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Daycare AU: Robbie

(Eeeeyyy lookie another Daycare AU fic. This one is from the zombabe’s pov. Anti just wants a friend):

Robbie enjoys a few things. And he doesn’t enjoy another few things.

The few things he enjoys include but are kind of limited to: the sound of crayons on paper, everything about his best friend Marvin, and Schneeplestein’s funny accent.

The few things he doesn’t enjoy includes but isn’t limited to: his hands falling off constantly, not seeing like everyone else, and Jack not letting him eat proper food. He can get quite hungry, but Jack only will let him eat… chicken. He doesn’t like chicken, raw or cooked.

He doesn’t mind being in this “daycare room” all day as long as he has Marvin or Schneeple nearby. They always help him walk around and give him crayons and things to draw on. Marvin always holds his hand when he can’t see and Schneeple helps put his limbs back on if they fall off.

He also does like Jackieboy and Chase sometimes. Jackieboy is fun to chase while playing “cops and robbers”(when he’s actually not a robber) and Chase is a fun person to hang out with. Chase lets him shoot with his gun even though he can’t see and they run from Jack when he gets mad at them for having a nerf gun in the first place.

Currently Robbie is sitting at one of the tables outside with an open book and is scribbling all across its pages. Jack is beside him, watching all of the kids and Wiishu is playing with them. Robbie doesn’t normally play outside unless it’s some sort of chase game but they’re playing a kind of sport… something with kicking a ball. He doesn’t know.

“What are you drawing, Rob?” Jack asks the zombie child sitting beside who shrugs in response.

“Don’…. know?” He said with a shrug and turns the book towards Jack. “You.. tell? I can’t… see..”

Jack hums and picks up the book from the table to observe it more closely. Robbie keeps an eye on him, not wanting the Irishman to hurt his favorite book. “Hhmmm,” Jack hums and sets the book back down. Robbie takes t and resumes drawing. “It actually looks kinda like a cat to me.”

“I… draw… cat!” Robbie exclaimed happily and curves his hand to try and capture the look of cat. Even though he can’t see if he should have done that or not. He could have just messed up the entire picture for all he knows.

Jack chuckles and Robbie continue to draw until suddenly Jackieboy comes running over and slaps the child zombie. “Tag! You’re it!” He shouts and runs off, laughing loudly.

Robbie pushes from the table sloppily and nearly falls face first on the ground. His hands and feet brush against the dirt covered earth as he launches himself forward at Jackieboy, letting out a loud roar of excitement. He maybe a zombie child, but he can move surprisingly quickly when he so chooses to.

Jackieboy leads him to the rest of the playground and now he can smell the rest of the kids including Anti and he kind of wants to go after the demon child. Though, he does end up going after the closest one. This being Chase.

He chases after Chase(no pun intended) and catches up with the other kid quickly, basically tackling him to the ground. The impact causes one of his entire arms to pop out of socket but he’s too invested in the game now and continues running forward after getting back to his feet, doing his best to not trip on anything. Because it is currently so cold, everything’s colors are all dull and dark and hard to tell apart. Though, he can’t feel the cold, he can smell it for sure.

“Hey! You lost your arm!” Chase called after him but he doesn’t care because he’s already on the other side of the playground and turning the corner around the building to hide. He’s played this game enough to know what you’re supposed to do. Run and hide when you’re not “it”, and chase and catch when you are “it”.

When he fully turns the corner he trips over a small and dull red lump which had blended in with the rest of the ground. He goes toppling back down with someone underneath him, breaking his fall and also letting out a noise of frustration.

“What the-!” The owner of the voice cuts himself off before he can say anything he’ll regret. Robbie connects the dots of this being Anti. The demon child always does enjoy either hiding further away from the others, or picking on them. It must be a day where he wants to be alone. Though, Robbie notices how cold he is and knows it’s not healthy. “Oh, Robbie… what are you doing?”

He doesn’t sound as aggressive as he normally does with the other kids, ether. This is partly helped by the fact that he doesn’t mind Robbie’s presence as much, actually. Probably because he’s a zombie that doesn’t catch as much as the others think. But he does catch stuff. A lot of stuff. But hey, the demon gives him crayons(as long as he swears not to tell anyone) and that’s cool with the zombie.

“I…. hidin’!” He replied, pointing to the corner he’d just come from even though he’s still later out face first on the ground. He can never really pick himself up unless, well, he was running like he had been earlier. “Chassse… isss it!”

Anti scoffs and helps Robbie sit up, which the zombie is grateful for. “You’re playing that stupid game again, huh?” He asked and Robbie shrugs in answer. “Why don’t you… why don’t you hang out with me more?”

“Caussse… you never… want to!” Robbie replied softly and this fact has actually bothered him for quite some time now. Anti sighs heavily next to him and they both sit awkwardly beside one another. Just because they’re both okay with the other’s presence, doesn’t mean they actually know how to handle themselves. “You… yell at me… if I ever get… near you!”

“Yeah cause you’re always with the magician idiot,” Anti pointed out grumpily, pulling his knees close to his chest. Robbie frowns because he doesn’t like the way Anti calls Marvin an idiot.

“Marvin…. isssss…. my… bessst friend! He… issssnt… idiot!” Robbie growled out, quickly losing his “dumbness”. He’ll be passive for an extent. For a long extent. That is, until someone insults something he enjoys. “He… isssss way better… friend than you… too!”

Anti falls silent and Robbie can smell the sadness on him and okay maybe he feels a little guilty for saying that but Anti is always saying mean things about everyone else but never apologizing so why should he?

“Yeah… I stink as a friend…” Anti said finally in agreement.

“Yeah,” Robbie said with a nod.

“You’re not supposed to agree!” Anti shouted, obviously offended. “Eh, I don’t know why I try with you-”

“You… don't… really?” Robbie said in question, tilting his head to the side. Anti pushes to his feet, clearly outraged in his movements.

“I try with everyone!” He exclaimed and is pulling at his hair. “But- but no one ever gives me a chance! They always yell at me and tell me to go away before I can talk! Before I can offer them to play! An- and it m-makes me-” his voice cuts off in a small sob and Robbie’s eyes widen at the sound. He never believed that he’d hear Anti on the verge of tears.

The demon child wipes at his nose in frustration with his shirt sleeve, sniffling in a breath. “Isn’t like you… care though,” Anti said, voice merely shaking now. “You’ve- you’ve got Marvin and- and Schneeple and- and-”

But Anti is cut off when Robbie has somehow stood up on his own, wrapping his remaining arm around the demon child’s shoulders. Anti falls silent before his body begins to shake and he slowly and hesitantly returns the hug, crying softly. They stand like this for a few minutes before Anti finally pulls back, once more wiping at his face with his shirt sleeve. His eyes harden a little and he crosses his arms over his chest.

“Yeah okay I want friends,” Anti finally said and his voice isn’t shaking anymore. He jabs a finger into Robbie’s chest, “But you better not tell anyone or I’ll break all of your crayons!”

“I…. I can… be your friend… unlesss you… break my… crayonsss…” Robbie pointed out in a mutter, back slouching slightly because he’s so tired from all of the physical and emotional activity he’s had today. He normally only receives physical because most people don’t go to a zombie child for emotional support. This might have happened because Anti and Robbie are sort of kindred spirits- both normally feared creatures stuck in the forms of human children.

“R- really?” Anti asked and he sounds so shocked, so confused. At Robbie’s nod a large grin splits across his face. “O-okay. What do friends normally do together?”

Robbie shrugs and then Anti is grabbing his hand. “Okay! Maybe we could figure out what to do for both of us?” He said questioningly, as if checking if that’s the correct thing to say. Robbie nods and the demon child lets out a noise of excitement before growing serious once more: “Just don’t tell anyone. I kinda want them to still be scared of me?”

And with that the two go running off to do something with one another.

A demon and zombie child. What could possibly go wrong?


I love my babe


Zombie baby boy!

I took your advice lmao

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Ok so I know your probably not gonna read this or take it seriously but none of the big 4 are 'unhealthy' or 'abusive'. People seem to use those two labels for any(paring)thing they dislike or don't agree with, yeah, some have had their moments of downright disguising-ness (used-to-be stalking, boob grabbing, crucifying, trying-to-kill one or the other..) but like ??? now the excuses people are forcing out to call one or the other abusive is disgusting and offending. Believe me or not,(1/7)

Publicize this or not, but i myself have actually been in an abusive relationship and it is nothing like what you all are describing or what the pairs are like right now. It is offensive and rude af to those who have actually lived through what people throw around so loosely. Take a look at what the pairings are in the present instead of the past- because most if not all of the evidence you all use for your outrageous claims are more than four years old, which isn’t strong evidence at all, There is like a 1%, 25% or whatever percent that you live and grew up in the western world, and I don’t think anybody has told y'all this but western and eastern cultures are d i f f e r e n t. Manga and Anime originated in the east, thus them having eastern things- and that includes their take and view point on certain things. Take the whole argument with Juvia being a stalker and abusing Gray as an example. In the movie (Dragon Cry) there is supposedly more moments with Juvia being what you all call ‘abusive’. She hugs him and things like that, giving off a more comedy-feel to the audience. And that’s just it- the Japanese audience, the ones who this manga was made for, found it cute and adorable, even claiming there are some cute Gruvia moments in the movie. Watch, when it comes to the west’s view points on it they’ll be quick to scream “ABUSIVE” and not look at what development has done to their relationship. I am proud to announce myself as surviving an abusive relationship, and let me tell you I was told I couldn’t do this or that, i had his hands raised at me and struck me till I bleed, only for him to apologize the next day and say it would never happen again, and when I wanted to go out with friends I was threatened- and then beat again. But when it comes to something like what is going to be shown in the movie (I haven’t seen it yet but I have read what others have said about it) and it just agitates me how ya’ll dislike it and immediately label it as something horrible just to get your way with the argument. I’m not saying to stop running this account or stop having your own opinion on things- cause that’s not what i wrote. I found a ridiculous post you made about Juvia being abusive to Gray and shit on my feed by a reblog, so i didn’t just look up ‘anti-gruvia’ to shit on you or anyone else. It was very hard for me to write this but I’ve had enough with these kind of accusations, all i’m asking is for you (all) to be mindful of what you are saying. I know what i went through and I know that none of the big 4 are abusive (Lucy and her being naked every chapter, boob grabbing by Natsu is annoying but not really abusive ?). But yeah, bash me for my opinion and then proceed to give your own. Just please next time someone mentions abuse and stuff like that, think twice about actually posting it

Tbh my favourite part of this whole ask is that you assume that either of us mods haven’t been in an abusive relationship?? We label it abusive because we’ve been in similar situations, situations that made us feel depressed, worthless, suicidal. And we see that, mirrored back at us in the form of Juvia. 

You said that there are no current examples, well just from the top of my head there’s:

  • Juvia stalking Gray to his parent’s graves, confessing to having a hand in his death (when really, she didn’t), because her “guilt” was more important to her than his grief
  • She then uses his vulnerability and forces her way into his home, even bragging to a child about how she tried to force herself into bed with him
  • Lets herself become so ill she can’t move because she revolves so much around him that she physically cannot cope without him
  • The fact that she literally says that her life belongs to him… like, she views herself as his. His property

I won’t bother going through the manga and finding more examples, because you will always have our opinion and we will always have ours. And that’s fine, the world would be boring without the diversity of ideas. 

I’m sorry if what we said upset you, but we both genuinely believe that Juvia is abusive. She manipulates Gray, she forces herself into every aspect of his life, makes his feel uncomfortable, sexually harasses him… it’s unhealthy, and it’s disgusting. 

If you don’t want to see anything like this in the future, we suggest you block us and blacklist ‘anti gru//via’ and similar tags. 

Also, you said “please next time someone mentions abuse and stuff like that, think twice about actually posting it” But we’re not making light of abuse. Both of us have suffered in the past, so we suggest the next time you want to make broad assumptions about what we’ve been through, without actually knowing, you don’t send the asks. 

Okay, some things:

- NO, Germans don’t deserve to be called Nazis bc their team won against us. Their team isn’t the same as their people, and their people AREN’T ALL NAZIS JUST LIKE THEY WEREN’T ALL NAZIS THEN AND IT MAKES ZERO SENSE CAUSE ONE’S A GAME AND ANOTHER’S MURDER
- YES, Germany played really really well and deserve their win. Glückwünsch!!!!!
- no, Oscar’s goal wouldn’t have changed the final score. But it was not pointless. He was doing his job, as he should’ve done the whole game (which I personally don’t think he did butttt), and it would’ve been a thousand times worse if he hadn’t even tried.
- I do believe they tried. The mistakes were obvious and they were clearly tired after half time, but I don’t think they gave up (hence that last goal)
- don’t worry, the possibility of the Germans in the stadium being beaten up is very, very mild. Unless they push it.
-it would have been important for us to win bc Brazil isn’t exactly going through an easy phase. People would’ve been happier and things would end up beaing easier (in case this doesn’t make sense to you, in Brazil football and economy/politics/general happiness are deeply connected)
- yes, Brazil did come this far in a mix of luck and ability. But, tbh, so has everyone. Not even Germany (who I consider to be the best this time ‘round) got this far super easily.
- we. are. not. cheaters. The ONLY (and I really mean ONLY) time we were benefitted by a ref mistake was the penalty by Fred (which wasn’t really a penalty). Yes, our players do tend to throw themselves more than necessary (not like no one else does that, but fine), but the refs usually don’t think anything of it. That happens. If you think it’s only to us, let’s remember Maradona’s hand goal that granted them victory in that cup (idk the year, but I can look it up if anyone wants me to), or last cup’s Ger x Eng match where a wrongly cancelled goal by the English granted Germany their chance at the semi-final. Especially against Colombia (I’ve seen a lot of Colombian haters in the brazil vs germany tag, that’s why I’m addressing them directly), we played clean and fair, and we won fairly too. And I’m sorry, but we were great winners then. We comforted your players - especially James - and never gloated.
- we are a great team. Not the best of all, we don’t deserve to win every match and everything we do is right, no. But we play fair, we give our souls out there, we are hardly ever arrogant or snobs, and we NEVER look down on our oponents, no matter how many stars they have on their shirts. We respected every single team we played against, be it the giant Germany or the novice Colombia. We are a force to be reckoned with, even after this shameful loss.
And if you think we deserved to lose bc of anything other than our bad performance, you can kiss my five-star-sprangled ass.