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I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


B O O K S : Percy Jackson & the Olympians + The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

“Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means that you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed.”

Hi guys! Yesterday I reached 5k followers! That’s something I never thought I’d even come close to getting, thanks so much guys for helping me reach this milestone, you’re the best! Huge thank you to every one who supports my blog and says nice things. You have no idea how much it means to me. Reblogging my gifs and edits you make me happier. I didn’t tag everyone because i follow too many blogs (exactly 404 blogs, what can i say, i watch too many tv shows), i’m so sorry if i didn’t include someone. Ok, lets do this:


@solitude-am-i @lecomics-hooverman Oh, my sweet Iv and El. Family don’t end with the blood and  you two are like my sisters from another mother. I tagged you together because the the three of us are unsaperate. I love you both so much and now i can’t image a life without you two ( i can’t image a day without our talks:) You two know me here the best. I’am so thankful that i have the pleasure to know you. You’re my real life friends. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my life with you <3

@mel-loves-all My sweet Mel, you are here with me since the beginning. Without you I would not be here. You’re one of the first person that i started to talk here.I was so shy, but this was my best decision to start interact with you. I love you so much my friend. Thank you for all the love, support, all the random messages. Thank you for being you, one of the kindest, lovable people that i ever met. Thank you for everything honey<3

@spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting Oh dear Abby, a day without a message from you is a lost day. Thank you for being a part of my life, a part of my spn family. I love you my adorable friend. Thank you for liking and reblogging my stuff, for all the support. Meeting you was a gift which I couldn’t be more grateful.

@smoakqueenz @oliversmoaked My dear Nelly and Brune, you two give me the power for doing what i do. Thank you for all the kind words about my work. Thank you for all the support. You two made me believe in myself, you made me believe that what i do is not meaningless. I’m a very big fan of not just your blogs, I am a fan of what you are as a person. I love you to very much<3

My favorite people since forever, you made me who i’m here now. Thank you sweethearts for everything. There is no me here without you. You all are very special to me and I love you all very much<3

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Folks I haven’t interacted as much i would love to, but still really adore or stalk (favorite bolded):


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Thank you to every single one of you guys and I love you so much! Big  thank you to all of my followers, with all of you everything is possible ♡

Safe at Last (Part 4):

Okay so I’ve decided to just post every two days since it’s kind of been a cycle…but there was a SERIOUS delay because either A) tumblr isn’t working on my mac or B) something is wrong with my mac/wifi idk and honestly I’m a little upset.

So I’m typing this on a random desktop computer =( Again thanks for the all the support and although I would love to tag everyone again, it’s just gotten to be way TOO many at this point. So I’ll just tag a few people who have voiced their support so far… 












So I have added another wonderful twist (not in this part) but much ahead that I think a lot of writers have missed out on so stay tuned! 

ALSO:Don’t forget to give me feedback. As always thank you guys for your support!


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Part 6:

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even though i watched all the performances yesterday i just now thought about making a post talking about all the things i thought, so here.

- apparently the only 3 boy groups in korea are exo, bts and got7

- why do individuals do covers to group songs it just doesn’t come out well =/ all the fucking growl performances gdi

- why did moonbok do bts like ???????? i expected him to do a cover to a rapper or something like that, it just didn’t work (again, one guy doing a group song why) and honestly as someone who didn’t know him before produce and has seen so many people talking about him, i expected way more than that

- GOD BLESS TAKADA KENTA. honestly i’m so in love with this boy ;;;;;;;;;;; also i’m so happy with his song choice!!! I kinda expected him to cover teen top but i’m glad he didn’t because it wouldn’t have worked. and idk taemin fit him well and since he did a song in japanese he could focus on his singing and dancing instead of trying to learn the lyrics in korean, but since he still chose a kpop idol it worked perfectly!!! (also i have a friend who’s ult bias is taemin so i sent it to her and made her love him lmfao)

- the yuehua boys are the loves of my life i will sell my soul for each and every one of them!!!!

- also the mmo boys, rbw boys and brand new boys!!!

- god bless lee daehwi

- noh taehyun and ha sungwoon did the best performance, and you can fight me on that i don’t care. 

- half of the guys who got an f weren’t as bad as they made them out to be. lee seokyu (my babyyyyyy) was a really good dancer actually, they made it sound like he was really bad but he wasn’t… also yoo jisung… and there were more i can’t remember… oh the one from topp dogg i forgot his name oops but he did a really good performance as well and i heard he was in f so like ?????

- bless yul and sancheong they were so nervous i can kinda understand why their rank was low, they can do so much better than that ;;

- i’m still upset that mnet didn’t actually show like 80% of the performances especially the mmo and rbw boys because they were so great and like wtf

- i’m sure there was more i wanted to say but i forgot now so idk

i hope the show will get better now and that it was only bad because they had so many performances and couldn’t show all of them (though i think they could have showed more and only start the practice of pick me in ep 3 like i think it was with the girls right?)

This is some devilpool|MattxWade with a spiderman tsum tsum (because coff coff red team coff coff). I wanted to draw something, this was suggested and in the end I decided to give this uglyness to @holmesazetaz because they wanted it. I love you, dude. 

Returning the love Spreading some more

I typically don’t participate in this kind of thing. Not because I don’t love you guys because I do! I fucking love you! But more because I’m fucking horrible at taking compliments. I’m like that weird kid in the corner who you say “oh you did a great job!” and I’m like oh ok. Or “Oh you look nice today!” and I run away because I don’t know how to respond! But, I got a lot of love while I was at work today and I would be remiss to not return it! SO!

@descentofthe-losechesters I gladly accept your cupcakes. And for the love of Chuck stop reading my shit and go read a book! I’m flattered but…books are better! I swear! 

@feelmyroarrrr You’re amazing. Always reblogging and commenting. I see you. Thank you. Also, flaunt dat booty.

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing You know I hate you. That’s really all you need to know <3 

@winchesterprincessbride I know we don’t talk much but I’m flattered you think so highly of me. 

To the anon who said I write Dean/Jensen beautifully and stalks my blog, thank you. I truly appreciate that you think that and that you think I don’t get enough love. I do get a lot, despite the massive amount of crap that’s been on my blog lately. 

To the Denmark anon, the anon who said I make you smile, and the anon who said you loved my work, thank you all. 

@bringmesomepie56 I will never get tired of you. You know this. I fucking love you and I can’t wait until June. 

@nichelle-my-belle My tumblr bestie. My not tumblr bestie. I fucking love you. I don’t know how many other ways I can possibly say it. Jared to my Jensen. 

@chaos-and-the-calm67 Thank you for helping me through all my fic crises. There are many. I know. And for just being you. Wouldn’t have you any other way. 

@impala-dreamer Beka you’re awesome. Kinda can’t wait for NJ now to watch you faint. Glistening neck sweat. 

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I know we don’t talk too much but when we do it’s always pretty entertaining. Is it June yet?!

@mamapeterson Thanks for reaching out. It was much appreciated.

And finally, to everyone who reached out in private messages, I may not have responded to everyone, I honestly don’t know. And I’m not gonna tag you because I don’t know if you’d want to be tagged but thank you and I love you guys too. You’re all pretty fucking awesome. 

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well, i`m always trying to smile and be positive, everyday with everyone, but  the truth is that i am really pissed of today.

A fanart take ONE day to be finished ( i`m slow, i know ). But you need less than 30s to tag my name when u repost it. I`m writing this because there are TOO MANY PPL that just care about stupid things like getting followers or more likes posting without permission or credits another person`s work.

I hate those people.

 WE are a fandom, and because we`re loving the same manwha we need to respect and support each others.

so remember to TAG or credit when you repost something that isn`t yours. 

For all the others, thank you very much for supporting my art~ please, if u see somewhere my drawings posted without credits, DM me here, on my Instagram ( t0shi_sart , not toshi_sart )or twitter (toshi4ki)

have a nice day~

//tbh all the relationships i have with May (friendship, romantic, student-teacher, familial, etc) give me such happy feelings and i just want to cry because all of them will forever be special and cute an d im sorry y’all gotta put up with a baby like me but ilu and offer u my he a rt

Meme - Create a photo set of yourself surrounded by characters you relate to!

I don’t know when I got tagged but I was by the ever so lovely @perditionxroad <3 <3

Chose 5 because I can’t think of any more characters atm but you guys can use as many as you can methinks? Also, you have to surround yourself with the characters but I don’t like showing my face too much sooo \D oops.

Connie - Steven universe, Max Caulfield - Life is Strange, Kousei Arima - Your Lie In April, Dipper - Gravity Falls, Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club

tagging the people who first appear when I put “@” haha

 @badjujubes @pendrawlum @picchar @calamity-writes uhhh and everyone else~~ ^^ 


There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

So I was tagged by @zauglom @rethdis-love and @lovelychooser for this tag, thank you! 

I have too many TBH! 

Jayce (especially Daddy Jayce) by @zauglom, Randy Cooper by @beverlyallitsims and literally every sim that @streetxsims has ever made (I can’t even choose because they’re all beautiful and perfect). I also am really liking Angelo by @tinwhistletoo!


I’m gonna tag @talesofascrewup @budgie2budgie @winniemoon @miladysims @aoihana2510 @xsrgrandx @neutralsupply @tititatatoot LOL

Sim I’d Like to F…ondle Tag

SILF = Sim I’d like to F.. ondle

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

Tagging: @chof-pixls @grumpysimmies @nikita-sims @ninjaofthepurplethings @simplysickandtired

So I was tagged to do this, hrm, specific challenge by @lyrea and @tiny-tany-thaanos ♥ Thank you! You’re making me blush! *blushes*

Okay, so I will do it without getting into too many details :p

Roy by @treason-and-plot . Because sometimes I’m just falling for assholes.

Lex by @nikita-sims . Just look at him. LOOK AT HIM.

Bob by @lollipopsimblr . Girl, you know why ;)

Dr Darwin Steel by @spladoum . I have a thing for a man in white coats . And his intelligence ♥_♥


Country roads, take me home to the place I belong.
West Virginia, mountain mamma, take me home, country roads. 
And I will always love you. (x)

The Edge of Seventeen Tag

Tag created by @alwaysimming & banner created by @our-dazed-sims 💕

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I was tagged by @zimbyplays!

Since my legacy founder started out as a teen, I made a few minor adjustments to my self-sim to represent me as a teen! I have basically looked the same since like the third grade (it’s a problem pls help), all I’ve done is get taller and get boobs (sort-of on the latter). I used to part my hair in the center, which totally doesn’t work for my face, and I had thick, bushy eyebrows that I was too scared to let anyone shape or clean up because I thought they would turn them into tadpole eyebrows!

This tag is such a cool idea; props to Zoë for blessin the simblr community with some super creative challenges/tags! 

Since I’ve seen sooooo many people do this, I don’t know who to tag, sooo I tag anyone and everyone! ❤️ 

Sim I’d Like to F…ondle Tag 😏

SILF = Sim I’d like to F.. ondle

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

I was tagged by @katsujii, thank you lovely! I just want to say that…this was really hard for me (no pun intended) because there are just too fucking many handsome male sims out there and I ikasegbsejgnsrjn. Anyways, I’m going to cheat (again, no pun intended) and do two because uhhhhh. Well. Well.

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Gardienne tag

Rules: This is for your gardienne. Fill with what your Gardienne would answer (if you have more than one OC then please feel free to do as many of these as you want!)

I was tagged by @eldaryastuffs thank you !!

Tag more than 6 ppl : sry too lazy to tag + i feel like everyone already got tagged in this lol

im doing this in third person just because

Name (or if she has a nickname) : she doesn’t have a name (yet) lol

Gender : female

What race is she (faeries/Human/ or something in between) : she is half-human and half-whatever-the-story-will-decide-her-to-be

What guard is she in? : she is in the Shadow Guard and has no idea how she ended up in it. she doesn’t like to fight and knows nothing about potions or plants, so in the end it’s a good thing that she is in this guard i guess

Which Companion does she have? : she has a Sowige and she likes bird companions in general (or any companion that can fly)

Favourite food : she is a picky eater and meal times aren’t usually fun times for her. she likes rice because of its simplicity

Favourite Color : her colors are blue and white (yes i know not a color shut up)

Crush (and why) : can’t say if it’s a crush or not (yet) but she kinda likes Ez. he is an annoying ass most of the time but she knows she can count on him and that he can be kind (in his own way). she is curious to know why this guy joined the El HQ and how he ended up being a guard leader

Describe Yourself in 5 words : kind, determined, naive, self-conscious, sensitive

What does she like to do in her free time? : she spends a lot of time in the library or she does missions for the purrekos. she trains regularly so she can learn the basics of fighting and defending oneself. she doesn’t like doing nothing so sometimes she overworks herself

What does she think of the Human World? : she misses her parents and friends. she doesn’t feel close to her parents but she still loves them dearly. she sees herself as human before anything else

What your Gardienne looks like :