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800+ Appreciated Stalkers

I really wanted to write an appreciation post BUT unlike the usual follow forever I won’t be tagging absolutely everyone I’ve ever thought of because that would take way too long. To cut down I’m going to do a small shout out to current roleplay partners that keep me coming back despite the rollercoaster that is Genesis.

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Renault’s Books

I made a proper post out of this because it got too long for the ask (I needed to be able to save what I wrote). And I actually re-read both Fire From Heaven and the Persian Boy in order to be able to answer this well. @uponthewaters I hope that this format is more easily accessible/readable and I also hope that I have answered your question in the way that you wanted. 

I will preface this by saying that I always feel a bit bad critiquing Renault. Please remember that I have nothing against Renault. I respect her and I am flattered that she loved my life so much. If what I am about to say sounds cruel or harsh, then just remember that I am only speaking about the content of Renault’s books, not anything about her personally. But I won’t lie and say that I like her books when I do not. Brace yourselves, I wrote a lot (and added a drinking game to spice things up!).

I will start with Fire From HeavenPut simply: In Fire from Heaven I am boring.

Fire From Heaven

Aside from the aforementioned boringness, most of the major issues I had with Fire From Heaven have to do with the portrayal of Hephaistion:

“At the stair-foot Hephaistion was waiting. He happened to be there, as he happened to have a ball handy if Alexander wanted a game, or water if he was thirsty; not by calculation, but in a constant awareness by which no smallest trifle was missed.” (163)

^ Let it be known that Alexander the Great always cites his goddamn sources. Alright, Hephaistion was not only there for me; I was also there for him. He had his own life and his own thoughts and troubles. We comforted each other, he was not just a shoulder for me to cry on. Our friendship was not one-sided. He was not my slave and did not act like my mother or my nurse. In this book it is unclear why I loved Hephaistion, our relationship was merely predicated on the fact that Hephaistion was enamored with me and I appreciated his loyalty and servitude. 

“Hephaistion thought of the coming war without fear, erasing from his mind, or smothering in its depths, even the fear that Alexander would be killed. Only so was life possible at his side. Hephaistion would avoid dying if he could, because he was needed.” (221)

Um only because I needed him? Not because Hephaistion didn’t want to fucking die himself? Come on. Hephaistion had his own thoughts and fears that didn’t always have to do with me. Even I’m not too self-absorbed to recognize that. 

“Hephaistion called to mind the tale of Semele, beloved of Zeus… she had burned to ashes. He [Hephaistion] would need to prepare himself for the touch of fire.” (157)

God, this made me laugh. Well, if Hephaistion wants this ass then he better get some oven mitts. And that lube that heats up is definitely a no-go. I just don’t even know what to think of this. I mean I know I have a hot ass but really… On a more serious note, Hephaistion was the only one who didn’t think of me as divine but still loved me and my imperfections. So no to this quote.

“Hephaistion, who was not very quick at shaping his thoughts into words, usually found that someone else got in before him. He preferred this to making a fool of himself.” (173)

OH FUCK NO. Hephaistion loved to argue and was certainly not shy about voicing his opinions. And Hephaistion was brilliant, Aristotle thought so, too, and corresponded with Hephaistion later on. Hephaistion’s intelligence is the reason why I trusted him with both solo military commands and also administrative/ diplomatic functions. And just common sense: I would never have an idiot who couldn’t even debate as my second-in-command. Hephaistion only made a fool out of himself if he was drunk or if he was fighting with someone over something stupid (and the same goes for me).

Think of Achilles, how his mother dipped him in the Styx. Think how black and terrible, like dying, like being turned to stone. But then he was invulnerable.” (211) 

This really took me out of the story. If Hephaistion had said that to me then I would have laughed at him and told him that Achilles isn’t invulnerable in the Iliad. Achilles bleeds right before he fights the river Skamandros when Asteropaios hits Achilles with a spear, “but the other [spear] grazed Achilles’ strong right arm and dark blood gushed as the spear shot past his [Achilles’] back…” (Iliad 21.166-167 for you modern readers). The Renault version of Hephaistion certainly is dull and unintelligent if he can’t even remember the Iliad. And the Styx story with Thetis and Achilles was not around in our day, either. It was actually first written down hundreds of years after our deaths (95ish CE) by Statius in his Achilleid. So this entire piece of dialogue is anachronistic. I’m the biggest Achilles fanboy of all time, I know my shit.

Some other thoughts:

  • I DO like the part where Kassander gets beaten up by a woman. That was hilarious.
  • Ptolemy was not my half-brother. And I don’t like how the book treats the character of my real sister Kleopatra (who I loved very much in real life). Or my mother. It seems that modern representations of my life are not very kind to the women in my life. Not cool.
  • Dear god, that part with the courtesan. That story was completely false and only made up to slander me, but at least in the ancient story I sent her away. I would never suffer the indignity of my parents hiring a hetaira for me and then actually have sex with her. That’s adding insult to injury! And I had sex with both men and women, my parents weren’t worried about me (although of course I was not as uh “prolific” as good ol’ dad).
  • OLYMPIAS WAS NOT PRESENT AT PHILIP’S ASSASSINATION. She was in Epiros. If you are going to write a book based largely on historical events then please get the details correct.
  • Speaking of details, when my father was assassinated my father’s cloak was white, not purple (see Diodorus 16.93.1). A small nitpick, but still. 
  • That 2004 movie Alexander ripped off a lot of material from this book. I feel bad for Renault about that. Not cool, Oliver Stone.

Renault also gets the timing of the death of Hephaistion and my own death wrong in her historical author’s note:

“Alexander survived his friend by about three months, for two of which he was travelling with the body from Ecbatana to Babylon…” (409-410)

This is incorrect. Hephaistion died in October. I died in June. If you are writing a historical note please get the facts right.

One of my main issues is that Renault tries to describe the historical context/detail so much that she loses sight of the essence of the story. I didn’t really understand what she was trying to say in this book, it just read like a more boring and expanded version of Plutarch. So yes, Fire From Heaven was boring (as was my character in Fire From Heaven). And I’m someone who actually likes the catalogue of ships in the Iliad.

The Persian Boy

Where to start with this one… This is probably the complete wrong reaction to have, but I laughed my way through most of The Persian Boy. At least the prose was more interesting than Fire From Heaven. But the pacing was off, it takes Bagoas more than 100 pages to meet me.

One of the central problems was with the narrator. Bagoas is forcefully inserted into the larger events of my life and it simply makes no sense for him to be there. Some problems I had:

  • Bagoas was supposedly with me the night after the torture of Philotas? Oh god, that is so ludicrous. Common sense: after an assassination attempt a eunuch would never be left alone with me. Hephaistion probably would have murdered him; Hephaistion wasn’t feeling particularly happy then. And we were in a camp with tents, not a building as Renault states (see Arrian, Plutarch, and Curtius for confirmation of that). It’s a small detail, but I wanted to point that out.
  • I did not trust Bagoas. It may seem cruel, but Bagoas was nothing to me. If Bagoas had died then I would not have to be dragged off of his corpse. He was simply someone that I had sex with a few times. Hephaistion was everything to me. He was the sole person that I completely trusted. I also trusted my own generals and friends. I did not trust a random eunuch. And Renault says I cried over Bagoas’ birthday? Birthdays weren’t even really celebrated in my day…
  • AND RENAULT TELLS THE DYSENTERY STORY. WHY THE EVERLOVING FUCK DOES EVERYONE LOVE THAT STORY?! Oh yes, it is so funny that Alexander shit himself, that story is absolutely essential to understanding his life. No, no it fucking isn’t. It’s embarrassing. 
  • And dear god, Bagoas was not with me at the Mallian siege. That makes absolutely no sense at all. Even the majority of the army was not there, most of the land forces were stationed with Hephaistion down river (see Arrian 6.13).
  • I liked that Renault showed Hephaistion’s kindness. That was much appreciated. I wish he was in more of the book, but he would most likely be mischaracterized (although at least I could blame the unreliable narrator in this case). 
  • What the hell was the wedding with Roxanne about? She tried to poison Bagoas and then I beat her? WHAT THE FUCK? I can’t believe that Renault would actually write that. I don’t know why she hates all of the women in my life so much. I don’t know why she would think my wife would poison a random eunuch. I don’t know how she could think I would beat my own wife. I mean we were obviously not the pinnacle of feminism, but we weren’t animals. I was angry when noble women were just forced to dance (see Curtius 6.2.6-7 for this one), I don’t know how anyone would think I would harm my own wife. Everything about this is disgusting. I’m fucking appalled.

I found the book mostly amusing and I didn’t get very annoyed (except of course for the wedding/poison episode) until Hephaistion’s death.

He [Alexander] was standing with a dagger in his hand, hacking off his hair. […] So I found the trimming knife, and said, “Let me do it. I’ll do it just as you want.” “No,” he [Alexander] said, hacking away […] But he grew impatient with the back, and let me finish it, so that he could be off. (370)

I would have killed anyone who tried to cut my hair for me when I cut my hair over Hephaistion’s body. And unlike in Renault’s account, I actually cut my hair over the corpse (Arrian 7.14.4 backs me up). I would have stabbed Bagoas or anyone else who tried to help with my own dagger (I was not in a great mental place then). And as if I couldn’t cut my own hair? I’m a warrior, I know how to use a goddamn blade. This also makes it sounds like cutting my hair was something that I thought I had to do so that I “could be off.” No, it was very significant and personal and painful for me in my grief and doesn’t deserve to be treated as something I had to get done quickly. Also, Bagoas was not the one who had the idea that Hephaistion be made a god (Renault 373). Reading that was a test of my very poor anger management skills. 

And on my deathbed I did not say Krateros or kratistos or anything like that. Ugh. I couldn’t even speak at all, I was too sick. And Bagoas was not there when I died.

I made a drinking game to make reading this book more fun:

  • Take a shot whenever Cyrus (aka Kyros) is mentioned! 
  • Take a shot when you can’t tell if Bagoas and I are having sex or not! 
  • Take a shot every time my ~golden~ hair is mentioned! 
  • Take a shot whenever Bagoas is jealous!
  • Chug through the entirety of the dysentery scene (so that no one will remember it happened…)

This game may give you alcohol poisoning if you’re not a Macedonian, be warned.

All in all, I really do appreciate what Renault was trying to do. I am so happy that people read these books and got more interested in my life and in Hephaistion’s life. I am also happy that these books helped people dealing with issues relating to their own sexuality (and I appreciate the fact that Renault was a lesbian writing about same-sex relationships AND that she described me as bisexual in her author’s note- good job Renault!). So I think that the good that Renault’s work has done outweighs my issues with it. 

I hope that this very lengthy response answered your question well.

Got7 in the Shower

Jaebum: gets impatient when someone takes too long but ends up taking 30+ minute showers. frequently changes the temperature and ends up using all the hot water. doesn’t know how much conditioner to use and is the reason there is no conditioner left. forgets to bring a towel.

Jinyoung: don’t join him in the shower or else your skin will melt. comes out of the shower with pink skin and says it feels nice. everyone is concerned. likes to lather. there’s a lot of bubbles. has rose scented body wash. will find out if someone used his rose scented body wash. will punish whoever used his rose scented body wash.

Mark: tells himself he’ll shower. ends up forgetting to shower. showers at night because he’ll fall asleep in the shower in the morning. wonders why his legs look so weird from this angle. gets dizzy because he was looking down too much. takes too long because he plays with his hair. sits down on the floor. uses whatever hair product he sees and nobody notices. 

Jackson: takes showers right when he wakes up. sometimes showers twice a day. vigorously scrubs. likes strawberry blast but uses Axe brand because he wants to be cool. either takes 7 minute showers or 30 minutes showers. there is no in between. wants to take baths everyday but can’t. 

Youngjae: can’t face the water because he doesn’t like getting sprayed in the face. marked the ‘perfect temperature’ on the shower handle. hums the song stuck in his head. sometimes sings. prefers showering at night but ends up showering whenever it’s convenient. 

Bambam: takes cold showers?? because he likes them?? doesn’t like hot showers. surprisingly doesn’t take long. only faces the water. washes thoroughly. follows a routine and gets mad when he forgets to follow it. poses sassily while he washes his hair. wears the same clothes he wore before showering after showering.  

Yugyeom: listens to music in the shower. is too shy to sing along so he mouths the words. gets yelled at to hurry up even though he takes 15 minutes max. dances. it’s a miracle he has never slipped in the shower. can’t leave the dorm unless he showers. his hair is not manageable unless he showers. 

Mornin’ - Skate Maloley Imagine

Nobody warned you that getting out of bed when you have a hot boyfriend like Nate Maloley would be impossible.

”Y/N..”   You could hear Nates voice, you pulled the covers over your head wishing he’d let you sleep a little longer.   ”Y/N, wake up. We need to leave in a couple hours and I know you wanted time to shower…”

He sat down next to you on the bed taking the blanket off your head. He chuckled a bit seeing your hair messed up after last night.   ”Oh babe, At least everyone will know you’re mine.”

You opened you eyes slowly adjusting to the light and showed your tongue at him. It was true, he was going to a fan meeting and you really didn’t want to tag a long looking horrible when everyone else had made themselves presentable for him.

Sitting up in bed you unconsciously brushed your hand against his bare chest, Nate had  a habit of walking around shirtless and it was too early for you to have control over your fingers. 

From his chest your eyes traveled up to his lips, Nate was having a goofy smile because of your sleepy actions. 

“Well good morning to you too babe..”   He closed the gap between you two and kissed softly on your lips.

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Tag Re-Organization

** Please read carefully, as this post contains A LOT, possibly TOO MUCH, information. **

So, my tag list is getting crazy long! This is a blessing and a curse. I’m so appreciative of everyone who has asked to be on the tag list, especially those who have been around since I started tagging. As it is, whenever I do a tag post, it takes ten to twenty minutes to put a tag post together, which adds to the time it takes to get posts going. I know not everybody likes/reblogs/replies when they read something, and that’s fine; but for the blogs that are not active or are no longer interested in reading, I just want to get things cleaned up a little bit. 

Below the cut is some more info and my current tag lists, including notes I have for you if applicable. If you would like to moved, removed, tagged under a different name, or want any other change that I can’t currently think of to be made, please either reply or send me an ask. If you’re happy where you’re at, just like the post and we’ll call it good, so I at least know you’ve seen the post. Let’s avoid reblogs of this if we can. That just clogs people’s dashes unnecessarily. I will not reply to any of these asks publicly. 

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here’s a bunch of icons! free to use so long as you don’t take credit/repost and all that. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy early valentine’s! ♥

maybe i’ll do a second batch for the rest of the playable characters eventually, but… probably not everyone tbh lol. feel free to leave character suggestions in the tags and i’ll consider drawing a few of the most popular :)

Blog Updates!

Okay so we have been thinking about it for a long time, and we will be adding our first names to the blog. It will take some time to fix our tags, posts, and other stuff, because we will be going back and editing our whole blog, but our “about” and “system members” pages will be updated immediately. Thank you again everyone for your support. We feel like this will help us talk about our illness slowly in “real life” too!

- Katani

I was tagged to do this by Scotland’s best @skinheadxcvi 

Rules: Tag 10 people you wish to know better

Birthday: March 15
Gender: Female
Siblings: Two younger brothers (19 & 17) 
Wake up time: 9:30am lately (bless the holidays) 
Lemonade or sweet tea: Lemonade (I didn’t know what the heck Sweet Tea was though) 
Day or Night: Night
Coke or Pepsi: Water 
Calls or texts: Calls with mum because she takes too long to text, texts with almost everyone else  
Met a celebrity: Henry Rollins was a fuckin’ gem (+ some well known super Aussie characters- Joey Johns, Peter Garrett, Frank Woodley) 
Smile or Eyes? Eyes
City or country: Country over a city like Sydney for sure (my opinion might be different depending on what city u mean)
Last song you listened to: Shitlist by L7

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answer 11, make 11, tag 11 

i was tagged by @captainbucky, thank you! ♥

i’m going to put my answers and my 11 questions under the cut so that the post isn’t too long. but i tag:
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UH this started as just some doodles but then I just kinda

anyways, for some generally cool people!! I really wanted to do a lot of fanart this year, but theres way too many things to draw holy geeze

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Brunch (Olicity future fic, Explicit)

(The gif was originally posted by captainyouknowitall and then candykizzes24 tagged me, and then this happened… It’s all the gif’s fault.)

One hour.

That was how long they’d been waiting, and that was too darn long in her book. Even the waiter was starting to give them the eye.

“Freaking brunch isn’t supposed to be this busy,” Felicity murmured, sipping her water. Oliver shot her an amused smile. “You’re too chipper.”

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