not tagging all of them hell nah

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a / age - 23

b / biggest fear - Responsibilities (like all of them)

c / current time - 1:42 am 

d / drink you last had - Water - stay hydrated, kids ;)

e / everyday starts with - me lamenting my existence

f / favorite song - Age of Loneliness by Enigma (boy, I am feeling optimistic this night)

g / ghosts are real? - nah

h / hometown - Hell

i / in love with - Gintama

j / jealous of - noone, actually

k / killed someone - my sanity was killed by me

l / last time you cried - last time I rewatched Red Spider arc (thanks, Sorachi) 

m / middle name - don’t have one

n / number of siblings - one younger brother 

o / one wish - finally learning how to make normal-looking gifs

p / person you last called/texted - @bossladytae (thanks for putting up with me!)

q / questions you’re always asked - “What time is it?”

r / reasons to smile - my mutuals

s / song last sang - I tried to record myself singing Shake it Out by FatM to check how I sound - the result was… not good

t / time you woke up - 9:32 am (it’s a national holiday here, so I can wake up without an alarm, for once)

u / underwear color - blue 

v / vacation destination - Italy (want to visit Florence again)

w / worst habit - procrastination (same here!)

x / x-rays you’ve had - checked my lungs when I had a horrible cold last year

y / your favorite food - chocolate

z / zodiac sign - Sagittarius