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in all honesty, I am so thankful to be able to be a part of this. I am so thankful for Skam – for what they do, for what they give, for what they make me feel. I have no words for this show left but thank you.

summary of art for 2016 

its been a whole year already holy shit? i went through a lot this year with moving back to california, getting surgery, going to college… and now im moving to start living independently, im glad to see after a year ive really gotten the direction of my life going where i want haha 

thanks for your support this year!!!

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Dude Latin countries were so fucked by Europeans that hardly any of the last names are native to those countries and that makes me said bc my mom's family is from Jalisco and we're natives of Mexico but we had to change our last names to fit in with the Eurocentric white(r) hispanics and? It's sucks man. My dad's side (the Cuban side) has English lastnames bc Americans frequented the island in the past and literally wtf am I looking like with the last name Allen-Smith and being Latina? (1/2)

Like racism and Eurocentric-ism runs rampant in Latin American countries already. Give Lance a last name that suits him but goddamn people look at where the names came from before assuming “yes this is a very Cuban last name” bc chances are that they were brought over by the Spaniards and forced on the people. (2/2)

dude i totally agree with you and this is all incredibly important. I don’t think enough people truly understand this 


It’s supposed to be just 2016 I’ll post but then realized it would be nice to include my previous art summaries coz this signify my 5 years of art throughout Tumblr/Twitter. 

I really hope you tolerate my fandom jumping for awhile but hey, seeing all of these makes me proud that I don’t stand one thing but exploring different interests and trying out styles. It’s really fun, I wouldn’t mind continue doing this on the next upcoming years haha.

In order from left to right (or up to down): 

 2012 → 2013 → 2014 → 2015 → 2016

heyo angel faces !! i had a dope idea for a new skeleton rp where the characters & their connections are based off of songs n’ stuff; & the overall plot would be a sorta rich kids/socialite typa thing ! so if that jingles ur bells ( daskjdhksf iK i’m already pushing it w/ xmas ok ) then u should like this or hmu so we can discuss ideas ( & i highkEY ALSO need a co-admin or two to help run it w/ me so if ur down for that too then i’d love u 5ever ) !! xx

So, guys I won’t be online tomorrow at all bad day to get a job like seriously bad day i cant believe ill miss the christmas livestream .But I’ll probably watch it once I get home so you’d probably see random screaming and reblogs at like 3 am.

I’ll tag everything as ml spoilers

Shadows and Reflections

Title: Shadows and Reflections
Characters: Natasha Romanov
Rating: General audiences
Wordcount: 1.6k
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none

If you haven’t heard the truly terrifying lullaby that is “Tili Tili Bom”, then you have an experience ahead of you. The melody is creepy and the lyrics enough to give me pause. That being said, it makes for great fanfic material, as was pointed out by @ursulaismymiddlename

A bit of creative licence was taken with the depiction of the Red Room, but it’s a mash-up of what was seen on Agent Carter and in Natasha’s hallucination in Age of Ultron. Tagging those who’ve said they want to be tagged in everything, plus a couple of people I think would enjoy this. Let me know if you want to be tagged in everything (or specific things).

Tag list: @ursulaismymiddlename, @loup-malin, @bakexprayxlove, @feepsmoothie, @tatortot2701, @ceebeetumbles, @awaitingjudgementx, @mrshopkirk, @themcuhasruinedme, @creideamhgradochas

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So @deadcourf tagged me in the 6 best selfies of 2016 thing.

I’m just gonna say that most if these are from the last few months because I’ve become a lot more confident in my appearance since school ended last year. I also became a lot more comfortable and confident about a lot of other things about myself this year, mostly the last few months.

I’m not sure who has and hasn’t done this yet, or who’s comfortable posting selfies, but I tag @regret-bot (because I tag them in everything) as well as anyone who wants to do this.

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I dont mean people who've come into my askbox and said please tag me in everything i mean people who actually make posts or reply to asks saying YES EVERYONE TAG ME which is talking to their followers. Maybe I'm just not seeing the big deal here....

You’re right, you’re not seeing the big deal because you haven’t worked as hard as other authors, working your fingers to the bone, working until you’ve got nothing left to give. But we have. You know what else we have? Respect for one another. Now get out of my inbox. You can’t have it both ways; blocking me and then trying to justify what you’ve done, Heather.

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