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More t'hy'la and the famous non-denial by Kirk.
I was never aware of the rumor, but I know Spock was aware. Ya ok…
Also, BEST gratification in woman=bi leaning towards women. And the “love partner who comes into sexual heat every seven years” = he has at LEAST thought about it. We also know that vulcan sexuality is not reserved for pon farr times only. This all sounds like “WHAT! NEVER! ME AND SPOCK? THAT’S RIDIC- WHY ARE YOU EVEN ASKING THIS”

I’m liveblogging my reading of “star trek the motion picture” novelization. Will be using the #tmp liveblog tag

ok but hear me out: asexual rey

rey, who doesn’t like physical contact (stop taking my hand!) and won’t initiate it unless it’s a last resort. rey, who doesn’t care at all that she is surrounded by beautiful men and women because why would she? rey, who doesn’t need a romantic or sexual relationship to live a meaningful, fulfilled life fighting for the light side of the force. Gorgeous, brilliant rey, who could have anyone she wants, except that she doesn’t want anyone that way. asexual rey.

Careful Now

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Trigger Warnings: shooting? its not really in it though.

a/n: this is gonna suck ass and i’m sorry but it’s hard to write for Joker ok? but batman is like my father so i will try.

    It was loud and crowded all around you. You were standing behind the fence, watching the police parade to honour the commissioner of Gotham. Everyone was tense given the whole Joker fiasco, but you were ecstatic. You’ve always loved parades no matter the occasion. You were slightly jumping from foot to foot, watching the men and women marching down the street. Someone glared at you, telling to stop moving. You decided to go to the back of the sidewalk. Once in awhile, a few gunshots rang out, but no one paid mind since it was just the gun salutes.

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//Ok, I’ve kept this out of the tag bc I didn’t think you guys would appreciate it, but you think it’d be ok if I started adding girl and guys in the [the Mastermind’s interests] tag? He’s very interested in both and all I’ve been putting in it is guys in suits honestly. Because he likes both the suits and the guys. Anything like women in lingerie I’ll add the tag nsfw, I wanted to know if you guys were ok with that or should I just keep it out?//

Ok but most of the important people in Sherlock’s life, the people who have helped him maintain his sobriety and (frankly) his sanity, have been women.

And I’m fucking stunned Elementary has managed to construct relationships like this without just turning Joan and Kitty into objects for Sherlock’s recovery. The women do not exist within the narrative solely to progress his storyline.

Joan’s story continues (after an admittedly rocky season 2) not to be all about Sherlock Holmes. If anything, her narrative is all about her own detective work.

Kitty’s relationship with Sherlock is about two people in recovery, and how they’re able to help and support each other. It goes both ways, it’s a process, it’s not a matter of Sherlock flitting into her life and fixing everything, or vice versa.

Elementary has given us two valuable platonic male-female relationships, and an equally noteworthy female-female one in the form of Joan and Kitty. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that season 3 of Elementary may be the best yet.

women in clarinet performance

I’ve noticed that a lot of “official” or professional recordings of stuff on classical music tumblr and other places that get circulated are overwhelmingly performed by men, and as a clarinetist and woman I wanted to give amazing women in clarinet performance some love, so here are a bunch of links of extraordinary women with orchestras all over the world performing clarinet solo works! there’s like no cons to this, great clarinet music + stellar artists.

(also feel free to look up these artists’ other clarinet solo work they have a lot! I just picked out a few)

Sharon Kam performs the whole Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A: 

Carelys Carreras performs Adagio from the Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A:

Sharon Kam performs Weber Concerto no. 2 mvmt 3:

Jaehee Choi performs Stamitz’ Clarinet Concerto in B Flat Major:

Jaehee Choi performs Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet by Stravinsky

Sabine Meyer performs Debussy’s Rhapsody for Clarinet:

Annelien Van Wauwe performs Premiere Rhapsody by Debussy:

Maiko Sasaki performs the Brahms Clarinet Trio op. 114

Kelly Rogers Niiyama performs the Burgmuller Grand Duo

Beatriz Lopez performs the Mozart Kegelstatt Trio

Carolyn Anderson performs Five Bagatelles for Solo Clarinet by Gerald Finzi

Anat Cohen is an exceptionally talented Klezmer and jazz musician

feel free to add more!

Needle | one-shot |

Summary: Beware the women of the warrior class for all they touched was both beautiful and deadly

Pairing: mentions of NaruHina/Sunshine Family, mainly Hinata-centric.

AN: I saw this too late yesterday to submit this on time but I wanted to contribute something anyway! Written in support of tachipaws‘ #supporthinatasknitting. (Also extra bonus points if anyone can catch where I referenced the quote in the summary from!) Enjoy!
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There was a common saying in court, to beware the women of the warrior class for all they touched was both beautiful and deadly.

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(this is all I’m gonna say on this issue)

Ok, so, it’s okay for Justin Bieber to get arrested and disrespect his fans.

It’s perfectly fine if Chris Brown and Johnny Depp abuse women.

Everything’s fine when Kanye West releases a video depicting naked female celebrities next to rapists and abusers without their consent.


Not mention how people around the world are being murdered, tortured, and slaughtered but the only thing we care about is an illegally recorded phone call between a sexist rapper and a popstar posted by a reality tv star.

Like, regardless of whether Taylor lied or not, this is fucking disgusting and I’m about 2 seconds from deleting every social media account I have.

And now I’m gonna have to fucking deal with people bringing this up and ranting about it for the next six months because that’s how long we talk about celebrity feuds. Mind you, we only talked about Orlando for like a month. And 50 people were murdered.

Wow, America, I am once again completely ashamed to be an American.
Fuck everyone.


I’m gonna be password protecting my blog for a bit. So I’m gonna put this up until the morning so people can see it then the blog will be protected. I hope you all can respect that. I found out my blog URL has been thrown around in different social media tagging christen and tobin, in actual conversations with players and such and ok I don’t know if your intentions are malicious or whatever but I just… That’s not cool. I made this blog to appreciate women’s soccer, my favorite teams, my favorite players. Somehow that turned into inside jokes and harmless shipping and suddenly I’m a captain, which I fully embraced, don’t get me wrong! Like honestly I appreciate the trust y'all have given me with all the submissions, all the “inside info” and different stories. I always have and probably always will welcome them with open arms because i genuinely enjoy them I promise! But like… these days, I always find myself having to decide whether or not the info or pictures I’m getting are “safe” enough to post. Whether they’re invasive or creepy or just…no. Not even if they seem real or whatever (because let’s be real, we’ve gotten shit that seemed fake but turned out real af). And I guess it’s just taken out all the fun from blogging that I used to have. I get hate mail when i post the things I post, I reblog, I tag, etc. and I get hate when I don’t. And ok I’m pretty chill about these things ya know? I block shit like it’s my job ya feel. But when it gets too much, it’s overwhelming. And I guess this is… Too much. So anyway. Yeah. I hope you guys understand. If you need me after tonight, password will be ‘googleit’. Only way I’ll feel safe blogging idk. Love you!

Ok we all want a female winner but Steve evicted Vanessa because he respected her game, not because he’s a disgusting anti-feminist who’s main purpose in life is to make sure that all bb-winners are white cis-males. Big brother is a product of the people who are playing, and if you don’t like that, there are plenty of scripted tv to watch because big brother isn’t always going to end with the most satisfying story. Complain about society treating men and women differently, or complain about casting never putting enough women who know the game on the show, but don’t say Steve didn’t deserve to win just because you don’t like him. He played to win the game and he did.


Ok so three of the most beautiful women @wolfhuntress @katarina-von-abyss and @anneissleepingwithsirens tagged me to post a selfie and I guess here it is. I apologize for my face and I am already regretting the decision to post these..But here they are.

I tag: @metalnshit @perunathor @valhallawaits @immortalxwitch @yggdrasill– @quicknessoftheeyedeceivesthemind @scarsoftheshatteredsky @reposoir and of course @wolfhuntress @katarina-von-abyss and @anneissleepingwithsirens because I wanna see all of your beautiful faces :3