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I got tagged by my lovely brat Val (@jorgeva) 💕☀️️

Rules: Show your  blocked cellphone screen 📴 , the unblocked one 📱 , your latest song you´ve heard 🎧 and your latest selfie you took 🤳

I had to censor my bf cus I´m not sure if he´d like to be published like that…But well 😊 Here are my bf on my locked screen, a pic I took while I was jogging in the forest as my background, a song my dad showed to me and myself 😀😁

I tag @llamakoernchen, @thecrimsoncursed, @llheria, @candy-guardian, @elmundodeyukimora, @eldaguardian, @shea-gardienne, @polokalypse and everyone else who wants to do this (:

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

mr ed “i want you to suffer as ive suffered” nygma

sir when have you suffered in your life, ever. oh boo hoo, i killed my girlfriend then chopped her body into pieces, poor poor me. my new plot point clone girlfriend i knew for a week got killed but oh i loved her sooooooo much. pity me, i deserve soo much SYMPATHY

Here’s a new character I designed yesterday, I’ve decided to call him Phoenix. He’s a really short-tempered and deadpan demon that just wants to listen to music and play games on his 3DS. XD

Unshaded flats below the cut!

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haha no offense but i really, really hate how every single bumbleby shipper gets labeled as arrogant, toxic, and entitled for the actions of a few when most of us are actually really nice and chill. not all of us are petty little brats who go out of our way to go into the tags to bash blacksun. most of us are just here to enjoy the show and ship and let ship and this reputation is really grating on my nerves, tbh - and so is this stupid ship war. 

You Learn Something New Everyday

Summary: You have to say you don’t like all your classes or professors, but Professor Kim Seokjin was not only delicious to look at, he actually made Art History interesting.  That’s why you jumped at the chance to be his Teacher’s Assistant for the fall semester.  And you knew it would be amazing, but what you didn’t plan for was Kim Namjoon to register for his class.  Or for him to request tutoring from you.

Word Count: 6000+

Tags: Sir!Kink. Brat Taming. AU!BTS. NamJinxReader.  No BoyxBoy

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