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which character should you fight (ft. Gen 1 FE:A dudes)

Winner: You
look at this guy. look at his fashion choices. look at his nerd-ass lying on the ground in the smash trailer. someone needs to set this boy right. you may incur the wrath of everyone you dont want to fight but hey. do it for us. do it for all of humanity. (warning: he may try to marry you after. or before. or during.)

Winner: who do you fuckin think
why would you even think about fighting frederick why would that thought ever cross your mind i mean 1. have you seen him. he has grown ass men and seasoned warriors on their knees praying, tears or sweat - fuck if they know - dripping down their faces just from his workouts. he’s the one who has to carry the bullshit of an entire kingdom, including his lords. 2. it was his ass that carried your slovenly ass through the first four chapters of lunatic/+ so how about you show some fucking respect. get fredereckt

Winner: You
are you kidding me? punch him in the crumpet. take his tea and pour it out in front of him. you get some on your clothes? no problem, rip his godforsaken cravat off and mop it up. if you’re a girl you might get away with it. otherwise he might fuck you up. who cares, it’s worth it.

Winner: Stahl
fighting him will accomplish nothing. you’ll go up to him all ready for a tussle and he’ll glance over at you with a sleepy lopsided grin and a “oh hey, what’s up?” and that’s it. you’re done. you’ll lose all will to fight. his chill is contagious. and if you do somehow retain your fighting spirit? he’ll knock you flat on your ass. probably apologize too. it’ll be embarrassing for both of you. i mean the dude was trained by frederick after all. but i mean he’ll probably help you up and offer you food so idk. if you’re starving go for it.

Winner: 50/50
look, i know what you’re thinking. look at all those muscles. the dude is ripped. fight him anyway. do it. he’ll probably forget his axe somewhere so you probably wont die. fuck him up. someone has to for the abomination that is “teach just got tenure.” Let him atone.

Winner: Depends
If you aren’t a girl, you will be sliced into pieces so thin tharja might mistake you for her mesh body suit. if you are…. i mean you can try, but he’ll run. you can win if your cardio is good enough. go. chase him. Be Free.

Winner: You
okay he’s the nerdiest of nerds but he’s also a fucking child so. idk man you can fight him if you want but what’s the point. if anything getting beat up by you will fuel his teenage rage and he’ll keep it stewing inside himself until he’s big enough to fight back and then you’ll have to deal with years of pent of rage and a napoleon complex but on a full sized being and no one wants to play therapist in a scrap. it just isnt worth it. i mean unless you’re like itachi uchiha then by all means go ahead

Winner: You, but only with careful planning
ok so gaius isnt the toughest cookie, but he doesnt want to fight and he has access to the assassin class and i dont know about you but in my experience fighting assassins is no bueno. you get one punch in maybe if you’re lucky and take them by surprise but then youre dead and you cant fight for shit anymore. BUT if you take all his candy, his blood sugar will get low, making him weak and agitated. this is the optimal time to fight him. make sure he knows you’re the one who stole his candy. make sure he can smell the sugar on your breath. note: he may not spare your life if he gets the upper hand.

Winner: Gregor, but you win friendship
i’ll be frank, gregor will beat the everloving shit out of you and there is nothing you can do about it should you choose to fight him. he’ll do it laughing and smiling, not even realizing he broke three of your frail ribs with one pulled punch. but he will absolutely take you out for a round after and exchange drunken stories with you. so fight him. even if he refuses, pay him to fight you. he cant say no to money and nothing is more valuable than fire-forged friendships.

Winner: Libra
why the fuck do you want to fight the priest. fuck fine, you know what? fight him. see what happens. he’s the only one who will pray for your immortal soul while you bleed out. but guess what, jackass? the gods are gonna see you tried to fight a priest and they’re gonna send your ass to the void anyway

Winner: ???
man fuck i dunno what this guy’s deal is. on one hand he’s a dark mage genius who was raised by wolves and then sent to a horrific boarding school/orphanage making him literally the stuff horror films are made of. on the other he can be a pretty nice guy if you’re his friend and he’s kinda fucked up so he might let you win. his crows will probably peck you to death either way though so its a lose-lose situation.

Winner: Basilio
same deal as gregor, except basilio is hard-mode. he might accidentally kill you while you fight and his friendship is an even rarer flower. you gotta be charming. you gotta be smart. you gotta be somewhat strong. but if you do manage to get your ass beat and stay alive in such a way that he wants to grab a pint with you, take that beautiful budding friendship, hold it close to your breast and never let go

Winner: You
he’s by far the sorriest character you get at recruitment. if it weren’t for that pot on his head, a feather falling too hard could kill him. but he’s a farmer that works day in and day out just so his village can survive. do you really want to fight the paradigm of the wondrous and wholesome rural life we should all aspire to? you capitalist pig.

i hope i didn’t forget anyone

hogwarts house girl gangs (x)

slytherin; they loan out their makeup, show up to every game in support of each other, force each other to study furiously for exams. they fuss a lot about whose stuff goes where, and teach each other neat tricks with their hair or useful charms.they stay in their dorms during every other hogsmeade trip to throw tiny parties, ungodly amount of inside jokes

hufflepuff; they buy each other surprise sweets from honeydukes, put supportive notes in each others bags and textbooks like ‘dont forget to smile’ and ‘youll do great today’. they throw really big celebrations for birthdays and will spend an entire night studying if one of them isnt getting a subject well enough. they give each other flowers and cute little ‘it reminded me of you’ gifts.

gryffindor; they cover for each other constantly and have such a  ‘i am spartacus’ thing going, braid each others hair and do each others make up almost every morning, sleep in each others bed sometimes, share clothes religiously, constant compliments and teasing, piggy back rides in the halls

ravenclaw; they loan out the same book and all add little sticky notes with their reaction to a part for the next reader, when study sessions get dull they start singing songs together in silly voices, lots of hugging and hand holding, they have a really healthy competition going, use pet names a lot

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Hi! Sorry, I just wanted to ask how you make Sousuke and Makoto's faces look different? I have a bad case of same-face-syndrome, and am trying to get past it without drastically changing my style, if that makes sense. Thanks!

I totally get you, anon. the style i use for stuff i post here is pretty same-face prone too, at least in my opinion, so im surprised by the ask! and flattered of course, dont get me wrong haha 

here’s just a couple notes i smacked on top of a thing im finishing up:

sorry for my handwriting :’)

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hey, i dont mean this to come off as confrontational and its a genuine question, but why do you ship kirishima and bokuto? i just never noticed it while reading and i wonder how u like, first thought of it and stuff. it seems p good looking at ur posts about it though!

dont worry about it! As for why I like them as a ship, well their together often like here’s a few examples: 

kirishima is with bakugou for alot of the sports festival arc:

then theres the villain arc:

Then theres also the color page’s where their always close to each other

And the theres also this and I dont even know what to say about this panel:

That and their just cute together to be honest (ps sorry for the long post, im just pump to talk about bakushima!)

Update: since this post is still getting notes (to my surprise!) i thought I should update it and say

This entire current arc started because of kirishima’s broken gay little heart

poor baby, dont worry you’ll get your bf back soon

Update Again!: 


Whats that sound? ITS ANOTHER UPDATE!:

I swear to god this post just keeps getting bigger every new goddamn chapter holy shit

“sheer heart attack has NO weakness! but this post has a new UPDATE!”:

off they go ( i hope they pass please god let them pass)

The ultimate UPDATE embodies the powers of each and every living thing, all lives gather as one. And… How beautiful it shines! Truly the most wonderful thing I have ever beheld… I have finally, finally UPDATED AGAIN!


“tell him to update this post, Johnny”
“you tell him”

Damn, well atleast bakugou’ll just do the extra courses and get his soon so thats a relief. Also YAY KIRISHIMA PASSED

We’re All Different *request*

Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

Request: Ive just seen your request of requests 😂 and i was jus wondering if you’d write a scott one? Where the reader is a mermaid and has been dating scott for a while and they both kept their secret from each other and then one day they somehow get revealed to each-other? If you dont wanna write this its all good! :)

Note: Sorry it’s short btw 😅

Beacon Hills has brought you plenty of wonderful surprises, a great group of friends, a kind boyfriend, turning you into a mystical creature after taking a late night swim on a full moon.

Staying away from water, being the most difficult part of your day on a good day, the smallest drop of water on your skin will have shifted and stuck in a unusual situation, considering most of the earth’s population do not believe in mermaids.

You’re still learning about who you are, and though you ever so badly want to share your struggles with someone, you thought best not to.

“Hey, Y/n” Scott said, planting a kiss on your cheek before directing you to the rest of the group. A round of hellos and groans of distaste of being at school so early.

Your heart ached to open up to these people you love so dearly. A few jokes and sarcastic remarks of mythical creatures kept you from doing so.

“It’s going to rain” Stiles pointed out to no one in particular.

Your head snapped up to look at the sky, dark angry clouds clumped together ready to pour heavy droplets of water, he was right it was going to rain within a few minutes.

You pushed your sleeves down and pulled up your hood, and ran toward a sheltered area.

“What’s wrong, Y/n?” Scott called for you.

“Uh my hair” you lied.

“I like her” Lydia smiled, as she made a run for it toward you.

“Girls” Malia rolled her eyes, before following pursuit.

“She used to love the rain” Scott shrugged

“Hey, do you think you’re gonna tell, Y/n about” he made ears with hands which were on his head. “You know” he raised a brow.

“Stiles… Stiles, stop doing that” Scott said, pulling Stiles’ hand down.

“I don’t want to scare her” Scott sighed.

“If she really loves you I don’t think it will matter to her” Stiles said, sudden words of wisdom putting a smile on Scott’s face.

“Soon I will… maybe” Scott said uncertainty tainting his voice.

“You know a little water isn’t gonna kill you, there’s worse things in this town” Malia muttered.

“You won’t understand” you whispered to yourself.

“What was that?” Lydia questioned.

“I uh said igloos don’t expand” you said without a second of thought, and squinted at the utter mess of words that slipped your lips.

“Uh right… okay” Lydia said, confused as you were.

“Can we go inside?” You asked nervously, watching the boys get drenched in the rain.

“We should take a stroll in the rain” Malia said, pulling on your arm.

Panic set it, there was no way of avoiding this. Malia carried more strength than you she could easily drag you out of shelter from the rain and expose your secret to all.

“Malia please no” you pleaded

“Come on, Y/n it’s just water” Malia justified.

“Malia, I don’t want to let me go please” you begged, with no affect on her, as she pulled you into the rain. The water seeping through your cotton sleeve and on to your skin.

“Malia help me” you cried, as you lost balance, feet being replaced with a beautiful tail.

Scott’s eyes emanating a red glow as his eyes flew on you. Mouth left ajar as he rushed over to you, a shift in process.

“Oh. My. God.” Stiles gasped, at the sight of you.

“Malia, no means no” Lydia scolded, as she helped hold you up.

You gasped, breathing becoming difficult, the rain not enough for your fully shifted self.

Scott by your side within seconds, eyes glowing, facial hair that was never there before. A low growl instructing to open the school door came from Scott, as he carried you into the locker room.

“Scott you…” unable to finish your sentence, you reached up to touch his face.

“Shh it’s okay” Scott reassured you, turning on the shower.

“You’re a … a mermaid” Stiles said from behind still shocked, eyes wide as he watched.

“And you’re a werewolf” you smiled at Scott.

“I was so afraid of being different” you said, hiding your face in Scott’s chest.

“Different?” Scott laughed, holding you tightly.

“We’re all different” he kissed your head

Your Nerd; Renjun

request :
yo i know you are kinda nervous in ur writing and probably skeptical about how it turns out but.. dont worry,, its lovely and enjoyable:>> CAN I REQUEST FOR A RENJUN FLUFF where hes like a nerd that helps u in homework cus your his tablemate omg tats so cute okay abt sth liddat BYE KEKKEKEKEKE

a/n : well hello anon! sorry for the delay in posting this up; ive had some troubles and many school events to organise, i apologise ;-; anyways, i hope its okay!! im sorry if i didnt actually emphasise on the nerd part iM SO SORRY ;-; anyways, thank you for requesting!! 💕🐳

genre : fluff, nerd!Renjun


You sank further into your seat, finding a comfortable position before closing your eyes. It has been eight hours of school with two more to go. The sounds of someone trudging in and placing their bag on the seat beside you was heard. Knowing who it was without even opening your eyes, you began making inhumane noises whilst complaining about how your brain was filled with too much information after math class on trigonometry. “Renjun how the hell are you not dead yet? Theres like two more hours of having to absorb information i swear i-” you stopped your words right there when you saw Renjun fishing out a container filled with food and a cup of chocolate frappe. “I knew you would complain again so i told my mom to cook for you food as well so we can study and do homework together! Anyways its our free period now, its lesson for the Econs students,” he said slinging on your bag over his before you could protest, ready to head off to the cafeteria’s study area. You could only blush in embarrassment as the both of you walked away from the classroom. It was these simple things that this little nerd by the name Huang Renjun did to make you fall for him hard after being seatmates for three years. You never told him or even anyone about it; simply to avoid embarrassment, rejection and the loss of friendship.


“Hnfff why do they need to make life harder by combining mensuration with trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem and congruency when they could be four separate questions,” you groaned in disapproval as you flipped on to the next page of the math homework Renjun had brought over to your house. Being sick definitely let you skip school with a valid reason but that only means a whole lot to catch up on afterwards. Just your luck that Renjun knew your address and actually offered to stay with you and teach you the lessons taught in class. “Well you’d better start doing it; its actually not that difficult I’d say,” Renjun said as he took a tray from the dressing table beside your bed, “stay put and finish this question and the question afterwards. I’m going down to heat your porridge and bring your medicine. Oh, triangle PQR is congruent to triangle XYR by the way!” He then went down to the kitchen while humming. You made a grim face as you stared back at the printed questions on the papers in front of you. “If i could get smarter at every time i smile at the thought of that snaggle toothed boy, I’d probably already have a doctorate in mathematics and rocket science,” the pencil in your hand dropped onto your leg as you muttered under your breath. You sat there on your bed, drifting off to wonderland as you flipped through the other pages. Suddenly a page filled with post-its and coloured ink caught your attention. You frowned as you thought about what Renjun could have doodled on your paper as he had always done before; moomin, random objects in your pencil case or maybe even a sponge he found in the art room. Careful to not let any of the post-its to fall off, you gently lifted the stapled papers and flipped to that page. Your eyes were being greeted by your favourite colours being used to write your name in cursive and post-its with his handwriting on around it. Words in capital letters screamed “READ HERE FIRST” as you eyed the details of the neat calligraphy of your name. “1. heyyyyyyy idek how to start this but first of thank you for existing and taking notice of me five years back when we werent seatmates yet hehe,” the first post it above your name melted your heart as you continued on to the next one. “2. also can i just say that your eyes are just!! so!! pretty!! so is your smile, i want to see that toothy grin you give me everyday!” you covered you mouth and grinned as you read the last sentence. “3. you must be wondering why the sudden sweet messages and especially on your homework welp anyways im a nerd so sticky notes it is :P” You giggled upon reading the third post-it. Ah, why is he so cute? you thought to yourself. “4. Trust me, you’re really beautiful. Dont let others tell you otherwise because if they do, tell them to catch my fists ;) And yes, i just did call call you beautiful because you are, from the inside out, everything about you is beautiful. I love you so much i get carried away sometimes thinking about you.” Your eyes instinctively widened in surprise as you did a double-take on the last sentence. “5. Yes, you read that right. Even after your cute little double takes when ur shooketh™ hehe :)) And yes i love you more then just how our platonic friendship is, i love you more than just as a friend. So now look up ;)” You looked up in confusion to see Renjun sitting at the edge of your bed with your porridge and a few roses in hand. “Be my girlfriend?” a pink-cheeked Renjun said as you nodded, tearing up a little and he embraced you. You felt complete and in place in his arms. He looked down and kissed your forehead; an immediate instinct he felt the need to comply to. “Yah, you’re such a nerd its too cute i swear,” you said as you looked up, remaining in that position. “At least im your nerd now,” he smirked, cupping your heated face.

College AU!Ravi

find leo (here)

  • major: marketing 
  • minor: music 
  • sports: part of the soccer team (mostly because leo signed up when they were freshman’s) 
  • clubs: one of the student organizer of the on campus concerts, also secretly part of ballroom dancing club
  • although he’s not interested heavily in the mathematics of running a business, he really likes thinking up creative designs for advertisment and keeps up with trending brands and things like that so in the end he decided that a job in a field where he could combine his knowledge of art and good products would be really fun!!
  • except he sorta regrets it and wishes he could have majored in music, especially lyrical writing, but for now it’s just his minor
  • he even has a part-time job as a DJ at a club in the college town and he’s always there on friday nights and everyone praises his original mashups and remixes and it makes him feel happy but then he’s like f rick i have a midterm in consumer finance on monday i should start on that
  • and ravi isn’t the best at keeping up with all his schoolwork because marketing is way more overwhelming than he expected and he’d rather spend hours hunched over his laptop editing songs but he knows that the reality is: getting a job in marketing is easier than getting a job in music
  • and also he needs to maintain a gpa of at least 3.0 to stay on the soccer team and he’s scared that if he gets anything lower leo will literally like eat him
  • but anyway he tries to study he really does but he can get kinda off track really easily which is why you are very very surprised when he comes to you very nervous
  • this six foot tall handsome soft nervous boy 
  • and he’s like “h h hi!!! im ravi!!! we have global marketing together and please help me i dont know what im doing for the presentation!!!!!!” 
  • and you’re kind of shocked but also wary because you know ravi’s a nice boy like he doesn’t talk much in class but when he does he jumbles easily over his words but like you notice that his entire notebook is scribbled with notes and he is trying but you’re still like,,,,,should i help him???
  • and ravi is standing there, probably looking way more stylish than any other college student in a five mile radius but that isn’t the point, and he’s like,,,, “sorry- i-just- you’re smart!!!! really smart in class you talk!!!! and you’re smart,,,,when you talk i mean so i thought??? you could help, but,,,,”
  • and he’s again stumbling over his words and you’re kinda like ok maybe he really just is this way naturally and really does need some help so you’re like “…..i can try,,,do you have any ideas of what you’re interested in?” 
  • and ravi kind of hesitates and like pulls the chair out next to you but then gets shy and moves so he’s sitting like one chair away and you’re like,,,,he reminds me of a puppy so cautious but you keep that to yourself and ravi’s like
  • well??? i wanna do something on the music industry and you’re like really?? that’s cool do you like music??
  • and ravi gets bright all of a sudden and is like i do!!! i put out some of my own stuff recently and i dj so!!! i know a bit about it !! and you’re impressed because wow that’s awesome!! and then ravi turns back into a little red ball of embarrassment from your praise and ok it’s cute you admit it ok ok
  • and so you and ravi get to brainstorming on what he could possibly do for his presentation and like at first he kind of seems so unsure of himself
  • but slowly as you get him to talk about what he’s really interested in you see him come to life and all his ideas are so creative
  • and basically at the end of your little session you’ve helped him map out some ideas and ravi is just like ,,,, wow i feel so much better and you’re like im glad!!! and for a second you swear you catch him like staring at you for a moment longer than usual but you push the feeling away
  • and ravi is like if it’s ok,,, can i talk to you more about it again?? and you’re like sure!! ill try to help and he just bows in appreciation and is like i gtg to ballroom dancing club wait no i didn’t say that
  • and you’re like ok by- ballroom dancing club??? and ravi is like lONg sTOry ByE
  • and so you see him in class and the teachers talking presentations and you notice for the first time how ravi starts nervously tapping his foot and he looks so scared and so you catch him outside of the room and you’re like hey,,,hows the presentation?? and he’s like its uh you know uhhh and you’re like dont be scared to ask for help. i want to help you
  • and you’re like good going genius why did u say that outloud he probably thinks ur weird but nope ravi starts glowing again and breathes a sigh of relief and he’s like thANK you i was worried about asking for more help,,,, 
  • and so these brainstorming sessions last for a couple of weeks until you can see ravi is super confident with where he’s going with his presentation and you’re just so happy to see him doing well and then ravi’s like you know??? i need to thank you somehow for your help
  • and you’re like oH no no it’s fine but he’s like here!!! this is a ticket for this concert im gonna be djing at on campus - you should um,,, come,,,,
  • and you want to kinda be like parties aren’t my scene but you’re also curious to see ravi in that kind of environment so you’re like ok-ok ill come!! and ravi leans in to hug you
  • and ok side note you’re like why is he so?? muscular he doesn’t look like the type??? and he’s like well i gtg to soccer see you there
  • and you’re like soccer??? ballroom dancing??? what is he
  • and so the night of the party you find something suitable to wear (more like you borrow it from  a friend because you were gonna go in just some jeans and she was like tHIS is a COLLEGE paRTY please put something …….hotter….on)
  • and so when you get to the place you can already hear really loud EDM and you’re like holy shit when you see how packed it is inside and when you finally manage to get inside you’re surprised to see ravi up on stage, jumping up and down and just looking so much more,,,,,,happy than usual
  • and he’s like got this cut up tank top on and he’s wearing like expensive jewelry and brands and you’re like is this the same clumsy flustered kid i know??
  • and you don’t know how but ravi spots you in the crowd and comes over with a huge smile on his face, sweat coming down his neck and he’s like you made it! he like lifts his shirt to wipe his face and you’re like dont look dont look fuck it im looking ok he’s got abs bye
  • and he’s like you should dance!! have fun!! drink!! and you’re like haha ahh im not really- and ravi like nudges you like come on!! one night wont kill you and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,well you’re like im already here so
  • and before he goes back up stage he’s like “you look really amazing by the way, sorry for staring” and you blush like what no i didnt notice you were and he smiles and your heartbeat gets quicker and you’re like oh no
  • and so you decide to order a drink and then everyone’s suddenly dancing around you so you’re like whatever ill do it too 
  • and before you know it a good two hours has passed when someones hand goes around your waist and you turn about to sock the person in the face but it’s ravi and he gives you a smile, this time a little more dorky and the one you’re use to, and he’s like wanna dance with me??
  • so you and ravi, instead of talking about global marketing, start straight up grinding on each other because it’s college it’s what happens
  • and from that point on it’s all very blurry but ravi is holding you close and you’re both like heY i kinda Wanna kiss you right now so you both just do it 
  • and things happen and when you wake up you are not in your dorm room nope and when you sit up in bed you are not in your bed nope and ravi is next to you sleeping (probably snoring a little) with nothing on and you’re like
  • oh
  • you find his shirt put it on and like try to find the bathroom but instead you find this tall, intimidating boy and a slightly taller, less intimidating boy 
  • and the less intimidating tallest one chuckles and is like “had a fun night with my hyung~~~~ look leo they’re blushing!!!” and the more intimidating one just eats his cereal and nods and you’re like uM … where is the bathroom….
  • and they point it out to you and once you’re in there you’re like ok what happened and you look in the mirror and you’ve got some teeth marks in places and perhaps other imprints on other parts of your body but you’re getting the picture yeah
  • and your hairs a mess but like you’re not freaking out, you’re actually smiling to yourself because its coming back what happened and you put your head in your hands like oh god,,,
  • and once you get back ravi’s awake by some miracle and he’s just got this panicked look on his face and your heart drops because oh no is he going to say he regrets it-
  • but no instead ravi just gets on his knees??? in front of you and is like “im sorry!!! im sorry!!! if you want to forget hooking up with me- if you want i will never bother you again!! you’ve just done so much for me and im in love i mean i like you alot ,,,, like a lot so-”
  • and you’re like rAVi what no i like you too also get up you’re naked please put something on 
  • and ravi gets up a little wobbly but he’s just all smiles and he reaches out to pull you into his arms but you’re like hey hey pants get your pants on
  • and from that night you and ravi are an official thing which is just wild to you for a couple of days but your so happy
  • because now you two sit next to each other in class and ravi holds your hand when he can and always has the dorky big smile when he looks at you (which he does a lot and you’re like ravi - pay attention in class and he’s like but you’re sooo much more interesting)
  • and when it’s his day to do his presentation and everything goes well you two start jumping up and down outside of the classroom when it’s over and ravi is like i dont care that there’s people in the hallway lets makeout
  • and you do except you both get shy like kids when you pull away
  • the tall not intimidating roommate of ravis, hyuk, teases the living shit out of you two 
  • leo just accepts it but he’s also secretly like “ravi, you’ve actually grown up wow” and ravi gets defensive like heY im ,,,,, an adult shuttup leo,,,,,,your face is dumb
  • and ravi insists that he should help you pick out clothes when you shop together because he knows all the good brands and you’re like ravi im ok with this ten dollar sweatshirt but he’s like no no you’re not we are getting you something from stussy righT noW
  • and you cheer him on during soccer which is funny because he kept waving and winking at you from the field so ken had to throw a ball at his head to get his attention 
  • ravi giving you shout outs when he’s djing and the whole crowd going ooooohhhhh~~~ and looking at you and youre like ravi pls 
  • you study a lot and really hard and ravi is so proud of you but he’s also the one to be like heY hey no it’s been three days of hitting the books we are going to the amusement park and you are having some fun and then we are going to my dorm to well you know “relieve stress” 
  • ravi walking around shirtless and you hide your face and he’s like ok but you’ve seen me naked 
  • perhaps if you ever want a tattoo ravi goes with you to get one??? f you dont you sit next to him when he’s getting another one and he’s like “thank god i live on campus or else my mom would murder me’”
  • ravi carrying you to and from places cuz he’s tall and muscles
  • ravi also falling asleep on your lap all the god damn time 
  • also you finally ask what the hell ballroom club is about and turns out ravi is in this program that goes around teaching the elderly how to ballroom it’s like a volunteer thing he does and you’re like holy shit ravi you’re the CUTEST PERson ALIVE
  • and he’s like no no im not i have a mixtape im tough
  • then you cover his face in kisses and he’s like ok fine i agree with you im cute and you’re cute too that’s why we are perfect 
I’m sorry but let me rant a little :(

There is an artist who drew a few drawings of my foxbunny au without permission nor credit a year ago, they credited me for the first foxbunny art but they stopped for the next few arts. I told them to stop it and they did. I dont know if they did continue drawing them after a while (??) but now they are making keychains of foxbunny Tsukkiyama.. They are not even making it less obvious from my au- I’m surprised no one ever pointed it out before despite their posts of foxbunny au getting so many notes :( I’m gonna talk to them again but this makes me so upset. Idk are they doing this on purpose? or-?? Why my au?

Someone just tried to mansplain my own developmental disorder to me and argue semantics. I’m not giving out their URL or icon because their blog is just a bunch of zero note failed posts where they’re trying to be “popular” and a “scholarly writer” (I shit you not) and I don’t want someone like this to get attention let alone anon hate I guess.

BUT the day has finally come where someone tells me that being autistic is fake!!!! but *gasp* the surprise is that having autism is real… it’s just that you can’t call yourself autistic.

In all seriousness though, “Believe me, I have it.” YEAH SO DO I, AND BY SAYING THIS, YOURE LITERALLY INSINUATING THAT I AND MANY OTHER PEOPLE DONT HAVE IT. I guess you’re the only one in the world to have autism!

Congratulations, you just identified your own internalized ableism! You should probably do something about it other than this. Believe me, I have it too buddy. And so do a ton of other people. I’m autistic. So are you. So are many people.

A TON of people are autistic so I mean it doesn’t really make you or anyone else special. You DO NOT speak for anyone but yourself. Ok buddy, pal, dude? If you think you can speak “for” other autistic people, then you’re literally shutting our voices down and speaking OVER us.

You’re not doing anything to help by arguing semantics. People can call themselves autistic if they want to. It’s bad enough that the term “autistic” is used almost primarily as an insult by NT and allistic people.

Aight? We all cool here? Aight cool.

ps. if we’re gonna argue semantics here and if you’re such a “scholarly writer” as I saw on your blog, it’s AS autistic, not IS autistic (in your first paragraph)

anonymous asked:

top 5 special stages?? any k-pop group! :)

Hi, awesome anonnie! :3 Glad you asked, let me give you my most comprehensive answer:

1. Odd Eye, SHINee - this one is a good one because it was written and composed by member Kim Jonghyun. It’s one of the first times Jonghyun ever vocal directed with the members and he proves his love for them in the spot-on vocal distributions choices he makes. Every line fits its member perfectly. The lyrics were written with the charisma of shinee in mind, while the notes/harmonies highlight each of the member’s colors well

2. Okay, buckle up, next we got Odd Eye by SHINee!  the looks in this one are kind of dark, which is super exciting and sexy.  Jjong rocks a head band, Key sees through your soul even with the limited depth perception the iconic eyepatch gives him, choi refuses to wear a shirt. And look @ dem body rolls!!!! especially taemin’s!!!!  even from the front angle rolly worm Jack Skellington has me shook

3. OHHH Boy I don’t know if you’re familiar, but for 3 I chose ‘Odd Eye’ by SHINee. The vocal distribution is impeccable and as usual, CD-nee shines with their live vocals. Taemin’s adlibbing/accenting during rap god Choi Minho’s parts are some of my favorite parts of the performance

4. you guessed it–Odd Eye by SHINee!  Please be careful when watching 1:22, Kim Kibum is known to take lives with the delicious drama of his performance

5. Okay, I’m gonna end strong with a choice that might surprise you: Odd Eye by SHINee.  I think Onew was the perfect way to end the “you’s” as his high notes carry an especially haunting tone.  I don’t know how to describe this song, but a word that fits it for sure is ‘lingering.’  It stays with you.

Thanks for the ask!!! :3 I hope this gave an in-depth look at my performance/musical taste!

Dating April Kepner Would Include

Originally posted by everythingwasgreys

Had a request for Greys dating would includes, done a few of my fave characters


Note: i dont really like april but i tried

  • April wouldn’t be looking for anything
  • After Jackson and having Harriet was enough for her at the minute
  • She was surprised how much she liked you when you met
  • She wouldn’t tell you though
  • Months of low key flirting and embarrassing conversations
  • “april do you like me” “err well of course I do I mean but I shouldn’t because theres harriet to think about and Jackson and im a mom and-“ “april breathe”
  • You’d try casual dating
  • Then get together properly
  • Keeping it to yourselves though
  • Finally meeting harriet after months of dating
  • Loving her chubby cheeks and gorgeous smiles
  • Jackson liking you
  • Thinking you were good for April
  • You loved how much she cared
  • Going to church with her, supporting her faith even if it weren’t the same as yours
  • She was outdoorsy
  • Going on long walks with Harriet, picnics
  • Hating being in the car with her, her road rage was terrible
  • Teasing her watching her get all flustered and blush
  • She loved to cook for you
  • The three of you being a little family
  • Getting along with Catherine surprisingly
  • Aprils real family were shitty
  • Telling them off for being shitty
  • They wouldn’t be that accepting about you two the whole failed marriage thing didn’t sit right with them
  • Calming her down when someone riles her up
  • You would be very good at providing a distraction
  • Moving in after a long debate
  • Jackson being the one to tell you to stop being ridiculous and worrying about other people’s feelings and just do it
  • She didn’t want to get married again though
  • Having Harriet on Samuel’s birthday so she could have some time alone or go to church
  • Always having a candle lit for her when she got back in remembrance

Hey there just wanted to let you know i know the pain of dealing with headaches as i too have recently had to deal with some of them too. though thats because i had to start wearing glasses. not sure if you do in real life or not but if you dont maybe get the eyes checked out. they maybe straining a bit. if you already do then i dont know, just remmeber to relax and take your time with stuff. 

I hope you feel better soon.


Mod: I do wear glasses and I’m on a computer screen so often, I’m not surprised they could be partly responsible for the headaches honestly. I may need to try and find some glasses made for computer screens to help my eyes out a bit.

On a good note tho, I’ve seen my doctor yesterday about this, and everything seems normal. The headaches seem to be caused by my horrible lifestyle hehe, so I’ll just need to work on that for a few days, that’s all. =w= Gonna try resting and spending a little less time on my computer for 2-3 days and see how that goes. 

I’ll still be announcing the winners of the raffle tho, no worries about that! ^^ 

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omg i saw your 8month before and after art images and i just-- h O W omfg tell us your secrets how did you manage to improve SO MUCH in just eight months what resources did you use what tutoritals, what books i'm so interested bc i want to improve this much too oh gosh-- you're like one of those artist on dA doing the 'draw this again' meme, truly inspiring

im really flattered thank you! i don’t really have any secrets. I just draw a lot I guess, thats really it. I don’t have any books, I don’t look and read tutorials often. Though there are some things that I did help a ton.

sketchbooks! yes, my friends!

seriously, sketch books are so useful and damn important to me. I don’t only keep one, but several that are different sizes. I take the smallest one when I go out of the house. As you can see, these sketchbooks are filled with anatomy, its something that I like to practice so I do it quite often. Next thing I want to talk about is gesture drawing.

gesture drawing is very important. the point of gesture drawing is to understand the body movement, how the body works in general, and also where to place things if you know what I mean by that.

heres a few gesture drawings. In my opinion, my gesture drawings show too much detail and needs to be more flowy, but thats just how I draw. These drawings took about 30 seconds each. You will start to get athe hang of it once you do it more and more. Looking at references is very very important because you understand things better from looking at real refs.  These are two websites I use for references (x) (x). 

observe a lot and closely, everything around you is a useful reference. When drawing isn’t available for you at some point, look and pay attention to the people sitting in front of you in a bus, how are they sitting, what are their hands doing, how does the persons jacket crease differently compared to the scarf around their necks. look at your own room, see how the sunlight seeping through the windows makes the colors pop, are the colors more saturated? study ones emotions while they talk to you, how do you see that in their face. - i do this and it helps me so much, I can draw clothes much better now because I paid close attention to wrinkles/creases.

keep a folder of saved art, yes i have a folder and it is FULL. dont worry, I dont show this folder to anyone and I don’t claim any of it as my own work. Its simply for myself. looking at other peoples art is very cool, its also a good way of getting inspiration! + its good for understanding how people draw things and how different/similar every artist is!

okay, i think thats a lot of information to take in already. dont forget to create a playlist while you draw! its very relaxing :) I rarely draw without music playing, its useful for inspiration. 8 months may seem like a very short amount of time (i suppose it is i guess) but if you lay out ALL my artwork in one place, I think you’d be surprised how much I drew during that period of time. also note that its very important to take breaks, dont overload it.

good luck!

Hello Everyone! Here’s a small list of tips I’ve made that help me study better. Hope you find them useful :D

1) Clean Your Study Place : This is the first thing you’ve got to do. Cute bunny necklaces and perfume might go well with the colour of your desk but they are seriously not the items to be on your desk. Get a scrap of cloth you dont use anymore and wipe your desk. You’d be pretty surprised to find the amount of dirt gathered on your desk.

2) Go for a walk : Or do any activity that refreshes your mind . This is a tip generally for breaks, but i believe “A fresh mind retains larger information”.

3)Get your study materials : Gather all your materials,pens,papers,paper clips, higlighters, notes, post-its. its much better this way than turning your table upside down and searching in the middle of your study session.

4)And some snacks :   Healthy snacks, period. a few slices of orange or banana. Or even Apples, studies show they improve retention power.

5) And lastly, Drink a glass of water :  for clearing your mind.

Aaaand…. You are ready to open your books and do a Hermione.

Tip: I maintain a small notebook on my table for writing down random thoughts that crop up , which otherwise will distract me. During the little breaks i take, I find myself reading questions like “ do ducks get fever”                     

Follow My Lead (teaser)

The world goes on so no matter if I wake up to my worst nightmare or the biggest relief of my life this one shot is coming out tomorrow. 

It is my first time writing Chris Evans. I will stay a SPN blog but a few other guys might sneak into my writing every once in a while. If you want on my Chris Evans tag list let me know via REBLOG or REPLY ONLY!

“Chris?” You called out his name, wondering where he had gotten too or what he was up too. It wasn’t unlike him to sneak out in the middle of the night to fetch some surprise to leave on your pillow or nightstand to wake up too. Still, he was usually beside you when you woke up, and you weren’t really sure where he would have gone to find a surprise today. You were in the middle of the woods and at least an hours drive from the closest small town.

You took a deep breath and shuffled to get off the bed. That was when you noticed his note.

Morning Beautiful.

Go to the bathroom.


“What is he up too?” you mumbled to yourself with a smile spreading across your face. It didn’t take you long to decide to just go with it. You knew Chris loved surprising you, and even though your curiosity were going to kill you one of these days, you trusted him.

Keep reading

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ac TUALLY I second that last anon's theory abt why ur realistic paintings get less notes??? bc like a while ago when I saw one of ur realistic kpop paintings I just thought it was a picture and scrolled past it, and literally the only reason I went back was because I saw u replying to a bunch of ppl who were talking abt how REALISTIC that picture was so I went back and only then realized it was rly rly good art asJFKDH so yea h maybe???? I wouldn't b surprised if that was the reason tbh?????

omg wHOOPS maybe i really should add extra splotches or something lololol i didn’t think people would actually think it’s just a photo.. i’m not sure if i should be proud or what lol but i’m just rly happy some people really enjoy them! doesn’t have to be a ton of ppl, i’m more than happy with what i have now! 💕

Post-it Notes - Amyplier

I walked in the house “Mark I’m back!” I called but didn’t get a response, so I looked around the house there was no sight of Mark “Where did he go?” I wondered and then I heard the door open, I turned around hoping it was Mark “Whoa, Amy you scared me.” Ethan said obviously surprised to see me “I’m sorry. Ethan have you seen Mark at all today?” I asked “For a very short amount of time, but that was this morning. I haven’t seen him since.” He told me “Why? What did he do?” He asked “He didn’t do anything, I just want to talk to him.” I said with a sigh

“I mean he gave me this.” He said pulling a folded Post-it note out of his pocket I grabbed it out of his hand and looked at it “I didn’t read it, he told me not to.” He said walking into the kitchen, so I unfolded the small purple note and read Amy I am assuming that if you see this Ethan gave this to you. Check upstairs for the next one, this is going to be a little game. The note had said and I ran upstairs and looked around and quickly found the next note I am doing this for a reason, don’t worry you are going to love this out come I promise. Next you’ll need to find Tyler he has the next note and clue to where I am.

I sighed “Ethan, I have to go.” I said “Yeah, I know.” He said and left quickly trying to figure out where Tyler would be and then I looked at the note once more then, I flipped it over Your clue is the first place we went when we got back. I knew what he was talking about and went in the same direction of where I was going. I walked into the small cafe and looked around until I spotted Tyler “So, you and Ethan are in on Mark’s plan?” I asked “Yeah, also here is your next note and here’s this.” he said giving me the note and a small box “Thank Tyler.” I said “You’re welcome.” He said.

I left the cafe and opened the note The item the key is the shop where I let you get anything you wanted no matter the price, all you have to ask for is my name and they’ll give you your next note and something else. Almost done I promise. I read the note and then I quickly hurried on to get the next clue and then I suddenly realized how cheesy this was, when I got there I went up to the front counter “Hi, um I’m looking for something from Mark Fischbach.” I said “Oh yes, I know what you’re talking about. You must be Amy right?” The woman asked grabbing whatever Mark brought here “Yes, I am.” I said she set a small box on the counter “You’re in for a big surprise.” she said walking over to the next customer.

I took the key out of my pocket and unlocked the box and opened the note last note, and all you have to do is go to the park and wait I will be there shortly. You will this I promise I walked to the park and sat on a bench and waited for Mark. Once he got here he walked over to me “You did it.” He said “Yes I did. So what was all this for?” I asked “This.” He said at first I was confused then I realized what he meant. Mark had gotten down on one knee and I covered my mouth “Amy, ever since we had first started dating I have been waiting for this moment and now I get the chance to say it. I absolutely love you and I don’t want to lose you anytime soon. So will you do me the honors and marry me?” He asked I nodded “I will.” I said and he pulled me into a hug “This was still very cheesy.” I said “I know.” He said

(Yes I do realize this was pretty cheesy but whatever I enjoyed writing it and I again posted this on here from my Wattpad, hope you enjoyed!)

yeah hi callout post for @utahteapot (formerly @encyclopaediadramatica) for causing super bad anon hate and then victim blaming

they made this post

which caused pictured blog to get some seriously nasty hate (that theyre still getting) and when asked to delete the post they just said this shit and are weirdly proud about causing someone to get anons telling them to kill themself

theyre also kind of racist and somehow im not surprised (note: these were on the first three pages of their blog when i made this)

basically theyre an absolute fucking asshole and dont take responsibility for their actions

5 uni tips from a straight a’s graduate
  1. not everything is worth giving a fuck
    it doesnt really matter what grades u have if ur dead from exhaustion, so choose ur worries wisely. take care of urself first, then think abt other things.
  2. all of ur teachers are people
    this is a very important thing to remember when ur really afraid to talk to them/send them an email. not a single teacher/prof/dean/etc is out to get u and thrive on ur mistakes. they want u to get that a, and they want u to contact them if u need help, they want u to succeed bc thats basically the point of education, u know. so the next time ur rewriting an email for the 20th time, just rmr that ok. u can do it.
  3. classes arent everything
    afaik most universities have a lot of stuff going on besides classes. volunteering, drama classes, choirs, u name it. dont limit urself to classes and notes, go out there and meet people, or, if u dont want to meet people, just do some stuff. fucking art class. horse riding. i dont know. there’s not a lot of things that are worse than graduating with no relatively exciting memories so get to it before its too late.
  4. notes arent everything
    this might come as a surprise, but abt 95% of everything that u hear in class can also be accessed via other sourses. unless, i assume, ur teacher is a groundbreaking researcher who only shares his discoveries with students. which is, lets face is, very unlikely. so its ok if u dont write down everything they say and chart every lecture on 27 a4 pages front and back/
  5. people are everything
    hold on to ur hats, introverts, and brace yourselves. u will have to meet and interact with a fuckload of people during ur life, so better get used to it right now. i know its hard, and i know it takes a week to recharge but its necessary. making connections and building good relationships will get u so far u will never regret it. if ur in good relations with ur teachers, theres a high chance that u wont need to worry abt ur exams as much as u used to; if ur in good relations with ur fellow students, u can always count on their support in a vast variety of difficult sutuations. not being an asshole helps as well.
10 Facts and 5 OTPs

Facts: tagged by @thelastpilot

1) I don’t like pie. There’s just too much goo on the inside and all the substance is concentrated on the outside so if just feels all weird when I eat it 

2)  I love yogurt, so so much. It’s like ice cream but healthier so i can eat it all the time and feel like a responsible adult.

3) When I was about 9/10 years old I watched Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and developed an intensive fear of werewolves. I had nightmares for weeks afterwards,you know the usual family members turning into werewolves and chases you, a random werewolf chasing you, or you turning into one yourself, all that good stuff. but yea I’m good now but imagine my delight and surprise when Pilot came up with the ml spooky au.

4) I major in psychology, going on to third year after this semester.

5) I hope to do something with my art. Maybe get a diploma or do some online schooling for illustration or concept art. Not really sure how or when I should start actively pursuing it thou.I dont want to just drop out of my current degree cuz I actually enjoy it, so I guess i’ll just wait and see what happens.

6) I have a lucky pink highlighter I use when studying. So when i rewrite my notes i write in pink and take the highlight to the exam hoping I can use it as a retrieval cue. 

7) I love snow, its so nice to look at and i feel great whenever I go out even though its super cold, I was practically born in it being a December baby.

8) I can’t finish carbonated drinks. I wasn’t allowed to drink any as a kid so now I cant tolerate more then a few sips 

9) I got a beauty mark on the side of my nose

10) I got an A in my first uni psych class out of spite to prove to some random classmate wrong. and now that i think about it i may have taken her comment the wrong way but boy I was pissed

5 Otps: (in no particular order) 

- Djwifi (surprise surprise)

- Katara X Aang from Avatar( i think they were one of my first otps)

- Frank X Hazel from The Hero’s of Olympus

- Ferbel crossover ship shot me bruh

- the entire miraculous class, platonically or romantically I dont care everyone loves each other okie

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