not swole enough


cr: cola

cr: crave for attention

cr: dazed

cr: twinned poison

cr beyami

cr: h20

cr: fruitxfruit

cr: love crazy

cr: mama dafu

some hot takes from ur fave company on this hot remake
  • square: we couldn't decide on whether it's pronounced "aerith" or "aeris". instead we will be renaming her jennifer
  • square: we don't know what to do for barret and cid's "@#%%^&$" voice acting segments that won't get us an R rating, so we're bringing in the voice actor for goofy to replace each one with "GAWRSH"
  • square: lightning cameos as cloud's long lost sister. squall is his estranged cousin. the weather trio is canon and true
  • square: chocolina replaces jennifer as the flower girl, providing a much-needed morale boost of feathers and wares to the slums of sector 7
  • square: mukki joins the party as a permanent member to replace jennifer and get the team swole enough for northern crater
  • square: the gold saucer's music will be remixed with car horns
  • square: the battle system is no longer turn based. it's a fast-paced take on the yugioh card game. activate a trap card, get banished to the lifestream
  • square: sephiroth's monologues are now replaced with copy-pasted MRA banter from reddit. shouldn't be too much of a stretch

Things to note about this GIF:

-Face of determination upon hearing me open bag of snacks upstairs

-Tail compensates balance for missing leg

-Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing

-Remaining limbs swole enough to overpower me for aforementioned snacks

your fave is problematic: Herald's Rest sign
  • andraste pls put mE DOWN
  • also why am i wrapped in a sheet am i dead
  • also if your inquisitor is a huge hulking qunari apparently andraste is swole enough to deadlift you

It’s 2015 and I’m still in awe that Lego filled a planet with buff male characters and named the planet “Bara Magna”

No seriously the only female we can put a name and/or face to is Kiina, and even she is a strong warrior and thus swole enough to be called a bara. The planet is legitimately full of baras

How do people not like the Bara Magna arc it’s the best part of Bionicle


Let’s Play Live Push Up Contest!