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Lev: "Why is this the 3rd gym?" Bokuto: "HEY! Let me explain~" Akaashi: "Bokuto-san please." Bokuto: "Everything here is multiple of three." Lev: "Ah?" Akaashi: "..." Bokuto: "Like 3rd gym, 6 players, 3 on 3, threesome, triple your pleasure and so on..." Lev: "Oh! I see!" Kuroo: "But Tsukki has four eyes though." Bokuto: "AAARGHHHHHHH! FUCK! It didn't work!"


“cos katsudamn” 

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okay fellow b99 nerds - since i think we’ve had just enough time to ever so slightly start to recover from The Proposal™ now, i’d like to spark a little healthy debate with quite possibly one of the hardest “this or that” posts in the history of this hell website:

‘johnny and dora’ or ‘halloVeen’?