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Heres something I kind of want to get through. Im not hating on those who ship this (Veronica x Duke) but. Please dont romanticize the kiss Veronica gives Duke. Its a hate kiss. Veronica kisses her cheek as to say 'hey bitch I own this joint' shes saying a sort of in your face. Its not meant to be romantic because Dukes been a soul bitch. In the movie Veronicas a very sarcastic person so this fits better. She says Beautiful sarcastically where as musical Veronica says is meaningfully. Idk.m

????? Okay ????? I’m not sure why you sent this bc I have literally never mentioned a single thing about that kiss or about Veronica x Duke?? Are you sure you’re sending this to the right blog lmao

It’s unnerving at first, realizing you’re happy. It’s been so long, you’re not sure how to act. Life always seems to be a give and take; you struggle and suffer for as long as you can stand and then finally you get something good. For an hour or a day, you get to be happy before the hurt comes back. But here you are, not in the temporary, just until the other shoe drops happiness you’re used to, but actually content. Actually feeling like every thing’s okay. You have bad days, but you know they don’t last. There’s still a worry in the back of you mind that you’ll lose it all, but for now you’re okay.
—  nothing lasts forever

Nooow this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit on down and tell you about how I became the prince of a place called Po Town

  • Draco: You're so patronising.
  • Harry: Leave it to you to use big words when you're smashed.
  • Draco: I don't think so.
  • Harry: Okay...
  • Draco: Why are you doing this?
  • Harry: I told you. You may have a concussion.
  • Draco: You don't care if I never wake up.
  • Harry: Sure I do.
  • Draco: Why?
  • Harry: Because, well then, I'd have to start taking out guys who actually like me.
  • Draco: Like you could find one.
  • Harry: Ooh, see that, there? Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?


How to give Not Today views while you’re asleep

So I don’t know if anyone’s thought of this yet, but here’s an easy way to get bts a lot of views. I’m not certain it works 100%, but it’s more views than none.

First of create a playlist with 2 or 3 songs, like this:

Replaying one song on repeat sometimes doesn’t give it all the views, while playing a few in between will. And if you’re too lazy to create a playlist, just use mine, HERE.

Make sure you’ve got the repeat playlist button on.

Then push on the mute button on your keyboard. Youtube will still register as having the sound on, so the views will count. Now just keep your laptop/computer/tablet running all night and generate views while you’re sleeping. Just make sure you’ve got your laptop/tablet on a charger, or it’ll run out of battery long before you wake up.

a stray thought

remember the mysterious door at the final rest in kh1 and the disembodied voice that spoke to him? i know it’s a common theory that voice was mickey’s, which never made a lot of sense to me, but now that we know that mickey and aqua go to the destroyed destiny islands, maybe they’re the ones who left the door for sora


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP


Ok, gave in and made a mood board to post in time for Spain’s birthday! I started with 6 tiles then it became 9 after all. :3 The cosplay pics were taken by Tessa Rene.

Some groups were asking for APH Spain promotion today… Sorry this is not a manifesto, but at least I can leave some history notes about the pics I chose:

  • Fun fact about sherry: the English had always enjoyed it, but Drake stealing a lot of casks in 1587 to bring home was what really made their love for it grow, which Shakespeare even characterized.
  • The Santísima Trinidad was a first-rate ship launched in Cuba which eventually became the flagship of the Spanish fleet for a good while before finally wrecked in the Battle of Trafalgar. There is a life-sized replica in Alicante.
  • The Cross of Burgundy was used by Habsburg Spain from 16th to 18th centuries and also represented their overseas empire.
  • The Seville Cathedral is where Columbus is buried. Despite it all, his voyage was a significant point of Spain’s history that marked the start of their New World conquests.
  • “Plus Ultra” (“Further Beyond”), the national motto of Spain, dates back to Charles I / Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor.