not sure why this is so funny

I can tell I’m getting way too worked up over this.  Okay this:

looks like the sort of thing I’d do if I were in a really long meeting.  I’m pretty sure that is exactly what happened with her, she was some place like church or whatever and super bored.  But at least it was something.  She can pretend it’s avant garde shit.


WTAF is this nonsense?  If it was a celebrity who couldn’t draw, but was asked to contribute something, I could maybe see them doing this as self-deprecating humor because the alternative would be stick figures.  And I’d think it was funny.  But he can draw.  He can draw well.  So…?

Is he really that angry about his life right now?  I’m sure I’m reading too much into this.  I don’t know why I’m angry.  This is just bizarre to me.  I want to think it’s funny, but I can’t.  

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Honestly, i'd love for PPG to pull a Samurai Jack and make seventh and eighth seasons to the original show that are darker, more serious, and better looking. (And maybe story arcs)

Nah, I dunno.

Violence, yes. YES. Maybe a little teeny bit more darkness, sure. Definitely looking like ten billion times cooler with more fluid animation (heck YES). But… ugh. UGH. Serious?? Yuuuuuck.

…maybe it’s just me, but I much prefer the PPG to be wacky and funny and frenetic, not dark and depressing. It’s why I like the movie because it was a pretty good balance of the two (and for a theatrical movie, you need to inject it with a healthy dose of pathos so that the audience can sympathize with the characters). But it’s not necessarily what I myself would prefer to see.

Because… I love the PPG because it brings me joy and it’s crazy! I hate the reboot because, while it attempts humor, it falls flat and the humor is absolutely horrible and watered down. And it’s not crazy. It’s just stupid. I mean, it… detects… that humor is a key element of the show, but it does it all wrong. And it totally forgets that the humor and the fighting have to compliment each other. I mean, I wanna watch epic battles, but only if I’m gonna get super pumped up and excited about it. I wanna laugh while it happens! I just wanna be a giggly mess! A bundle of excited, happy energy! And I also wanna be punching the air and whoopin’ it up for my badass super babies and getting pumped about how they’re gonna save the day by kickin’ as much butt as they possibly can!

I really wouldn’t want it to be like Samurai Jack. Not at all. Honestly, I’d rather it be like WOY: fluid and hilarious and CRAZY and action-y and beautiful with a liiiiiiiittle bit of sincerity and genuine sweetness thrown in along the way.

(…although, hey, by all means, let’s throw some buckets of blood in there, why the heck not?! Bring on the carnage!)

Thanks. It was partially guilt (my blood type is either O- or O+ and my mom thought it might be O- which is the universal donor, but either way desperately needed), partially curiosity, and partially me going “it’s been in my head for a while, I’m gonna fucking do it”. I get like that every once in a while; I’m not sure why. If I do go back, I hope the nurse is a little nicer.

Ha! Well, I’m not sure I’d go that far. I think I remember someone telling me that it can take 25 pints of blood to save someone - so I guess I helped save 1/25 of someone.

Thanks. It’s funny, I was texting a friend after and she said “you’re such a ncie girl” and I was like I don’t feel very nice! And I don’t feel very brave either because I got so worked up, it was kind of embarrassing. It feels like a surreal experience now.

  • Jin: Will come and sit on your keyboard while you're trying to do stuff cos he thinks he's far more interesting to look at than whatever that boring shit on your screen is. Plus he's hungry. Always hungry.
  • Suga: Never moves. Like ever. Sometimes you have to poke him just to make sure he's still alive. And then after you've poked him he'll hiss at you. But he loves you deep down, probably because you bought him a fluffy bed.
  • J-Hope: Pounces on your head every morning to wake you up cos he loves you and wants the first thing you see in the morning to be his furry belly.
  • Rap Monster: Walks across the table to get to you and knocks off a) your coffee cup, b) your laptop, c) your entire collection of glass figurines, d) all of the above.
  • Jimin: Will be constantly rubbing against you. Like as soon as you get home he just suddenly appears and rubs against your legs. It's rare for you to get out the house without fur all over you.
  • V: Always chasing stuff. Legit, if it moves, he chases it. Butterflies, spiders, dogs, pokemon, anything. Also eats whatever he manages to catch. So hide your other pets...
  • Jungkook: That crazy ass kitten that just runs around everywhere. Will legit try to run vertically up your walls, so keep him supervised at all times. And watch out for him randomly hiding underneath your legs when he gets freaked out by another cat, especially if it's female.
  • pierre bezuhkov: *can't count how many paces to take in a duel*
  • jason dean: *can't count to three, thinks three is pronounced "fuck it"*
  • george eacker: *can't count to ten, can only count to seven*
  • tommy ross: *can't count down from ten to one, needs an entire chorus of students to do it for him*
  • i'm starting to see a pattern

Other moms showing pictures on their phone: our youngest just turned 15 and our eldest is off to college to become an architect, they grow up so fast. I will say I’m glad we stopped when we did though, two was a bit of a handful haha.

Me, a cool tumblr mom: ha ha yea tell me about it.

Other moms: but you don’t have any???

Me: sure I do *whips out phone and starts scrolling through tumblr* this one is Julia, she’s 72 and she knits sweaters for homeless shelters, and this one writes unbeLIEVABLE stucky fanfic, just the Best ™. This one does amazing korassami fanart. This one is probably going to be president one day, this one is sad a lot but that’s okay we love them anyway, this one just came out as non binary and we love them unconditionally, this one is dealing with some awful health stuff but they’re coping so well I’m so proud, this one just got into community college and I cried I was so happy for them, this one keeps asking me Pratchett meta questions which is amazing. This one’s my ‘trashcan’ gay daughter and I love her, she’s not really a trashcan but she thinks it’s funny to call herself one so we humor her, we’re very proud of her, this one draws me fanart of my ocs which makes me happy, this one gets easily overwhelmed by social situations but they’re getting there, this one sends me bad books to read all the time, this one…


Happy Birthday to my favorite girl! We got to see many sides of you this past year, your smarts, your baking, your laughter, your tears. Thank you for being my precious baking angel whose heart is so big it’s ridiculous! You are so so considerate and funny and dorky it hurts me sometimes :/ I love you so so so much you have no idea; I would write paragraph after paragraph about why I love you but I have to stop before I get carried away~

 Happy 23rd/24th Birthday to Son Seungwan, Red Velvet’s beautiful power vocalist and hamster! All I wish is for you to be healthy and happy, alongside your members always! (Because I am sure that is what you’d wish as well)


If search engines were Supernatural fans...


Conclusion: Bing is kinky as fuck but also deep as fuck, confused about the brothers’ nicknames, has a love/hate relationship with Sam and really wants to know WHY, and thinks Dean is the Hulk.


Conclusion: Yahoo is a Sam!girl, is pretty sure about Dean’s orientation, has plenty of crossover headcanons, and ships Wincest.


Conclusion: Google prefers Dean but doesn’t know quite what to make of his sexuality. However, Google is certain that Sam is gay—while at the same time being entirely unable to pin down his species.

  • What people say: "My niece's nephew's grandson was attacked and mauled by a dog without warning!"
  • What people mean: "I am ignorant of dog body language and uneducated on dog behavior and I don't know how to read a dog's stress signals to see the subtle warnings that a dog is getting uncomfortable and reaching its threshold and about to lash out aggressively."
He makes your baby laugh  (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he would hear his son start laughing and he wouldn’t be sure why but he would be very much happy to hear it- “what did I do that’s so funny little buddy?”

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Jin: -he would dance for his daughter when she would start crying because it always made her laugh a lot so he would keep doing it to make sure she stay happy- *gif*

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Suga: -you would hear the loud laughter of your daughter who was happily sitting beside her father. You asked if he was doing something but he never told you what- “it’s for me to know and you never to find out”

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J-Hope: -he was always so happy when he could get his little ones to laugh because once he got one laughing the other would join in right away- “nothing better than their laughter”

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Jimin: -he would instantly look at you when your baby girl started laughing. Since it was the first one she did he was glad he made her laugh- “her laugh is even perfect”

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V: -his boy would let out a dorky laugh. Then it would make him laugh with his son and they would just be laughing over nothing when you would walk into the room- “we’re so alike aren’t we?”

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Jungkook: -He would simply walk into the kitchen in the morning and your daughter would start laughing at him. You always asked him what he was doing to get her to laugh so much- “I must just be a funny guy. At least she thinks so”

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BTS Reaction to you having a wet dream.


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He’d be shocked when he heard you moaning his name. He’d only laugh at you and be sure to make fun of you when you wake up.


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He’d be turned on when he heard your moans and he’d wake you up to fix the problem you caused.

“Do you think it’s funny to do this to me?”


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He’d be amused but wouldn’t bother you, wanting to hear every dirty thing you were dreaming aloud.


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He’d become increasingly frustrated until he had enough of listening to you. He’d shake you awake and flip you on your back.

“If you’re that needy, why don’t you just say so?”


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The moment his name leaves your lips he would burn up with embarrassment until he worked up the courage to gently shake you awake.

“J-Jagi, wake up…we can play if you want to…”


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At first he wouldn’t notice. The second time you groan and squirm around he’d be confused, not sure if he should wake you to see if you were alright. Around the third time you moan it finally clicked in his mind what was happening.

“Oh, Y/N wake up, I can make you feel better.


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He’d be very shocked and not sure what to do since it would probably be the first time he’d ever heard or seen something like that. Your moans would turn him on but he’d be too shy to take over the situation.

Mokdong Fansigning 101616 (w/ Yoongi)

Q1: Make a poem using “Holly”
Holly Is Very Pretty (yoongi has terrible handwriting, but he’s calling Holly pretty.)

Q2: Rank all solo songs in this album.
He marked all of them as First Love. Nothing beats First Love.

The second question omfg.. what did everyone expect haha  ©

ok…for some reason i haven’t seen anyone talk about this but it’s been eating away at me so i’m just gonna…talk about it.

in “ark of taujeer”, coran attempts to win over the red lion. it’s a funny scene bc coran is dressed up in yet another ridiculous outfit (between this and space mall, does he have a huge wardrobe hidden somewhere?), lists off his full name, and the red lion totally ditches him. but?? like?? also??

[image: coran standing in front of the red lion saying “finally, alfor. i will walk in your footsteps!”]

alfor was totally the red paladin, right???

it’s a passing reference and i can get why it was overlooked. i think some people believe it just means alfor was a paladin in general? but let me talk about why it would be so, so good for alfor to be the red paladin.

  • for alfor being a paladin in general: there’s the “father, we must form voltron!” scene that’s been frequently mentioned (paladin allura??), as well as how it makes sense for the leaders of two major species to both be paladins. BUT the ‘yellow armor’ people claim he’s in…isn’t actually paladin armor. i’m pretty sure it’s just a royal outfit.
  • red lion in galra captivity: alfor puts allura in the cryopod, which coran also ends up in at some point, but?? the castle ends up safe and hidden on a distant planet?? alfor seemed to have had a plan (“if all goes well, i will see you again soon”), but he must have separated from the castleship to enact it. it may be that alfor ordered the other paladins to hide their lions (with black remaining locked in the castle and sent away), but he himself was followed by a vengeful zarkon – or perhaps flew in to face him head on – and the red lion failed to escape.
  • drama potential: my guy, just imagine how pissed allura would be if the pilot of her father’s lion ended up being a galra – OH WAIT! it’s not that much a stretch bc she was pretty pissed about keith, huh? allura, of course, has plenty of reasons to be distrustful of a galra on her team, but if that was enflamed by the fact that this particular galra took the place of her father, who was killed by the galra, i think her anger is even more justified.
  • parallels: i’m…pretty sure that after zarkon went off the deep end, alfor became the new leader of voltron. wow, red being second-in-command? why does that sound familiar…
    • bonus black paladin allura potential!! the only decision we really saw alfor make was to scatter the lions instead of standing and fighting – a decision that he (or at least his AI) later admitted was a bad choice and he should have listened to allura. it sounds like the red paladin wasn’t really sure of what to do and somebody else should have been in charge, hmm…?
    • drama + parallel potential: if alfor really did try to face zarkon head on…and coran was still awake to witness it…i can imagine that there might’ve been an exchange such as “get out of there now! zarkon is too powerful!” “this is my chance to put an end to the galra empire! i have to take it!”
  • it’d be fukcing hilarious bro: imagine this character we’ve been built up to believe is a sage and wise and regal king, only to find out that this whole time he’s been a taller and slightly-more-mature keith.

anyway thank you for reading and please consider red paladin alfor from here on out.

This Is War [3]
Request: jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny (Again, wasn’t sure if this was an ACTUAL request, but I thought it would be fun as one :p) 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1069

Warnings: This part is a little angsty? Reader is COLD. 

A/N: Here is part 3!! Feedback would be awesome as always! I hope you enjoy this part and thank you everybody for reading!! It means SO much to me. xo

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Why does Volpina make no sense to you? Volpina is a disambiguation of Vulpine, which is the scientific name for fox.

Sure we could go there, but also Volpe is literally fox in Italian and Volpina would be little fox. Lila happens to be Italian, what a funny coincidence…

I’m going to continue the previous ask I answered, starting for the fact that she couldn’t have read Gabriel’s book because it’s basically coded.

This is her finding out there’s a fox heroine in the book:


She doesn’t say “oh hey it’s Volpina I should impersonate her”, she just comes up with a plan that includes the name itself. Why do I insist on this? Because Lila was the first one saying the name of said superheroine was Volpina. 

Back to names, when Ladybug and Chat Noir first met this happened:

It wasn’t a “You must be Ladybug!” And then he went like this:

*thinks of something creative*

“Yup! Chat Noir.” (literally “Yup, Black Cat.”) Nailed it.

He just picked his name. Now let’s go back a few minutes into the episode, when Adrien met Plagg and asked him what he was doing there.

Not a “I’m here to make you the Chat Noir.” He just said that he’ll give him the power of destruction. Same thing went with Tikki and Marinette I assume, we only get Tikki saying she’ll explain everything to her before they change scenes though.

Speaking of Marinette, Ladybug didn’t get a proper name until the end of the episode. She was actually going to say her real name at first:

Then she just,

Now I’m going to list a bunch of names she’s called until she finally picks one:

“Miss Maladroit”

He just called her “partner” because he didn’t know her name yet since she hadn’t told him, which wouldn’t make any sense if Plagg said “Hey, your partner is called Ladybug”.

Note: Alya says “coccinelle-girl”.

Chat Noir liked it too apparently.

Ah, there she is.

Hawkmoth also said this while the fight happened:

See no names, the black cat and the ladybug (in French he says chat noir and coccinelle). Other times he talked about their Miraculous he went like this:

Now it’s Ladybug and Chat Noir, both as names not nouns.

Anyways, my point it: Lila chose that name for her whole “my grandma was a fox superhero” story, when akumatized she got that name as well (for example, Nathanael took the appearance of the comic he was drawing, so it’s not weird something from her life made it into her akumatization, especially because she wanted to prove LB wrong).

And so, this is why I don’t think the new fox holder should call herself “Volpina”. According to the previous kwamis’ introductions Trixx should say their own name, say what powers they give and explain the basics of a fox hero, when she transforms she should come up with her own name herself.

Now Spoiler warning??? Though I think everyone knows by now who she is going to be, Alya’s well aware of the akumas around because of the Ladyblog, you tell me she’s going to use the name of a fake hero for herself? I don’t believe it, and if it happens I’ll be so disappointed in the writing of that moment.