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First Steps (TEASER)

I just scheduled a Chris x Reader one shot for tonight 10pm danish time aka 4 pm EST! I don’t tag in it other than who is already on my Chris Tag Team cause it is in the Q! Enjoy the teaser and if you are interested swing by my blog around that time :D

It is written for @paigeinastory Country Song Fic Challenge (and it is one time even though I asked for an extension wohoo :D)

Chris looked at you as your eyes wandered the house. It still felt warm and loving even though it was easy to tell no one had lived there for years. It had a spark. Something intangible, but you instantly loved the place. It was easy for you to see why Chris hadn’t been able to let go of it.  

“I love it Chris,” you smiled at him and it was if he drew a sigh of relief.

“I hoped you would. I know these past few months haven’t been easy on you. Losing your dad…” Chris words trailed out when he saw you flinch at the mention. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean too…” Chris’ gaze fell to the floor between the two of you.

“No it’s okay. Chris really,” you reached up cupping his face in your hands, urging him to look at you. “I don’t know what I would have done without you. You have been so amazing. Before and after he got sick. He really liked you. Not as much as me of course,” You teased trying to lighten the mood and Chris chuckled slightly.

“Y/N before he went… I asked him something and he agreed,” Chris looked at you all of a sudden seeming nervous and a confused frown showed on your face.

“Come, I wanna show you something,” Chris took your hand and you let him lead you into the garden and towards a big oak. You were no less puzzled by his actions but you trusted him. You knew he would explain himself in his own time.

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@thirstyalec replied to your post “i just watched ‘single by 30’ and i was thinking about you and…”

OH MY GOD YESSSS, can we get season 2 please??? it was perfect and sweet and funny and…everything! and harry?? i don’t even have words to describe that perfection, honestly!! and asdfghjk i’m so happy i earned a tagg!! <333

i knoooow and it was such an open ending i just want peter and joanna to be happy because they are perfect for each other! and i wanna know how’s the life of chloe and mark
just give me that s2 pls i need it

but can we talk about what an amazing actor harry is? cause magnus and peter are so completely different? they are both perfect obvs and harry’s amazing skills are absolutely 9999999999999/10

(omg pls no i just always forget about the tags cause i’m The Worst™) 

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I just found out your fancast for your "angel verse" and omg it's superb! Ever since i watched lovers who changed the world i was in love with the actors. Well obv Anne was too beautiful but Henry was handsome too? Which is so rare. And Loise looks exactly like their love child,I love your choice very much indeed.

thank you so much, lovely!

yes, the lovers who changed history was a pretty great documentary.

shshshsh yes i discussed how rare in a mini-rant in the tags here…’cause most of the time watching doc’s (even those that supposedly start in 1509!) i’m like where is ‘the handsomest prince in christendom’where are you hiding him….that cannot be him. 

i think laoise murray very much has the physical traits of both! it was pretty great casting in tudors, too (despite the light-colored eyes, which i assume were to be reminiscent of anne’s/natalie dormer’s), as i thought she looked a bit like jrm as well. 

if only i could the fancast’s better justice than this! i’ll have to stick with moodboard’s for now, haha. but my friend @je-anneboleyn made a gorgeous edit with the actors for her modern au here, if you like them visually for casting you might like it!  🖤

So I’ve been thinking today…

We all love G. He’s funny. He’s multi-talented. His hair. His cats. We stand behind him and support him 1000%

However, I want to help grow his Tumblr following. This guy is doing INCREDIBLE things at his age, and people need to see it. Thus, I’ve come up with a couple of ideas to maybe help this along:

1) Don’t just reblog….TAG. It’s one thing to use the “Gavin Macintosh” or “Jonnor” tag (and we should…just beware the Jonnor one cause some people freak out and send you hateful anons). If it’s all shirtless and muscular, after you’ve stared for a bit, add a #fitness or #muscle to the tag list. If he’s with Griffin, add #cats or something. Think outside the box. This gives more opportunity to be introduced to G.

2) Follow and support the causes he does. You may not agree or like them all, and that’s okay. But when you do, let them know you were introduced through G. Don’t lie or anything. But it does a lot.

Listen. I believe in this dude. I don’t have the platform he does. So, I can either be intimidated by that, or join and back him in it. I choose the latter, and I believe many of you do too. It isn’t just that it’s all about Gavin, it’s about all the Gavin stands for….which is what we stand for.

YOU are needed. It’s not just the job of @gavinmacintoshteam
to do all the work. Let’s help. Let’s enlarge this platform. Let’s rally behind a leader. I am.

Please reblog and get the word out.

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I feel like there's always been this really intense rivalry between Swen and Sean Maguire. No malice intended- I'd just really like to know why ya'll hate each other?

Why ‘we’ all hate each other? Lol. You’re obviously new around here (and if no malice is intended, we do appreciate it) so I’ll try to give you a quick rundown. The answer to your question, why–would be that it depends on who you’re asking.

If you ask SWEN the word wouldn’t be ‘hate’, specifically. But yes, a lot of people despise him because even before he flew over to start filming anything, he got off on the wrong foot with us by boasting about his new ship on Twitter–for some odd reason including/tagging SwanQueen in what seemed like gloating. So if there’s any ‘rivalry’ as you see it, it was his own doing. Probably unintentionally, as he was just happy I assume (nabbing a really nice gig overseas, in a solid ad popular show, all after his literally nonexistent career here back at home) but sadly quite ignorant about straightwashing and heteroimposing his new ship for all intents and purposes meant for us (all after that rude SDCC awakening that followed that supergay S2 finale, when Regina and Emma made magic together in a way that hasn’t been seen since Willow and Tara who established that explicitly implicit ‘magic as gaysex’ metaphor) so I assume it was sheer undereducation and gross tactlessness that made him (and his wife) seem all like ”in your face, homos!”. But he can be forgiven only that initial ignorance, because from there it only went further downwards, as his persistence (all the uncalled for comments and twitter squabbles, on his behalf, or by himself personally–after untagged posts, which meant he was looking for negative comments about his character and/or acting?) resulted in him starting the martyr thing (from superdumb statements such as my personal favourite, that even if he himself made gay marriage universally legal SQ LBGT fans would still hate his guts–to alleged death threats against him and doxxing of already ostracized young gay girls–as well as subsequent demonization of ALL Swan Queen supporters, queer or not…aided of course by him piggybacking/slash/kissing Shatner’s arse to gain help of an experienced ol’ sexist–when it all escalated to levels of gross ad obscene). After which, you imagine why his change of tactics, to be super-nice and super-supportive on cons when meeting Swan Queen fans specifically, and ‘prove’ himself as LBGT ally by doing ‘supportive’ tweets and even NOH8 campaign (which was kinda ironic, at that point) was met with general scoffing from LBGT SWENs. You know, after everything?

Now of course we cannot speak for Sean Maguire, but if you asked him–I am positive the answer would be that no, he does not hate anyone. He is probably totally clueless as to why would anyone hate him as well, just like why his efforts to be liked and accepted (desperately so, in a way that he was piggybacking his colleagues on a ‘we’re such close friends, aww’ personal level–the same way his character was piggybacked on Regina’s) all failed, miserably. And judging by all the salt from his last interviews, he was not expecting to be dumped the way he was, so–martyrdom all the way, eh? Whoever advised him (unless it was all just him, being a plank?) should’ve definitely been sacked from the get go, but I don’t think he grasped the magnitude of how much he personally contributed to such wide rejection coming from such a large chunk of audience–of him as a cast member, or as a character. Case and point, Colin O’D whose character we really truly hate (for all that he represents in heterosexist, rape-culture endorsing culture where Christian Greys are romanticized and strong female individuals such as Emma Swan are stripped of their personality as testament to manpain/growth/self-acceptance/pink elephant whatevers of such male ‘heroes’) and who has NEVER received 0.000005% of crap that Maguire did. I don’t have to explain why, it is self-explanatory, isn’t it?

And in the end if you ask us here on this blog, we do not hate him. We pity him, at best. He didn’t have a chance to start with, as his character was written for all the wrong reasons (straighwashing of Regina Mills) and in all the wrong ways (she was humiliated and degraded in a storyline that rendered her to ‘that’ woman again, beyond recognition–all for a man that was hypocritical at best and false and self-serving at worst) and he tried and failed. And now he’s back to the obscurity of the nonexistent career (rightfully so, they were scraping the bottom of the barrel of what our industry here had to offer when they picked him–to be completely frank) that he had before OUaT, leaving us, people who care less about the actors and more about the show, the plotlines and what they mean to the characters we DO care about… to forever dance on Pinecone’s grave. You know, the same way his rendition (thanks to the writers more than his pitiful performance, to be fair) literally pissed on every notion of Robin of Sherwood, the legendary hero of many of our childhood? And because we felt nothing but derision for what his character meant for Regina Mills, the two and a half seasons of her nonexistent storylines wasted on those ‘developments’, and of course because now she’s finally free to make her own choices–of her own FREE will. Because she deserved bloody better.

So that’s how ‘we’ feel about it. I am not sure who ‘you’ are Anon (I assume a CS-er as you’ve been digging quite a bit in that specific anti-tag of ours? :) but I hope we managed to answer your question. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers! :)

I’m going to go off on a small tangent here really quick… This also includes a smallish SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen Suicide Squad.  You all probably didn’t know this about me but I’m a fairly big movie buff and I really enjoy looking into the actors and what they do to make the audience really feel what they are feeling and how they put the audience into their own shoes.  Anyways theres a scene in Suicide Squad that really inspires me to follow my dreams and to become an actor.  After the Joker gets shot down and to our knowledge  “Killed” we see Harley sitting on top of a car in emotional distress as she cries and takes off her Puddin choker collar (I think thats what its called).  That short minute or so is what literally made the movie in my eyes.  I was launched right into the feels of what was going on in that instance.  I felt her loss.  I felt her distress.  I felt every. Single. Emotion. It was absolutely mind blowing the connection that I felt with her, and that I’ve never felt with any movie I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  AND WHEN FUCKING DEADSHOT (Will Smith) CAME OUT AND SHE IMMEDIATELY FLIPPED HER FUCKING EMOTIONS AND HID EVERYTHING FROM THEM WAS FUCKING AMAZING BECAUSE IVE LITERALLY FELT THAT, IVE LITERALLY HAD TO HIDE MY EMOTIONS LIKE THAT IN AN INSTANCE AND I FELT THAT MORE THAN EVER.  The absolutely best part about that emotional flip was when Deadshot saw right through the massive wall that Harley built so quickly.  Now I don’t know much about Deadshot’s background but from the movies standpoint I assume thats how he felt about his daughter when he lost her from being put in prison.  Its just that little snippet of the movie that really inspires me and just amazes me that someone can make me feel something like that through a screen.  If you made it through this I applaud you and thank you for reading!  Have an awesome day!!