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  • Hanzo: Sometimes I think, man, it sure must be nice being the good guy.
  • Reaper: I relate to you, Hanzo. When I hit bottom, I was crushing man’s skull like sparrow’s egg, between my thighs… and I think, why you have to be so bad, Reaper? Why can’t you be more like good guy? Then I have moment of clarity… if Reaper is good guy, who will crush man’s skull like sparrow’s eggs between thighs? And I say, “Reaper you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are *bad* guy.”
  • Hanzo: Right… I’m sorry, you lost me there.
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Against the World - Tony Stark x Reader

Request: I completely lost the pure request itself and all the kind things I remember you saying, but this is basically a Tony!YoungReader where he doesn’t like the age difference between them but still loves her!

Warnings: Age difference, (25 year old reader x Tony) kissing.

Words: 2 475

A/N: Sorry for being away for a couple of days! I’ll try and post more next week. Please tell me what you think! (Also I’m sorry for any typos I’m too lazy to read through this one as I’m posting it.)


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He took a sip of his coffee, walking down the long, glass-walled, hallway to the lab he had occupied with his current project. He was more than tired. Closer to wrecked. He had slept for three hours in his room at the Tower before he had woken up. Day and night he worked and woke up just as he started falling asleep. It was like he was in a spiral of bad habits and he couldn’t get out-

He lowered the cup from his lips, his jaw dropping and eyes staring into Y/N’s lab where she was sat at a workbench, leaning over her latest project with intense focus. Her dedication to science and tech was something he did not just admire tremendously, but it was insanely attractive. So few women in his life shared his interest with the same amount of passion as he did.

He was so mesmerized by her that he barely noticed her catching him looking and waving at him through the glass wall. He hastily waved back and swallowed harshly, stepping inside the lab he had given her, which was the one as close to his as possible.

“Hey.” He smiled as she took a break from her tinkering. “You’re up early.”

She looked up at the clock on the wall which stood at barely six in the morning. She shrugged, smiling warmly and being much more awake than him. “I went to bed early last night.” She explained and he wished the same would apply to him. It felt as if his body could shut down at any second.

“Oh, likewise.” He huffed, attempting to sound reassuring but only exaggerating his nervousness. “Got some good shuteye and now I’m ready for the day.”

“Really? Those bags under your eyes says otherwise.” She raised a brow and watched the dark and sulking skin under his reddened eyes which were begging for sleep.

He rubbed his free hand up and down his neck, forcing a smile to not let his spirits drag her beautiful soul down. “Okay, so maybe I didn’t get as much as I wanted, but I’m still ready to work.”

She stood up from her seat with a hopeless sigh, walking towards him. Tony froze as she walked around him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

“You need sleep, Tony. You’re always working and it’s taking its toll. I mean, geez, your muscles are ridiculously in need of this right now.” She said and squeezed his shoulders, rubbing her thumbs into the muscles with whatever skill she had learnt from practicing on others.

“Oh yeah, whatever, little to the left.” He said sarcastically whilst putting his coffee down, knowing it’d put a smile on her face.

She chuckled behind him and squeezed a wince out of him by roughing her grip on his shoulders again. “Stop! It’s not funny, okay?” She spoke between her ceasing laughter. “This is about your health and you need to take it more seriously.”

“I am taking it seriously. I’m having you massage my shoulders.” He said just as cockily as before, but this time she didn’t laugh. Instead, she grabbed his shoulders and spun him around to truly lecture him, but the surprisingly close space between them rendered her silent.

Her hands were on his shoulders, her eyes locked onto his lips before moving up to his warm, brown, eyes. He was equally as lost in her. His eyes weren’t able to tear away from her own lips, not even when he noticed how she looked up into his eyes. He was barely in control of his right hand that slowly began to move from her hip and up her side. Her arms reached further and her hands traveled from his shoulders to the back of his neck and he could feel her cautiously pull him down for her but it was there he snapped out of it.

“I’m-” He felt pathetic, tears burning in his eyes and threatening to slip. “I can’t.”

She didn’t know what to say to that.

“You’re-” He didn’t know what to say either. He let his eyes flutter close as if Y/N would go away if he did.

“I’m what?” Her voice broke and his heart ached at her fear of not being good enough for him. If she only knew how opposite their reality was.

“You’re young…” He couldn’t leave her to imagination. He didn’t have the heart. “You’re too young…”

She was at a loss of words at first, but she had always been quick witted, another quality he loved about her amongst the dozens of others. “I’m twenty five, Tony. There’s just…”

“Over two decades between us.” He completed her sentence.

“Why does that matter? Is it because of your own opinion, or because of others?” She retorted instantly. He didn’t want to answer that question. She would end up being right in the end and he would end up torturing himself for submitting.

“Because I’m old enough to be your father-”

“But you’re not.” She closed the space between them again and he couldn’t tear away as she placed one hand over his cheek, using the other one to guide his hand back to her side. “You’re not my father. You’re my coworker, my friend… And I can’t be the only one of us that have felt the electricity between us the past, few months.”

She wasn’t. Every day he would be tortured by her. She felt like the forbidden fruit to him, testing his temptation.

“Please tell me I’m not standing here and you don’t feel a thing for me?“

“God no.” He couldn’t let her continue on that track. “Of course I feel something too, Y/N, but it’s not right. I should know better.”

“You shouldn’t.” She attempted to pull him down to her again and he gave in slightly, causing her lips to practically move over his as she spoke. “Who says this isn’t right? I sure as hell don’t.”

“Well, the rest of the world does…” He sighed, shutting his eyes and inhaling her calming scent.

“Why would you care about the rest of the world? They don’t have anything to do with us…” She stood up on her tiptoes and reached for his lips with her own, but he pulled back once more, no intention of submitting to her again.

“Y/N, please… This is already difficult for me…” He pleaded and she was beginning to feel how much of a fool she was making of herself by continuing to push Tony. “Don’t make it any harder.”

She felt the embarrassment creep up her cheeks, wanting nothing more than to reverse time and tell Tony she was busy as he had came into her workshop. “Sorry…”

That single word had been like a knife through his heart. He wanted to grab her, kiss her like the world depended on it, but he remained still. He watched the hope in her eyes of something more than coworkers vanish gradually until it was gone.

“I’m gonna go now…” She stated as she began to move towards the door out. He was too lost in his own thoughts to do the right thing and leave her alone in her lab. Instead, he watched her leave him, regretting everything he had said and done.

It had been a week of horrid conversations where they would barely exchange a couple of words. The team had noticed since day one and the anxious awkwardness was starting to leave permanent damages. The more time that went by the more it felt as if their relationship would remain like that forever.

He was sat in his private lounge, slowly sipping on some bourbon and watching the landing slide which hovered above the balcony, when the elevator dinged and the doors opened up.

It was Y/N.

“Hi…” She forced a smile, watching Tony hastily put down his drink and get up from the couch, turning towards her.

“Hello…” His lips parted, barely believing she was speaking to him. He glanced down her clothes which were promotional of Stark Industries, yet she looked as good as ever.

“I was just worried since you missed dinner.” She looked behind him to his drink before meeting his eyes again. She could tell how little sleep he must have gotten. He looked awful, like he hadn’t slept for the entire week since their moment in her lab.

“I did?” He questioned, looking down at the watch wrapped around his wrist to see it was nearing midnight to his surprise. “I- I didn’t realize…”

“I was also wondering what we are going to do about this?” She motioned between them. “I can’t live here if this… Cold shoulder, is going to last. I don’t have a problem in moving I could go back to-”

“Don’t.” He warned her, walking up to the elevator where she remained. “Don’t finish that sentence.”

“I’m not joking, Tony, don’t you realize that? I understand that I crossed the line this past weekend and you have every right to ignore me, but I can’t have this in my life. This… Denial, this neglect…”

He looked down her plum lips, feeling the bourbon wander to his mind and cloud his judgment. “Please don’t move…” He begged, taking yet another step closer and becoming just as close as the time where their feelings had begun to reveal.

“Don’t be so cold towards me.” She bargained, hoping he would accept her offer. She looked up at him and saw how he evidently had his stare glued to her lips and not her eyes, her pure reflexes parting her lips which had became Tony’s invitation.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, feeling the sweet taste of white wine from the long dinner she had surely had with the others. He let his right hand rest beneath her ear and his left one at her back, bringing her closer and sighing as she wrapped her arms around his neck, their kiss deepening.

“Tony…” She attempted but was cut off by his lips wrapping around her own. She couldn’t resist him. She wanted her common sense to take action but she had felt something for Tony for too long to deny his incredibly joyful kisses.

She felt his hands inch down, passing over her behind, before resting at her thighs where he launched her up to wrap her legs around his abdomen. She complied and let him carry her to the backless part of the lounge sofa where he laid her down carefully.

“I love you.” He emitted from nowhere, making her hand push him away from her to meet his stare.

“What?” She didn’t want to believe it.

“I love you… I love you, I love you, I love you. I’ll say it a thousand times more because it’s the truth.” His hips moved down to between her legs as he leaned in for another kiss, savoring her lips.

“However much I want to believe this, you’ve been drinking tonight.

“That’s my first glass.” He answered truthfully, although she found that hard to believe. “I swear to you Y/N, this is me talking, not the liquor.”

“Really?” She questioned. “Then hoe come you changed your mind? Last Saturday you sounded pretty clear in what you wanted.”

She allowed him to dip down for yet another kiss and her stomach fluttered as his tongue slid against her gracing lips, sending a shiver through her body which left goosebumps in its wake.

“Because of what you said. Why should I care about the rest of the world? They don’t have a goddamn thing to do with you and I.

“Tony…” She knew he was tipsy, no matter what he said. He kissed her again and she sighed at the sweet sensation. “If you can, without regret, kiss me in the morning? Then we can talk… I don’t want you to do something that you’ll regret.”

He let out a long and deep breath, looking down to where their bodies met as he hovered above her.

He gave in. “Alright. Tomorrow morning.” It sounded almost like a promise.

She heard a knock on her door at seven in the morning. She hurried to get dressed, too newly awoken to have any clear thoughts. She rushed to the door as the third knock erupted and opened it up. In the hallway outside stood Tony, a look of determination on his face.

Just as the silence between them began to grow too long and she was about to break it by saying something, Tony crossed the space between them and kissed her again. She allowed herself to mold into his arms and enjoy the feeling of his gentle lips against hers.

“See?” He said as he broke loose, chest heaving. “No regrets.”

She looked up into his innocent eyes. “Really?” She couldn’t help but question. He had seemed so determined when they first spoke about whatever it was they had between them. To see such a drastic change seemed too good to be true.

“Two hundred… I’m so sorry that I rejected you before, so sorry for the things I said. That’s not how I feel… This is.” He kissed her again and together they stumbled into her bedroom until they backed up against a wall.

She chuckled as they clumsily moved around, her hands holding herself steady on his sturdy shoulders.

He rushed around the car to get the door for her. She rolled her eyes at his hopeless need to be a gentlemen to her at all times, yet smiling as widely as ever at his kind gesture.

Two months had passed since the kiss in her bedroom. Together they had planned and thought of a way to let the team know what was happening, even if most of them had felt the loving warmth that had erupted between one another.

“You ready?” Tony asked as he laced his fingers with hers in front of the five star restaurant he had booked entirely for the team to have a dinner at. She shook her head no but smiled, tightening the grip of his hand which, was as much of a yes as he was going to get.

They walked inside together a few minutes passed the scheduled time to have everyone gathered. As the doors opened up at their arrival, the entire team turned towards them, their eyes lowering to where Tony and Y/N’s hands were connected.

“Sorry we’re late.” Tony apologized as he led Y/N to her seat and pushed the chair in after her before taking his own seat. “Traffic was awful.”

“Like traffic is the thing we want to be talking about right now?” Rhodes said, pulling his head back and raising his brows as he looked between the two.

Wrapped Around

Jimin x Reader // college!AU // 9694 words

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

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Genre: Fluff, warning: groping(?)

TA refers to teaching assistant

Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for a while now sigh and I feel bad for not putting out anything this winter break! This is a somewhat exaggerated version of what is a combination of my friends’ freshman year haha. Man I love college.

College had been a lot harder than you expected and you struggled, barely able to crawl past the finish line that was the end of freshman year. As sophomore year came around, new year, new me, you had declared. You were on a mission to bring your GPA back up. No more spending your nights at some random house, celebrating a birthday of a person whom you did not know but rather more nights spent hunched over your computer in some well-lit corner in the library.

Even though you felt invigorated to start the new semester, all that disappeared by the time Wednesday came around. You’re not sure why they call the first week, syllabus week when you had homework and quizzes assigned to you already. By the time it was Thursday, you could only thank god that you were so close to the weekend.

Sat in your final class for the day, your physics discussion section, you could only dream of the long shower you were going to take once you got back to your dorm. The bell rings, and the TA gets up to begin writing on the board but the distant noises of a person running down the hallway makes it difficult for you to concentrate. Within seconds, a rather sweaty boy reaches the doorway, panting as he bows apologetically at the TA before taking a seat right next to you. The TA waves at him dismissively as he continues to drone on about the material you learnt in class this week.

“Alright, now you can work in pairs or groups to solve the worksheet. In 15 minutes, we’ll come back to solve questions 1-3,” your TA declares.

You turn to your right to see that the person next to you had already formed a group with a few other students and you were too shy to ask if you could join. You turn to your left to find the sweaty boy silently working on the problem set. Letting out a light sigh, you begin attempting to solve the worksheet on your own.

There’s a long overdue silence before the boy seated next to you turns eagerly towards you and introduces himself. “Hi, I’m Jimin and you are?”

“Y/N,” You smile politely before turning to your worksheet.

He glances over at your worksheet and scoffs. “That’s wrong,”


“That’s wrong,” He points. “You have to use the first equation that’s written down on the board.”

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We’ve been here before

In recent days bloggers have been discussing what gall it takes for the Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) to respond to its antisemitism by dichotomizing, claiming to hold the moral high ground with people of color while looking down on its enemies who are allegedly white and who are allegedly Zionists. We have been infuriated while learning that CDMC cried, “White tears!” after kicking a Jewish woman of color from the 2017 Chicago Dyke March and did so again after Gretchen Rachel Hammond, a Jewish trans woman of color, was harassed and robbed of her job for giving a truthful account of what happened at the March. I was thinking about what I could contribute to this conversation when I realized I had already said pretty much all I need to say about this matter in a zine I first published in the fall of 2015 (about a year and a half before the March).

A little background: For anyone who does not know, I was a core member of CDMC in 2009. This is a recollection of one of my experiences as a core member:

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Submission by @r-nd

Um, so I’d at first reblogged because it seemed easier, especially with the length of this monstrosity, but reblog was fucking me over, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve instead submitted this. I just—I couldn’t stand how messed up it was, and it was bugging me so bad.

I just wanted to share the idea. What can I say? I’m a share-er. Occasionally. About certain things. But I’m glad you liked the idea, and yes, I did have Thoughts about other villains. To be honest, Doom wasn’t the first villain I’d had in mind when I was thinking about which villain would fall in platonic-love with Tony. I’m not sure why I went with him first in the end. It kinda just happened?

Anyway, as a newbie in the fandom—both the comics and MCU—there aren’t a whole lot of Marvel villains I know, but since I’m not a total heathen, I at least knew Magneto. He was actually the first villain I’d had in mind. Originally, I’d intended for Tony to do something like making a charity in his family’s names: the Magda Lehnsherr Foundation to provide families of mutants with the resources they might need to raise their mutant child and the Anya Lehnsherr Foundation to help mutants get out of abusive situations.

But then I wasn’t sure how to continue from that, so I thought more about it, especially after your reply, and I ended up with something like this:

(I would like to add that this got away from me, like, by a lot. I did not intended for this to be this long, Jesus fuck.)

Erik didn’t hear it at first, too immerse in his battle with Charles’s students. It wasn’t until he’d knocked that Summers boy into a car—not hard enough to paralyze him; enemy or not, the boy was still a mutant—that he heard it: the desperate, terrified sobbing of a child.

The battle stopped. He made it stop. There was a child here. A scared child. He paid no attention to the confused looks and shouts of Charles’s students, nor the long-suffering sighs of his own men. Instead, he searched for the source of the cries.

And found what he thought was a silver cat.

It was tiny. A kitten, really, the size of his palm. When he approached it, he nearly fumbled in the air, shocked, because he could feel the presence of metal in that direction. The kitten felt like metal to his senses, which made no sense. He’d never seen a robot—it had to be a robot—so sophisticated that it looked like a real animal.

It explained the child-like sobbing at least.

He must’ve made a noise, for the kitten stopping crying—it was still sniffling, like it couldn’t bring itself to stop just yet—and looked at him with glowing maroon eyes.

Papa!” it cried with such relief that Erik didn’t register the word at first.

At first.

He choked on air when he realized what it’d said—remembered Anya, how she’d run to him every time he came home, how she’d jump at him, trusting that he’d catch her—and didn’t notice it running to him until he sensed an incoming metallic object.

It jumped.

He couldn’t—he couldn’t. Decades later, decades without Anya, and his arms still opened to catch it—she’d always had such faith in him, his little Anya. He couldn’t have stopped himself for anything in the world.

It snuggled against his chest and let out a childish, high-pitched purr.

“I looked for you everywhere,” it—she, that voice, it was the voice of a little girl—said, and Erik stared down, realizing belatedly that she was speaking German.

Why? How? Only Charles knew of his past. He’d made certain to hide his identity from the world.

(Erik Lehnsherr had died with Magda and Anya.)

“What is your name?” he asked, his iron-will ensuring that his voice did not break. (Where was his iron-will when the creature had jumped at him?)

The kitten was still rubbing its face against his chest. “Silly Papa. I don’t have a name yet. You’re ’posed to give me one, the Mechanic said so.” She looked up at him, and Erik could see, even with the glowing red eyes—an excellent intimidation tactic, he thought distantly—the utter trust in them. The faith.

“What’s my name, Papa?”

Erik decided then and there that he could kill this Mechanic. If he—she?—thought to manipulate him through his grief, or worse, thought to replace Anya, Erik would sink the Mechanic’s entire city.

“I am not your father,” he told the kitten, but the kitten simply shook her little head.

“You are. The Mechanic didn’t say so, but I know you are. Everyone’s got a Papa and a Mama, even if their Papa and their Mama don’t live together. The Mechanic’s my Mama, and since I was ’posed to look for you, you must be my Papa!”

It was the kind of logic only a child could have, and before he could stop himself, he said, “Lorna.”

It was the name Magda had wanted to give their next child if it was a girl, after that character in Lorna Doone. It was her favorite book.

Erik wasn’t sure what was more unforgivable, that he’d softened with old age or because he’d heard a little girl’s voice call him Papa. The situation was made worse by the fact that he still didn’t know if the kitten was a means to manipulate him. For all he knew, she was completely unaware that this Mechanic intended to use her against him.



He turned enough to look at her, but most of his body remained still, facing away. Shielding the kitten from everyone.

“Are you all right?”

No. No, he was not. All he had to do was hear a child call him Papa and he got attached. Pathetic.

 “I like Lorna,” the kitten piped in, so incredibly happy. “It’s a pretty name.”

Erik felt something in his chest crack.

“Can we go home, Papa? I’ve looked for you for so long. I’m tired, and it’s scary here.”

“Tell the others to withdraw,” he ordered Raven. Thankfully, his voice remained firm, seemingly unaffected by the situation, by this tiny kitten who wouldn’t stop purring and rubbing her head against his chest.

Raven’s brow raised, and he knew he’d have to explain himself to her later, but for now … for now, he couldn’t stand to be here any longer. Couldn’t stand to be out in the open with—with Lorna.

“You will tell me about the Mechanic once we get someplace safe,” he said. Not the base. As compromised as he was, he wouldn’t allow anyone to know the location of the Brotherhood’s headquarters. Lives could be on the line, especially if the Mechanic was ruthless enough to use a parent’s grief against them. A hotel, perhaps.

Lorna hummed. “Okay.”

Erik had enough presence of mind to incapacitate Charles’s students before leaving the scene and in such a way that they could not see him or Lorna. His men, though, had already seen the kitten.

It was a mark of their intelligence that they didn’t question him about her.

That’s about all I had in mind story-wise. Headcanon-wise, however …

It takes months before Erik lets his guard down about the Mechanic. In that time, he falls more and more in love with Lorna. He realizes that he’s done her a grave injustice when they first met. She isn’t Anya, nor is she Anya’s replacement. She’s her own person, and she’s such a sweet little girl. Easily frightened, though she tries to hide it and be brave, just like you, Papa.

The Brotherhood teases him about Lorna—behind his back, of course, they’re not suicidal—but after, like, two days with her, they all but worship her. She’s so tiny and cute and okay, the glowy red eyes are kinda freaky, but she’s so earnest. She calls Sabretooth Cousin because “You’re a tiger, and I’m a cat, so we’re related!” And when one day Raven gets all quiet because of the child she never had the chance to raise, Lorna’s all “Then you can raise me. I’ll be your child! Mama said some people had more than one Mama, so you can be my Pretty Mama!” Which is quickly followed by, “Not that Mama isn’t pretty. You’re just prettier.” Maybe that should’ve crossed a line, but Raven can’t help but soften for this little kitten who just wants to help.

It’s hard not to love someone who’s just that pure-hearted, okay? That’s the Brotherhood’s story and they’re sticking to it.

None of them notice how their actions are becoming less and less destructive and how they’re slowly changing from a terrorist organization into a very terrifying activist organization.

And then one day, Lorna tells Erik about how she’s linked to her big brother Jarvis, you know, just in case something happens or if she needs maintenance or something, and Erik remembers, he doesn’t know who the Mechanic is. He forgot to figure out what kind of crazy idiot sends a fucking terrorist an A.I. that, he kids you not, regularly hacks into the fucking NSA, CIA, and FBI to keep track of the government and their stance on the Brotherhood.

So he asks, and Lorna points a paw at the TV where the news is showing and says, “That’s him. That’s my Mama.”

It’s Tony fucking Stark.

It takes Erik a while to reconcile Lorna’s Mama with Tony Stark.

What Erik doesn’t know is that before all this, Tony was researching him because it seemed like a no-brainer to keep an eye on the guy who has control over metal when a metal-something is keeping him alive. And also confront the guy, you know? Deal with the guy now so there won’t be any problems of the heart-attack variety later.

Jarvis had accepted Tony going to Latveria, albeit very, very reluctantly and with so many protests, but he put his foot down at going to Erik. He controls metal, Sir, and if I have to freeze all your accounts and ground the armor, I will.

So Tony sent Lorna off, showed her who she’d be looking for and promised that Jarvis would keep an eye on her. Him, too. They’d both help as much as they could.

Tony choked on his spit when Lorna called Erik Papa. And then choked again when she called him Mama. (He’s getting desensitized to it. Dummy heard Lorna call him that, and now he calls Tony Mama, too, despite all of Tony’s efforts to stop him. Jarvis, occasionally, calls him Mother, but mostly as a joke and also when he really wants to win an argument because Tony gets all quiet and flustered and agreeable when he’s called Mother.)

Neither side meets each other until Tony’s shot down from the sky while in Iraq. Jarvis can’t get a location on the armor, it’s powered down, he can’t reach Mr. Stark, and while he’s panicking, Butterfingers, the quiet little sneak, contacts Lorna and tells her what’s happened to Mama.

Lorna cries like she hasn’t cried since the day Erik met her, and the Brotherhood? They will wage fucking war against whoever it was that made their baby girl cry like this, they are not joking around. Lorna should never be sad. She deserves all the laser pointers and cat trees her little mechanical heart desires.

Erik personally goes to Iraq, and he flies around, using his power to get a sense of something metal. It takes him a while, but after many false positives, he finally finds Tony trying to cross the desert while dragging the Iron Man armor behind him. Erik intended to intimidate him because Stark’s a hero and he most definitely is not. (He still hasn’t caught on that while he may not be a hero, he’s sure as hell no longer a villain, not by a long shot.)

But then Tony smiles and is just, Hey, Erik, what’s up? How’s Lorna? He’s seen how Erik is with Lorna. You think he’d give just anyone an A.I. and not monitor how his baby’s being treated? Of course, he’d go through Lorna’s memory banks—with her permission—and he’s seen way too much of some of the most feared mutants in the world cooing at Lorna. Him and what fear he may have had of the Brotherhood have parted ways a long time ago. Jarvis has even stopped threatening to play country instead of rock when he’s working, and if that isn’t an indicator of how much things have changed, nothing is.

One thing leads to another, and every two weeks, Tony drops by to play with Lorna and make sure everything’s okay with her maintenance-wise. Erik and the Brotherhood don’t realize how attached they’ve gotten until one day when they watch Tony guide a missile through a wormhole. After that, they basically move into his New York mansion—they’re sneaky about it, of course, because the government’s understandably still kinda touchy about them—and keep him company and help him cope.

The Avengers aren’t there, and while Erik wants to ask, he doesn’t push. Neither does any of the Brotherhood. They just remind their crazy, stupid genius that it’s not like they have anything absolutely pressing they have to do, so you know. If he needs anything.

(On a side note: Butterfingers is a shy, shy introvert. He’s almost anthropophobic. Raven has made it her mission to interact with him without him running away. She’d been insulted by that at first, but Tony assured her that he did the same to him when he first came online. So Raven keeps trying every day, that is, after both Jarvis and Tony assure her that she’s not pushing. If it seems like Butterfingers is stressed out, she backs away immediately and she never goes after him after he runs away, never even approaches him again until the next day. She hasn’t gotten Butterfingers not to run away yet, but he beeps at her before running away now, so she thinks she’s making progress.

Dummy insists on playing fetch with Sabretooth. Victor might’ve been insulted, except Dummy wants Victor to be the one throwing and he sounds so happy and pleased with himself when he brings the ball back that Victor can’t bring himself to say no. Raven would mock him endlessly about it, except she’s not immune. Dummy has this way of drooping his arm and beeping lowly and sadly that it might as well be a war crime to deny him anything.)

(On a side, side note, Vesna is Not Pleased. She’s not like Lorna, not sweet or earnest or pure-hearted. Her Mother—yes, she’s adopted that term, too, and she’ll fight with anyone who tries to tell her the Mechanic isn’t her mother—has been hurt and someone will pay.

Doom can’t deny her anything. He can’t, okay? And really, he doesn’t want to. He and Tony have a distant, but still very fond relationship, though he tells himself it’s just because he needs Tony alive to keep Vesna in good health. An attack on Tony is an attack on Doom, and Doom doesn’t tolerate attacks on his person. The attempted coup of ’02? There were no survivors. He does not play around with this, and with Vesna on his side, it’s a quick, bloodily efficient resolution.

Dummy and Butterfingers know nothing of this. Tony and Jarvis suspect, but Vesna knows better than to confirm anything. Her boys are too soft-hearted for this, and Lorna’s too pure to even consider that her big sister might’ve facilitated in the mass murder of several hundred terrorists.

It’s a secret between her and Doom.)

(Also: Apparently, I can’t add tags, but if I could, I’d add that “Tony is a reverse cat lady.” Good day.)

My Crying Brother

jamsandjellies submitted: 

 When my brother was younger he cried at night quite a bit. When I was 10 and he was 8 I would tease him about it a lot, because it seemed he was /still/ afraid of the dark even with a nightlight and would often ask to sleep in my room even though it was right next to his.

 There was a heat grate on the shared wall (which I used to pass stupid notes through when we first moved in. I tried to convince him at first they were secret messages left by the people that used to live here but he knew I was lying) and sometimes I’d wake up to him crying as it echoed through the grate.

Because it carried the sound through to the living room vents sometimes my dad would still be down there and would come up to check on him, but the rest of the time he would soon rush into my room and hide under the covers of my bed.

One night in the summer I woke up to use the bathroom which was just across the hall from my door. I finished and turned out the light to go back when I noticed something. My brother had a nightlight and so usually I could see a soft glow from it under the crack of his door. But what I saw then was a shadow moving to and fro across the light, blocking it as it went.

Thinking my brother was awake I burst into the room without knocking and whispered loudly “It’s past bed time!” My eyes took a second to adjust to the light change and when I could see I didn’t see my brother standing where I thought he’d be, but there was a lump of blankets in his bed. “I saw you you know.” I said, but he didn’t move so I just left him to pretend to be asleep, shutting his door with a little more force then necessary . I went back to my own room and crawled into bed only to nearly jump right back out again as my arm brushed something warm.

It was my brother, asleep in my bed. Pretty deeply asleep actually because it took me awhile to shake him awake. He asked me what was going on and I wasn’t sure what to say so just said he should go back to sleep and he made a frustrated sound and did just that. I tried to go back to sleep myself and nearly succeeded to but woke up with a start when I realized I could hear something.

The sound of a boy crying was echoing out from the grate.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey:  I think you found out why he cried so much… 9/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

Library Love - 2

Bucky Barnes x reader

Bucky looked at me with a little smile.


“Can you do me a favour ?”


He rose from his seat, and handed me a couple of books, and said, “Mind putting these back for me ? I have a bit more to do here”

“Alright” I said, dropping my bag next to his seat, and carrying the books back to their shelves.

I put the last book in its place, and turned, to walk straight into Bucky. Again. Only this time, I jumped back, hitting my back against the bookshelf, and sent dust flying everywhere.

“Im so sorry !” Bucky said, reaching protectively.

“Its alright” I said, laughing nervously.

I stopped laughing, when I saw him looking at me intently.

“Bucky ?” I asked, my voice shaking.

He just stepped forward, eyes not leaving my face.

I moved back, and my back hit the bookshelf again, and Bucky, stood, just inches away from me.

A soft smile crept up his lips.

I was trembling by now, praying that Bucky wouldnt notice it.

Bucky raised his hand, and moved a lock of hair from my face, and laughed.

“This place needs cleaning up” He announced, waving a piece of cobweb in front of my face.

I stared at him for a moment, before I began laughing.

“You shouldnt sneak up on people like that !” I said, swatting his arm.

“Im sorry, but you expression was priceless” Bucky said, shaking his head. “Come on, lets get outta here.”

I followed him back to the librarian’s desk, and grabbed my stuff.

“Dont forget your book, Y/N”

Bucky handed me my book, and winked at me.

“Bye, Bucky” I said, giving a wave before walking out.

                             * * *

“You were ALONE at the library, with BUCKY ?”

Nat’s eyes were as wide as golf balls.

“Yes, Nat” I said, sighing.

“Oh God” she said, falling back on her bed. “And did you two do anything to push things forward ?”

“Does putting books back into their shelves count ?” I asked, with a smirk.

“I hate you both” said Nat, pulling her blanket over her head.

I turned back to my book, and opened it. And let out a scream.

Nat jumped off her bed with a shriek, and looked around.

“What the was that for ?!” She asked.

I couldnt speak. I just pointed at my book. Nat came forward to take look.
With a squeal of joy, she threw her arms around my neck, hugging me.

“Oh that sneaky little-” she laughed.

Bucky had left a sticky note on the first page of my book, saying, “It started at the library, so this might be the best way to do it ;) Save this number, beautiful - Bucky ”

“Oh my GOD - NAT ! What do I do ?!”
I was hyperventilating.

“You text him of course!” Nat said matter-of-factly, grabbing my cell phone from the table.

She saved Bucky’s number in it, and then handed it to me.

“Text him. NOW” She ordered.

I took the phone from her nervously, and typed a ‘Hi, its Y/N’ and eyed Nat, who gave me a look. I sent the text, and fell back into my bed, my heart pounding wildly.

“Why is he not REPLYING !?” I asked, squeezing the phone between my hands.

“Give him a minute !” Nat said, excitment shining in her eyes.

My phone gave a little tingle and we both screamed before checking the text.

“Its him, Its HIM !”

‘Hey :) You finally found it !’

‘Sure did’ I texed back.

‘I was afraid if you’d find it creepy’

‘Definitely not’

“Oh please” Nat said, rolling her eyes. “Psycho stalker”

This earned her a swat on the head.

'Honestly, I’ve waited for this moment from the first day I saw you’ Bucky wrote.

“Oh my God!” I squealed. “What do I say ?!”

“The truth of course !” Nat urged me.

'Me too’ I texted.

'Glad to hear that !’

'So this is why you sent me in to put those books back ’

'Haha, yeah. What are your plans for tomorrow ?’

'Nothing much. Just submitting that assignment’

It took him a minute to reply.

'Meet me at the library at 7 in the morning’

'Does it open that early ?’

'Im the one with the keys, remember?’

'Alright…see you tomorrow then’

'See you, Y/N’

                                 * * *

I couldnt sleep all night, and the next morning, I felt dead tired. I was so nervous about meeting Bucky. I could hardly do anything.

“Calm down, Y/N!” Nat said. “You know him ! Hes a nice guy !”

“I just cant help it !” I said. “Why cant you just come with me Nat ?!”

“No way ! I have a feeling about whats about to happen ” She said, and winked at me.

                               * * *

I stepped into the library, looking around cautiously. Bucky wasnt in his usual place.

“Bucky ?” I called out. “BUCKY !”

“Hey, Im here, come over!” Bucky’s smooth voice came from behind a few shelves.

I walked towards in him slowly, feeling a lump forming in my throat.
I found him on the ladder, arranging some books.

“Hey” He said, smiling. He slowly came down, the smile not leaving his face.

I smiled at him, my hands turning turning cold with nervousness.

“Are you alright ?” Bucky asked coming forward. “You look - pale”

“Im ok”

Bucky took my hand in his, and grinned.

“You’re nervous” he said, warming my hand in between his.

He raised it to his mouth to press a gentle kiss on my fingers.

His eyes never left mine, as he pushed me against the bookshelf, and kissed me. I was as usual, shocked beyond shocked.

Bucky pulled back slowly, and said, “You can ask me to stop, Y/N”

I just smiled at him, the warmth from his body calming me. I grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him closer, and kissed him.

                               * * *

“So” Nat said, stretching the word. “How did it go?”

“Went well” I said, shrugging.

“Just well ?”

She raised her eyebrows at me.

“It went extremely well” I said with a grin. “We’re - !”

“Oh my God !” Nat was estatic. “Oh my GOD ! Im so happy for you !”

She hugged me tightly.

“We can go on double dates ! It will be so awesome !” She said.

I laughed.

“Oh wow !! Come on ! I need to educate you on this whole thing ! Right now !”

Nat dragged me to our room, and the rest was another story.

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al0velymess  asked:

Hey Cindy(: so quick question (seeing as I'm not caught up) - Did Cooper have contact with Red before he turned himself in or is the contact in reference to 30 years ago? Because tbh, I don't recognize either of my parents or grandparents from 30 years prior and with the canon Blacklister known to change faces for new identities I'm just right on board with Cooper is very very ignorant and the imposter theory has more traction than ever?

It sounds like Cooper had knowledge of Raymond Reddington about 30 years ago:

Liz: You wanted to see me?

Cooper: I know it’s hard to believe, but I was a golden boy once. Fresh out of the Navy. Youngest agent ever appointed to the Pentagon’s combined investigation and intelligence task force. At the time, Reddington was stationed overseas working counterintelligence.

Liz: You worked together.

Cooper: He was shadowing a Russian operative code-named Seaduke.

Liz: So that’s why he surrendered to you.

Cooper: Seaduke made Reddington and dispatched a team of Spetsnaz to abduct him. For 10 days, they tortured him, until he was rescued by an FBI-SEAL Joint Task Force. I was working lead on the agency side.My job was to secure the physical evidence in the event that Seaduke was captured and prosecuted.

Liz: I’m sorry, um why are you telling me this?

Cooper: Because I meant what I said. I’m angry that you still don’t know why Reddington walked into your life.

Cooper: The blood on this shirt from Raymond Reddington has been sealed in an evidence locker for over three decades.I procured a sample and submitted it for a DNA profile.Yours was already on file.

I am not sure they actually met back then because Cooper doesn’t say although Liz assumes it. But Cooper did obtain the physical evidence - 30 years ago! I mean they had ample opportunity to get the current Red’s DNA when he turned himself into the FBI.  They actually questioned both Red and Liz on their possible connection. I mean HELLO! How dumb is this not to do it at this time?

That screams to me that it is not our Red’s DNA. Either Liz’s father is the real Raymond Reddington and our Red is an impostor or the evidence gathered by Cooper was not of our Raymond Reddington, but of someone trying to impersonate him (the reverse impostor theory).

This combined with this conversation between Dembe and Red after Liz told Red he was her father (and Red had no response to this) strongly suggests the impostor theory:

Dembe: You didn’t deny it? 

Red: I didn’t.

Dembe: And she thinks that’s Kate’s secret? 

Red: Yes.  

So Kate’s secret was not that Red is Liz’s father. He’s not. Kate never suggested he was. I believe that it is that Red is impersonating Liz’s father, the real Raymond Reddington and the bones could very well be the real Raymond Reddington’s bones.

And then this quote from Jon Bokenkamp after the episode aired:

That bag of bones represents a much larger story that is the ultimate hook of the show.

So the bag of bones is driving the story - the ultimate hook of the show. Has to be something super significant don’t you think? Our Red as the bio-dad is not the connection.

Thanks for the question @al0velymess


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And to celebrate, I wanna give a day to you guys.
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Sure thing darling ❤ Holy shit guuuurl ! You are GORGEOUS ?!😭😍😩 I thought that I was straight but you make me question that hmsgsjsmdg😩🔥🔥🔥🔥 Okay sorry let’s guess 😍❤️ I’d say Sagittarius or Gemini?? I just can’t decide if I think you’re incredibly hot or really cute And thank you for submitting a pic ❤
Taming the Rage

TITLE: Taming The Rage

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and its you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing all the duties you will have to perform as his princess making you cringe. He isn’t fond of you either but he can’t help looking forward to the challenge.

Chapter #18
Author: Lokilover9

That day Erika was supposed to have babysat Junior but her wounds prevented it. After spending the day reading and relaxing in her room, she got another visitor that evening. Jane showed up with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Well, this is a nice surprise!”
“I hope so, are you up for it?”
“Are you kidding me? Although I hope you brought an opener?”

Jane smiled pulling it out of her pocket.

“Sorry, I couldn’t come today.”

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“I took a class a few weeks back that was taught by some friends of mine. I took the class because I was interested in what they were going to teach, and because I believe them to be good teachers. Halfway through the class, they introduce a move - swing out from a hip grab with follows facing outwards - that made me antsy. I didn’t know most of the leads in the class. I tried going through the move once before realizing I couldn’t do it, I didn’t want just anyone to grab me by my hips.

So I sat out.  All the leads that noticed me sitting out looked confused. I told the one lead I did try with that it really wasn’t him (because it’s not), but I can’t do that move.

I sat out the second half of the class and watched. My gut reaction was to feel bad, but then I realized that I can’t do something if it makes me feel vulnerable.

After the class, the instructors (my friends) asked me why I had sat out, and when I explained, understood fully. One of them asked if it was okay to go through to the move with him, to see if I did learn from just watching. I trust him, so I let him lead me in the hip move, and he told me it’s okay not to want just anyone to lead me like that.

I’m glad I could say no, without remorse.”

The stories I have shared are just a few of way too many. But too often, people don’t accept that it’s an issue until it happens to them, or to their friends. If you have a story or perspective that you want to share on why it matters for us to be able to say no to dances and to support each other when we do, send it in! You can submit through tumblr or via e-mail to: but make sure you tell me clearly if you want to be credited for your story, otherwise I will assume that it should be anonymous.

loki’s bahama’s

Original Imagine: Imagine sitting beside Loki on a plane. It’s a long flight and you eventually fall asleep his shoulder.

Chapter #3
Author: Lokilover9

Loki spent his first couple of days in Bahamas relaxing at his private Villa. The third day, he met up with Arthur. A long time friend, he and his wife Sylvie are part owners and managers of The Tropical Haven Resort. A quiet little gem in Mango Bay nestled between two hillsides. Their partner wishes to retire and sell his share of the ownership and Loki wants to buy.

“Hey Arthur!”
“Loki my friend! Good to see you man!”
“It’s good to be back.”
“Come to the outside bar for a drink.”

They’d hardly begun talking business when something caught Loki’s attention. Arthur smiled.

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The Way We Are

Requested by Anonymous: Can I get an imagine where Daryl doesn’t think you two should be together because he overhears one of the girls talking to you and asking how you put up with him and his ways after an argument with him, and you reassure him that you love him?

The Way We Are

“Hi, Y/N!” Carol chirped and you smiled up at her. “Whatcha doin?”

You brushed the dirt off of your hands and stand up. “Well, I’m trying to pick some parsley, but the garden’s being difficult today.” You laugh. “The roses let me pick them without a fight,” You gesture to the pile of roses at your feet, “But not the parsley. I don’t have any scissors, so that’s making it harder.”

“What are you picking these for?” Carol picks up one of the roses. “They’re beautiful.”

“Yeah, they turned out really nice.” You comment, lightly feeling a silky petal before Carol placed the flower back on the ground. “And I’m trying to gather supplies for dinner tonight.” You smile widely. “By our calculations, it’s Daryl and I’s six month anniversary, so we want to have a nice dinner. I’m making loaded lasagna, and I’ll lay these rose petals out all over the bedroom. Then, we’ll hopefully get some alone time, if you know what I mean.” You wink at Carol.

“Oh, I know what you mean.” She laughs and nudges you in the side, making you giggle along with her. “Well, happy six months!” She smiles, then waves goodbye. “I’ll let you get back to your parsley.”

“Have a good day!” You wave back at her before kneeling down again and trying to snap the stalks of the parsley.

“Your name is Y/N, right?” A voice came from your right, and you turned to see a woman working on the carrot rows.

You hadn’t even seen her come into the garden, so who knows how long she’d been there. “Uh, yeah, it is. I don’t think we’ve met.” You walk over and stick a hand out for her to shake.

As she does, she says, “My name’s Lexi. I’m new here.”

“Welcome to Alexandria!” You say, smiling warmly.

“I don’t mean to be rude,” She says, trying to get the reason she’d spoken to you in the first place, “But, is your boyfriend Daryl Dixon?”

“Yeah, he is.”

“The really grumpy guy that is always scowling at people?”

You laugh. “Yeah, that’s him. He’s not always like that; you just kind of have to get to know him first.”

“Well…” Lexi trails off for a moment, then starts up again, “Like I said, I don’t mean to be rude, but how can you date that guy?”

You were shocked. “What do you mean?”

“Well, he just kind of seems like a jackass. Especially to you.”

“You don’t know us.” You say bluntly, crossing your arms and frowning.

“But I’ve watched you interact almost every day since I’ve been here.” She points out.

“OK, so what part of our public interactions make you feel like he’s not good to me?” You were getting mad now.

“For starters, you guys had that fight last week that practically everyone in the community heard, and when you stormed out of the house, he followed you onto the porch and yelled ‘fine, run away you fuckin pussy!’. If you ask me—“

“Except no one did.” You say flatly. “Daryl calls everyone a pussy when he’s mad. He yelled it at Rick once and got himself punched in the jaw. It’s just who he is. He has 0 chill when he gets mad, and it’s just a part of life that I’ve come to deal with. I didn’t say very kind things during that fight, either, mind you.”

“Look, I’m really not trying to be rude, I just don’t get how you can be happy with a guy that treats you like that.”

“Well,” You say, narrowing your eyes, “I guess you’ll just have to live with that confusion.” You spin around and rip a handful of parsley out of the dirt before snatching up your roses and stomping off towards home.


When you opened up the front door to your house, you found Daryl waiting for you in the living room, his crossbow slung across his back and a backpack resting on the floor next to him.

“Hi, love.” You smile, though confused. “Happy six months.” You walk up to him and place a small kiss on his jaw.

He lets you, but he still won’t look at you. “What’s wrong?” You ask, stepping back.

He shuffles his feet, staring at the carpet. “Maybe…” He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “I just think that maybe I should move out.”

“What?” You drop the flowers in your hands and step back, shocked and angry. “What do you mean?”

Daryl shuffles his weight again, still refusing to look at you. “I think I should move out.” He says again.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Tears were stinging your eyes. “Why? What did I do?”

“Nothing!” He says, finally looking up. “I just… I just think that maybe you’d be better off if we, you know, weren’t together anymore?” He didn’t sound so sure.

“Daryl, why are you doing this?” You ask, “Why are you trying to break my heart?” You whisper.

“I…” Daryl just reaches down and picks his backpack up. “I’m sorry.” He brushes past you towards the door.

“Did you ever love me at all?” You ask, balling your fists up in anger. “Huh? Or was it all a lie?”

Daryl spins back around. “Don’t call me a liar, Y/N!”

“So then tell me the truth: why are you doing this to me? To us?”

Daryl only stands there for a moment, grinding his jaw and trying to find his way out of the situation. When you asked him again why he was leaving, he blurts, “Because I heard what that girl in the garden was talking about.”

“Lexi?” You ask, “What does she have to do about this?”

“She’s right, Y/N. I don’t treat you right.” He sighs, dropping his shoulders and staring at the carpet. “I shouldn’t talk to you the way I do.”

“OK?” You say, even angrier. “So, what? You find a part of the relationship that you don’t like, and you just run away?”

“I ain’t runnin!” He says.

“Bullshit!” You shout. “You’re breaking up with me and moving out, instead of working on changing! That’s running!”

Daryl threw down his backpack. “OK, so what if I don’t run? What if I just stay right here and continue to treat you like shit? Huh? You don’t deserve that at all!” You couldn’t help but start to laugh. “It ain’t fuckin’ funny, Y/N!”

But you just keep laughing. “Do you hear yourself, Daryl? Of course it’s funny!” You roll your eyes when he starts to object. “Look, Daryl, it’s funny because you’re not making sense. So, you overheard a jealous little girl trying to put thoughts in my head that we’re not supposed to be together. So, you heard her say some stuff you didn’t like, and rather than saying ‘OK, I’ll fix that’, you want to leave.” You walk closer to him. “Daryl, if I don’t deserve something, it’s the heartache over this breakup. THAT’S something I don’t deserve at all.”

Daryl looks down at his feet. “I just don’t want to hurt you.”

You reach out and take his hand. “Then don’t leave me.” He nods.

“I love you. I know you don’t mean what you say when you’re mad. Hell, I called you a ‘backwoods fuck’ that one time in an argument. Do you think you deserved that?”

Daryl frowned. “No, that was a dick move.”

“Yeah, it was!” You said, “But that’s just the way we are!” You laugh. “When we fight, we fight hard, because that’s who we are.” You put a hand on his arm, making him look up. “But it doesn’t have to be. We can change and be better. If we don’t like this part of our relationship, why don’t we just work on it?”

Daryl nods. “OK.”

“Alright,” You say, and offer him you hand, “Now, are you going to help me make our anniversary dinner or not?”

“Yeah.” He takes your hand and lets you lead him into the kitchen. “I love you.” He finally says.

“I love you, too.”


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Say it ain’t so!!!??? Am I actually submitting something?! Wow…

This little doodle was mainly just an old sketch I found in one of my neglected (full) sketchbooks. The lineart of Raph and April watching stupid videos on her phone in the middle of the night was just sitting there in my documents until I came across it one day and decided “what the heck?’. And since school is nearing its end, I thought y’all deserved a treat for being SOOOOO patient with me. I know I’m slacking like crazy, but life does come first, so sadly, spending hours on fanart has to fall to the back burner for now. But when I do find time, I’ll happy delve in and get some more out for you guys.

Also, I KNOW I’ve been slacking in the 2k12 department lately. I just have lost gusto with the 2k12 universe and I’m not sure why. I think I need to reed more 2k12 raphril fanfiction and start watching the new episodes to get my blood pumping for it again. Until then, you’ll have to stick to the 2k14 stuff I’ve been submitting lately, but I promise as soon as inspiration hits, I’ll start submitting 2k12 again. Just continue being patient with me. :-)

As much as it pains me to say it, this probably the last thing I’ll submit until after graduation (2 Weeks!!! YAAAASSS). Hope y’all understand. :-) xoxoxoxo

okay bare with me i need to get this off my chest
i know that sometimes it is hard to deal with me bc i am just one big negative vibe and its hard to be friends with messed up people like me but lately ive felt like the same as when i was friends with diana like i would do literally anything to help u and whenever u or anyone is sad i do my best to help but when it comes to others helping me its literally ‘o you want to die ??? well ok make sure u say gbye to me if u kill urself !!!!’ like its not fair for me to put my happiness in others but no one cares about me and it hurts more then u can even imagine i dont understand why no one cares about me but its my fault bc im such a whiny little bitch and im too high maintenance but this is me saying goodbye because you deserve better but so do i
—  The Texts I Never Sent #66 // Submitted by quidditcharry
  • Person A: So, why don’t you like Hillary Clinton?
  • Person B [a white woman]: She’s evil.
  • Person A: Really?
  • Person B: Well, my friend, who’s psychic, looked at her aura, and she’s definitely evil.
  • submitted by @judgmentalfairy