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I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  

This is some devilpool|MattxWade with a spiderman tsum tsum (because coff coff red team coff coff). I wanted to draw something, this was suggested and in the end I decided to give this uglyness to @holmesazetaz because they wanted it. I love you, dude. 

hp theme blog aesthetics + make me choose edits

so earlier today i reached 500 followers!! I literally only made this blog a few months ago so i’m shocked that there are this many of you who follow me tbh!! anyways to celebrate i’ve decided to do some hp themed blog aesthetics + make me choose edits (because i want to practice my editing tbh)

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I was tagged by @tarajiphensn <3 , so I’m gonna answer those questions now:

Relationship status: Single but I don’t know if I am ready to mingle haha

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick

Top 3 Tv shows: This is very hard, but I’m gonna go with Doctors Diary, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls ( Idk if those are my top 3, but they just came to my mind. Maybe Skam, too)

Top 3 Characters: This is even harder .Ehhm I like Stiles Stilinski, Mrs Hudson and probably Steve Rogers aka Captain America.. There are so many great characters though

Last song I listened to: End of the day by One Direction

I tag @king-gotze , @bayer-mund@foreverhector

Actually i tag everyone

Also because I’m really lazy, I’m gonna do another post i was tagged in right here too

I was tagged by @king-gotze <3

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Name: Carolin

Nicknames: Caro

Gender: female

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 1,68 m

Sexual Orientation: Confused af

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite Colour: Green 

Favorite Animal: All animals fascinate me tbh, but I’m gonna go with pandas and as of late baby goats

Time right now: 10:19 am

Cat or dog person: Cats all the way 

Favorite ficitonal character: Hermine Granger, because I haven’t mentioned her already, and she is badass as well. I am bad at this

Favorite Singer/Band: I’m gonna say Ed Sheeran because his music makes the world a better place

Dream trip: I want to visit so many places, but i will probably never do so. Scottland would be awesome , or north Scandinavia and Iceland. I really want to see the polar lights

Dream job: I would love to be a football manager, but i am studying biology at the moment sooooo

When was this blog created: uhh i think two or three months ago? idk I had a blog before which was created in 2012, but i deleted it 

Current number of followers: 19 <3  + A few porn blogs, which i decided to block

What made you decide to make Tumblr: My favorite trainwreck of a band called One Direction. I wanted to keep up with the drama , but worst decision of my life hahahs. No, it was a great decision. <3 . They taught me a bunch of great things, even though i think it was not their intention at all lol 

Why did you pick your URL: Boat lyrics !! Lol. SOMEONE loves to sing about boats, so i picked it. It is a lyric of Drag me down by One Direction

I’ve got fire for a heart
I’m not scared of the dark
You’ve never seen it look so easy
I got a river for a soul
And baby, you’re a boat
Baby, you’re my only reason

I want to tag everyone on this post , because i want to get to know them all better, but i am gonna tag @tarajiphensn@notacoolkat, @ericdierlovesme@draxlerr  and @lovinglouislove, @art-changes, @tositandadmire, @gurueskild, @larryslittlespoon, @sunflours and those who are tagged in the tag above and all the ones i didn’t mention

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It is immensely, immensely satisfying to draw characters you haven’t drawn in years.

I have a very determined headcanon that there are absolutely no physical differences between the yamis and their hosts. The apparent difference in the manga is just to make it easy (possible?) for the reader to tell. Because what happens when a spirit takes over? Other characters comment that their expression changed.

(That does mean I need to practise nasty expressions so I can get Yami Bakura to look more like, well, not Bakura.)

The Information Brokers Best Piece of Info

Izaya Orihara x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) was Shizuo’s little sister. She had no idea about Izaya until one fateful day when she went out to get groceries for him and herself. The last thing she expected was to be kidnapped and tormented by a guy she didn’t even know…

A/N: Sorry for the lack of fics everyone! School has been killing me and I’ve been quite sick for almost a month now. I hope this makes up for it, if only a little bit! This wasn’t a request made by anyone but my dirty little mind. Special thanks to my lovely editor who’s going to be tagged in the tags because it won’t let me here! Go check her out, she writes fics too and she’s simply amazing!

Word Count : 2,556

(Y/N) was a simple girl; she didn’t have many friends and she was very reserved. She only ever spoke when spoken to and was always very polite to those who did. Her brothers were the only two people she really cared about, even though, she didn’t see Kasuka as much anymore. However, Shizuo had always stayed by her side. He took care of her and protected her, and for that, she was thankful.

Although he had always told her that if a man with black hair, red eyes, and was wearing a coat with fur on it approached her, she had to run. It was an odd request, but she complied, despite the fact she never did see anyone by that description. She just assumed he was a part of some sort of gang that he wanted her to not be a part of. She shook her head, reminding herself of her task. “Hey! Shi-Shi! All we need is milk, eggs and bread right?” Her brother called back with a simple agreeance and with that, she was off. She made sure she had her key and walked outside into the rambunctious city of Ikebukuro.

She began walking towards the store and as she did, she thought and looked at the sidewalk while biting her lip, one of the many nervous tics she had. ‘I wonder what’s been up with Shizuo lately…he’s become so much more angry than usual. It’s probably that Izaya man I hear him muttering under his breath all the time.’ “I wish he’d just stay away from Shi-Shi…” She muttered aloud accidentally.

“Shi-Shi, hm? I’ll have to keep that one in mind for our next meeting~” She gasped as a taunting male voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up in immediate surprise to see a black haired male with red eyes, wearing a…

Her eyes widened. A coat with fur. SHIT. She swallowed hard and immediately backed away a step. “W-What do you want!?! Who are you? Shizuo warned me about you! You’d b-b-better- ah!” She squealed in surprise as he approached, faster than she could have expected and grabbed her left wrist.

Izaya grinned, his eyes filled with mischief as he pulled her towards him easily. “Oh, he has, has he? But, I see he’s neglected to tell you my name.” He leaned forward to breathe into her ear, relishing in her deeply flustered reactions. “Mm…you smell simply divine, Miss (Y/N). My name is Izaya Orihara. It’s a true delight to meet you. Let us go somewhere a smidge more…private, yes?” The next thing she knew, he had begun dragging her before she could respond.

She was panicking. Holy crap, Shizuo was going to kill her. Even so, she didn’t know what to do! How did this freak know her name?! God, she was terrified. All too soon, he was pulling her into (what she could only guess was) his home. He finally released her as he gently pushed her further inside, her heart rate skyrocketing as she heard the click of the lock.

“W-What are you planning? I want to go home,” She ordered, trying to sound authoritative, undeterred by the fact that she was trembling.

Izaya grinned at the frightened girl, leaning against the door as he propped his knee up against it. “God, you’re nothing like Shizuro, are you, (Y/N)? You’re shy…and nervous…nearly constantly, constantly fidgeting, and biting your lip… and…” He smirked and pointed at her. “…you’re biting your nails?” He ‘tsked’ tauntingly. “You really should stop that, you know. It’s not healthy. But, then again, you don’t really care about being healthy, do you? All you care about is others. You truly are pathetic little one. Shame you didn’t take after your brother. Although, I must admit I’m glad for it. It’ll make toying with you that much more fun~” He laughed quietly under his breath as he pushed off from the door and stalked towards her, looming ever closer.

She whimpered quietly, backing away from him again only to have him charge at her suddenly, leading her to fall on something soft. She barely had time to register that she had fallen onto a bed before he was on her. He had no trouble pinning her wrists above her head and while she was anxious, she only really panicked when he pulled the sheets around her into a knot at her wrists, restraining her.

“Ah!” (Y/N) pulled frantically at the tight, but soft sheets, trying to escape them to no avail. Now thoroughly frenzied, she let her building fear out as tears, burning her eyes although she refused to let them fall. “D-Damnit! Izaya, let me go! Please! Why are you doing this to me!? I don’t even know you! What-!” She blinked away her tears as her voice quieted in meek submission, not wanting to anger him. “What are you going to do to me?”

Izaya couldn’t help himself. He burst out laughing relishing in her terror. “Hahaha! My dear, you should know something before I begin. I’m what’s called an information broker. I find information on whomever I please and I just happened across the juiciest tidbit of information on you.” She swallowed hard at this revelation and bit her lip nervously, wishing her hands were free so she could bite her nails.

Izaya smirked dangerously as he whipped out his knife, leering at her as he sliced upwards with ease. She cried out and slammed her eyes shut. Tentatively, she opened her eyes and shivered as she realized he had cut off the large hoodie she had borrowed from Shizuo. “W-What…?” She breathed confused.

Izaya didn’t waste much more time. He leaned foward and blew into her ear playfully giggling to himself as she squealed and flinched noticeably. “Eep!”

“Y'know…I was going to ask if you were ticklish…but I guess that answers that question doesn’t it? I must say, when I found out such a supposedly innocent thing made you hot and bothered I was intrigued. Especially when I realized what an innocent little flower you were yourself…”

She stiffened instantly when she brought up her kink and instantly shook her head. “N-No! You’re w-w-wrong you freak! Why would you ever think something like that?! Let me go, right now!” She shouted, finally turning defensive and hiding her insecurity and fear with false fury.

Izaya snickered. “How cute. But, you can’t fool me.” He mocked her as he turned around only to tie her ankles apart from one another for more easy access to her feet. He turned around and smirked sadistically with an evil glint in his blood red eyes. “So~” He all but purred. “Where shall I start?”

(Y/N) shook her head frantically, her eyes pleading with him as her tone turned desperate. “P-Please, Izaya, nowhere! Don’t do this! Anything but this! I-I hate being tickled!” She blurted out the lie only for him to begin laughing at her again.

“Jesus (Y/N), you really are a sucky liar you know that? Come on! Give it up! You know what? I’ll just have to make you, won’t I, princess~?” He gave a feral grin and then attacked mercilessly, immediately assaulting her vulnerable underarms, which her t-shirt did little to protect. He wiggled his fingers fast in a spidering motion and she burst into a cute giggle fit.

“Ehehe! No! Dohohohon’t! Please stahahahap!” She pleaded childishly.

Izayas smirk only grew at her reactions as he leaned down to dance his fingers playfully around her sides and ribs. “Aww, you’re so cute…it’s no wonder Shizuo always keeps you locked away! Someone could reeeaaaally take advantage of you~!” He chirped happily, curious to see if his verbal assault would make the human become more riled. This was just too much fun! He might just have to make a habit of this!

(Y/N) was losing it. Shizuo had tickled her a few times, sure. Kasuka too. But never to this extent; it was normally only a flurry of pokes at most. She barely got tickled. Two, maybe three times a year if she was lucky. So for this manipulative information broker to be using her biggest weakness against her, it was odd. She wouldn’t lie to herself; she was greatly enjoying it, but she’d never admit that to him. His teasing most certaintly did not help the matters. She thrashed a bit more violently, bucking now and again in an attempt to throw the lean male off of her. “Bwhahaha! S-Sh-Shuhuhut uhuhup! No! I am nahahahat! Damn it, you jackass! Gehehet OFF of me before I rip your fuhucking tohohohounge out of your skhuhull!” She hissed, doing anything she could to try and escape.

Izaya found this only a bit annoying but was quickly brought back to amusement as she cursed at him. “Ohoho, and there it is. I was wondering when a part of Shizuo would come out of you. You’ve definitely got his potty mouth and his love for threats he never comes through on. And as for your request, hm…no. I don’t think I will, this is too much fun!” He jeered, his index finger slipping easily into her belly buttom and wiggling, making her go even crazier, much to his pleasure. “Oh? Does that tickle~? So sorry…maybe if you confess how much you love of this, I’ll stop~” He stuck his tounge out at her, tauntingly.

(Y/N) panted heavily as he let up and finally stopped tormenting her sensitive upper body, getting off her and instead standing beside the bed. “What the fuck is WRONG with you?! Seriously what the hell did I ever do to deserve this?! Shizuo will know you had something to do with this, you freak! And he’ll make you pay! You have no right!” She spat viciously at the male, parts of her true personality coming through as he broke down her walls unknowingly through the torment.

Izaya smirked coldly as he saw her typical facade start to crumble. Good. He had done his research and although Shizuo had tried to hide her, he had failed. It wasn’t like it was hard to dig up info on her. He was the best informant in both Ikebukoro and Shinjuku and a simple high school girl was no issue. Child’s play, really, for him. “Tsk tsk tsk. There’s that fire in your eyes I’ve been wanting to see, (Y/N)! At long last~! Now I can finally believe you’re Shizuo’s little sister!” He sang happily. “To answer your questions, angel, I have too many things wrong with me to waste the breath explaining it to you. As for what you did? Hm~” He giggled and smirked playfully down at her. “Well, you ended up being absurdly cute~ the pictures I saw really didn’t do you justice, first off. Secondly…” He shrugged. “I can tell you’ve been depressed lately. You may hide your emotions, but as someone who adores humanity, I must say, you’ve been in a bad place lately. Perhaps it has something to do with how lonely you’ve been feeling due to Shizuo constantly chasing after me and working rather than spending the time with you.” He stated bluntly, analyzing (Y/N).

She winced, as his observations were spot on but tried hard not to let it show, grinning at him instead. “D-Depressed? I don’t…” Her voice faltered and she sighed finally giving up, as she sagged in her restraints, grimacing at her all too often used fake grin. “…Fine. So, that’s why you kidnapped me then? To cheer me up? That doesn’t sound right. Shizuo always mentioned what a jerk you are. I don’t buy it.” (Y/N) muttered, feeling suspicious.

Izaya observed her with a blank expression for a moment, almost seeming caring before a devilish grin bloomed across his face once more. “Ah, you’ve got me! You’re correct! I could care less about your problems with those miserable excuses of humanity. However, kidnapping you and messing with you seemed a fun way to pass the time while simultaneously allowing me to get one over on Shizuo! It’s a win-win! It’s not often I get to make a pretty girl laugh and also to anger Shi-Shi at the same time! But…enough talk yes? Let’s end with the big finale! I wonder what ever could it be~?” He mocked as he pulled a stool over to sit in front of her feet.

(Y/N) squirmed just a little as she felt Izaya remove her sneakers and socks, her whimpering barely audible. She yelped and jumped against the sheets that binded her as she felt a sharp nail run down her foot fast.

“Eep! Dhohont! Izaya, please!”

Izaya grinned, wolfisly. “Oh wow, darling. You’ve used my name many of times today! I feel as if we’re besties already! And don’t best friends mess with the other?” (Y/N) shook her head as he laughed. “Wrong answer~ I’m sure they do! Tickle tickle tickle!” He started slowly at first, building her anxiousness as he used both his index fingers, 1 on each foot to drag around them, probably testing to see where she was most ticklish.

She jolted with a gasp when the pad of his left index finger brushed across her toes. “Ah!” She prayed he hadn’t noticed but of course he did. Damn people watcher. He laughed and focused on both her toes and arches seeing they were about exceedingly sensitive.

“Izayhahaha!!!! Please!!! Stahahahp! M-M-Mehehercy!” She whimpered, tears of laughter pricking at her eyes.

Izaya shook his head in pretend sympathy. “’'Fraid not, (Y/N)-chan! This is just too fun~! Just a while longer,” He looked up to examine her current condition as he scratched at the supremely sensitive area between her toes and pouted before sighing, reluctantly stopping.

“Oh, alright. Only because you look you’ll like you’ll pass out at any second!” He begrudgingly stood and stetched, causing his back to crack pleasantly. “You should get out of here. Shizuo is worried about you.” He said easily sliding back into his typical uncaring facade as he checked her phone and scrolled through the messages. He undid the knots that had given her so much trouble with ease, and bowed graciously while turning towards the door. “It’s been fun, my lady. We should do this again sometime. Perhaps without the kidnapping?” He mocked, although his smile was for once now gentle and genuine, his normally striking red eyes soft.

“Here,” He placed her phone into her open palm and winked, back to his normal self once more as he walked towards his desk, figuring he’d fix his bed later. He heard footsteps walk towards the door and expected the door to slam shut but instead they stopped and a confident voice made him turn around.

“Hey, Izaya.”

“Hm?” He turned his head and tilted it to the side in curiosity.

“…thanks for that. I would like to do this again a-and…” She lost her facade and ran out with a face so red it could rival a sunset on a clear day in Ikebukuro… but, not before he caught her rushed words.


He let his typical smirk drop for the second time that day and he smiled, gulping in a breath of fresh air from the open window.

Yup. Izaya sure did love his humans

mun files;; random crap!

Knowing your partner well makes writing together a lot easier. tag this with the people you enjoy roleplaying with but want to get to know better.

TAGGED BY: @solitu moeeeeeeee <3
TAGGING: @forgottenwind, @keysoflight, @vcidgear, @sora-pugnxre-mxlum, @khasuf, @burnfcryou, @duskisms, @cheekykeybearer, @endss-of-the-earth, @resignedfaith + whoever else wants to do this b/c i’m too sick to think of everyone and there are too many of you anyway <3


Name: Officially, my name’s Catherine, but everyone calls me Kat or Kai–I’ve recently begun to use the latter as a shorthand for my new screenname Malakai and also because it sounds more gender neutral to me
Age: 25, only a couple of weeks away from 26 though
Preferred pronouns: No preferred pronouns, though I’ve begun to develop a disinclination towards female pronouns
Sexuality: Asexual
Zodiac sign: Aquarius/Pisces

Three facts

  1. I have an extremely vivid imagination if I can focus well enough, to the point I can invoke all five senses even; I also have dreams just as vivid when I can remember them
  2. I’ve never had nightmares, at least not of the variety people usually associate with the term–most of my dreams are so strange and full of symbolism that it’s impossible for me to easily say what’s a nightmare and what isn’t.
  3. Did you know that culture influences what kind of ‘voices’ a person who experiences auditory hallucinations may hear? In America, people may hear voices expressing harsh criticism or describing violent/scary thoughts, whereas in some regions in Africa people may hear friendly, more playful or mischievous voices.


How long (months/years?): I have lost count tbh–maybe….almost 15 years now?
Platforms you’ve used: …..oh boy. I’ve used almost EVERYTHING. Various forums, pet sites, MMOs, various instant messenging apps, email, Google Docs, Tumblr, Facebook, handwritten letters even. If roleplaying was a job I’d be a godsdamned billionaire.
Worst experience: I used to play WoW a lot and had a ship going with this one friend of mine that was hella gay (which surprises no one). Now, for a long time before this, I’d always been pro-LGBTQIA+ before realizing my own queer identity, and I’d known this guy and several others in our group for at least two years and had been super active. When I got a job, though, my activity dropped significantly since I just didn’t have time, but my sub was still going. Apparently, sometime in this frame I was hacked, and the hacker said some really homophobic things to my shipping partner. When I came back and found out about this, I also found out apparently one of my “friends” told my shipping partner outright that she was sure it was me all along, and he inferred he believed her–and this was after two years of being friends and me sticking up for him without hesitation when anti-LGBT pricks decided to hurl shit our way. I was so stunned that he could buy into that, and also extremely hurt, to the point I stopped roleplaying entirely for a long while, and quit the game completely.
Best experience: Literally everything except the above statement and a few minor conflicts I’ve had with stubborn brats that couldn’t take any kind of criticism even when they literally asked me for it. Really, though, I’ve had a lot more fun here on Tumblr than anywhere else despite its many shortcomings overall as a website community. The format here doesn’t leave as much room for a certain kind of elitism I’ve come to associate with forums (though it certainly does have its own brand), and it also feels more … fluid? It’s hard to describe exactly, but it bears a greater appeal than forum formats to me in many aspects, which used to be my go-to when I started to get back into RPing.


Female or male Typical muse gender: Usually male or male-presenting if humanoid, though I have a handful of non-humanoid muses I’d love to try to bring back one day.

Favorite face: UH


Least favorite face:

idk what i was thinking when i screencapped these tbh he looks so offended though it amuses me

Multi or single: Multiship fuck yeah.


Fluff, angst or smut:

  1. ANGST
  2. Angst
  3. ….angstfluff
  4. maybe smut sometimes too idk 8D

Plots or memes: I usually just wing it tbh
Long or short replies: listen if you have to ask clearly you haven’t followed me for very long. i swear i’m literally incapable of writing short replies to anything
Best time to write: Night, since that’s about the only time I have to write anymore with my job
Are you like your muse: In some ways–we share a few vices, such as a tendency to avoid confronting problems in personal relationships, and a tendency to overly idealize said relationships one moment and then harshly criticize them the next (though I do this to a much, much lesser degree), as well as struggle with issues of letting go. And we are both alike in being passionate about our beliefs, and wanting to help people as much as we can but feeling worthless/helpless when we don’t know how. That’s about it, though–I’m a living Shrinking Violet trope to a goddamn ‘T’, whereas Dawn is opposite to me in almost every way by comparison. While some of my personal experiences play a part in his portrayal–in particular regards to his emotional/mental health–though they afford me a better understanding of him overall, my personality and means of expressing myself in similar situations are wildly different.


[ “but why” “because someone made a joke in the tags of something like a month ago and I’m stupid and jobless enough to have the time to do this.” - a story by SmolMun ]

[ I already know this isn’t nearly EVERY Malzahars (or Kassadins) since I know a few more of you have followed since I started this too even but a) I can only draw so many Malzahars, and b) there’s only so many pictures of THIS MANY power rangers posing. actually it was mostly the restraint of b, I could draw Malzahars all day long tbh. ~♥ Kassadin, however, is v hard to draw…. ]

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Fanfic Buddy System

I think we should have a reader buddy thing. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we pick a fic, we read the description, take deep breath, and stare vacantly ahead while we murmur, “I cannot do this alone….”

Because some fics just have way too many damn feels! And for those I think we should have partners. Kinda like a game of truth or dare! Except everyone has to pick dare and the dare is always to read the same fic that the other person is reading….

Good right?

Now who wants to hold my hand? >_>

I think we should make an official tag for this and it can be used for any fandom. That way you can browse the tag, see what other people are reading, and volunteer to read it too so you can have someone to cry with.

Hmm how about…

#hold me

And the way you find a certain fandom is to add your ship to the end of it. Looking for Drarry? Search :

#hold me drarry

Looking for wolfstar? Search :

#hold me wolfstar

#hold me romione #hold me merthur #hold me stucky #hold me johnlock

You get the picture. This is either a great or terrible idea.

(Also I now apologize to the random people who use the tag hold me for anything normal oops)


A while ago I saw a toxic post on here about how only pretty people should be called pretty. I’m one of the many people who isn’t considered conventionally attractive, and rarely ever post selfies due to low self esteem. Ever since I saw that post though, I’ve been taking a few here and there, trying to boost my confidence in the hopes that others will do the same.

EVERYONE deserved to be called pretty, everyone deserves compliments and to be told they’re beautiful.

Tagging some friends in the hopes that they’ll post a selfie and tag people too, to promote self confidence and positivity, because beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

@sparksflycastiel, @jensennjared, @envydean, @hallowedbecastiel, @archangeles, @gabricl, @strengthcas, @unfortunatecas, @adoringjensen, @nerdjensen, @blissfulcastiel, @ackleholics, @apiaristcas, @buticancarryyou, @boyfrienddean, @adoredean, @cassammydean, @destieldrabblesdaily, @enochiansubtext, @grumpycas, @glorioustiel, @howboutnovak, @hostofheaven, @jaredsnuggles, @leviathncas, @princesscas, @rosetylr, @rebelamy, @savingchesters, @sassywiinchesters, @tequilasdean, @royalrowena, @whelvenwings, @wonderlustcas

The #growingupblack tag is really dumb not because of the whole racism thing but because of the whole trying to claim something for yourself when everyone else experienced that too. It shouldn’t be #growingupblack, it should be #growinguppoor or #growingupinthesouth. These are all things that many many many people of different ethnic backgrounds experienced because they grew up poor or in the south where everyone raised their kids in a similar fashion. 


I was tagged by the lovely @pauvremagicien to do this 2015 selfie thing so yay! I took waaaaaaay too many selfies but hey self love whatever. This year was a very challenging but enlightening one…I lost a lot, but also learned a lot. I discovered a lot about myself & what I’m capable of. Here’s to many years of discovering more because we never stop changing!!!!

Idk who to tag literally everyone do this and tag me in it so I can see how beautiful u all are!!! 💕✌🏼️


Nine favorite selfies 2k14. I couldn’t choose six because I take too many. mahouprince tagged everyone so~
I was going to do favorite wig-less selfies but I got distracted haha. These are all from much later in the year. Maybe I will post another set yeehaw.

I tag llark , genjitsu-wa-suu , toescapethemind , dionyzos97 , deathnoting , complicatedmerary and anyone else who is interested!!!

All Bodies For Beauty Movement 😊

Many people have messaged me and recommended my blog for being a place of positivity and motivation! It has also been a disappointment to some because I post “too many skinny, muscular girls” and I don’t want to give the image that being a size 0 with abs is what we should all look like because everyone has different bodies BUT all bodies are beautiful. Am I right? Yes I’m always right.

I have mentioned that I don’t post as many diverse bodies because they rarely appear on my dash so from now on I would like them on MY DASH and tags!

I asking for men and women of all sizes, colors, shapes, races, backgrounds, fitness levels etc to post their pictures under the tag “#allbodiesforbeauty” and/or to mention me the-healthy-bikini in their picture. Your picture will be reblogged to thousands of others in order to attempt to break the stigma that only one kind of body is beautiful or desired.

The goal of this is body positivity! To be confident enough to post your body and know that hundreds and thousands of other beautiful people can and will appreciate your beauty and progress!

I do have two conditions for the pictures:

1. Please do not post nude pictures or pictures of your genitals. That’s all I will say!

2. Do not be mean or try to bring down a different type of body in your picture caption. We are building confidence not breaking it down!

😊😊😊😊 please respect my two requests!

Reblog this and share with your friends so that others can join and post their pictures!