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You're pretty pathetic do you actually think mama fuboo actually likes you? You're probably just bothering her and I'm surprised shes tolerating you. I'm glad you got hacked tbh you deserve it for being a user.

Dude my self-esteem is already to a point what you said can’t bother me. I’m not sure if @inverted-mind-inc really likes me or not but I’m just glad she talked to me even if it was brief. I also took care of the hacker, and how am I a user?

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go off ur self. some line in a game doesnt make a character straight. way to push the straight white agenda on a cool character

Y’know I had this whole idea of being super sassy and snarky in a retort. But, I kinda figured why bother? I was going to explain how/why I see her as straight, but would that matter?

Springs: Be careful near the kraggons! They appeared after Dahl started mining the planet and one of them nearly killed me a couple months ago. Gave me a sexy scar on my stomach.
Springs (to Nisha): Sorry. I didn’t mean that as a come-on, Nisha. You’re not quite my type. 
Nisha (if present): No harm done. I like ‘em handsome anyway. 

So, I will leave this just posted with the lines of dialogue and the reminder that anyone and everyone can interpret what people say are into. As well as a polite refusal to do the first part of your ‘ask’. 

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NAME: Toolpencil Whatzzcoil
FULL TITLE: gMArPhys, gMMathAn, EScSt(Q), EScSt(T), EEng, EAppMath, MAlch(Tr), ArHerb Toolpencil Whatzzcoil.
AGE: 79
GENDER: Female
PROFESSION: Scholar, explorer, free-lance problem-solver. Ex-memeber of “old” S.A.F.E. (Security And Forensic Experts)
RELIGION: Gnomish-atheism (”Sure, light, loa, Titans, shadow… All of that exists. But I am at the moment rather busy and anyway I see no reason why I should bother with them and they with me”)


BODY TYPE: Small, curvy
SCARS/BIRTHMARKS:  Missing left arm (as of Secrets of Shattrath)
EYES: Light blue
HAIR: Long, wild, green. Considered an independend nation by her owner. Usually worn in a long tail.
SKIN: Pale, a lot of freckles.
HEIGHT: 3′ 1″ / 94 cm
WEIGHT: 68lb / 31 kg


SIBLINGS: Older sisters: Keylock, Gearamble, Wrenchky. Younger sisters: Acetal (Deceased (undead)), Sparks, Whizzlen, Curlglue
PARENTS: Unnamed mother. Unnamed father (makes brandy). Both live in Ironforge.
PETS: None s far.


PHYSICAL PROWESS: Very agile but not acrobatic. Fast. Can do minor magic. Has problem reaching high shelves
INTELLIGENCE: Very good at math, physics and logic. Speaks and writes several languages
LANGUAGES: Gnomish (mother tongue), Dwarven (fluent), Common (fluent), Thalassian (scholarly passive), Mogu (conversational, spoken only), Zandali (broken, spoken only), Orcish (scholarly passive, written only)


COLOURS: Green, white, blue
SMELLS: Wet snow, parchment, tea, ozone
FOOD: Candied ginger, baked salmon with lemon slices, root vegetable cut to slices and then deep-fried
DRINKS: Black tea with ginger, milk and sugar, green teas, sparkling water, brandy


DRUGS: Might test it. By an accident.
FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.”
THEME MUSIC: Helloween - Future World (instrumental)

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Things That Break My Heart

(In D’s Journal)

Re-reading some Ringabel/Alternis centric stuff, and it hurts. 

Ringabel’s Entry stuff:

  • “I believe I am a gentleman well liked by all.” Okay this this is clearly in part Ringabel’s ego, but… why does he have it? This hurts when we eventually learn how hard Alternis worked to have a place, and his clear issues of not belonging. 
  • “Who am I? I’ve been asking around town… but am met by blank stares or laughter… Why am I here? At night I visit this cottage. I feel a sense of nostalgia here.” Ringabel in conversation brushes his lost memory off as something he’s not terribly concerned over, acting as if he is far more interested in skirt chasing. In his private thoughts tho, he shows how much it really bothers him not to know, and how lost he feels.
  • “Once they reach the black mage’s keep, they are sure to run into that girl. I must see her…” Unlike his usual pervy comments, this one seems somehow desperate. It feels drawn by memory, as if without knowing why, he is certain seeing Edea will fix it. Alternis’ memory desperately trying to return to what he knows, driven by his failure to try and protect her here? 
  • “They said that moments after I left, a man in dark armor had burst in…” The trailing after this comment makes me think he already knew there was a connection, even not understanding why.
  • “I saw the Alternis Dim of this world, wailing in pain and on the brink of insanity, having lost all hope at Edea’s death.” This kills me. This guy had to watch himself fail, again and again, literally witnessing his own mental breakdowns, and revealing his deepest secrets and flaws for his own companions and himself to see. I just… holy shit. Ouch. 
  • From Edea’s Entry: “…Edea just laughed and called him “fool brother.” It was a special moment for me and my counterpart…” I’m glad hearing it made him happy, but I wish he’d been able to hear it aimed at himself rather than only through his alternate self. Edea: Why you no show the Ringabel affection? 

Alternis’ Entry:

  • “He summoned Alternis to his side, scolding him for staying on despite his orders, and calling him son. These words were as water in a drought, as Alternis had always longed for acceptance.” Important to remember, if you want to hurt your heart anyway, that Ringabel is talking about himself here. His entire life has been built around not deserving this family that took him in, and working to be worthy of it. A life that resolved around being on the outside, seeing love and family, but feeling he wasn’t truly a party to it. Here, even if it’s not said directly to him, he finally learned that Braev never thought of him as an outsider, or a soldier, but as his own son. No, I’m still not over this scene. 
  • “Alternis Dim: my former self, who concealed his identity to serve under the templar…” Now this one raises questions. So Alternis’ helm was meant to keep his face secret, but from who? Obviously Alternis does work covertly, since he was placed in Caldisla for recon, but why hide in Eternia as well? It makes me wonder how much spying Alternis really got up to. Tho it does potentially fill the plot hole of why Edea and the other Eternia generals didn’t recognize him on sight, thus cutting that whole subplot rather short. How long as he been hiding behind that thing? Long enough for his own childhood friend/adopted sister to fail to recognize him without it. 

Party Chat Things:

  • Agnes: “I’ve noticed him mumbling strange things in the streets ever since I arrived.” Only a few times, but we do see instances (as in his own entry) that imply Ringabel wasn’t quite as content and calm as appears. He’s normally portrayed as calm and unbothered, but talking to himself in the streets shows his poor little mind was more scrambled by the loss of memory than initial appearances show. 
  • Tiz, regarding Ringabel and Edea: “Hahaha… She sure got on familiar terms with Ringabel pretty quick.” You can’t convince me their quick familiarity and fighting/teasing isn’t lingering attachment. Can’t do it. 
  • “So, Agnes. Refresh my memory–amnesia joke, by the way. Which way to Ancheim?” I love him.
  • Ringabel: “Oh uh… various things. I was deep in thought, you see.” Edea (To Ringabel, in Florem): “Then why did I just catch you looking at my reflection!?” Perhaps this is another perv joke, but this one doesn’t feel like it to me. That he was quietly staring at her reflection, rather than making any flirty jokes, seems more contemplative. He’s normally unabashed when caught being dirty. And if that’s right, then the thought of him quietly looking at her, in a way that he thinks is less obvious than outright looking directly at her, is kind of sweet, and also sad?
  • “I live my life in front of a mirror.” Okay, so beyond the obvious foreshadowing of confronting Alternis, this raises questions. Did he care as much about his appearance as Alternis, or was it one of the changes to his personality? It’s kind of charming to think of Alternis posing in the mirror, knowing he’s cute as heck, only to hide it all away. And heartbreaking to think it never occurred to him. 
  • The whole scene where Edea takes Ringabel along with her shopping in Florem. I want to see more of them that day. 
  • Anges, asking Edea about Ringabel “Why? Does he have days when he’s ‘black’?” …Well-played. 
  • Edea, to Ringabel: “Pity your personality hasn’t changed too.” Oh if you only knew…
  • From ‘Edea’s Parfait Binge’: “Stop it Airy! We’re talking about one of our comrades–someone who lost his memory and nearly his sanity, too!” One of the only times Edea gets upset talking about Ringabel, and actually shows concern, and another reference to his mental state being more serious than portrayed. 
  • Literally all of ‘Ringabel’s Invitation’, but especially the end “Oh, ha ha… Ha ha ha… Ha… *sigh*” My heart. She breaks. Okay, so just… this guy has spent his literal entire life dreaming of being with Edea, watches her die, loses his memory, and then FINALLY asks her out in sincerity, only to be rejected, and… all he can do is try and laugh it off? 
  • “Besides, I don’t have anywhere to go back to.” and “It might be nice to have somewhere I could call home.” It kills me how baby boy hides his pain behind silliness, but it still comes out sometimes. 
D'ya think they all argue about what to wear?
  • Alex: Let's all wear black and look super mysterious and cool like miles does
  • Nick: Yeah sure! I wanna wear velvet tho.
  • Alex: Ergh okay that's fine I guess
  • Matt: No I am wearing my super fly tartan jacket and you can't stop me
  • Alex: FFS Matt we are a band, we need to look unified.
  • Matt: You can all wear tartan too
  • Nick: I am not wearing tartan
  • Alex: Me neither.
  • Matt: Well I am and you can't stop me
  • Alex: Jamie, what do you think?
  • Jamie: I am wearing a shiny blue suit yay
  • Alex: OMG why do I even bother
  • Matt: Can I wear tartan then?