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Speculation after 3x07

A few of us get together and speculate after each episode and also offer emotional support. Cause well that episode needed it. We are a family after all. We stick together and support each other and the actors, and the show. No matter the circumstances.

Any trolls will be reported and blocked.

I love my speculation fam: @emarasmoak @snarkymonel @kelbottumbles @facepalming-since-chernobyl @valor-will-rise @olivertryst

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Mon-El’s lead cure is developed by L Corp in the future. We predicted Brainiac 5 due to comics…but nonetheless he’s now cured.

He’s been underwater in stasis in the dark 12,000 years…his powers may have stopped working. He’s also just muscle and bone…so no food and water. What energy he is getting is keeping him alive. Hence the yellow sun lamp in the DEO. His powers will return the more sun he gets. He may even be stronger and be able to fly.

The suit? Does he have one? Is Winn gonna make it? Is Mon-El Valor yet?

Ok, so…we got confirmation of the rumor we’ve had for a while now…since Amy was cast as Saturn Girl. Yes, Mon-El is married.

One thing…DON’T go bashing Amy on her social media. We can respectfully state what we don’t like and not be rude to an actor doing thier job.

1 - Mon-El blatantly kisses Imra in front of Kara with knowledge of how much she missed him. Now, I find this to be out of his character. To me, he just wouldn’t blatantly hurt Kara like that. (OPINION BTW). So, the fam thinks that Imra has mind controlled Mon-El into telling Kara she’s his wife and kissing her to not blow thier mission. We think the marriage is truly a cover.

Yes, it was 7 years, and never thought he’d see Kara again, but he’s clinging to that necklace pretty desperately. He still loves Kara.

I feel bad for Imra actually if the marriage is legit cause she’s married to a man in love with another woman who he thought he would never see again, but is clinging to the only thing he has of Kara’s (her necklace). He’s VERY possessive of it. Even with Kara.

2 - The visions - which we have no legit confirmation for yet - he has the necklace and a beard…which he is now sporting. I still think the visions are connected to Imra. I do believe she knows how much Mon-El loves and misses Kara.

3- Imra has lost her husband..Lightning Lad..and Mon-El his Kara…so they bonded over their losses and became close. It’s bond over loss. Both parties have a deep respect and bond but there’s no legit romantic love. They both are still in love with another person.

4 - Death of Supergirl plot - We are still going here. Sam knows she’s Reign now. Things are about to get crazy. We predict that Kara’s killed by Reign and she achieves whatever her specific goal is. Any speculation on that? Tell me. Love the theories.

Anyways, Mon-El and the Legion live on an Earth that is very dark and dystopian. Ruled by Reign (or her ancestors). Reign’s goal is complete. Kara’s been dead. Mon-El knows it and is desperate to stop it. After Imra loses Lightning Lad they both make a pact to get back to Kara’s time and stop Reign and protect Kara. And in hopes to let Mon-El reconnect to Kara again.

Mon-El tells Winn if he doesn’t get his fellow people off the ship Kara and everybody will get hurt and he can’t have that. So, it’s somewhat confirmed.

However, time travel is a bitch. There are rules. Winn states the ship has been there for 12,000 years. Meaning Mon-El and the Legion were in stasis a long time…and two versions of him were in the timeline at one point. What was the original mission? He looks shocked to see Kara. Were they supposed to wake up sooner and stop Reign as a baby? Preventing them from ever having to see Kara. But the timeline would be fixed and Kara wouldn’t die the painful death of the future and It wouldn’t be dystopian anymore.

Something’s happened…and now they have to deal with Kara and help her without messing up time too much. Now, Mon-El knows his true love is gonna die in front of him and he can’t have that.

I know that a lot of this contradicts the other, but it’s all speculation.

5- Resurrection of Supergirl -

At the end of the season Kara will die. Reign kills her. The Legion steps in and defeats Reign with J’onn and DEO help.

They then have a plan in place in case this did happen to resurrect Kara (it’s her show - she has to come back to life). Some feel it’s something to do with the necklace. Not only does he cling to it because it is the last thing she gave him and he still loves her, but they plan on using it as a conduit to resurrect her.

There’s a ritual in comics where they do this to Lightning Lad so anything is possible. And she has to be resurrected or no show right? I predict resurrection in S4 premiere. We end S3 on cliffhanger of her death and Mon-El, the Legion, and the DEO crying over her body. Mon-El’s resolved himself to bring her back, which we get in the premiere.

6 - End of Mon-El and Imra

Prediction between Episodes 11-13.

Lightning Lad is alive and Imra leaves with him. Amicable break up.

They have Lightning Lad on the ship, but he’s dead. There’s a pod with no life sign. They bring him back to do the ritual on him and Kara, thus letting Imra and Mon-El have their true love’s back.

Imra realizes Mon-El’s feelings for Kara haven’t faded and he’s miserable without her. Despite the mission, she ends things and tells him to talk to Kara. He agrees. Amicable breakup.

Mon-El’s jealous of the attention Brainiac 5 is giving Kara. He tells Imra he can’t take seeing another man, especially Brainy treating Kara with all that attention. We believe this to be one sided and Kara won’t return these feelings. Mon-El steps in once he talks to Imra and tells off Brainy and protects Kara from his behavior. Hence her yelling at him and he tells her that he was jealous. She’s like you have a wife Mon-El! He tells her they split due to his still very real feelings for Kara and that he wants to work through things and be with her. Prediction - Episode 20 for reconciliation. They will be together at her death in the finale making it much harder on Mon-El and he will resolve himself to do the ritual and bring Kara back in the next season’s premiere. After resurrection, they are together for good and are equal partners and save National City as a team.

The Legion leaves and calls on them for important missions when needed. We could get Legion stuff a few times a season from here on out.

If there’s anything else I missed or you have ideas on let me know! And be kind, rudeness and trolls are blocked.

thank you very much, children
billboard on broadway: falsettos
thank you very much, children

Interviewer: As an actor, what are the challenges of his music; what makes his music so great?
Bill Finn: Be very careful.


On this day 34 years ago, someone quite special was born. Now, let me just start out saying that I would never have thought that I would stan (yep gotta use the new hip thing to say now >~< lol) someone so hard before.

Okay, correction. Never thought that Orlando Bloom, first celebrity crush, would be replaced. He was replaced by Russell Crowe. Who was replaced by Richard Armitage. Who was replaced by Tom Hiddleston quite recently.

This man I’m about to talk about is a very close second. Tom is still first but this dork (I’m calling him a dork in a good way cause it is, trust me) is really REALLY close to taking over.

I’ve had a rough patch over these last couple of months. I have told some, very few actually. Others I haven’t, though you can make some guesses and even then it would only be a little bit of what I have gone through. Some I have solved. Others will be solved in the future.

I’m also sure a lot of you don’t even read these birthday wishes (which I’m totally cool with cause they’re my quote-unquote therapy and my way of showing the person that they mean something to me without putting it deep into their faces).

Anyway, 34 years ago, Henry Cavill was born on this day. This guy has played a part in the show The Tudors, is the Man of Steel (real life and in the movies, if you catch my drift), and a huge dork. I mean, he’s a huge dork. His little, not so little, American Akita is named after the Man of Steel himself, Kal-El. Kal for short of course. He apparently “adopted” a bat a while back and named him Ben, after his friend Ben Affleck. At least I won’t be the only person in this world who names animals after real life people ;) coughcough Totally not gonna name a corgi Hiddles >~< coughcough

Henry is mostly known for his Man of Steel part and I will not deny that he fits the part as the Man of Steel for his already kind and gentle heart, but his part in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was pretty dang good. If he was one of the runners for James Bond against Tom Hiddleston, I don’t know who I would want more. It would be quite the hard decision. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. or The Night Manager???

What I like about him more is he tries his best to avoid drama at all costs. He tries to get along with other actors. On National Superhero Day, he posted on Instagram a picture of him in his Superman costume/shirt (idk on which, honestly looks like the costume but he’s filming MI6 at the moment, don’t ask how I know that okay). Anyway, he posted that picture with the caption:

“Fly your colors today brothers and sisters. It’s National Superhero Day! I personally just want to thank all of you guys and gals for keeping us so entertained and setting such a fantastic example for superhero fans, young and old, around the world.” and tags so many different actors from both the DC world and Marvel world. (Side rant he didn’t tag Tom, but that’s okay).

I have the feeling he didn’t want us or any one else to just wear their favorite superhero shirts, but to also wear the pride of our country. Those soldiers who risk their lives out there to protect us. Now that could just be me feeling things, but he does believe in a cause like that. He runs in marathons to raise money for all kinds of causes. For pete’s sake, he’s a well-known (fairly) actor and doesn’t have an assistant. He takes care of his own social media accounts. He does train with someone, but that was only before his incident. He hurt his knee a few months back. He’s recovered, but even after he as recovered, he’s still training. Still working on movies. He’s trying to show people that if you want to chase your dreams, chase them.

Happy birthday, Henry Cavill!!! Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a beautiful day! Give Kal a big hug! Go get a drink or something! Take a break! It’s your day! ❤ Can’t wait to see Kal-El come back from the dead!!

Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge!

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Hey guys! I’m close to 4K followers and wanted to do another writing challenge with ya’ll! I’m a lover of AU’s if you couldn’t tell and thought that might be an interesting thing to try. If you aren’t though, don’t worry! There’s plenty of options under the Things category too! Feel free to share with any other writers you know out there! <3

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I would like to give an opinion

So, I’m gay and I love to read Tom Holland imagines, cause who doesn’t love him after the spider man movies and also, he is not that far from my age (I’m about 3 years older), but it’s a bummer most of the time cause they are mostly directed for fem reader.

I’m not sure if he is actually straight and confirmed it already, I don’t plan of stalking him when I’m having a “busy” life. Or is just that female audience are far more in love with him than male gay audience. Could be that he already has a girlfriend that everybody knows exist but no one knows who it is?…well, you could still play the gay reader with that one or even better a neutral gender

Either way, I really hope that if I get to other imagines of other famous people, I can get neutral reader imagines. Cause this kind of imagines is for everyone and you don’t have to worry about the gender of the person, thus making it less appealing for your reader.

chloemac86  asked:

Wow, I cannot believe someone decided to hate your art simply because you ship Destiel. Reminds me of yesterday when someone (a W*ncest shipper) decided to tell people they can't be mad at JDM so I called them out then said I can't take someone serious on morality who ships incest when that causes harm to actual incest survivors so tbey decided to send anon hate bringing out the old Destiel is rape and necrophillia claim. Anyway, young Jensen was adorable, and I love your drawing of him.

I don’t know what JDM did, but just because someone’s an actor doesn’t mean they can’t be criticized. I don’t like everything the cast does and it’s my right to have and express that opinion. *shrugs*

But I also don’t think that shipping Wincest is harmful to be honest. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion… As long as they tag their content so that people who might be upset by fictional incest relationships can avoid it I don’t see any issue.

The Destiel is necrophilia argument is pretty ridiculous though.

heyyy so i just reached 800 followers and i’m so happy and sorry lol that all of you’ve decided to follow this shitty blog

recently i’ve discovered that i really enjoy doing moodboards and even if they’re really bad just as everything i do because i have no talent, i truly enjoy making them !! so i’ve decided now that i reached 800 followers could be a great opportunity to do moodboards for you,, my followers

so if you’d like a moodboard made by me,, this is what you gotta do

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The Evolution of Oliver Hampton

OK A Y so the new episode was great but I wanna talk about something: Oliver Hampton and his evolution. 

S O 

when we first meet Oliver he is just a pawn. As much as I love Connor and Oliver when they first meet Connor literally is just using him for sex and for his hacking skills. 

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I love how people really shit on DVa76 as a ship like guess what people, 19 year olds date older guys, I would know, I did it. Plus your all on here talking about how you would fuck actors/actresses old enough to be your parents, get over yourselves lmao

Probably long rant post

Okay so awhile back when I first joined the IT fandom I had see this post about Jack Grazer and it was about him and Finn, I didn’t know much about either of them but loved their characters thought Richie and Eddie were cute and relatedable their characters are well thought out in my opinion and just over all amazing the whole cast was amazing did wonderful. So I look in the tags for Richie and Eddie and see people ship them that’s fine cause they are pretty adorable together and have a great friendship. Move forward I saw a post about “fack” and just thought what the fuck, it was Jack and Finn shipped I got nervous thinking that people are shipping them the actors together young teens/kids at that. I’ve seen this in other fandoms and it can literally tear friends apart.

OKAY NOW here’s the huge red flag no no that the fact I saw some people flat out get pissed at Jack for “leading them on” with him and Finn saying that Jack lied to them, that him and Finn are really together. And that he’s “LETTING” them down for for saying it makes him and Finn UNCOMFORTABLE also saying Finn would never say that and lead them on like Jack did and that Jack shouldn’t hug his friend cause his leading them on more. STOP PUSHING YOUR FEELINGS ON THEM stop saying they should be together cause they were in the same room. I don’t think everyone that ships them are like that but the fact they are shipped is freaky as hell and wrong, there’s people tweeting them about Fack that’s fucked up to the max. They have said it does get this make them uncomfortable there is fanfics out there about Jack and Finn. There’s a huge difference between shipping the characters and the actors. Characters are fine cause they are made up people but the actors NEVER should be shipped ECSPECUALY if they are kids that’s a HUGE REASON not to ship actors.

This goes for any of the IT kids, characters fine, actors STOP. Jack and Finn are friends nothing more do not push your feelings on them or any of the kids. They don’t need to see it or get hate cause they aren’t with the person you want them to be with.

Tagging this as fack so people can see this even though I hate that word. Also don’t bother sending me hate for this I’ll just ignore it and yes I already black listed Fack and any other of the ships involving the kids so don’t tell me to do that if I hate it.

No one will see this cause it’s almost 3 am and everyone that follows me is a football blog and doesn’t watch Class BUT
As an acting student I absolutely hate to watch shows or movies or plays cause I always am looking at their technique and trying to learn (what to do and what not to) and so I can’t sit back and just watch a show cause I’m always thinking about how I would’ve done things or connecting things they did with things I’ve learned about character work etc. and I usually see a whole lot more bad than most cause I look for things that no one but an actor or director would care about
But Class???? Was so good??? These young (and old) actors did such a great job that I was sitting back and relaxing more than I realized and I could probably count on my fingers the “bad” things I thought in terms of technique and I just want to thank Class for not only giving me an amazing show with great plot and realistic and lovable gay characters, but finally allowing me to fully enjoy something for the first time in a while, and allowing me to learn a lot of good things about my own acting technique while I watched. It deserves a season two for so many reasons.





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Just wondering why its totally okay for Bex (pidges VA) to come on tumblr and stir shit up for the “lulz” but its wrong for dreamworks to tag “klance” in their videos.

I GET that its queerbaiting, but you cannot stay silent on a voice actor being unprofessional and then open your mouth for this because of all the “ship drama” it would cause.

Cause GUESS WHAT your fave “cinnamon roll” actress is just as guilty, and you should be calling out both if you care so much.

Picture us together

fandom: mystreet/diaries 

 Pairing/s: vylance ( when isn’t it lol) 

 Warnings: swearing, a little. But otherwise p good for the youngins 

 A/N: sooooo… remember the celeb au? I wrote a thing. Credit to @undercovermcdfan cause I got the idea from her lovely tags

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anonymous asked:

Yeah not a lot of bad posts on the tag lol so that's a relief. Also age isn't a big deal so I don't know why it's causing such a problem. I always thought the cadets were around the age of 18-21. Anyways, has there ever been a model or actor who you see Keith and shiro as?

ur lucky you missed majority of the war lol but that aside INTERESTING QUESTION! can’t think of anyone for keith rn but I can totally see hideo muraoka as shiro…..he’s illegally beautiful just look at him 

anonymous asked:

My god i just love how protective you are over "little" peanut Adam. I mean why spread hate when you can spread love right? It takes so little to just say something nice to/about someone. People posting shit about people who are actually good people.. i can't imagine them being left with a positive feeling after. You stand up for our beautiful and immensely talented Adam. I will join you in the fight!

Adam doesn’t deserve the shit these people in his tag give him, he’s a great man and according to these asshats the worst thing he’s done is have a mf face that they don’t think is attractive; which makes me laugh because these are the same people who want to spread love and are against bullying but they’re the ones doing it. I’m just glad that Adam doesn’t have social media and that (hopefully) this doesn’t get to him. After all, he’s making millions while these people are back home sitting on their asses hating an actor cause they’ve got nothing better to do :)