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Not even halfway in

Link, aprhensively: “Who’s gonna be the baby bear and the momma bear? (As if I don’t know)”

Rhett, knowing damn well what this sounds like but doesn’t skip a beat: “It could be a daddy bear, you don’t know. *guest lady rasies eyebrows bc uh… suddenly everyone is a third wheel somehow*

Rhett: "This would be more convincing if you were the baby (As if that really matters here lol)

Link: "So um… from what I know of baby bears they nurse the momma?” *lady laughs hard bc oh noooo*

Rhett, again without skipping a beat, a little too enthusiastically lays back and spreads his legs teasingly. “Ok, where do you want to nurse me though?”

Link: *slaps his legs closed* “DOnt, ok dont…I don’t know how to do this…” *moving around*

Rhett, now spread eagle: “Nurse me however you want man. But I feel like I have to give you SOmething. Hey hey! Not the face close to the crotch man, not this early on. I got nipples! Just nurse me there.”

Link: *all flustered* “But I.. uh”

Me: *paused the vid, flabbergasted*

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Pairing: Regulus Black / Blaise Zabini

Setting: Canon Divergence, Time-Travelling AU

When Regulus first kissed him, Blaise’s first instinct was to pull away.

However, his body didn’t give him the chance to as he felt himself melting away into the kiss.  It was deep, it was pulling, and he seemed to drown in it, to lose himself as Regulus bit onto his lips –

And then, he wondered, in the back of his mind, of how some other person’s kiss would’ve tasted like.  Trembling slightly as they finally parted, Blaise croaked out, “I need to go.”

Regulus looked hurt, his dark eyes widening slightly, and ran a frustrated hand across his dark brown hair, and the resemblance made Blaise’s panic rise a notch.

He bolted.

“What’s wrong?“ Hermione Granger frowned concernedly at him, raising her head from some book she found in the library of Grimmauld 12. “What happened?“

Two months ago – or maybe it’s 20 years later– the two of them had accidentally activated a weird time-travelling pocket-watch when they’d been together in a room in the Malfoy Manor. After Voldemort’s winning and Potter’s death, she’d been a captive at the Manor and he’d been assigned to watch over her that day.  With nothing better to do, Blaise had curiously looked around the impressive collection of antiques of the room and occasionally picking one up to examine.

And then after opening up the lid of the pocket-watch, they had landed themselves in 1978.

“I –” Blaise hesitated, unsure of what to say.

“Did you two kiss?“

“How did you –“

“I’ve seen how he looks at you,” she said, before adding softly, “and how you look at him.”

“Perhaps,“ Blaise allowed, “well … okay.  The thing is,” he swallowed nervously and confessed, “I wasn’t thinking of him when I look at him.“

No.  When Blaise looked at Regulus, when he heard him unhappily complaining about his family, of the pressure his parents put on him – when Blaise saw Regulus’s thoughtful eyes, and how he ran his hand across his dark brown hair when he was frustrated – he was thinking about how all these reminded him of Theo.  Theo, who had died on a mission the Dark Lord sent him not long after the final battle.

“Oh,“ Hermione blinked, processing all this and realizing what Blaise meant.  She hesitated for a moment, before offering, “I’m sorry.“

Blaise shrugged, attempting at nonchalance but he suspected he was failing. “I never got the chance to – you know – to tell him. My feelings.”

“I’m sorry,“ she said again, her voice gentle.

“I’m awful, aren’t I?“ he sighed, gazing at the ceiling. “Kissing Regulus when I – when it’s –”

“It’s … understandable,“ she murmured, cutting across him softly, trying to find a way to console him but she’d never been good at relationship advice. “I mean … like … so you probably … have a type.”

He raised an eyebrow at her, slightly amused at her awkwardness despite his misery.  His mouth quirked to the side as he asked drily, “Well, I don’t see you kissing Lucius Malfoy, do I?”

The quill she was holding dropped down to the floor as she gaped at him, “Excuse me?

He smirked, suddenly feeling more cheered up by her reaction, “Oh Hermione – do you honestly think all the Slytherins are as oblivious as Draco?”


He never fails to surprise me. Ever since I first saw his skating, it’s been an unending chain of surprises.

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Do you feel there was a lack of richonne in last season? I have seen complaints about this but, I thought it was a pretty good amount?

No, not at all. Of the many, many things wrong with S7, Richonne was not one of them for me. I mean, they actually had a storyline, which I wasn’t expecting, and it allowed Michonne to still be her own person. Plus, we got almost an entire episode of Richonne shenanigans. Of course I’m still waiting on my Richonne sex, but aside from that, I really loved their development last season. Like, that’s ALL that I loved about S7. 😄

So they rigged to votes only to make Ed and Harry win. Not Miley, or Rihanna. I love them both, but with Ed and Harry these situations are not surprising anymore lol.

And yes, it’s not an award and it doesn’t matter and Billboard sucks. But he fairly won and he could have used the promo.

soulmate! Seokmin (pt.2)

anon requested:  Hi! I recently got into Seventeen and woah did I slipped into the diamond life so hard ㅋㅋㅋ I really like your blog and I’m hoping for a part 2 for Seokmin’s Soulmate post. Than you so much in advance!

  • you thought you had seen it all
  • thought you could predict it all
  • working with celebrities everyday and just being all around busy as ever when filming for MBC music
  • you really thought the world wouldn’t be able to surprise you with anymore happiness
  • lol were you wrong
  • because there was Seokmin in front of you
  • your actual sunshine
  • standing in front of you, holding flowers and a plane ticket
  • pulling your suitcase
  • “Seokmin what are you doing here?”
  • you had been absolutely ecstatic knowing that MBC let you film a special of Seventeen’s Diamond Edge World Tour
  • which meant you got to travel with them at their concerts
  • and you were leaving tonight to meet them at the next stop
  • but the best part had been hearing you would be able to spend time with Seokmin
  • you had both called everyday, him generally from a different country
  • “I can’t wait until you get here and we can go on dates.”
  • “When I get there Seokmin, we can do it all.”
  • and you had felt his anticipation through your shared emotions for weeks
  • but you never expected him to meet you from the airport
  • with not only your ticket but a ticket for himself too
  • “Let’s fly together and go together”
  • he reached for your hand
  • “You’re actually flying with me? You’re actually here? I thought you were with the others.”
  • he gave you his light laughter that never failed to make your heart flutter, the smile that always lit up even the darkest of places
  • “Yep the company let me fly back here to pick you up and fly with you to the next world tour stop.” He pulled you into a hug
  • you hadn’t seen him for what had been the longest 1 month, 4 days, and 3 hours of your entire life since you last found out he was your soulmate during the last filming for show champ
  • yes you kept count
  • yep you were that girlfriend
  • hey that’s what happens when you find your soulmate, anytime spent apart felt like forever
  • seriously the time dragged on without him
  • you never really noticed how much you missed him
  • before you had seen him often on music shows
  • now of course you hadn’t seen him for a while cause of the tour
  • but he was always on your mind
  • and now he was in front of you
  • holding you in his warm embrace, an actual person, not just a face or voice through a phone
  • you hugged him tightly, sighing slightly at how comfortable it all felt
  • “We’re going to miss the flight lets go!”
  • and you both took off towards the security station to check your bags -until you both settled into the plane seats
  • him giving you the window spot so you could look out
  • you excitedly looked out the window into the night sky, the lights along the takeoff platform flashing
  • grabbing onto Seokmin’s arm tightly when the plane took off
  • and him laughing at your reaction and taking your hand in his
  • drawing little hearts on your palm while you asked about the concerts and about how he’s doing
  • “It’s tiring but I had so much fun and I’m so thankful to all our carats!”
  • or him asking about your life
  • even though you guys call everyday and talk
  • all the tiny details flew out of you as you talked about the prep for the Diamond edge special and how you selected the crew specifically
  • and as you talked about how you had filmed some carats who had seen the diamond edge in Seoul
  • you hear heavier breathing and feel Seokmin’s head fall on your shoulder
  • his hand still holding yours in his
  • his breathing slow
  • “Guess you must be tired.” You giggle
  • and you ruffle his hair a bit as he sleeps on your shoulder
  • before you fall asleep too
  • the both of you sleeping on the plane side-by-side
  • his head gently resting on your shoulder and your head resting gently on top of his
  • the flight attendant walking past the two of you thinking you’re both the cutest couple she’s ever seen
  • the whole filming process and the concerts felt like a dream
  • the two of you walking in a foreign place trying all the different foods
  • holding hands wherever you go
  • looking at all the local shops for little keepsakes to buy
  • you getting to film parts of Svt’s concerts
  • but mostly you just staring at how incredible they were at performing
  • but especially Seokmin
  • and when it was time to go home
  • you didn’t want to leave
  • didn’t want to leave the walking the streets of foreign places
  • the late night runs to the hotel’s vending machine for snacks
  • and all the giggling at the other Svt members sleeping
  • but Seokmin was going to go back with you and you would have a whole week together before he’d have to go to the next leg of the tour
  • and so in that week
  • you both tried doing it all
  • literally having all the dates
  • going for boba tea every afternoon in one of those really cool boba tea places
  • where they have board games and Jenga to play as well as popcorn chicken, waffles, ice cream, and ramen
  • stealing sips from each other’s drinks
  • “hey get your own!”
  • “yours tastes better though!”
  • “it’s the same thing Seokmin!”
  • holding hands to walk into Starbucks in the morning to buy coffee
  • taking cute selcas together even though you can’t yet post on SNS
  • “What did the company decide about the soulmates?” You say nonchalantly stirring your tea
  • “well now that everyone’s found theirs, they’re going to have to make a press conference for all of us. We have to tell the fans but they’ll understand, our carats are the best.” His eyes sparkled talking about his fans and you loved it
  • “Won’t your fans rampage, I mean since you’re super good looking and you got stuck with me as a soulmate.” You laugh
  • he grabs your hand tightly making you jump a little in surprise
  • “You’re beautiful and amazing ok? Our fans understand, after all they all have soulmates out there too.”
  • he must have felt the insecurity you felt behind your joking comment
  • but the added empathy and feeling of happiness when he told you that
  • made the both of you smile
  • “Plus you’re so pretty how could they rampage?”
  • “Mmkay Seokmin, whatever you say.” You laugh
  • you hadn’t met all the members’ soulmates then though you knew you were the last in svt
  • you and Seokmin weren’t together as long as the rest of them, but you felt impossibly happy
  • every piece seemed to click
  • and you were happy to finally get time to spend with him
  • walking along the streets to look at all the stuff for sale
  • you trying on a pair of sunglasses that makes him smile brightly at you in the way you love so much
  • “I’ll need these sunglasses if you keep blinding me with that smile Seokshine.”
  • “Stop omo, y/n.”
  • buying matching sunglasses
  • until a shop plays boom boom
  • and you both burst out laughing and he pulls your arm and starts teaching you the choreo. In. The. Middle. Of. The. Freaking. Shop.
  • pumping his chest at the chorus “boom boom” part
  • making you bend over with laughter
  • and the shop owner to come over to the both of you
  • “You guys are such a cute couple!”
  • “Thank you.” You hide a smile
  • “Do I know you from somewhere?” She asks Seokmin
  • and you both laugh
  • “I get told I look like that Dokyeom guy from Seventeen”
  • you smack his arm, dying
  • the shop lady just winks at the two of you and turns away before the both of you break into a fit of giggles
  • you both wander from shop to shop looking at stuff
  • “We should get those keychains that I promised last time.” You smile at him while linking your arm with his, a skip in your step
  • “I have a better idea”
  • he drags you into this tiny jewelry shop on a corner
  • “What the heck Seokmin?”
  • he laughs ignoring you and turns to the staff there
  • “I called earlier about my order?”
  • “Ah yes sir please wait a moment.” They go into the back room
  • “What order Lee Seokmin?!?!”
  • “You’ll see.”
  • and you watch as the employee brought out a pair of matching rings from a display case in the back
  • placing it in front of the both of you
  • as you look closer you see they’re couple rings
  • one is a crescent moon with your initials on it
  • and the other is a sun with L.S. Engraved on it
  • Seokmin lightly takes your hand and the sun ring, gently helping you put it on your ring finger
  • and he puts on the moon one with your initials
  • “Look they match and everything!”
  • he smiles at you shyly and you feel the nervousness he’s feeling
  • wondering if you’ll like it until it feels like his heart might burst
  • trying to scan your emotions for your response
  • until he feels the immense amount of happiness as you look down at the ring and start tearing up at how pretty it is
  • “Seokmin…”
  • “Do you like it?”
  • “Of course!!!!”
  • “Good because no refunds”
  • “Omg stop!”
  • “Hehe I got the hyungs to help me pick it.”
  • “When did you…?”
  • “yesterday morning when you were filming something.”
  • “It’s beautiful thank you.”
  • “not as beautiful as you.” He laughed
  • “Staaaahhhpppp!”
  • “By the way this isn’t an engagement ring no, that ring will be different.”
  • you blush, smacking his arm flustered
  • “YAH!!! You!!!”
  • “I’m just joking.” He chuckled pulling you in to hug you
  • “Don’t look at anyone else now. Even all the cute idol boys who will call you PD-nim and noona.”
  • “Yah Lee Seokmin, I’m not that old!”
  • he pulls away to look at you before placing a kiss on your cheek
  • “You’re mine though.” He says giving his signature smile
  • and you both wear the rings out as you walk
  • holding hands and talking about anything and everything
  • the sun starting to set in the evening as you walk towards the Han river
  • “Oh one more surprise!!”
  • he pulls you over to an area by the Han river
  • where there’s a picnic blanket and food packed
  • “Seokmin when did you have time for all this???”
  • “Well I’m leaving soon again for diamond edge and I wanted to make the most of our time.”
  • he pulls you down to sit next to him on the blanket
  • “there’s kimchi, kimbap, anything you want to eat.”
  • “Did you ask Mingyu for this?”
  • you giggle and unwrap some of the plastic wrap to eat
  • and you both eat the food happily while looking up at the gradually darkening sky
  • “The fireworks show should start soon.”
  • he points out toward a barge and the crowd of people sitting by the river
  • and you rest both your hands on the blanket and look up at the stars
  • and he scoots closer to sit next to you wrapping an arm around you
  • and that moment is when the first brightly colored burst of firework sets off in the sky
  • and you gasp at how pretty it all is and point up at the sky
  • leaning yourself against Seokmin’s chest
  • just enjoying the beautiful scene and the fireworks booming and exploding in the sky to the time of your rapid heart beats
  • and you turn to look up at his face
  • and you reach gently to kiss his lips when he turns to look down and meet your gaze
  • your lips meeting right as another round of fireworks goes off
  • your heart rapidly beating in your chest rivaling the sounds of the fireworks
  • and both your emotions just being a happy mess that can’t be described in words
  • as you stay there in that blissful moment
  • lips gently on each other’s with the sky lighting up in colors above you
  • until you pull away blushing snuggling up into his chest again
  • your emotions you both felt from each other explaining more in that moment than talking ever could
  • it was perfect
  • the sky was bright with reds, blues, yellows
  • fading gently

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The Seventeen Soulmate Series

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin jess

“I’m too much of a mess right now to be left alone, huh?” said Akoya as he, once again, made his way to Ibushi’s arms.

“I told you already, you’re the loveliest mess I’ve ever seen.”

Now, that was a compliment Akoya could get used to.

“I like when you call me that.”

A fanart inspired to one of my favorite Boueibu fics, “Family jewels” by @mostlikelytofangirl. There is basically no valid reason for not reading her “Something wicked” series! I could go on and on about what I love of these stories, but hey, there is magic - with witches, vampires, ghosts, great characterization, some of the sweetest Akoya&Ryuu interactions I have ever read, lots of tenderness (and angst, aw) and En and Ibushi together make the best humor ever (or not?). It was also very hard to choose what to draw… but eventually, I thought the birthday girl would be happy with the OTP :D

Happy birthday Ale, I really hope you’re having a great day!!! Thank you for being the sweetest and most precious person ever, you’re a treasure! ♥

Mormor fandom, I’m counting on you

So apparently my organizing system sucks major eggs (not that this would surprise me anymore lol) and I cannot for the life of me find one specific fic that I THOUGHT I had bookmarked AND reblogged on my extra tbr fics blog.

All I can remember is that it’s very long, written from Seb’s point of view & is basically his life after the army, how he gets to work for Jim and how they grow closer etc. It’s extremely dark, angsty, violent and graphic, and I remember one specific chapter where sex was accompanied by cutting or something and just a whole lot of blood, resulting in Seb passing out (I believe that’s where I stopped). I think it’s a pretty famous/popular story?!

Can someone help me & tell me what I’m looking for? I will love you forever!

Daesung in I Live Alone

Okay, so I watched I Live Alone yesterday and here are a few observations about Daesung (lol is anyone even surprised anymore):

- He was so giggly. Particularly in the 2nd episode after arriving at Youngbae’s home. I don’t normally like to use that word (“giggle”), especially as it applies to guys, but I’m not sure anything else is a better fit.

- He seemed a bit nervous, a little shy, embarrassed at times. Like, of course, when they were discussing his “sexy” image in the car and again, later on, in the closet (as Youngbae picked out pajamas for him!). And when he sat on the couch hugging that pillow to himself while Youngbae spread out beside him with an arm slung over the back; it’s his home so ofc he’d get comfy quick. I take it Daesung doesn’t spend much time at Youngbae’s place… or possibly with Youngbae at all outside of work (which I do recall Youngbae confirming once, sadly). But I think we all know by now what a homebody he is.

- The way he acts like he’s being attacked when someone compliments him. How his eyes and nose scrunch up and his lips draw back in this strange mix of agony and amusement. It’s like above his nose he’s in pain, while below he’s laughing. “Why are you guys doing this? What’s going on?” like it couldn’t possibly be true, as they piled nice words onto him during dinner.

(Putting the rest behind a cut because this got longer than expected… Will I ever learn to be less long-winded? I have a lot of thoughts okay.)

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I’d rather have a treat

So I was in bed, trying to go to sleep. It was 2AM, and for some reason my brain thought, “hey… You wanna know what would make a good one-shot?” Thus resulting in me staying up, laptop in bed, typing this story to get it out of my head. Oh shit… I rhymed!

Summary: Halloween is here! Natsu and Lucy get into the spirit, deciding to throw a party before trick or treating! NALU, Modern AU. I don’t own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. One-Shot!

Rated: T for adult situations and slight cursing.

Pairing: Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza

Genre: Humor, Friendship, Romance

Word count: 6,175

Read on or AO3 

I’d rather have a treat

It all started with a simple trip to the store. Lucy needed another composition notebook for class, and Natsu needed a new basketball because somehow he managed to pop another one. It was only supposed to take ten minutes tops, but when they walked by the Halloween section, they both lost track of time.

“This is adorable!” Lucy lifted the woman’s costume high enough for Natsu to see.

His green eyes flitted from the bottle of fake blood in his hand up to what his girlfriend was showing him. He grinned, knowing the full-body leopard print suit would look fantastic on her. Especially since she tended to wear clothes that clung to her body, revealing her curves. “Looks great,” he said, earning a smile from her. “Don’t expect me to match ya though.”

Lucy merely giggled, tucking the costume under her arm to look around at other things. She was pretty sure she was going to get it, but it didn’t hurt to see what else the store sold.

By the end of the shopping trip, they had a cart full of Halloween party supplies, costumes, a cape -for some reason, and a fog machine. The couple were halfway to Lucy’s house before they realized they forgot to get her notebook or his ball, resulting in a U-turn and another long look through the Halloween section ‘just in case’ they missed something the first time.

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Hey just a heads up, I can't tell much info but don't expect Dean to last more than 4 seconds kneeling besides Castiel's body on the 1st episode, I don't want you to get your hopes up bc of a continuity error with the light. I'm telling you this bc I like you and don't want you to suffer (more)

Alright. 1) People that say this are almost always full of shit and if you really meant it or if you had something legitimately secret and sensitive to say to me, you would come off anon to message me privately. You just want me to publish this ask so it will get other people upset, which is manipulative and petty and honestly kind of sad for you.

2) Yeah, duh, obviously. I know this already. Dean rushes into the house with Sam to confront a naked Jack in the nursery right where 12.23 left off. We know that. We were literally shown that in the promo. Nothing secret about it. So of course he leaves Castiel’s body fairly quickly?

Also I have zero faith in TPTB to deliver anything lingering or in depth when it comes to solo Dean/Cas time anymore lol. Every time is a surprise and I will continue to be surprised when it happens.

3) I just want to remind everyone really quickly that I have no emotional connection to any spoilers that I see, all speculation fanfic that I write is done purely as a creative exercise, and I don’t have any “hopes” for season 13 that might be crushed. I literally do not care. Y’all don’t need to hold my hand through this. Worry about your damn selves.

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I feel like Norman talked about it during an interview, that after everything Daryl has been through and not having an outlet for any of his emotions, he's just going to kill any savior who could get in his way. So I kind of understand his actions.

Yeah, I get that and it’s not like I give a shit about Saviors but where’s the line?

Or maybe there isn’t one anymore

Still, it took me by surprise lol