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‘Get lost!’
‘You’re the one who asked me to do it in the first place! What is it? What are you saying I can’t do?!’

“Jack Zimmermann, your feet are freezing!” Bittle says, squirming away from him across the bed.

Jack follows and pins him, reflecting Bittle’s own grin back down at him. “I think you have me confused with someone.”

Bittle’s brow furrows. “No, I’m pretty sure I know whose icicles are pressed against my–”

“It’s Bittle now,” Jack says. “No Zimmermanns here.”

Bittle’s face clears like the sun coming over the horizon. He rolls his eyes and laughs, pulls Jack to him. “You’re ridiculous.”

Jack goes easily, the dawn of a new day. “You said yes.”

“I did,” Bittle says, lips curving against Jack’s. “I do.”


Uncensored scenes from season 11.

isak and even are in isak’s room, browsing through the “thrillers” section on netflix (because even says he’s in the mood for a little suspence) and there’s a knock on the door and they hear linn say “hey, did you guys take my box of cookies?” and the truth is that said box is right there on isak’s lap, and isak looks at even and mouths “oops”. when he opens the door, the box in his hand, he tells linn “it’s been there for like a month and i wasn’t sure whose cookies they were but, hm” he looks inside the box and continues “there’s a couple left” and he hands it to linn and she just stares at him for a few seconds, expressionless, and says “it’s fine, keep it”, turns around and leaves 

isak asks even “am i an ass?” and even laughs a little and ruffles isak’s hair and says “nah, just a hungry teenager”. and isak moves away from even’s hand and looks at him with a mischievous smile on his face and he replies “totally hungry” playfully, before he leans in and gently cover even’s nose with his teeth, not really bitting down and even doesn’t try to free himself, simply teases “it smells like chocolate chip cookies in there. actually, it smells like stolen chocolate chip cookies” and isak takes his mouth off his nose and replies “hey! i thought you said i wasn’t an ass”, all pouty and grumpy and even can’t help but smile at him. “you aren’t, but you did take linn’s cookies. and now she doesn’t have any”. isak sighs, rests his head on even’s shoulder and says “we could go get her another box?” 

they do end up going to the store, but instead they buy the ingredients they need to make the cookies themselves (except for eggs, which isak says he already has at home). and then they’re in the kitchen, and even places the ingredients on the counter, opens the fridge and grabs two eggs, says “catch!” before he slowly throws one in isak’s direction. isak does catch it and looks at him with wide eyes and warns “if you make a mess, you’re the one cleaning” and even simply cups his face, plants a quick kiss on his forehead and his nose and his mouth and his chin and says “i won’t”. and then they make the cookies, even telling isak the measurements. “two cups of chocolate chips”, which isak adds to the dough, and then he adds an extra handful, says “it’ll taste way better like this. more chocolate, better cookies” and even chuckles. “yes, chef valtersen” 

when the cookies are done, they knock on linn’s door, a platter in isak’s hands. even asks “liiiiinn, our dear linn, are you hungry for some amazing, delicious homemade cookies, made with a lot love and a whole lot of chocolate chips?” and there’s a short silence before they hear her say “thanks, but i’m not really hungry right now”. isak looks at even and shrugs and he tells linn “well, we made a lot, let us know when you want some, okay?” and they hear a muffled “mmhm” from behind the door 

they start to watch the usual suspects, isak all cuddled up against even, an arm around even’s stomach, a leg wrapped over his. a few minutes later, linn’s knocking on the door and asking “cookies kind of smelled nice, can i have some?” and isak tells her “come in, linn!” she doesn’t flinch when she sees them on the bed, linn really doesn’t mind displays of affection as long as they’re silent. even hands her the platter and asks her “hey, feel like watching a movie?” and linn frowns a little. “is it moulin rouge again?” and even replies “nah, it’s not moulin rouge”. he opens his free arm (the one that’s not holding isak close) as an invitation and linn sits next him, cookie platter on her lap, and even wraps an arm around her as she bites into one of the cookies. isak lifts his head up a little, and when even looks at him in the eyes, they exchange a knowing smile 



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summary ashton gets a little to comfortable with another girl, so you figure you might as well do the same…

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The word “stop” echoed through the hills. Soldiers froze, weapons weakly falling from their hands, their eyes paralyzed with fear.

A young woman elegantly wove her way through the crowd, emerging from the ranks without a single piece of armor. Her eyes shimmering darkly, the colors swirling almost threateningly.

“Down.” She commanded, and the soldiers fell to their knees without so much as a second thought.

“You’ve lost.” She said, almost apologetic, “Accept your defeat graciously.”

The soldiers slowly shed their helmets and chest plates. They bowed their heads in surrender.

The woman turned to her own army, not looking nearly as ferocious or victorious as she had just moments before, “My name is Piper McLean, and this war is over. We’ve won.”

Forget Me Not: Boston Manor

I absolutely loved this lyric edit I did, and this is my favorite song right now.
I’m not sure whose original artwork the watercolor flowers are, but credit goes to them.

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RACHEL BLACK: little lamb

Mark Imagine - Jealousy

A/N - Thanks to the anon who requested this one, I hope you liked it! Requests are still open so keep sending them in!

“Hey, Mark. Do you want to come to a party tonight?” You asked your boyfriend as you stood in the kitchen, making some lunch for the two of you. 
“Uh, sure. Whose party is it?” He replied as he came to stand beside you, one hand around your waist. 
“It’s a little reunion thing with a bunch of my old friends. I mentioned I had a boyfriend and they said to bring you along.”
“I’d love that, hopefully they have some embarrassing stories to tell me about you!” He teased, kissing your cheek softly before grabbing a plate of food and dashing out of the kitchen and into the dining room. 

As night approached, you were getting ready and chose one of your favourite dresses. It was a deep plum colour and hugged your body in all the right places. It came to the middle of your thigh and you put on some black heels to elongate your legs.
“Babe?” Mark asked from the door to your bedroom.
“Do you have to wear that dress tonight?”
“Oh, do you not like it or something?” You became worried all of a sudden that he didn’t like how you looked.
“No no, it’s not that at all. You look absolutely stunning. It’s just…” he sighed before continuing, “I don’t want loads of your guy friends staring at you or trying to hook up with you.”
“Ah, so you’re jealous that you won’t be the only one to see me like this.”
“I hate to admit it but yes,” he said, admitting defeat. 
“You have nothing to worry about, babe. None of the guys will try and get with me. Especially not while you’re there.”
“They sure as hell won’t,” he came closer to you, his hands tight on your hips as he continued, “You’re mine and I won’t share you with anyone.” His lips connected with your neck, threatening to leave marks across the skin. 
“Mark, baby. Not now. I can’t show up with love bites over my neck, they’ll tease the shit out of me.”
“Well you better be ready for when we get back because I will rip that dress off your gorgeous body the moment we step back in this house.”