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What Happens Now Part 7

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, morning sickness 

Word Count: 700 (I’m not doing this on purpose I swear haha)

Summary: It was just one night, something that happened in the midst of too much alcohol. But what happens now?


I rubbed one of my hands over my stomach as I walked through into Sebastian’s kitchen, feeling the soft swell under my fingertips. I’d only noticed the barely there bump yesterday and ever since I haven’t been able to refrain from keeping my hand there, tracing circles over my skin. It was a new feeling, the warmth I felt from being able to feel where my baby was and it was one I hadn’t thought I’d feel for a long time, if at all. I hadn’t been able to see myself having children, I’d never imagined it or wondered what it might be like; but the further I got into my pregnancy the more comfortable I felt in the roll.

I’d just hit fifteen weeks, time seemingly flying by. Filming had wrapped up for now and instead of heading straight back to LA I agreed on trial running New York with Sebastian, seeing how we went living together. We’d always gotten along and we’d made fast friends on the set of Civil War but this was a whole different territory for the both of us. We were both learning to navigate around each other while also learning how to be parents and it was tough. On top of all that though I was homesick; I missed both my friends and my family and not being able to just see them whenever I liked was tough.

Sebastian smiled as I stepped into the room, turning away from the stove where he was cooking.
“Sleep well?” He asked, voice still foggy and laced with sleep.
I shrugged, taking a seat at the counter. “I guess so, it’s still just different.”
“You’ve only been here a few weeks y/n/n,” Sebastian chuckled. “Give it a little longer to get used to it and if you still don’t like it then we can trial LA alright?”
“Yeah,” I agreed, giving him a soft smile. “I mean I guess this place isn’t so bad.”
“Exactly, it just has to grow on you, that’s all.”

Sebastian turned back to the stove, flipping whatever he was cooking in the pan. I was about to make some joke about the New York charm not being the only thing possible to grow on you around here when the smell hit me, my stomach flipping. I covered my mouth with my hand, taking a deep breath while silently praying that my stomach was going to calm itself back down without having to bring up last night’s dinner; however as it rolled again I knew that wasn’t the case.

I was up and out of my chair within seconds, moving as fast as I could down the hall towards the bathroom, only just making it as I heaved. I crouched in front of the toilet, gripping the edges of the bowl as my throat burned. I felt tears prick at the corner of my eyes in embarrassment as I saw Sebastian in the corner of my eye kneeling behind me, one of his hands pulling my hair back while the other rubbed up and down the length of my spine.

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Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge!

Originally posted by smilethroughtears96

Hey guys! I’m close to 4K followers and wanted to do another writing challenge with ya’ll! I’m a lover of AU’s if you couldn’t tell and thought that might be an interesting thing to try. If you aren’t though, don’t worry! There’s plenty of options under the Things category too! Feel free to share with any other writers you know out there! <3

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On this day 34 years ago, someone quite special was born. Now, let me just start out saying that I would never have thought that I would stan (yep gotta use the new hip thing to say now >~< lol) someone so hard before.

Okay, correction. Never thought that Orlando Bloom, first celebrity crush, would be replaced. He was replaced by Russell Crowe. Who was replaced by Richard Armitage. Who was replaced by Tom Hiddleston quite recently.

This man I’m about to talk about is a very close second. Tom is still first but this dork (I’m calling him a dork in a good way cause it is, trust me) is really REALLY close to taking over.

I’ve had a rough patch over these last couple of months. I have told some, very few actually. Others I haven’t, though you can make some guesses and even then it would only be a little bit of what I have gone through. Some I have solved. Others will be solved in the future.

I’m also sure a lot of you don’t even read these birthday wishes (which I’m totally cool with cause they’re my quote-unquote therapy and my way of showing the person that they mean something to me without putting it deep into their faces).

Anyway, 34 years ago, Henry Cavill was born on this day. This guy has played a part in the show The Tudors, is the Man of Steel (real life and in the movies, if you catch my drift), and a huge dork. I mean, he’s a huge dork. His little, not so little, American Akita is named after the Man of Steel himself, Kal-El. Kal for short of course. He apparently “adopted” a bat a while back and named him Ben, after his friend Ben Affleck. At least I won’t be the only person in this world who names animals after real life people ;) coughcough Totally not gonna name a corgi Hiddles >~< coughcough

Henry is mostly known for his Man of Steel part and I will not deny that he fits the part as the Man of Steel for his already kind and gentle heart, but his part in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was pretty dang good. If he was one of the runners for James Bond against Tom Hiddleston, I don’t know who I would want more. It would be quite the hard decision. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. or The Night Manager???

What I like about him more is he tries his best to avoid drama at all costs. He tries to get along with other actors. On National Superhero Day, he posted on Instagram a picture of him in his Superman costume/shirt (idk on which, honestly looks like the costume but he’s filming MI6 at the moment, don’t ask how I know that okay). Anyway, he posted that picture with the caption:

“Fly your colors today brothers and sisters. It’s National Superhero Day! I personally just want to thank all of you guys and gals for keeping us so entertained and setting such a fantastic example for superhero fans, young and old, around the world.” and tags so many different actors from both the DC world and Marvel world. (Side rant he didn’t tag Tom, but that’s okay).

I have the feeling he didn’t want us or any one else to just wear their favorite superhero shirts, but to also wear the pride of our country. Those soldiers who risk their lives out there to protect us. Now that could just be me feeling things, but he does believe in a cause like that. He runs in marathons to raise money for all kinds of causes. For pete’s sake, he’s a well-known (fairly) actor and doesn’t have an assistant. He takes care of his own social media accounts. He does train with someone, but that was only before his incident. He hurt his knee a few months back. He’s recovered, but even after he as recovered, he’s still training. Still working on movies. He’s trying to show people that if you want to chase your dreams, chase them.

Happy birthday, Henry Cavill!!! Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a beautiful day! Give Kal a big hug! Go get a drink or something! Take a break! It’s your day! ❤ Can’t wait to see Kal-El come back from the dead!!

heyyy so i just reached 800 followers and i’m so happy and sorry lol that all of you’ve decided to follow this shitty blog

recently i’ve discovered that i really enjoy doing moodboards and even if they’re really bad just as everything i do because i have no talent, i truly enjoy making them !! so i’ve decided now that i reached 800 followers could be a great opportunity to do moodboards for you,, my followers

so if you’d like a moodboard made by me,, this is what you gotta do

  • you should be following me
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you can blacklist ‘michelle does follower moodboards’ if you don’t want to see them

No one will see this cause it’s almost 3 am and everyone that follows me is a football blog and doesn’t watch Class BUT
As an acting student I absolutely hate to watch shows or movies or plays cause I always am looking at their technique and trying to learn (what to do and what not to) and so I can’t sit back and just watch a show cause I’m always thinking about how I would’ve done things or connecting things they did with things I’ve learned about character work etc. and I usually see a whole lot more bad than most cause I look for things that no one but an actor or director would care about
But Class???? Was so good??? These young (and old) actors did such a great job that I was sitting back and relaxing more than I realized and I could probably count on my fingers the “bad” things I thought in terms of technique and I just want to thank Class for not only giving me an amazing show with great plot and realistic and lovable gay characters, but finally allowing me to fully enjoy something for the first time in a while, and allowing me to learn a lot of good things about my own acting technique while I watched. It deserves a season two for so many reasons.

I love how people really shit on DVa76 as a ship like guess what people, 19 year olds date older guys, I would know, I did it. Plus your all on here talking about how you would fuck actors/actresses old enough to be your parents, get over yourselves lmao

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Yoonjin always been sneaky rats since 2013. Like YG those heart eyes are seen through the lenses. Jin might be a good actor but we know the roommates been spilling too much tea and hints to not be obvious. Congrats to those idiots for getting married in Vegas cause it was about time. The honeymoon is def in Japan and they probably did something in the hot tub where they are alone without the kids tagging along. I can't wait to see them profess how much they real bc I'll just be sitting back 🍻

Anonymous said: Distractions: a novel by Min Yoongi and Kim Seokjin. We know already like those two don’t need to talk to us stans. We might never know when Yoongles over there proposed but I’m pretty every stan knows that Vegas is where they say “I do” to one another. They even took stan knows that Vegas is where they say “I do” to one another. They even took stans. We might never know when Yoongles over there proposed but I’m pretty every stan knows that Vegas is where they say “I do” to one another. They even took Hobi and Tae with them for wedding date. How fucking sappy is that? Its making my teeth rot and I’m pretty sure YG planned it all and Jin used his worldwide handsome thing to hide some things too lol.

Picture us together

fandom: mystreet/diaries 

 Pairing/s: vylance ( when isn’t it lol) 

 Warnings: swearing, a little. But otherwise p good for the youngins 

 A/N: sooooo… remember the celeb au? I wrote a thing. Credit to @undercovermcdfan cause I got the idea from her lovely tags

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hey y’all I’m taking aesthetic requests because they’re a lot of fun and I’m p bored so lmk if you’ve got a character/ship/brotp aesthetic you wanna see

edit: I’m probs not gonna do an aesthetic for a character/pairing I’ve already done (here’s the tag if you wanna check), I’m sticking with critrole, and definitely not doing anything for the actors, just characters

edit no. 2: alright suggetions are closed cause I got a boatload of them. I’ll work through a handful in the next few days. thanks y’all!

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Yeah not a lot of bad posts on the tag lol so that's a relief. Also age isn't a big deal so I don't know why it's causing such a problem. I always thought the cadets were around the age of 18-21. Anyways, has there ever been a model or actor who you see Keith and shiro as?

ur lucky you missed majority of the war lol but that aside INTERESTING QUESTION! can’t think of anyone for keith rn but I can totally see hideo muraoka as shiro…..he’s illegally beautiful just look at him 

I don’t know why I try to convince people that you don’t have to hate the actor just cause you don’t like the character. Even if the tag wasn’t about mon el Chris still deserves better than this. I was gone for a while bc of this there’re people who don’t know how to respect others and respect their wishes and tastes. We live in a world so fucked up I have hope every hateful comment someone say to me I try to talk to that person and explain that you don’t need to treat people like that I mean why? You need to learn how to respect other people’s opinion when you do that then we all can have some hope.

Sterek fic recs for feelings abound

Cause sometimes you just wanna feeeel

Sterek fics that made me smile like an idiot:

Starting Now I’m Starting Over by skoosiepants: (Teen) A Hogwarts AU.  You know those fics where Derek turns into a wolf and Stiles adopts him not knowing he’s anything but a dog?  This is that, except it’s the other way around, and Stiles is a cat.

Favoritism by blacktofade: (Explicit) This is such a sweet and loving fic, Stiles takes such good care of Derek.  Heed the tags. 

Fools Rush In by origamifrogs:  (Explicit) This is tooth rotting fluff, and I love it cause it’s a falling in love while road-tripping fic, but also a woke up married in Vegas fic.  Two brilliant tropes for the price of one.

Love All by tattooedsiren:  (Explicit) You know secondstar’s pro football AU?  This is that, except it’s a pro tennis AU, and it’s just as awesome and easy to understand for the no-sport-watching plebeians. 

Written Can’t Be Denied by lookslikenico, winglesswarrior:  (Teen) Soulmate AU where Stiles is an actor.  It touches upon how difficult it is to come out in the industry in a very tasteful manner.  Also, Derek is friggen adorable in this. 

But Moses Supposes Erroneously by blue_fjords:  (Mature) Freaky Friday AU where Stiles and the Sheriff switch bodies to adorable results, and there’s so much humour I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.

The Wolf at the Door by MotherGoddamn, Rebness: (Mature) One part murder mystery, one part comedy special, this is the fic where Derek is the worst building superintendent in the world, but also the best.

Sterek fics that made me cry like a little baby (but in a good way):

Rats’ Alley by auburn:  (Mature)  This is the best apocalypse fic that has ever been written in the fandom —and I’ve read most of them— I cried because of how beautiful the boys’ feelings are written, sooooo good.  It baffles me how this doesn’t have millions of kudos.  ( I know it’s tagged major character death, but the deaths only happens in the last thousand words, and it’s not (spoilers) even Stiles or Derek)

the broken radio is playing suicide by decideophobia:  (Explicit)  Stiles and Derek are on the lam.  Very good world building and writing.  It’s an amazing portrayal of an established relationship, troubled by a series of circumstances out of the hands of either Stiles or Derek.  It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the build up to the climax is phenomenal. 

House of Gold by horchatita394, weathervaanes, wishingonalightningbolt:  (Explicit)  Oh god, the pining, so much pining and misunderstandings, yet it doesn’t feel contrived.  The plot flows naturally and the characterization is brilliant.  Basically, it’s an awesome musician AU.

With Just the Door Ajar by mirrorkill:  (Explicit) Oh this hurts but it’s soooo good.  Derek breaks up with Stiles, Stiles moves away, only to return years later just in time for Derek’s wedding to Jennifer Blake.  The whole fic is surrounded in mystery (is Jennifer evil, or is she good?), and it’s told from Stiles’ pov so there’s no dramatic irony to spoil stuff for the reader.  The plot builds, and builds and then, bang!  Such a good climax.  Mind the tags, (although they kinda spoil the big bang, better be safe than sorry!)

Nothin’ but Blue Skies by zjofierose:  (Mature)  So well written, like urg.  The characterization is on point for the time period it’s written in.  Stiles is a brave as heck air force pilot, Derek is a photographer sent to cover the war (It’s a WW2 fic) and the way Derek’s feelings for Stiles is written is just so damned sweet and so damned sad.

Desperately trying to figure out why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets by DaintyBoots:  (Mature) Even thinking about this fic still stings, so ouchie, so much pain.  It is guaranteed to make even the coldhearted cry big, fat, rolling tears of sad.  Heed the warnings in the tags, seriously, heed them.

Defined By Each Breath by devovitsuasartes:  (Explicit)  Stiles is bitten accidentally by Derek, but doesn’t automatically want to be in his pack.  He hates Derek for biting him and it shows (and the process of that hate turning into feelings is sooo good).  The painful part is the way the disintegration of the Stilinski mens’ relationship is written.  You can tell John loves Stiles, but Stiles hiding his secret werewolfiness really puts a strain on their relationship.  It’s a fic with a good plot, but the characterization is what really shines through. 

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Ok, just so I have this correct. It's not ok for people like and/or speculate about two straight costars that are a maybe real life couple based on evidence, while not actually tagging the name of the actors in a post. But it IS ok to call two male co-stars Boyfriends and speculate about them having a sleepover and tag the actors actual name in the post AFTER you complained about people "shipping" people real life. And if you just call it cute, then it's not the same thing? Do I have that right?

Yes!!! It is also “prejudiced” to dislike an actor who happens to be a PoC, even if your dislike has nothing to do with that and you also routinely dislike non-PoC people for the exact reasons. But….it IS totally okay to encourage ageism, fat shaming and elitism…..

And you may always feel free to tag invade because you are speshul….

Maybe it’s cause PR????

and wow again for anyone bothered by eliza’s answers today you guys really weren’t here last year cause man…. i can’t even count how many times i cried because of things she said that hurt me

Granted, i’m a different person. But i was/am a grown woman and, still, i had never cried over anything an actor or actress had said on my many years of fandom before last year

However, no, she’s not a terrible person for it  and no, i don’t try to get preemptively mad at everything she does and says. I’m genuinely happy at the answers we got today.


The Sinking of the Laconia, guys.
(read the tags pls ‘cause i didn’t capture all bs actors that were in that movie ‘cause i’m an inattentive shit)

Wonder Woman

Well here it is guys I’m gonna be mainly serious so continuing from my last post where I said I wanted to talk about it. I just took a shower and wait
Alright I just wanted to say hi to my brother and Mom who just got home now man.

So I’ll just get to the point also I’m not tagging this I love this movie. Including told people when they asked me about it even my mom right now told her it was really great. Including to others it was really good.

Sorry but I’ll get to this now man. I fucking love this film. Just watching it and over all not just the action yet the writing. I’m not gonna mention all the actors cause I’m difficult with names. Yet I’ll just say Gal Gadot seriously she is really great I loved her as Wonder Woman including every one else who played their characters did so well.

Honestly just….I’m not gonna spoil the movie yet….I was so invested in it. Because like I said in my last post this is my favorite DC cinematic universe movie with Man Of Steel in 2nd. I’m okay with Man Of Steel their was some stuff I liked about it. Yet Wonder Woman what makes it so great is how better the writing is, pacing I suppose, and even emotion.

I’ll tell you this and told my therapist this but told her I didn’t wanna spoil anything. Including explained to her I was almost about to cry. Yet mainly cause I was so invested in the story and characters and just as it progresses including towards the end of the movie I felt like tears we’re gonna be coming down. Yet I didn’t wanna make sure no one knew.

Yet it wasn’t just the film itself which is so good. I’m just really happy about the quality of this movie. Including it was just well done basically. Along with directed so well by Patty Jenkins sorry if I get her last name wrong. But seriously on Collidervideos news yesterday she sounds like an amazing woman. Including she directs it very well and just overall just everything about the movie. Even told my therapist it’s my first time seeing it yet I was just so happy.

Including I feel this is an important. The fact just of what this movie succeeds. The first really great DC cinematic universe film, the first movie theater Wonder Woman movie, and just I’m glad the movie is getting praise. From what I’ve seen mainly on Tumblr.

I feel like it’s a good thing and just even as a man I love this film. It’s a film just it deserves to be a success, it deserves more money at the box office, it deserves to be noticed, it deserves the Rotten Tomatos score, it’s maybe one of my favorite films of the year. Along with Kong Skull Island, and Beauty And The Beast live action remake don’t judge me I feel that film was well made and respected the original story man.

Including it was just fun this girl I talked about she was excited even when I was worried and told her I was worried of her getting in trouble. Yet she liked it a lot and she’s just months older then me like January.

Also don’t worry the film has funny moments.

You know what’s amazing I have seen no reviews of any kind man. Might of seen little spoilers in some comments not much yet worried yet was mainly surprised man put that again lol dude.

Also funny thing when I went to the bathroom after the movie, turns out one of my teachers aides her son was there and he asked me how did I think of the movie and I was washing my hands and I told him I really liked it and shit like that I guess man ha. Yet he also asked me if I thought Wonder Woman was pretty….I just said she was cute. Mainly he asked like it seemed I was a little kid yet I was trying to act like a mature adult.

But lol seriously I’m just happy. Without spoiling the film itself thought in my head now a masterpiece okay I don’t know man. Yet I’m just happy it was well made, including just in a cinematic universe that made me doubt it. Everyone did a very good job and just so many things I loved man and hearing Jeremy Jahns voice reading this man haha.

Yet now here I’ll get to the rant part now this isn’t towards the film. It’s mainly my feelings towards Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice and how it affected stuff.

Spoilers for Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice.

Now Angry Joe voice ha sorry man, yet okay this same movie Wonder Woman is in the same universe in a movie where Batman kills people while the Joker is still alive, Superman is already killed by Doomsday, and God damn Jessie Esienberg is God damn fucking Lex Luthor. Feel like putting that in all caps.

Yet what I’m disappointed and angry about. It fuckin pisses me off that seeing a film like Wonder Woman a film I love so much whole BVS is a very conversational like what the fuck man.

It bothers me cause the stuff they went with in BVS and you can’t go back really unless it’s doing the Flashpoint story line but it might not take away what showed up first.

Certain choices were made for BVS and it bothers me a movie I really wanted to be good like many other people. But it’s mainly a meme due to some jokes and other stuff man ha. Yet the fact it’s the first big screen crossover between Batman and Superman, also even Wonder Woman. Listen I understand their was risks of making a Man Of Steel sequel cause of the box office which I think was maybe the reason they put Batman in it.

What BVS suffers is the fact it’s so rushed and I’m gonna tell you guys I like the Marvel Cinematic Universe quite a bit. Even if I’m not interested in it a bit man lol, get I appreciate and respect of what they do. It fact it bothers me some certain criticism’s the fact this even exists the MCU is maybe the best thing ever. Which was the reason we are now truly getting a DC cinematic universe it seems man. Such as reading from YouTube comments Man Of Steel was only gonna be a trilogy then it changed to the DC cinematic universe ha man.

Sorry but seriously BVS is so rushed and watching Angry Joe’s BVS reviews a couple of times, and finally the Nostalgia Critic and Angry Joe review, and Banditincorporated’s mega review I watched last night man.

It’s sad cause I wanna grow up with these characters and care about them. I wanna feel their struggle and be very invested in them. Not just because of who they are but because of them being actual people, with proper development and all that good shit man.

In fact I’ve seriously been thinking if I arranged the DC cinematic universe here’s just….this is a work but here you go man this list dude.

Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel sequel
Batman film
Wonder Woman
Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

Or some shit like that. The reason why Batman has one film seriously I like Batman but we’ve seen a lot of him maybe it’s best to only have one film of him, and Superman deserves at least one sequel to grow as a character.

I seriously would of loved that and if the script was better or even different man I would of loved it.

I’m not the biggest DC fan yet I like DC I’ve been in the mood. I may like Marvel yet I’m thinking you know what I think I’m liking DC more. Yet I’m just sad and pissed off that how this cinematic universe started off. Seriously I’m alright with Man Of Steel we could of built upon that but BVS kind of ruined it.

If characters were given proper development and some shit like that man, BVS could of been a great film. A emotional one at that too man, a big screen film of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

The reason I’m not talking about Suicide Squad cause I don't​ bother with seeing it. Including the critic scores ha man…..just…and what people have said lol man…….

We have Justice League and also the trailer appeared before the movie and I swear to God I want that shit to be good. You’ve set up the movie with BVS seriously just be a good movie. Including from what I learned from Collidervideos Warner Bros are gonna wait and see if the DC cinematic universe would go further and it depends on the success of Justice League.

Seriously Aquaman sounds like it can be a kick ass film ha kick ass man lol….

Sorry yet….I forgot if theirs more ha yet I think we’re good.

No caps or anything lol caps but ha sorry….I highly recommend this film. It’s a film that deserves the praise and I hope and oh head sorry…the random bullshit but I hope and swear to God Justice League is a great or even good movie. Because Wonder Woman really changed my mind about this cinematic universe and I want these films to be good cause I wanna see films about characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and others man all in one universe. Yes we’ve had Superman and Batman films before but not in a cinematic universe. Lol just I okay chill out.

Again and need to have faith I want good movies man…….good or even great movies. Keep doing that and I’ll keep spending my money on them man haha

Brokensystem Is Still Dangerous

WARNING: There are triggers of rape, sexual abuse, pedophilia, suicide and self-harm. If any of this is triggering to you in any way, we suggest going to now and blocking them immediately and not interacting with anyone on Discord by the name of UndyingERROR#5058.

The following information is why Undying (aka Anna, Dwoosy, Edgy, Orange, Level 1 Gaming, etc.) was removed from Studiotale three months ago and the damage she has caused within. Information may be updated in the future and Studiotale will notify their followers of any changes. We recommend going to @brokensystemisabusive​ for additional information. This post has been tagged for a signal boost.

A few months ago, some of the older members would remember the introduction of an Underswap Papyrus, now nicknamed Studiotale Orange as he became the canon actor for the Underswap Papyrus roles when, about a month after, Studiotale remained silent while Orange posted leaving Studiotale in his blog and saying the comic that was in production was ‘just a dream’, before soon deleting the blog.

Anna was never the one to leave Studiotale, she had been removed for multiple complaints of theft, godmodding, ostracizing, forced character development…

But what we didn’t mention was we were now aware of the abuse she had been putting a member in Studiotale through that was underaged. This was in fear that she would lash out at this member when finding out that when we removed her, we more than encouraged this member to stay and open up to us more, which revealed a lot more damage than we realized.

Studiotale just wanted to stay out of this and we simply disassociated Anna from the group and allowed some members who felt like they should stay continue to interact with her.

However, she has again, and again, attempted to contact our underaged member and when we warned her we wouldn’t be silent of what she did, she continued to message the member. And this is where we are now.

Everything we will be presenting that happened in Studiotale is NOT the first time with Anna. This debates back nine years. We recommend going to @brokensystemisabusive (we’ll update the name as it changes) for any additional information.

Their current blog is now and after you have read all the information below, we have made a negotiation with Anna.

-They will no longer contact anyone within Studiotale first. The only person they can have first contact with is Studiotale Error in which to keep them updated of their blog or whatever reason they need to get in contact involving Studiotale.

-They will not allow the Underaged Member of Studiotale to contact them. If they try to contact Anna first, she is required to deny the conversation and contact me so I can transfer the messages myself until the Underaged Member is 18.

-In exchange for not denying their actions, publicly alerting people of the information revealed of them, Studiotale will NOT tolerate hate messages towards Anna and simply recommend NO CONTACT at all and blocking them. (Though, we are aware that she was recently caught sending hate messages to herself, as shown below when she forgot to turn anon on)

With that, we recommend reading through everyone’s testimonials below, especially before attempting to defend Anna. Any posts have been edited to censor people who are not involved, who do not wish to be exposed, or were underaged within context of the conversation.

[Underaged Member]’s Testimonial:

-Proof of pedophilia, gaslighting, forced character development

@askstudiotaleblueberry’s Testimonial:

-Proof of sexual interest in a minor, no notification that sexual conversation was of a minor, forced character development

@askstyansans’s’s Testimonial:

-Proof of art theft, refusal to listen to negotiation

@askvoidsans’ Testimonial:

-Proof of ostracizing, hostility to a cast member, attention grabbing, art theft

@askstudiotaleerror’s Testimonial:

-Proof of sexual interest in a minor, no notification that sexual conversation was of a minor, attention grabbing, ostracizing, godmodding, character theft, proof she was removed and did not leave of her own accord, proof that she had been warned multiple times not to contact underaged member, victim blaming, admittance to pedophilia.

@papercut-papyrus’s Testimonial:

-Proof of being controlling, condescending, forced character development, harassment to the minor, attention grabbing.

To conclude, Studiotale had hoped to give Anna a second chance and it caused way more trouble for us this way. The only good of it was that the Underaged Member involved was able to open up to us and became just as much a loved member as everyone else. Even when the majority of Studiotale disassociated ourselves from her, a few members stayed, hoping to give her another chance, which she only abused.

Anna refuses to change and will keep asking for more chances.

Studiotale, again, will NOT tolerate any hate towards them and whatever blog they go to next, but we are HIGHLY against trying to contact her at all. Just go to, block them, spread awareness within the Undertale community.

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Reasons why we love Norman Reedus

Okay, fandom, let’s spread some positivity and talk about why we love Norman. I will start with a few points. Reblog, comment, or message us with your own and I will continue adding them to the original post here. Reasons can be general or your personal experience and I will add your url to each one. Also if you feel comfortable with it, it would be great to include your name and location (country, or whatever you’re comfortable with). Post for Emily Kinney is here-and by all means if others would like to do this for their favorite actors on the show, the more the merrier!:

  1. He seems like such a genuinely nice, humble and appreciative person. I’m a little blown away by his constant willingness to make himself available to fans. I’m not sure I could do that if I were famous. He seems to take everything in stride and has a great sense of humor and is always making me smile/laugh with his randomness (randomness is an underrated virtue!) -fioredi 
  2. Honestly, he is such a sweetheart to everyone. I’ve met him twice and the first time I met him I was going through a lot…and meeting him just kind of brought my spirits up -daryl-dixoon
  3. Norman encourages his fans to express themselves in not only healthy ways, but creative and artistic ways as well. He loves the fan art people all over the world send him - and he actually appreciates the time/effort/thoughts his fans put into the art (or even gifts) they send him. -mybethylconfessional
  4. When he meets fans, he actually makes the encounters special no matter how long the lines are or how pressed for time he is. He’s kind, compassionate and great with every fan he encounters. You can tell he appreciates them. - mybethylconfessional
  5. He’s genuine!! - fangbanger135
  6. He cares about every single one of his fans and truly appreciates them! - princesspears
  7. He’s an amazing actor, So nice and such a sweetheart he’s nice to people at conventions, And so sweet on twitter He is constantly following people and responding to them. He is by far the nicest famous person out there. - bethreedus
  8. Wow. I just adore Norman. It’s impossible for me to verbalize what it is about him that makes him so special and unique. I could literally write a novel and still not do him justice. Suffice it to say, he deserves all the love and attention he gets. - jordicoop
  9. Norman Reedus is a man who has handled fame WELL. He is still a sweetheart and down to earth. And for him his fans are everything. He’s always been humble and kind with them and he deserves all the love and support from us as well. I hope and pray that he continues doing awesome work! -anonymous
  10. Norman Reedus is one of the most genuine and kindest actors in the business. He cares so much about his fans and he always makes sure to show them how much he cares and loves about them every chance he gets. He’s a wonderful actor and has done a terrific job portraying Daryl. He definitely deserves all the success he’s getting. - a-damnromancenovel
  11. Norman is such a sweet and down to earth human being. Every time he meets fans, he takes the time to make that moment special and memorable. He’s funny and he is just so awkward, just like me, which makes me embrace my awkwardness and not be ashamed. I love him so much! - soundless-heart
  12. I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore Norman. Apart from most celebrities, he hasn’t changed at all. He is awkward, shy, hilarious and the sweetest man ever. He is so appreciative of his fans and grateful for what he has, and he makes sure all the fans are rewarded for all their support that they give him. He makes every moment memorable with each fan, making sure he lets them know that they’re special. - the-sheriff-and-archer
  13. I love that he’s authentic and genuinely a nice person - hiddlesandreedus
  14. I love how he reacts to children..most people forget how important children are..<3 - didi2magz
  15. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He seem to be truly enjoying fame and he appreciates his fans. Because of this he is fun to watch and a joy to meet. - reedusproblems
  16. You could be one of a hundred thousand in a crowd at a Con, yet when you get your time with him, even a few moments, he makes you feel like a million dollars. He is the sweetest man to every fan and if he sees someone with an infirmity or a child, he will take some extra time with them, too. He’s a workaholic, constantly going to conventions and he’ll stay hours after he’s scheduled to leave just to make sure every single person gets to meet with him. He’s the sweetest, kindest man and gives so much of himself to his fans…he’s not pretentious, he knows what a good thing he has and he’s grateful for everything.  - chandra75 
  17. First of all, Norman is really so different than the other celebrities. Because even though he is famous, he cares his fans and treats with kindness. He’s full of love to his fans. Also he has the greatest quality of acting. Reedus is the best! And he loves taking selfies. - rickreedus
  18. Norman is such a sweetheart and caring towards his fans.  He gives us so much when he really doesn’t have to.  He’s genuine and real and funny and down to earth and humble and dorky.  He’s just a great guy and I adore him.  I really, really do. - forever604 
  19. Norman seems like a really sweet guy and he has a fantastic taste in music. Whenever he posts a song I stop and listen because I know I will not be disappointed. - bethyling
  20. Love You! You’re the best and I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do, it puts a smile on my face every time I see you on TV! Also I know it was hard to choose out of all the fan art you got for your book and I’m so grateful that you found my art good enough to be in it, so Thank You Norman you’re Awesome! - bethyladdix 
  21. i love norman because he makes me smile even when i’m sad. i’ve gone through a pretty bad time in the last few years but whenever i felt really bad i just watched interviews with him and immediately felt better. he just has something positive about him and i hope i get to meet him someday to tell him that he makes my life at least 700% better :-) - queerdaryl 
  22. You’re so sweet and nice to your fans! ~ Kayleigh
  23. I wanna do this because I would really like Norman to know how much he’s helped me. I was going through a bad time in my life, I have Asperger’s & got hit with a big wave of depression & anxiety and well, what really helped me get through the dark was Norman Reedus (and Daryl Dixon). I had moments where I wanted to cry & couldn’t feel anything so I would watch his interviews & commentaries (especially the ones with him and Andy) and he would help me feel happy & put a smile on my face. I am in a happier place now but I am thankful for him (even though he didn’t know he helped me.) and all I can say is, he’s a wonderful actor, a beautiful, bright and funny person and one of the things I love about him is he’s himself & unique. I hope to meet him someday and give him a BIG hug and Thank him for helping me in person. Keep being Awesome Norman!!! :) - darkangelz87
  24. To get myself through the long 7 month hiatus between TWD seasons, I did a Norman Reedus watch, where I watched all your movies in order , from the beginning. And it came to my attention that you either kill someone or die yourself in every single movie. Since Daryl has definitely killed, he doesn’t need to die. Ever. i-move-the-stars-for-no-one
  25. You’re such an endearing man! Despite your fame, you remain humble and down to earth. There’s no one else quite like you, Norman Reedus. :) - lilicococrunch 
  26. He is literally such an inspiration and the nicest person ever, he makes me smile - Ria
  27. You’re very sweet to all of us fans and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you for being so down to earth. Love you! - emilyreedus
  28. I love you and your work in The Walking Dead and i’m suuuuper excited for season 5! -Antonella, Argentina
  29. I wish you’d done a Final fantasy game because Silent Hills looks mega scary! Guess I’ll have to be brave! Xx - lasalt77
  30. You’re an amazing actor and an amazing person. You have this “I don’t give a shit what people think” attitude that I love and I aspire to have one day. You LOVE life and LOVE your job. You’re an honest man and you’re kinda rare in Hollywood. You’re a unique soul and you have a kind heart. You’re also crazy and weird and I love it! Stay you! Never change and I love being a fan of yours! You’re a fun person to fan over and to root for! Also your love for animals is amazing and idk… You’re just awesome! And I know a lot of people say that they love you, and you know I’ll say it as well: love ya boo! - thequeenofshebasays 
  31.  He, unknowingly, helped me remember how to laugh during one of the darkest periods of my life. Joining the Reedus fandom introduced me to some wildly funny and amazing women across the world. Thank you, Norman. - @property-of-murphy-macmanus
  32. Why is Norman Reedus the best ever? He is just so unique andgenuine about his uniqueness. There is a confidence that Norman gives off that is inspiring to everyone who sees him. And I have to love people who aren’t afraid to be a little dorky. (Us dorks have to stick together. :D) He is a really creative and talented guy who is also a great person. Also, anyone who can confidently rock a bathrobe covered in blood gets all of my respect. You rock, man. - @svenyves 
  33. I love Norman because he’s simply Norman. Someone who’s down-to-earth, funny, artistic, serious in his craft and most of all, a cat-lover. lol. I’m really hoping to meet him someday. I live on the other side of the globe and I only watch cons on youtube and see pics on the web. I hope he stays the way he is and I wish him all the best in life - his career, love life, health and everything! :) - ledanna 
  34. Norman, you’re such an awesome person, and you’re great to your fans! Can’t wait to see more of you on twd - pineforsummer 

keep ‘em comin’!…

PS No matter how many responses there are, by October (WSC Atlanta) I will be sharing this with him. :) Thank you again to all who are contributing!