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you know what i love about this chap ? these two panels :

tell me again bakugou katsuki is nothing but angry / rude character who didn’t develop at all during all this time. tell me again he’s just an arrogant & prideful boy who would blame others & not himself because he thinks he’s perfect. tell me again he’s a PIECE OF SHIT WHO JUST CARES ABOUT BEING THE TOP ONE & WHO DOESN’T CARE AT ALL ABOUT OTHERS. i’ll f ucking kill u. 

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If the cast of Pokemon was in a marching band...

Ash: Trumpet. (Terribly tone quality, but can play really loud. Has an ego and optimistic attitude big enough for the whole section.)

Misty: Percussion. (Specifically drumline. Likely on snare. Knows how to keep the drumline in line. Isn’t afraid to yell at them.)

Brock: Baritone. (Plays trombone off-season. Usually has really good tone quality. Is an excellent marcher and follows instructions well. Will audition to be drum major.)

Tracey: Mellophone. (Generally really friendly with everyone. Usually politely points out mistakes but is always ignored.)

Gary: Trumpet. (Section leader. Really good trumpet player. Typically gets the solos and never lets Ash forget it. Often rubs his talent in Ash’s face.)

May: Flute. (Really bad at it but has fun anyways. Always misses her dot on the field and ends up being the only person out of line. Always wished she could do colorguard, but is way too clumsy.)

Max: Alto Saxophone. (Really stingy. Thinks he’s better than everyone else. Easily annoyed by other band members and always thinks he’s right. Tells everyone to dress to him even when he’s wrong.)

Harley: Colorguard. (Colorguard captain. Really strict on the entire guard. Most of them hate him.)

Drew: Percussion. (Specifically front ensemble. Likely on marimbas. Section leader. Really good at it. Plays piano as well.)

Solidad: Drum Major. (Plays french horn and violin off-season. Everyone in the band loves her and she’s pretty good at keeping order.)

Dawn: Colorguard. (Plays flute off-season. Pretty good at it and does winterguard as well. Often gets sick of Harley.)

Zoey: Contra. (Low brass section leader. Plays tuba off-season. Zoey loves marching band. She takes it very seriously and is one of the best members. Does drum corps over the summer. Has no problems carrying the weight of the contra on her shoulder.)

Paul: Percussion. (Specifically drumline. Likely on quads. He’s the section leader against his wishes. Misty hates taking orders from him, but he’s really good at what he does. Although he’s great at drums, he’s not the biggest fan of marching band.)

Kenny: Clarinet. (Always getting yelled at by the instructors. Is that kid who always forgets to bring his music or dot book to practice. Ends up having to run laps. Frequently tries to impress Dawn but only ends up hurting himself. Only did band because of Dawn.)

Ursula: Flute. (Didn’t want to do marching band, but was required to by the school. Often whines and complains about it and says that she didn’t sign up for this.)

Barry: Trumpet. (Awful at playing but brimming with enthusiasm. Thinks he’s the best player in the section and blasts to no ends–often busting his chops in the process.)

Conway: Tenor Saxophone. (Usually gets really technical with correcting the form. Especially lines and diagonals. People tend to hate it when he’s the dress point since he takes forever. Hope to catch Dawn’s attention, but never does.)

Cilan: Flute. (Section leader. Loved by his section and by all of the woodwinds in general. A lot of the brass players think he’s kind of a prick even though he’s not. Follows instructions well and is very enthusiastic about band.)

Iris: Trumpet. (Generally easy-going. Pretty average player. Often gets annoyed by Ash’s trumpet antics and calls him on on acting like a little kid during rehearsals.)

Burgundy: Clarinet. (Only joined band because of Cilan. She signed up thinking that he played the clarinet “or something like that”, and ended up in the wrong section. She doesn’t know how to play her instrument and often tries to call Cilan out on mistakes (even though he’s always right) and just ends up getting yelled at herself b the instructors.)

Georgia: Percussion. (Specifically drumline. Likely on snare. Has a short temper when it comes to taking orders, and as such is quick to get into trouble. Usually ends up teasing Iris, saying that trumpet players think they’re all that but are actually just a bunch of egotistic dimwits.)

Trip: Percussion. (Specifically front ensemble. Likely on synthesizer. Is new to the band, but helps out with a lot of the technical aspects of it. He’s easily annoyed by the heat and all the orders given, but toughs through it.)

Stephan: Trumpet. (Loves band. Is always that one kid running to his dot. Often competes with Ash to see who can play louder and higher, but neither of them really have much talent.)

Luke: Alto Saxophone. (Generally follows instructions really well. Tries his hardest but is always the first kid to get heat stroke at band camp. Threw up into his saxophone freshman year and nobody’s let him forget it since.)

Serena: Colorguard. (Does winterguard off-season. New to the guard and still getting the hang of things. Dawn is like a mentor to her and helps her out a lot with tosses. She’s easily intimidated by Harley.)

Clemont: Baritone. (Plays trombone off-season. Thought he was going to play trombone in marching band, but was let down when finding out the instructors didn’t allow trombones due to the better tone quality baritones gave. Often struggles with the baritone since it’s too heavy for him and has a poor horn angle because of it–but gets a lot of positive encouragement from Ash and his friends.)

Bonnie: Not in the band, but always comes to practices, games and competitions with her father to support Clemont and her friends.