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i kinda hate how everyone is on diff pages in b/otw bc i want more zelink content... tbh i just want more princess zelda content but theres like nothing. i love the fishman and s/i/dlink is cute but it gets exhausting scrolling through the main b/otw and not seeing the bae. i guess ill check the tag in a couple months or whatever lol

yeah, while i do wish there was more zelink content atm for botw– and i do know it’s because of how large the game is, people not getting all the memories, collecting all the hints yet yada yada yada– i just wish there was more art for zelda because scrolling through the botw tag and seeing nothing but zora is so tiring.

and then sidon is getting more content than any female character atm which shows how shitty fandoms are they they’d prioritize the minor male char over any of the major female characters. like yeah “they’re spoilers!” but how long can they use that excuse? what’s going to happen a month or two from now? are they still going to say they aren’t drawing any of the girls because “spoilers”? at the same time though, a lot of people are too busy playing the game to draw, myself included….


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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gentle reminder that even though yuri on ice isn’t listed as a ‘shounen-ai anime’ victuri can still become a legit canon couple since no.6 wasn’t either .. and bruh that was gay af

Can’t we just put aside our differences and all agree that whether you love ice-skating boys or esper kids that what we’re all really excited for is another season of an egg and a toaster in domestic bliss?


Here are some fake screenshots for a lazytown visual novel idea I had that I like to call “The Laziest Show in Town!”

It would star you, the player, coming to LazyTown! You are Stephanie’s pen pal, and you’ve always wanted to dance live on a stage! So Stephanie invited you over to help make your dream come true!

Each of the main characters would help you get ready in different ways, from song selection to set pieces! It would end with you choosing who in town you want to perform your big dance with!

I do want to make clear that these are fake screenshots for a fun idea I had. I’m a busy kid so unless people are really really interested in this and someone really, really wanted to make sprites for all 9 main characters + bg’s + cg’s for me, this isn’t gonna be a real thing. I just thought the idea was worth sharing!


DR3 Spoiler Warning - here’s a post Kibou-hen interview with Kodaka and Higa (animation producer) from the Otomedia Winter 2016 issue. Much thanks given to @yukiz0me for scanning these!

This is … sure an interview, huh. I take no responsibility for anything anyone said in this. I’m just a translator living my life. I didn’t do anything! I was just trying to use my talent! It’s their fault for making something like this with it! (No it’s not actually that bad, but pretty lol-worthy in multiple frequent areas.)

Some topics covered include - reflection on the format and conceit of the series, Everyone Loves Sakakura, who would win in a fight, coming up with the ending first, SDR2.5, script revisions, all the things that got cut from Kibou-hen for time, Munakata’s character, Kodaka admitting he has no idea what happens next in-universe, ideas for spinoffs with the 77th class or 78th class, blu-ray extras… And More!

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I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 

Surrender: Part Seven

Summary: As a flight attendant, you’d traveled all over the world. You’d never thought you could meet someone who could take you somewhere you hadn’t already been.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader, Natasha, Steve, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson [more to be added]

Warnings: [all tags are eventual and not just for this part] smut, angst, fluff, violence, cursing, possible death, possible murder, crime, idfk… reader beware.

Word Count: 800ish

A/N: Ok, so this part was supposed to be posted yesterday but I had it scheduled for next Tuesday (smdh). Is anyone still interested in this story? lol I feel like I’m dragging it out too long. LMK what you think. 

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“He was nice, friendly, even.”

“So, he didn’t threaten you in any way?”

“Nope. He even bought me a drink. Paid for it with a credit card and all.”

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I don’t think one can really articulate their thoughts on life through writing, but I’ve been asked to try, so here it goes. I think we’re all connected. Maybe not in a way that makes much sense, but I don’t think anyone is ever truly alone. You, reading this, are not alone. We may never meet, I may never be more than a character in a story to you, but that doesn’t matter. I think that when we pour a little bit of ourselves into paper and ink, those stories pour a bit of themselves back into us, too, and that makes us closer than you can imagine. Life is strange and difficult. You’ll sometimes feel completely lost. You’ll fall in love with the voices in your head. You’ll look in all the right places at all the wrong times for something that you think will make you happy. You’ll be forced to go through so much pain. But just know that, through it all, you are not alone. I’m with you, the character in the story that you poured a bit of yourself into when you took the time to read. I’m with you.

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved.


Hauntingly, Ch. 49

This is so beautiful.

(Maybe we can never completely separate fictional characters from our own perspective and understanding—can we ever separate anything from that, really?—and they may not really reciprocate what we feel about them (be it love or hate), but that feeling itself is enough to change us. The more we pour our life, our time, our perception, our love and hate into the characters, the more we feel about them, then the more we are different from our past selves who had not poured and had not felt. And who knows, maybe that will lead to other changes. Maybe we’ll one day feel differently towards another incident, or make a different decision, because of what we’ve read and felt before? The characters are with us and we are not alone. I feel very blessed, or loved, to have met the characters I love.)
Christmas fic poll!
What pairing should I write a christmas one shot fic about? Choose one or add another ship you would like to see from me with the 'other' option!

That’s right folks! You get to decide what I write for Christmas! Vote for your favourite pairing and on December 24th, there will be a sweet little christmas one shot rolling out as a little extra gift! 

Poll will close on the 20th of December!


Yo dawg ! I heard you like hackers, so I put a hacker in a hacker ! lmao

Finally done ! I was supposed to finish it this morning if it was not the universe evil schemes. Then I saw someone else did it just before I could finish it, tbh I raged alone a bit lol

When I saw @godd707 request, my hand started moving all alone like an idiot… no regret tho, this is the best thing I have done so far !

I tried to make a gif with the pics ?? But It was such poor quality ?? I raged even more ??  (눈_눈)
Didn’t check mistakes, didn’t do any corrections, I honestly don’t care. God, it’s 4a.m I’ll go crash on my bed…

Ok  this is dumb. but I wanted to share this lol.. so my mom works at a vintage clothing warehouse that rents out vintage clothes to movies/shows etc (like they provided the outfits for the show The Get Down) and they were actually renting out the costumes for the falsettos revival which I found out months ago and that was fun to know

but yesterday they just sent back all the costumes and they had little tags with the actor and character’s name on it and those were sewn into the clothes for the entirety of the show so I have those now and I’m weirdly v excited about it hdsgfdh !!


i was bored last night so i decided to make some valentines day cards with the mystic messenger characters (*^ω^*)
lol i hope all of you enjoy them as much as i did making them 💒
some of the sayings may be lame cause of my lack of creativity but you get what im trying to do here :3

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{make sure to also credit me lolz}

((ps: i messed up my watermark on the yoosung one but i was too lazy to fix it oops))

You’re just a kid

(A/N): I love Peter Parker so much man

Request: could you please do an imagine with tom holland where the age gap is like 5 years, and toms the older one, and they’re kinda scared to tell him but toms just like lol I like you too ? I know you wrote similar one with peter so it’s all good if you don’t wanna write this one, love all your writing by the way xx


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   It was nerve wracking to be the youngest person in the mcu at the time. You’d been cast as one of Peter’s best friends, one that had been added into the latest movie at the last minute, a character completely unfamiliar to the comics, and you were the youngest of the bunch. Even the x-men kids down at Sony weren’t even as young as you and now you were on the big screen, filming alongside some of your favorite characters in the history of everything. 

   Not only were you working with great characters but with more than great actors, more specifically Tom. It took you all of five minutes to fall in love with the guy, he was great to talk with, he constantly made you feel like you fit in on set, he was awkward but in a really cute nerdy way, and your damn hormones had gotten the better of you, making you fall in love. However, there was only one teeny tiny thing setting you back; Tom Holland just so happened to be five years older than you. Yes, you were 15 years old, coming in at the youngest player in the game of Marvel. 

   Most everyone was twice your age if not more but here everyone was at least a bit closer to you in age but there was still that damn age gap between you and all of your coworkers. To say that this realization but a damper on your mood would be putting it lightly. You almost felt inferior to everyone else due to your age, sometimes they even directly contributed to that little nagging inferior feeling. 

   More often than not you were the butt of everyone’s joke, whether that be your small size (puberty was still trying to make it’s way to you) or the fact that you were so young. So despite Tom’s best efforts to make you feel accepted amongst everyone you still felt like shit every time you walked on set.

    The teasing especially got bad in breaks and lunches. Every time you’d even set foot within one of your coworkers you were bound to be roasted for something and honestly you’d had enough. You wanted to quit filming, go back home and pretend like you never got this bit of fame but you Had a contract, an eight movie contract over the course of 6 years. You had to put up with all this ridicule for six years and you honestly didn’t even want to fathom what the later years were going to bring you.

    The stress of filming (aka your coworkers) was finally starting to get to you and you’d had enough. As soon as the director called for a break you ran off, locking yourself in your trailer to avoid any confrontation with anyone. With a shaky sigh you slump against your door, burying your face in your hands as you attempted to soothe your nerves so that when someone came to retrieve you you’d be ready to face  everyone. However, this happened a bit earlier than you had expected as a slight knock on your trailer door pulled you away from your hands. 

   “Hey, (Y/N)?” Tom’s voice rings in your ears, involuntarily making your cheeks heat up. “You in here?” 

   “Y-Yeah,” You manage, your voice shakier than intended. 

   “Are you okay?” His tone sounds hesitant, as though he was scared of asking you if you were alright. 

   “Yeah, I’m good, just a bit of a headache,” You lie through your teeth, wincing when you realized how fake your tone sounds.  

   “…can I come in?” God, if you said no he was going to know something was up, even through all this shit you had been absolutely chipper, putting on a fake smile even though the ridicule infuriated you beyond belief. If you started acting strange now Tom would most definitely know what was wrong. 

   “Sure,” You mutter, quickly turning the lock so he could open the door. Not even a moment later the door opened, revealing a rather concerned looking Tom. 

   “Um…” Tom closes the door behind him, leaving the two of you encased in the trailer. “Are you sure you’re okay (Y/N)? You seem…off recently,” You nod your head, gulping as you lied once again. 

   “Yeah, I think the stress of everything is just getting to me-” 

   “(Y/N), you are the worst liar on the face of this planet, don’t even try to deny it, now will you please tell me what’s really wrong?” You crack a small smile at his joke, even when you were feeling super shitty he was able to make you smile. But your smile soon dissipated when you realized that Tom had figured you out, he knew something was up and he wasn’t going to drop it until he knew what was wrong. So as of right now you had two options; tell him the truth and have your heartbroken by your best friend, or make up another lie that he was most likely going to be able to see through. So with a sigh and heavy heart you began to spill your heart out. 

   “Well, there’s this guy I like on set but since everyone is so much older than me I doubt he’d ever like me back and I guess it just makes me really sad,” Tom nods, his lips pressed into a thin line. “And I guess all the ridicule doesn’t really help either,” You mumble, your gaze falling to your fingers as you pick at your nails, anything to avoid Tom’s gaze. 

   “(Y/N)…do you-” He scoffs lightly at himself, almost in disbelief of what he was going to ask. “Do you like me?” You gulp, the line of your throat bobbing as Tom hit the head of the nail straight on, having already figured out your predicament weeks ago. 

   “I’m sorry!” You squeak, your voice a few octaves higher than intended. “I know you probably just see me as a kid and I get that but-” 

   “(Y/N),” Tom places his hands on your shoulders gently, efficiently shushing you gently. “It’s okay,” He stares at you softly, some form of twinkle in his eyes as he does. “I uh…I kinda like you too,” You immediately perk up at this, not quite believing the words that had just come from his own lips. “I just thought that the age gap would weird you out and-” You immediately shake your head no, staring up at him with wide eyes. Tom gives you a little smile, an almost relived chuckle falling from his lips. “You know…if we got together it’d kinda be illegal and frowned upon,” You nod your head, slumping down in defeat once again. “But I think I can wait three years for you,” You look up at him with a faint smile, your hopes rising once again. 

   “Really?” You ask softly, not quite believing his words yet again. Tom nods, smiling a bit brighter than before. 

   “Yeah, it’s not that too far down the road, we won’t even be filming our next movie by then,” You nod your head, your spirits a bit brighter than when you left the set. “Now why don’t you come out and eat lunch with us?” You nod your head yet again, smiling widely. 

   It may be a few years before the two of you could ever get together but you knew it was going to be well worth the wait.