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Actually Accurate Signs as RT Employees
  • Aries: James Willems (April 6)
  • Taurus: Ashley Jenkins (May 3), Miles Luna (April 24), Kerry Shawcross (May 1), Blaine Gibson (May 14)
  • Gemini: Geoff Ramsey (June 19), Gavin Free (May 23), Jeremy Dooley (June 4), Matt Bragg (June 6), Adam Ellis (June 7)
  • Cancer: Barbara Dunkelman (July 2)
  • Leo: Michael Jones (July 24), Adam Baird (August 14), Bruce Greene (August 12), Sean Poole (August 18), Matt Peake (July 24)
  • Virgo: Joel Heyman (September 16), Jon Risinger (September 12), Lindsay Jones (September 6)
  • Libra: Matt Hullum (September 29), Caleb Denecour (October 8), Arryn Zech (October 4), Joel Rubin (September 23)
  • Scorpio: Kdin Jenzen (November 14), Jordan Cwierz (October 23)
  • Sagittarius: Ryan Haywood (December 6)
  • Capricorn: Burnie Burns (January 19), Jack Patillo (January 3), Chris Demarais (January 18), Lawrence Sonntag (January 7)
  • Aquarius: Aaron Marquis (February 7), Brandon Farmahini (February 12)
  • Pisces: Meg Turney (March 12), Gus Sorola (Febuary 22), Steffie Hardy (February 23), Adam Kovic (February 20)

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Hello, sweetie. Can you please recommend some legacies or stories that you like? I am super bored right now and I trust your good taste! You are awesome! Thank u in advance.

ooo ok i really like @grilledcowplant, @thenooboocrew, @simswillsim, @cellblocksimmer, @fangflower, @glitchysims, @simtzu, @sleepingsimmer, @pxelmango, @poolbrop, @plumbobus, @randomcoffeesimmer, @simvair, @oasisprings, @saartje77, @mummasim, @kismet-sims, @lunarr-sims, @pixelb0mb, @ceiuu, @bratsims, @partihaus, @simgerale@cabsim@simsterically@nadehzdia & @evesimmies
also @soft-almond might be posting gameplay v soon!!!!!!!

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hi!! could you recommend me some good baekhyun gif makers? exo-centric are fine too :)

hii yes of course!! these blogs are just the ones I remember at the top of my head rn, starting with the ones that gif baekhyunnnnn (some of them are pretty exo-centric but their bias is baekhyun does that count??? LMFAO):

@subaek @progamerbyun @byunvoyage @305heaux @sebaeked @kingbbh @sefuns @mochibaeks @tipannies @my-bobohu

exo/their bias:

@deararchimedes @chanhyun @sehunoh @r-velvets @the-ooverdose @kaizzzi @lawlliets 


when i made my first blog last year, i never  ( in a million years ) would’ve guessed i’d ever accumulate this number of followers. ever. with my on and off activity, n’ mass shitposting, i’m surprised i ever even surpassed 100. way more important than numbers, though, are the people who i’ve met & interacted with here, and who have inspired me – or encouraged me to stick around, when i wasn’t feeling it.  ™

i’ve said it countless times – & i’ll say it when i’m on my deathbed : i love cloud strife. he was the first muse i wanted to pick up, but i decided against it because he was already such a popular character and muse. finally making this blog back in october of 2016 wasn’t a mistake. despite being painfully awkward, i’ve met a ton of people ; some i speak to regularly, and others  ( – my bad  not so much. 

all the same  ( gross i appreciate everyone sticking around. ffvii has been a part of my life quite literally since the year i was born, and having some means of conveying how much it (& cloud ) means to me is pretty therapeutic, n’ relaxing. i won’t ramble much more, anyhow. i’m not gonna tag most everyone in the list below, obviously, but i’ll make some mentions. the usual stuff, right ?  cloud voice: let’s mosey.

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Alright! Let’s get down to business, it’s starter call time. Capping at 3, with castmates and people who’ve spoken with him exempt!

warning though: Junpei is going to be displaying some fairly severe symptoms of his mental illness, including: dissociation, depressive episodes, hallucination, and anxiety attacks. He will likely be questioning what’s real and what isn’t- if anything makes you uncomfortable, please let me know so that I know what not to include. Especially regarding the hallucinations, because he’ll likely be making reference to a decent amount of gore/blood/violence depending on what triggers the hallucination.

Being Chill On The Road

Chapter Two
Warnings: mild cursing, driving, and Jeremy realizing make up is cool.
Rating: T

After they got pancakes, the gang got back into the van. This time Jenna was driving and Christine sat up front with her. Brooke and Chloe were sitting in the middle row, and all 4 boys had squished in the back to play video games. “Everyone ready?” Jenna asked. What she got in reply was cheers, so she began to drive on through Maryland.

About 3 hours in, at 4:30, the boys had all fallen asleep. Brooke was secretly putting nail polish on Jeremy. “He has such soft hands!” She giggled to Chloe who was putting a face mask on him.

“He has softer skin then me! I hate it!” Chloe said. Jeremy giggled softly in his sleep, then mumbled Michael’s name. “So gay,” She grinned.
Christine looked to the back. “What are you guys doing?”
“Making Jeremy beautiful,” They replied in unison.
“With an avocado face mask and blue nail polish? Actually, the nail polish I agree with.” Christine looked at the hand Brooke was holding out and saw the metallic blue looked really nice with Jeremy’s pale skin.
“Yeah, avocado will hydrate his skin and make it look flawless!” Chloe said as she rubbed the mask over Jeremy’s blackhead-riddled nose.
“If he doesn’t wake up when you peal it off, I have some makeup you guys can put on him,” Jenna piped up as she handed Christine her makeup bag from her purse.

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I was tagged by @split-ma-soul Thank youu !


♦︎ just make an edgy sim and make them look sweet.

♦︎ two pictures for before and after purposes ^^

♦︎ tag #sweetharsh i would like to see some

Did I do it right ? Idek (´・ω・`) I took a sim I use to play for my gameplays and he tends to be edgy a lot sometimes so I thought it’d be perfect on him !  

I tag : @puffshale, @itsoceansecret, @putrulance, @igotsims, @soupsim (I hope you’ll see that when you come backヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ), @nisukiye, @falling-ups, @neversayenevermore 

I don’t think I tagged everyone obviously so even if you’re not tagged you can do it of course, and sorry if some of you were already tagged  

earlier this week, i spent the evening of my birthday in the presence of one of my absolute favourite human beings, watching him perform the lead role in my favourite play, at a level that was just completely out of this world, and there hasn’t been half an hour since then that i haven’t thought about it

Sweet❤️Harsh⚡️ Tag

I was tagged by the beautiful @lunyc Merci!!


♦︎ just make an edgy sim and make them look sweet.

♦︎ two pictures for before and after purposes ^^

♦︎ tag #sweetharsh i would like to see some

I’m not fooling anyone Skye is a sweetheart but he’s the one with the harshest resting bitch face lol

I tag : @simovee @kosmokhaos @unsimscribe @cavernsofdarkness @kalethegrey @itsoceansecret @fyachii @eenhoornsims @nisukiye @marshmallowsims @cidersims

I don’t think I tagged everyone obviously so even if you’re not tagged you can do it of course, and sorry if some of you were already tagged  


-Carol Gilligan (insp)


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Last song listened to: “The Solution” by Stupeflip
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Top 3 Shows: Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Mr Robot
Top 3 Characters: Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow (both from “GoT”) and the 11th doctor (from “Doctor Who” obviously)
I tag: @slmch @2-ouf and @crimaville and everyone who wants to participate :)

Dangan's and their tumblr blogs

Naegi: really standard theme. totally in darker pastels and uses cute userboxes. tags everything. friends page, exasperated story posts about his class, memes. description is like three feet long. average following, like 200-300 followers.

Maizono: def has a pink/blue aesthetic and blogs all day about her concerts. tags her friends in everything she loves and thinks they’ll love it too. changes icon like every few days but it’s always just a different selfie. instagram and like 600 heart emojis. description is minimalistic: “Sayaka/17/Idol/🎤❤💙❤💙🎤/(inspirational quote here). Huge follower count, still makes a big deal about gaining 100 followers. Does a lot of giveaways.

Ikusaba: uses her name meaning as a url so it’s like “xxcorpse-warbladexx”. colors are the generic black bg and white text. pretty much part educating people on weapons, part vague-ing about her crush (i.e. reblogging affectionate posts and tagging as “crush”), and mostly talking about her sister. description is just “ikusaba mukuro|soldier|female” and a link to her sister’s blog. Doesn’t talk much about herself or her friends. Hasn’t touched the thing in 5 years. Still has a decent 400 followers

Kuwata: BOLD ASS COLORS AND EYE STRAIN OUT THE WAZOO. seriously, this kid has the most extreme, saturated colors of anyone else. he sees no issue with it. triggered jokes probably, only ‘cause he doesn’t understand what it even means. he posts about his wins in baseball and vagues about his cousin in a bad and really obviously-about-her way. Everyone that tags him calls him Kuweenie. He constantly sends his friends memes in their ask. Shitpost bots. Like 800 followers. Desc. is just “Yo, I’m Leon Kuwata!” and then just his fucking life story honestly. Rants about baseball 24/7, no one knows why he still plays tbh. Selfie game strong.

Fujisaki: best theme of them all, made it themself. Green colors, always posts things like “if i ever reblog something offensive please tell me I promise I’ll delete it!!” like 4 times a week just in case. The most unproblematic. Gets really excited when they get a new piece of tech and blogs about it all day. “I’m Chihiro, a professional programmer in Japan. I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog! 💚💚”. Is science side of tumblr occasionally. Uses the “dark side of ___ show me the illegal ____” meme too much. Friend page, about page, page after page after page holy shit my dude chill out. Not one to show their face but reblogs pictures of them their friends post.

Oowada: Biker aesthetic. Black and gold colors, bold text, “no spellcheck we die like mne”. If he does something that he blogs multiple posts in a row about, he tags it as an “adventure”. Blogged till post limit when he tried getting Ishimaru to learn how to ride his motorcycle. 50000 pictures of him and his gang. Desc. is literally just a quote from a movie and title is the name of his gang. Reblogs anime characters with pompadours, namely Knuckle (hxh) and Josuke (jjba) because he loves comparing his fucking monstrosity hair to theirs. Tags posts about friendship as “bro” so Ishimaru sees. 200 followers.

Ishimaru: study blog. Barebones theme, only just changed the default icon last week. Posts a lot about his class and study notes, answers asks from people about tips on doing work and finding motivation. Tags everything because he loves being orderly. Has a reminder on his phone to check Oowada’s bro tag and makes his own, but it’s just tagged as his name. Low-key conspiracy theorist and nobody knows what he looks like until the motorcycle post stuff happens. Gets anons calling him a cinnamon roll and responds “THIS IS WHAT IS CALLED AN “INTERNET MEME”, YES? HAHA, EXCELLENT! BUT, WHY A CINNAMON ROLL?“. always talks in capslock. Every post feels more intense than an action movie. No description, but the title is "ISHIMARU’S STUDY BLOG”. No emojis ever. Those are illegal on his blog.

Yamada: Anime. Manga. Probably gets deep into the discourse for his favorite things. Elitist attitude on different anime/manga. Posts updates on his doujins constantly, and everyone reblogs it with yelling. Posts a selfie every few months. Gets a lot of anon hate but he shuts them tf up quick. Separate blog for nsfw things. 1k followers and it goes down and up drastically at random. “Yamada/The Alpha and The Omega|Doujin artist|17 years young”

Celeste: Red and black aesthetic. Definitely the most edgy blog aside from Enoshima. No memes, but she reblogs a ton of those vampire aesthetic things and probably follows komaedalovemail to reblog the weird audio and video posts. It’s literally just an aesthetic blog of her in Lolita outfits, vampires, Victorian era dresses, and haunted castles. Her description is just her name and age. Like 20 followers and a cornchip.

Oogami: Flower cursor that Fujisaki helped install. Pretty much just an instructional blog she uses to teach people things like self-defense and a little offense. Half that and half talking about her friends and posts Asahina tags her in, even if she’s not particularly interested. Good following, like 600.

Kirigiri: “Blood splatter analysis” and other things like that. Actively looks for misinformation to correct it. Receipts on literally everyone, has no receipts of herself because there’s nothing you can get that she regrets. Dark purple/burgundy aesthetic. “Kyouko/Japan/Kuwata stop tagging me in those stupid memes”. Gets tagged by Maizono in a lot of pictures of her and others. Occasional gore from horror movies and she adds how it’s unrealistic looking and rates it. 400 followers.

Fukawa: book reviews everywhere. Disses Yamada’s doujins so much that he made a.doujin about her novel. She blocked him. Tags Togami in everything, but he won’t reblog it if she tagged him, even if he likes the content. Everyone gets so confused on why most of her posts go from reserved and kinda salty to ALL CAPS NO PUNCTUATION WE DIE LIKE MEN WOOOOO bc no one knows about Syo and Fukawa just deletes the posts when she switches back. Talks about Komaru and Togami a lot.

Hagakure: so many links to things it looks like a scam blog at first. Gif of a smoky crystal ball as his header. “9/11 was an inside job, click here for more”. Clickbait and unsourced info. Does post some neat videos and facts about things like tarot cards. Memes with Kuwata and tags them all in stupid shitposts. Probably taped 43 pictures of Nicholas Cage in Naegi’s dorm, posted about it, and reblogged Naegi’s frantic posts about it.

Asahina: ocean aesthetic. Takes like 40 selfies a day and blogs about her at the olympics and any of her fellow students she might see there. Stresses the importance of taking care of yourself and kinda doubles as a cute blog and a self help blog. Tags Oogami in animal memes and vines, which she always reblogs. Takes pictures and blogs about everything she’s doing atm, even if it’s just taking a walk.

Togami: Secretly a memester too. Pretends he doesn’t like memes and denies reblogging(then deleting) them. Kirigiri has all the receipts on that. Hagakure finds posts about the Illuminati and tags him with “look your family”. Generally doesn’t use his blog much except to boost his ego. Usually posts about how annoying his classmates are. Unironically says “plebs”.

Enoshima: Cutesy and mostly her modeling pictures along with her around her classmates. Has an overall tone of a generic cute, smart, popular high schooler. Has like 6k followers and gets the Gross Anons. The worst shitposter of them all, but also insensitive and posts memes reflecting that. Autoplay music player at full volume.