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Hi, this is Hilsee. 

Okay, so I’ve been on tumblr for a few years now but I only got into kpop this year, and then I decided to create this sideblog. With the end of December, it will be the half year anniversary of this sideblog. 

When I created this sideblog, it was only to stop my main @ohmyvalar from losing followers, but now my side has more followers than my main in a much shorter period of time I’m???

I’d like to thank everyone here from making my tumblr experience so much more interesting and enjoyable: when i joined my first net and kkt gc i never thought I’d meet so many wonderful people. Thank you. Really. 

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hp theme blog aesthetics + make me choose edits

so earlier today i reached 500 followers!! I literally only made this blog a few months ago so i’m shocked that there are this many of you who follow me tbh!! anyways to celebrate i’ve decided to do some hp themed blog aesthetics + make me choose edits (because i want to practice my editing tbh)

what to do: 

  • must be following this ginny weasley trash (aka me)
  • reblog this post please!!
  • send me an ask making me choose between anything (an hp character, a ship, a class, etc.), or send me an ask with a  ❤ for an hp themed blog aesthetic! you can send me just a make me choose edit request, just a  ❤, or both!!
  • just an fyi, i’m currently doing homework so most of this will be done over the course of the next week (the edits especially) but i’ll try to answer a few of the asks tonight and then i’ll tag you in the edits if you request!! 
  • (p.s. blacklist ‘faith rates’ if you don’t want to see this!)

aesthetics format under the cut 

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Ok but people who headcanon Pearl as bi/pan aren’t bad??

Not everyone who shows attraction to only one gender is gay/lesbian. I know some bi friends who only show attraction to one gender & that doesn’t make their identity invalid. 

People who ship Pearl with a man are also fine too. Almost every Pewey or Gregpearl shipper knows that Pearl was in love with Rose, they aren’t making her straight. Also, many Pewey shippers I know are LGBT+

I mean, I know that there are SU ships that I really don’t like, but I’m not going to cry about it, or even post in the tags about my hatred. I’m not going to discourage people from shipping what they love. I still support everyone because even ships I don’t like have really good art and Headcanons.

Just let people live ok

KARABITA WEEK: Oct 30th-Nov 5th

thanks to everyone who submitted and voted for prompts!
because there were so many winners each day will have 2 prompts that people can choose from, you may even do both if you wish, go nuts!
without further ado, here are the official prompts for karabita week:

Sunday, October 30th: Height Difference OR Switched Bodies/Personalities
Monday, October 31st: Vampire AU OR Zombie AU
Tuesday, November 1st: Hanahaki Disease OR Angst
Wednesday, November 2nd: Comfort/Support OR Blind Kara! AU
Thursday, November 3rd: First time OR Fashion
Friday, November 4th: Marriage OR Domestic
Saturday, November 5th: Free day! If there’s a prompt idea that was not featured this week, this is your chance to do the one you liked the most or to do anything your heart desires! here’s the list of all submitted prompts in case you need inspiration

thank you all for helping me put together karabita week specially in such short notice! i hope you all have fun participating, and don’t forget to spread the word!

make sure you tag your works as #karabita or #karabitaweek for me to see them, i promise to reblog them. late submissions are always okay too!
i will accept all kinds of submissions (fics, art, cosplay, gifs, edits, all is fine!)
just please make sure you follow the rules!

Hi! Im writing an article/story about a poly relationship between 3 boys and 1 girl. Could you possibly give me information on how a relationship between 4 people like living in the same house and sharing a bed would be like?

First off, awesome job reaching out to do interviews and research for your writing - too many writers rely on assumptions and stereotypes to write about any minority population, and it’s bad for everyone.

I can’t actually give you that information, because I don’t live that life. If you’d like to interview some people living with multiple partners, I recommend that you draw up a list of questions you’d like the answers to, then put them out there to have people in the poly community share their answers. You can send it here, post it in the poly tags, post it to r/polyamory, etc.

I also recommend reading up about polyamory - you’ll want to know what the different terms are, exactly what kind of poly relationship is it (is it a closed/polyfidelitous quad, or are the people dating in separate linked pairs?), and things like that. You can get lots of examples of the types of challenges poly families face and things like that from blogs and articles that are already out there. Check out my list of resources here to start!

I want to fill the tag with some more love ~
(And you guys should too!)

Because I feel that food brings people together in ways that many things can’t.
SO FOOD FOR THOUGHT! (yeah, that was a stretch xD )

-Junkrat wants to impress everyone with his cooking skills.
Everyone thinks he’s going to blow up the kitchen, but winds up only burning one piece of chicken on the grill.
His barbecue skills are phenomenal.
Reinhardt almost eats an entire rib rack.

-(sometimes I think about Satya being a vegetarian~)
JR knows Symmetra doesn’t eat meat, so he makes her a very fancy grilled sandwich with eggplant, sprouts, avocado, and cheese.
He debates putting vegemite on it, but gets a “if you want to live, you won’t do it” stare from Roadhog.

-Speaking of vegemite. One day JR is snacking on some toast and Symmetra asks him what is on it and he offers her to try some. He hands her the other slice and she takes one bite.
Junkrat readies himself for her face to twist in disgust, but notices her giving a more quizzical look.
She comments that it’s rather salty, but eats it anyway.
He just stares at her and just thinks, “how cool.”

im really sorry that i have to spam tags for this but my dash is dead on and off and a lot of people i follow seem to be posting more in fandoms im not in so please like or reblog this post if you post any of the following and I’ll check your blog out!! 

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    • landscapes (urban or rural)

I’d really appreciate it if you check out my blog too, although im not posting much aftg rn because i dont follow very many people that post about it! 

The signs as stuff the squad have said
  • Aries: Imma make a pool. A good pool. Like.... a swimming pool
  • Taurus: I don't watch My Little Pony because I don't believe in magic
  • Gemini: If u wuv me wet me
  • Cancer: Jesus didn't hear me so we're all good
  • Leo: Can I have my broken dickbone?
  • Virgo: I wanna fucking baby flamingo
  • Libra: The air is floating
  • Scorpio: I'm swiping left to everyone in my near vicinity
  • Capricorn: It tickles when I touch myself
  • Aquarius: Is this Jesus the opposite way?
  • Pisces: Nothing sexier than food

ok so what’s so bad about jalph that so many people complain about it? I get that jack tried to kill ralph, but I don’t think any simon ship is more rightful, given that simon was actually killed by everyone. I even saw people say roger and ralph would be a more moral choice than jalph, which just baffles me, because roger is as worse as jack, if not worse.

so what’s so bad about this ship after all? maybe not in canon, but in an au? it would be a quite belligerent, but cute and very entertaining couple. they would have their quarrels and differences, but they would also complete each other in so many ways.  ralph is a sunny, perky boy, a contrast to jack’s harsher, more serious nature. he would bring color to jack’s life, while jack would make ralph’s life more passionate and intense.

they would be a very captivating and interesting pair, not to mention that their chemistry just goes through the roof. they had obviously liked each other too much as friends, before madness descended on jack.

and I get that there is a dark side of this ship that is preferred by many fans as well, but these fans stay in their lane, they don’t attack anyone with their hcs, fanart or fanfiction or with the fact that not everyone is fond of this. they also put warnings in the tags whenever they post an edgier piece of fanart or when they write an even edgier story.

you have to learn that tastes are different, that not everything is flowers and sunshine, and that this is the internet. the internet will always have his darker side, you can’t completely avoid it, unless you just stop going on the internet. and you also have to learn that this is fiction and that no one is actually hurt in the process, except maybe your dignity, because you don’t like your favorite character getting hurt.

p.s: in the end, if you hate jalph so intensely, just block the tag. if you want to complain about it, make an anti-jalph tag, don’t post your hate in the actual tag for the ship.



Happy Belated 413 Torontostuck! <3

You were all so wonderful today and I am SO SO PROUD OF YOU!

There are too many people to tag everyone, but the Mini Claw Machine belongs to Steph, since I know I’ll get asked about it. The grubs belong to Teagan, who unfortunately isn’t much of a tumblr person.

Fanfic Buddy System

I think we should have a reader buddy thing. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we pick a fic, we read the description, take deep breath, and stare vacantly ahead while we murmur, “I cannot do this alone….”

Because some fics just have way too many damn feels! And for those I think we should have partners. Kinda like a game of truth or dare! Except everyone has to pick dare and the dare is always to read the same fic that the other person is reading….

Good right?

Now who wants to hold my hand? >_>

I think we should make an official tag for this and it can be used for any fandom. That way you can browse the tag, see what other people are reading, and volunteer to read it too so you can have someone to cry with.

Hmm how about…

#hold me

And the way you find a certain fandom is to add your ship to the end of it. Looking for Drarry? Search :

#hold me drarry

Looking for wolfstar? Search :

#hold me wolfstar

#hold me romione #hold me merthur #hold me stucky #hold me johnlock

You get the picture. This is either a great or terrible idea.

(Also I now apologize to the random people who use the tag hold me for anything normal oops)

I've Got Your Back (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Request: Can you do a fic where bucky falls in love with a girl with anxiety and has frequent panic attacks? Can you tag me when you do :) also the reader helps bucky with his nightmares and he helps her with attacks. Thank you :)

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: I hope you like this, I couldn’t tag you because you asked anonymously so I hope you see this. If it’s horribly inaccurate, let me know and I can try and rewrite it :)


If you were in a room with too many people, you were bound to end up having a panic attack. Same goes for if you’re in a room and it’s extremely loud, it stresses you out to the max.

So everyone understands why you don’t go to any of Tony’s parties. If it were just the avengers, you could probably handle it as long as there wasn’t blaring music and you weren’t sitting too close to anybody.

Bucky, however, didn’t know about this because he was a fairly new addition to the team. So at the first party he attended he spent a good twenty minutes looking around for you at the party before asking Steve.

“Hey Steve, is (y/n) here yet?”

“Oh, (y/n) isn’t coming. She never does with these kind of things.” Steve looked down almost solemnly as he spoke.

“Why’s that?”

“Well she has really bad anxiety and big crowds like this set her off.”

“Set her off?”

“She gets panic attacks.” He said quietly.

Bucky thought for a moment, thanked Steve and left. He walked down the hall to the elevator and went to his floor to get changed, the only person he got dressed up for was (y/n) anyway, so what was the point in staying in the tux. He changed into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and sat and watched TV absentmindedly for a while before deciding to check on you.

He took the elevator up one floor and knocked on your door.

“Come in.” You called back.

When Bucky entered, you were shocked, you expected it to be Steve or Nat coming to check on you.

Bucky was just as shocked because you were sitting on your bed in a beautiful (favourite colour) dress and heels.

“You look beautiful (y/n), what’s all this for?” He smiled at you.

“I don’t usually go to Tony’s parties but since it was your first one, I was trying to will myself to go but I just couldn’t do it.” You looked down at your feet.

Bucky came and sat down at your feet, “Y'know, the only reason I went to the party was in hopes of seeing you all dressed up and to try and impress you.” He smirked at you.

Not catching his smirk, you sighed and said “I’m so sorry Buck, I ruined your night because of my damn anxiety. God, why is everything so difficult.”

Bucky stood up and sat next to you on the bed, “Hey now, I’m glad you didn’t come, I don’t like getting dressed up so as soon as I found out you weren’t there I went straight back to my room to get comfy. And also, it means I’m the only one who gets to see you dressed up like this.” He took your hands as he spoke, and pulled you to stand.

Bucky asked FRIDAY to play some soft 40s music and the pair of you danced slowly for what seemed like hours. When your feet began to get tired, you stopped.

As Bucky went to fetch a drink, you changed into a jumper and sweatpants and sat down on your bed. He came back with two drinks and sat next to you. You both chatted for a while about your anxiety and his PTSD and that the both of you have nightmares constantly.

When Bucky got up to leave, you grabbed his hand, “Would you stay with me?” You asked timidly.

“Of course doll.” He smiled at you as he spoke. He laid down in your bed next to you and you snuggled into him. “Thanks for tonight Buck.”

“It was my pleasure, doll.” He kissed your forehead. “Night (y/n).”

“Goodnight Bucky.”


You woke up sweating after having a nightmare and found yourself entering a panic attack. You were shaking, you felt like you couldn’t breathe and the room was spinning and then you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around you and ground you. The room stopped spinning soon afterwards and you regained your breath again, but you were still shaking and had begun to cry.

Bucky turned you around in his arms so you were facing him. He wiped your tears away and hugged you, and you hugged him back tightly. He spoke into your ear softly that “you’re gonna be okay.” “it’ll pass soon.” “I’m here, you’re safe.” You remained like this for a good 10 or 15 minutes before you stopped shaking.

You slowly leaned out of the hug, “Thank you Bucky. God, if you weren’t here I’d probably still be feeling like that for the next hour.”

“Don’t worry, (y/n). I’m right here with you. I’ve been through similar things before so I kinda know what to do.”

“Well, thank you anyway.” You smiled up at him. You linked your hands with his and laid down again with him. You both laid looking at each other for a few minutes before you let go of one of his hands to reach up and touch his cheek. You leaned in and kissed him with so much raw emotion and Bucky was so shocked that he didn’t move for a second. You thought you’d made a really bad mistake until you felt him kiss you back softly but with meaning.

You broke apart for air, “I love you so much, doll. I’ve been wanting to tell you forever but I was just worried you didn’t feel the same.” He looked at you with utmost adoration as he spoke.

You smiled and laughed “I’ve felt exactly the same, Bucky. I love you too.” You moved over to hug him tightly and he wrapped his arms around you once again and you both fell asleep, with no more disturbances.

After you two got together, you still had panic attacks every so often and Bucky had fairly regular nightmares but you were always there to comfort one another each time, and it only brought the two of you closer together and made your love stronger than ever, knowing you each had the other’s back.

The signs at a New Year's party
  • The signs at New Years party
  • Aries: they brought the alcohol.
  • Taurus: "so where's the food??"
  • Gemini: they're probably telling a story and in conversations with all the people they like. ends up accidentally starting drama.
  • Cancer: cuddling with someone in the corner or looking for someone to cuddle with in the corner. they also start to get emotional at midnight.
  • Leo: either sitting on their phone or talking with everyone. No in between.
  • Virgo: organizes the entire party.
  • Libra: gets flustered because there's too many people for them to talk to.
  • Scorpio: flirts with EVERYONE.
  • Sagittarius: they're probably already drunk by 8pm and never actually make it to midnight.
  • Capricorn: the mom of the group, they take care of the people who get too drunk.
  • Aquarius: The friend they went with ends up leaving them so they're sitting in the corner on tumblr.
  • Pisces: tries to avoid socialization by staying in their room, ends up failing.

A while ago I saw a toxic post on here about how only pretty people should be called pretty. I’m one of the many people who isn’t considered conventionally attractive, and rarely ever post selfies due to low self esteem. Ever since I saw that post though, I’ve been taking a few here and there, trying to boost my confidence in the hopes that others will do the same.

EVERYONE deserved to be called pretty, everyone deserves compliments and to be told they’re beautiful.

Tagging some friends in the hopes that they’ll post a selfie and tag people too, to promote self confidence and positivity, because beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

@sparksflycastiel, @jensennjared, @envydean, @hallowedbecastiel, @archangeles, @gabricl, @strengthcas, @unfortunatecas, @adoringjensen, @nerdjensen, @blissfulcastiel, @ackleholics, @apiaristcas, @buticancarryyou, @boyfrienddean, @adoredean, @cassammydean, @destieldrabblesdaily, @enochiansubtext, @grumpycas, @glorioustiel, @howboutnovak, @hostofheaven, @jaredsnuggles, @leviathncas, @princesscas, @rosetylr, @rebelamy, @savingchesters, @sassywiinchesters, @tequilasdean, @royalrowena, @whelvenwings, @wonderlustcas

Hey everyone! I’m back at it again with a follow forever! this time its because I hit 2k!!!!! that’s so amazing its so strange to me that people like my blog this much!! regardless, thank you all for following!!! 

Just a reminder because this is a side-blog it says i’m following all these lovely people from my main-blog @baepzae, also for the purposes of this ff i’m just going to tag all of the blogs i follow for my main-blog and thank them too! This side-blog has so many more followers than my main-blog that i feel like i should give them a shout out here!

So without further adieu, here is everyone i follow and appreciate sooo much!!


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The #growingupblack tag is really dumb not because of the whole racism thing but because of the whole trying to claim something for yourself when everyone else experienced that too. It shouldn’t be #growingupblack, it should be #growinguppoor or #growingupinthesouth. These are all things that many many many people of different ethnic backgrounds experienced because they grew up poor or in the south where everyone raised their kids in a similar fashion.