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I feel that I didn’t appreciate Lyanna Stark enough before the Rhaegar week. Before it, I didn’t really feel the character, but while I was making edits and thinking about her, she became more fleshed out in my mind. I feel close to her now. She is a girl who dislikes womanizers and arranged marriages, a girl who doesn’t have a positive bond with her father. A girl who is brave and adventurous and mature for her age, a girl who defies the society. A girl who stands up to bullies, and who is similar to Arya in personality. And Lyanna fell in love with Rhaegar … And she cries over sad music too. She is very relatable to me.

Lyanna became one of my favorite minor characters.

it really should scare anyone with human decency how #DACA is being put to an end by trump. over 28,000 immigrants are going to lose their jobs over this xenophobic and racist decision… and before anyone whines about how these immigrants don’t deserve jobs because they’re not “real Americans”,, dreamers have been in America since they were children. DACA literally stands for  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. imagine being a child who comes into a country where you have to immediately adapt to learning a new language, get used to a new culture, and get to work a few years later right at the legal working age. these children have went through hell and back just to make a living in america, and it’s very disgusting how the trump administration wants to take that all away just because he wants to make america white again. 

there is no valid reason why trump wants to take away DACA other than blatant xenophobia because immigrants are not “stealing” your fucking jobs. that bullshit claim has been debunked a million times by professional economists. the #Dreamers caused no harm to this country, they’re just young immigrants who want to make a living for themselves and their future families. DACA has helped over 800,000 immigrants achieve their goals and dream of becoming successful in a different country. only racists who want to “purify” this country with whiteness would be against such a helpful program. anyone else who knows how to sympathize with other humans would know that this program is well needed. 

no one ever talks about the part of adhd where everyone in your class has got their group of friends and you’re just there, mindlessly tagging along with anyone who is willing to put up with you for a few minutes. either you’re too loud or too quiet. if you’re lucky, it won’t affect you much. you’re a loner, so what? but then the moments come around where you find yourself yearning to be like the others. you’re not depressed, why would you be? you’re a child who just happens to be a little different. sure, you’re usually the last choice when it comes to groups and you’re rarely, if ever, invited to birthday parties but… it’s alright. everything is fine. or is it?

that interview with Zach Sang is probably the best interview BTS’s has had since coming to the US for the AMAs. like, Zach obviously did his research and he didn’t ask petty questions like ‘who is your celebrity crush?’ instead what he did were:

  • he actually asked questions the boys’ wanted to answer and you could see that they’re very comfortable. 
  • yoongi even spoke up a couple of times and joked about making it to the billboard
    zs: what was your dream growing up? like, when you first realized that you wanted to sing. what was your end goal? what did you wanna see yourself do?
    yg: go the billboard. i made it <laughs>
  • he talked about how BTS’ music embodies change and the belief of the next generation and that even when their songs are in Korean they’re proving that music is w/o borders wHICH IS ONLY WHAT NAMJOON HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT EVERYTIME SOME IDIOT ASKS THEM ABOUT RELEASING AN ENGLISH SONG
  • he did his research about the history of their songs and their lyrics and Namjoon legit sounded surprised when Zack reference their earlier lyrics of studying and being turned into working machine bECAUSE SHIT SO FAR HE’S THE ONLY INTERVIEWER WHO TALKED ABOUT IT
  • instead of talking about how the boy’s are dealing with the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity/idol, he asked about how they deal with the pressure of being idols and basically being looked up to by their fans and how do they deal with it (of course he mentioned about the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity but that it’s just material and he asked them how they stay in touch with themselves)
  • he understand that BTS’ journey isn’t an easy one and he knows what their work is all about calling them ‘socially charged since the beginning’
  • HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO ASKED ABOUT THEIR UNICEF WORK SO FAR and you could practically see the boys light up at the question. they all smiled and nodded and Namjoon thanked him and enthusiastically discussed about their UNICEF #EndViolence campaign
  • he asked them about how they remind themselves to love their selves and not as BTS - which for me is a very relevant and good question bc so far all we see people ask them is ‘how does it feel like to be one of the biggest boy bands in the world??’
  • the boys are comfortable enough to answer in Korean and let Namjoon translate for them unlike in the other interviews where they really struggle to speak in english for the interviewer (but idk. maybe that’s just me)
  • yg: please don’t compare yourself with others
    jh: finding my dreams and something that i really want to achieve is the best way to love myself
    nj: simply just call yourself (…) if i’m zach i’ll tell myself ‘zach, you’re doing just great. zach, i love you.’ pat your shoulder 3x a day. that can change you.’
  • he asked them if anybody in the group has the goal of learning english and everyone is just like ‘of course!’ (suga said ‘why not?’ V was very cute raising his hand and saying ‘me!’ and jhope sang the english alphabet. omg these boys.)
  • namjoon said they’re practicing and studying and memorizing words for the interviews and he’s really very, very proud of them.  (◡‿◡✿)
  • ZACH TOLD THEM TO JUST KEEP RELEASING MUSIC IN KOREAN because BTS is connecting people through music, telling the same struggles and experiences wherever they may be, and it’s a Big Deal.
  • He thanks BTS for their UNICEF work, telling them it’s very appreciated that the boys are working towards making the world a safer place and Namjoon legit said he’s the first one to ask them about their UNICEF campaign and said they’re so touched.


stuff that is now officially COOL to do:
  • asking questions for the sake of learning
  • asking questions to clarify things that could be miscommunications
  • asking questions as opposed to arguing, just to keep provoking further answers and explanation from the other side even if they’re really really wrong & bad, and then leaving it at that without making statements urself. like jsut let them stew in their own answers they said. kinda makes em feel like a fool sometimes if ur dealin with a real bastard, and u dont have to go thru the trouble of engaging.
  • hey guys? how come we dont ask more questions? 🤔

It was getting too long, I had to cut it, I’ll make 2 more parts on the Art tips!!

Have a super good day!! Hope it helps~~

*** Flipping your canvas on traditional media:  Look at your painting in the mirror, or turn your paper and put it against a light, to see the reverse image or take a pic of your drawing with your phone, and in the pic editor, just flip it~~

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remus lupin deserves the world, but the world does not deserve remus lupin.


So the Victor’s Moving Castle movie looks pretty good so far.

Bonus Breakfast:

on “anti”-ism

I know there’s a lot of legitimate reason to be scared out there. I know there are abusers, predators, and worse in the world. Many of us have dealt with abuse in many stages of our lives, in its myriad of disgusting forms. But there’s a reason “adults on the internet” keep telling you to chill about the shipping. It’s because literally the only thing wrong with shipping is not being chill about the shipping.

When you enter the realm of fandom the expectation is that you understand the barriers between reality and fiction. While it’s true that there are individuals who do not understand or respect this rule, ignoring it is like showing up to a restaurant that explicitly asks customers to wear shirts and shoes in wet gym shorts and nothing else. It’s not the norm. It’s not acceptable. And it’s only a matter of time before that person is asked to leave. We’re not going to close down the kink restaurant just because a few people can’t read. With regards to age, another metaphor I’ve used for kink fiction is beer. It’s made by adults and intended for adults. It can be purchased for and consumed by minors, but that’s not the way it’s supposed to be used, and those using it incorrectly are responsible, not the ones who brewed it.

I grew up in fandom. I’ve already “grown up”, much to my periodic dismay. I’ve spent more than a decade here, and that’s nothing compared to the 40 or 50+ years some people have dedicated to this hobby. There’s a reason why I know what I know. I make friends with people who are kink-friendly, because that’s what I am. I know and have known hundreds such people, thanks to conventions and the internet. The balance in these people of working their jobs, paying their bills, taking care of their spouses and children and pets and extended families and communities - and also responsibly engaging in the hobby of creating porn for themselves isn’t weird or against the grain. It’s normal. Responsibility and respect are expected. In literally every case of fandom drama, whether it was the Supernatural death-threats or the Snapewives cult or the hot and fresh trend of bullying vulnerable fans into attempting suicide, the problem was never an inappropriate kink, or a pairing that involved two characters with different numbers in their ages. It was a disrespect for reality, an inappropriate action taken that affected other real people. And no amount of shipping “purity” is going to solve or even correlate to that problem.

I get that the world is terrifying and that everyone wants easy “markers” to see which people are the bad ones - the problematic ones - the ones to be avoided. But life is not and never has been that simple. People hide what’s wrong with them if they can. They mask it. Bad people will try to deceive you because they are bad people. Good people will ship “bad” things and bad people will ship “good” things. Good people will have “bad” kinks and bad people will be tame and vanilla. This works in reverse, too, because like I said, there are no easy markers here.

Look to how people treat reality, not fiction. Does it seem like they can’t tell the difference between the two? Are they trying to change or dictate your reality? If so, it doesn’t matter what their kinks are or aren’t. It only matters that they treat other people with disrespect.

Jungkook: You should wear my jacket

Jimin: Why?

Jungkook: You look cold

Jimin: *suspiciously puts on oversized jacket*

Jungkook: *starts giggling*

Jimin: What?

Jungkook: *still giggling* You…look like a marshmallow.

Jimin: *pouts*

Jungkook: A cute marshmallow