sleep: Anywhere from 4 to 14 (I have sleeping issues lmaooooo, definitely never predictable)
💫 lucky number: 6. I literally change everything but my lucky number has been 6 for as long as I can remember!
💫 instruments: I don’t play anything currently but my goal for this year or next is to purchase a guitar and start learning
💫 what i’m wearing: black leggings and my Fernando Alonso jersey (kindly gifted to me by @mclarenault)
💫 dream job: history professor, freelance writer or actress
💫 favorite food: pizza, rice pudding, cookies, fruit, the list could go on forever but I pretty much love everything
💫 favorite song right now: “We’ll Meet Again” by The Ink Spots

I know I’m probably supposed to tag people so: @mclarenault, @toosmallortootall, @alosainz, @bloodthirstypandasfromthesky, @raginghuman, @aplasticbagdrifting, @wouldwehaveknown!!!! I’m sorry if you’ve already been tagged or have done this, I’m a weenie.

(( Here have a drawing that I was going to finish, but never did. I’m still really proud of it but I’m really lazy. Al;though, I’m still thinking about finishing it but idk. But for right now I’m going to work on the seven souls ask. ))

(( For some reason I made a lot of characters look different :-\ ))