not tagging star trek

Today is the day for tagging! Woop!

I was tagged by the crested @arteriusbrothers Thanks!

  • last movie I watched: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, because I bought ALL the fricking Star Trek dvd’s, plus the first 3 Star Wars dvd’s (and a hot plate, bitches!) at an estate sale for $50
  • last song I listened to: All I Do is Dream of You, sung by the dulcet Dean Martin. Don’t judge.
  • last book I read: Fifth Business, by Robertson Davies
  • last thing I ate: Tom Ka Kai and a third of a bottle of Peach Moscato
  • where would you want to time travel to?:  Maybe to a time before humans fucked everything up. And then, of course, I’d get eaten by a T-Rex…
  • fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Dr Who (and I mean, for one, that day could last a hundred years…)
  • If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? Isolated beach, hammock, moonlight. @felinafullstop might be invited.

I’m supposed to tag 8 people, but honestly, if you pictured me being tossed up in the air and swallowed whole by a T-Rex, you’re tagged. 



Here’s to the newbies just starting out, the ones discovering their ability to twist and bend plots, characters and places to their will for the first time,

To the old faithfuls, who have kids at home and a full-time job but somehow still find the time to make us forget for a while,  

To the students who publish one-shots and sagas in-between study sessions,

To the ones who posted that one fic years ago and have since moved on, but whose story meant (and still means) so much to so many readers,  

To those of you who publish short, little things that pack the emotional punch of a freight train,

To the ones who update faithfully, and to the ones who don’t,

To the ones who weave lyrics into their stories, and the ones who deal in nothing but angst,

To those who don’t write in their native language, 

To the brave ones who do it despite their fear of rejection or criticism, 

To the ones who like to write with their friends, and the ones who do it alone because their friends wouldn’t understand, 

To the ones who spend hours researching in order to to make their world as real as possible, 

To to the poets and novelists and essayists and dreamers:  

Every single one of you is precious.  

You, along with all the other fandom artists and creators, lift us up and give us hope.  You make us laugh, you make us cry, you make us think and question and wonder.  You help us escape, sometimes, when we need it most.  You bring the unimaginable to life, you translate lofty words into ones we can smell, hear and taste, and you continually encourage and inspire us.  You’re wonderful and powerful and courageous and so, so loved, even if we aren’t always the best at letting you know it.  So this is for those of you with empty comment sections, with a concerning lack of kudos/likes/favs/bookmarks. Your stories make a difference, and they always will.  

So, from all of us to you:  

Thank you.


It’s like every week something weird happens.


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:

uhura is literally one of the smartest characters on the ENTIRE show. 

she knows countless different languages, and as someone who speaks 3 languages, let me tell you that shit is not easy by any means. 

also, not only that, but she is also good in mathematics, like holy hell

and does anyone remember the episode, “The Changling” where she had all of her memories wiped? yeah, well she re-learned EVERYTHING she knew and was back on the bridge afterwards. ok let me say that again, she literally re-learned all of the information she learned IN TIME TO WORK ON THE BRIDGE AGAIN. 

honestly uhura is not just beautiful, but she is a fucking genius.

if you dislike star trek just remember it being spelled backwards is rats kert which makes no sense just like your opinion