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Hey I made an album!

More specifically, I wrote a bunch of songs for the Dungeons & Dragons game I DM, and put all the ones for the most recent arc together in a nice tidy package, alongside a couple of bonus tracks that didn’t quite make the cut to be used in game.

The album is pay-what-you-want, I mostly was looking to make it easily accessible to my players (and anyone else who is interested), but if you want to kick a few $$$ my way, I won’t complain! Follow your heart~

Tagging my lovely lovely players, @unitedstatesofsteamerica, @goldcoppersteel, @lucretiamerces, and @spinnerprincess (who gets an extra shout out for whipping up some cover art for me bc I was too tired and lazy to make it myself), enjoy the tunes!


my vision may be complete shit but his perfection is crystal clear in my eyes

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I was tagged by the ever beautiful @roxyspearing​​ to post a selfie + list some reasons why I love myself.

  1. I try hard
  2. I love a loooooot like alotalot
  3. I’m an optimist + realist
  4. I’m pretty good at public speaking
  5. My humility (after going on about how great I am ahaha)

I put my selfie under the cut bc I don’t wanna attack anyone with my face lol.

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rules: list ten songs you’re in love with right now then tag ten people

  1. ko ko bop by exo
  2. VERY NICE by seventeen
  3. red flavor by red velvet
  4. mind your own business by ailee
  6. come back home by BTS
  7. sorry not sorry by demi lovato
  8. praying by kesha
  9. the eve by exo
  10. BTS: cypher PT.3: triptych by BTS ft Supreme Boi

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ok so @welcometotheoddparade tagged me in this and you’re supposed to write your 10 favorite songs and tag 10 followers

PS: I’m basing this on my top 100 most listened tracks

1- The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance
2- You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison by My Chemical Romance
3- She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook by frnkiero andthe cellabration
4- Summertime by My Chemical Romance
5- Brother by Gerard Way
6- Bitches by Mindless Self Indulgence
7- Leviathan by LeATHERMOUTH
8- Early Sunsets Over Monroeville by My Chemical Romance
9- Northern Downpour by Panic! At The Disco
10- G.I.N.A.S.F.S. by Fall Out Boy

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absent-minded | abusive | addict | aggressive | aimless | alcoholic |anxious | arrogant | audacious | bad liar | big mouth | bigot | blindly obedient | blunt | callous | childish | chronic heroism |clingy | clumsy | cocky |competitive | corrupt | cowardly |cruel | cynical | delinquent | delusional | dependent | depressed | deranged | disloyal | ditzy |egotistical | envious | erratic | fickle | finicky | flaky | frail | fraudulent | guilt complex |gloomy | gluttonous | gossiper | gruff | gullible | hedonistic | humorless | hypochondriac | hypocritical | idealist| idiotic | ignorant |immature | impatient | incompetent | indecisive | insecure | insensitive | lazy | lewd | liar |lustful | manipulative | masochistic | meddlesome | melodramatic | money-loving | moody | naive | nervous | nosy | ornery | overprotective| overly sensitive | paranoid | passive-aggressive | perfectionist | pessimist | petty | power-hungry | proud | pushover | reckless | reclusive | remorseless | rigorous | sadistic | sarcastic | senile | selfish | self-martyr | shallow | sociopathic | sore loser | spineless | spiteful | spoiled | stubborn | tactless | temperamental | timid | tone-deaf | traitorous | unathletic | ungracious | unlucky | unsophisticated | untrustworthy | vain | withdrawn | workaholic

handwriting challenge!!! tagged by @effectivestudies @melbstudent @studyhards @studiversal sorry if this is super late huhu ty guYS (`・ω・´)”

tbh my lazy handwriting aka school notes handwriting are the ones in black ink its bc these pens are so thick and my writing becomes smoll and fat waH & also!!! i reached 2k today!!! wah i will post an literally after this hahahヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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Uzoomaki’s Follow Forever

hey look its a really hastily made follow forever because naruto is ending and i recently hit 1k and i dont make graphics or draw so you get this unedited panel because naruto is quite the kid and so are all of you. Thank you so much for following me and for being cool.

If you’re not on here don’t feel bad, I made this in a hurry and I probably just forgot, it probably means I havent been following you very long, or you haven’t been very active lately. If i follow you I still appreciate the quality content you bring to my dash. Also some of you have more than one blog that i follow so you may be on here two or even three times that just means you’re pretty cool i guess. Bolded are just some people that really stand out.


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Again thank you guys so much for drawing nice things, providing good commentary, making nice graphics/gifs, reblogging good stuff, talking to me, and everything else you do!!!! You’re all pretty great.

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six similarities between mun & muse:

  • we both are left-handed (also we have freckles)
  • we both aren’t super gifted with that upper body strenght yo
  • we both are pacifistic idealists that base our solutions around something peaceful yet we like problem solving
  • the sarcasm is real man, real st r ong
  • we both are innovative & creative
  • leadership skills, compromising with people, etc  8|

six differences between mun & muse:

  • he got a peg leg i don’t
  • he draws hella better than me
  • his ability to locate & map because i am directionally challenged 
  • i’m not scandinavian yet my family line does come from europe (?? so i’m told i’m part german or dutch something in between)
  • he has that damn blacksmith practice & can pretty much make anything he wishes while i cannot

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i was tagged by the always wonderful hearteyeshowell to do the 6 selfies of 2014 thingy so here we are!! i think some of these have already been posted (bc even though i am a goddess who the camera loves i don’t take a ton of selfies and these were the only ones i could find omg), but that’s ok!! 

i’m a lazy butt so i just tag anyone else who wants to do this!! yay!! ^0^


Six selfies of 2014! I was tagged by korraah

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yay go my really shit editing skills woo

okok so since i hit 1k and am also super lazy im doing a mini follow forever bc why not amirite
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