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Hi! Re: your Grammys tags, just curious why it would be a problem if Harry won anything? Full disclosure, I'm brand-new to the fandom and joined completely ass-backwards by getting into his solo album like a month ago only and then dove right in because I couldn't not. I know the Grammys are political BS but what else would be bad about a win for him?

I don’t think it would be bad to win ANYTHING. But the BIG categories (Album/Artist/Song/Record of the Year) are a no go. He’d be winning over Kendrick Lamar. He’s also up in the Rock category so against the Foo Fighters and Leonard Cohen (most likely). He’s been VERY promo’d by his label which feels a lot like trying to “buy” Harry a Grammy (I’m not saying agree, but I can see how it looks that way). He took risks for sure (I love HS1) but I don’t think anything he’s doing deserves to win over Kendrick.

Then the other factor is the Grammy’s (and every other part of society) needs to recognize the significant contributions of People of Color. Last year’s win for Adele over Beyonce’s Lemonade showed AGAIN how out of touch Grammy voters are. Lemonade was a missive on the black female experience that resonated FAR beyond just one category of people. But you had (mostly white) Grammy voters saying, “I don’t get it.” That HAS to stop. And I would HATE for this year to be one more lack of acknowledgement with Harry as the face of it.

I also firmly believe that being nominated is a HUGE step for Harry and a huge step for 1D as a whole. They’ve got SO MUCH time. “It’s an honor just to be nominated” is a real sentiment and a good look.  


and when you feel the world wrapping ‘round your neck
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She lost everything yet…she’s still confident in every way.
I have everything now yet…I don’t feel confident at all.
Why is that? What do I have to do to be like her?
Why can’t I smile and laugh like she does? Why?

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

A while ago I posted a picture of my tattoo but then I felt ashamed of my scoliosis and took it down. It’s taken a long while but I’m not ashamed anymore.
It is a volcano. It’s symbolism for strength, perseverance, and passion/tenacity. In short, it represents me, and I got it on my back because my scoliosis is a part of me just like my hair or my eyes or my smile. I’m proud of it because it’s mine. And I want people with scoliosis to know it’s okay to show it. I want people with scoliosis to feel strong even when they feel ugly. Strength is more than loving yourself. It’s continuing on even when you don’t. Embrace the not so pretty parts of yourself. They’re what make us human, and that’s more beautiful than any body could ever be.

What Happens In Vegas: Part 1

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

A/N: This series just came to me and it’s literally one of the FIRST series I have completely planned out, so I really hope you guys like it. Please let me know what you think, and if you want me to continue it! ♥

Word Count: 548

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You woke up, but kept your eyes closed, the sting of a wicked hangover starting to reel its ugly head. You knew that as soon as you opened your eyes, a migraine would hit you like a ton of bricks. Why had you drank so much at Wanda and Victor’s wedding? You basically knew this would happen but, because you were in Las Vegas, it was only natural that you drank your body weight in tequila, right?

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You are my other half.


We live in a society because we need each other. People need people. 

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I just wanted to say that youngjae's "puppy arm" is the thing I can relate to the most !!! Hahahaha , like I always do that when I'm standing awkwardly or waiting for someone or when I don't know what to do with my arm generally , I didn't notice before but after I saw your tag I was like " OMG I ALWAYS DO THIS ! IS THIS WHAT I SHOULD CALL IT ? MY PUPPY ARM ?" Hahaha (Btw it's so cute how u notice the smallest things about him , tru love) Love u ❤️

Hi again!

OMG!! You do it too!!!!!! i used to also but i found it an ugly habit of mine so i eventually stopped but now im not forcing myself to not do it because it’s natural even until now haha but i find it so adorable now!!!!!! haha i notice everything about Youngjae :] i have a hashtag for anything and everything, try me xD

And just to make it clear in case no one understands:

The arm!! Puppy arm!!!

hashtag: puppy arm

Love you Najwa!!! <33 be careful and healthy!

i want to hug jimin and hold him in my arms and tell him how wonderful and lovely he is because he’s always putting himself down and the members always call him ugly as a joke and i get its a joke but i just really want to tell him myself that he’s perfect to me


December 8th 

hmm well im too bad when it comes to express my feelings so i’ll just say im so proud of you Connor and i mean it .. im pretty sure you have heard this a billion times ,but i’ll say it and I’ll continue to say that im proud of the person you have become and what you have accomplished and seen all these thing you’ve done i’ll always reward you by showing my love because i think you’re courageous and ive changed bc of you so remember this no matter what i’ll always love you and i’ll always be a proud of you i hope you know that because you really do your best im everything you do . 

 Well Happy coming out anniversary Connor . .🌻