not tagging as psychonauts


Putting this in the Psychonauts tag because I think you all will appreciate this. Richard Horvitz sings a duet with the voice of Gaz a minute into the video. This is Melissa Fahn and not Nicki Rapp (Lili), but they both have high voices.
A highlight: Richard started in theater, but had a hard time finding roles because he kept being told his voice doesn’t match his appearance.

So as cool as psychonauts 2 sounds…

Honestly? Has Double Fine made a game better than ‘decent’ since grim fandango and psychonauts??

Look, we already have a game that is everything wonderful about psychonauts (the great and wacky characters, the amazing amounts of dialogue, the quirky humor and setting) that still manages to have decent-good gameplay and updated a lot of mechanics, story tropes, etc. to fit in 2015.

That game is called Undertale. 

Me, reading the Psychonauts tag

“Tim Schafer is greedy-*BLOCKED*”

“Double Fine hasn’t made a good game since Bruta-*BLOCKED*”

“Tim Schafer’s jokes about Gamergate were disrespectfu-*BLOCKED*”

“DF crowdfunds are scam-*BLOCKED*”

Me: :3