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British Invasion.

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Chapter One:The British Are Coming.”
Word Count: 2,307


“We will be making our decent into John F. Kennedy International Airport in approximately five minutes. Please fasten your seat belts and make sure your trays are clear. Please do not leave your seats until we are safely in the boarding zone. Thank you for flying Virgin Atlantic.”

Riley scanned the crowd of passengers around her, her eyes landing on the stewardess that was still standing towards the front of the plane. She studied the woman’s face for a moment. She seemed exhausted. Though who could blame her? Riley had only been on this plane for roughly 8 and a half hours give or take and she was about ready to finish landing the plane herself.

Her eyes roamed around the cabin, trying to place where her father and brother were seated. Somehow they booked the tickets wrong and the three of them got separated on the plane. Her mother was still back in London handling some last minute details, apparently she was to fly out tomorrow morning to make it back to New York in time for the first day of school.

A young girl who was probably around the same age of her brother Auggie, sat next to her with wide eyes as she studied the dark sky. Next to her was who she presumed to be the little girl’s mother. Riley watched as the woman’s hands trembled as she checked their seat belts. She was a nervous wreck the entire flight which really put a damper on the whole experience.

The plane tilted slightly to the left and began a slow and steady turn. Down below, the ground looked like square plots on a huge map of some kind. Gradually, everything began to come into view.

As they neared the ground, small cars heading down long highways of black ribbon came into view, as well bright lights and various buildings of different sizes and shapes. The New York City skyline was one of her favorite sights. When you’re down there it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the crowded streets and loud noises but up there in the sky, it almost looked peaceful.

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Domestic Wolf


Request- Could you do a one shot where peter has a really, nice, normal human girlfriend and she cooks dinner for him and Derek at Derek’s apartment. And Derek is really surprised by his uncles actions. Sorry this is random :/ you don’t have too but it’s like 4 minutes till 5 am and I thought this would be so cute <3 thank you x


As I walked around the kitchen and dining room, finishing putting the finishing touches on everything, I heard the elevator getting closer to the apartment and I smiled. I knew that it would be Peter and Derek. I’ve been living in the apartment for just over month now, but Peter and I have been together for well over a year. Derek is usually never home and when he is, he stays in his room so he has no idea what his uncle and I are like around the apartment, that is, not until tonight. Everyone thinks Peter is evil, I mean sure he has done some bad things, but he had reasons for doing those things, even if they were twisted.  
“(Y/N)! We are home!” Peter yelled, breaking my thoughts, causing me to smile and walk towards the front door. When I turned the corner, I was face to face with Peter who had an arm out for me to walk into, which of course I did. He kissed my temple, his arm resting on my lower back.
“How are you my sweet?” He whispered causing my smile to grow wider and look up at him.
“I’m, fine, just fine.” I responded, causing him to nod and the both of us looked over at Derek. Believe it or not, I was more nervous about tonight than Peter did. Derek and Peter only have each other, and Cora, while I have Cora’s approval, I’m beyond desperate for Derek’s.
“Hi, dinner smells great.” Derek said with a small, almost fake looking smile. I felt Peter’s hand on my back, go up and down slightly, reassuring me that everything would go well tonight. I just took a deep breath and gave Derek a small smile.
“Thank you, it’s ready so we can eat whenever you like.” I said as Peter led us into the dining room, his hand never leaving my back. Once we reached the dining room, Peter led me over to my normal seat, pulled the chair out and pushed it back in as I sat down, earning a scoff from Derek.
“I didn’t know my uncle was such a gentleman.” He said sitting down, without even a second thought. Peter just shot him a look, and sat down across from me while Derek was next to him. I began serving the food, hoping that the comments and looks were just from hunger. As the night went on, it only got worse, Peter was being a complete saint, holding my hand, trying his best to keep me calm when I knew he wanted to yell at Derek for being rude. I didn’t think Derek meant to be rude, I just think he was taken back by how sweet and kind Peter was being. Derek wasn’t rude to me, not once but the comments he was making about Peter and I were more than enough to get Peter frustrated. Now it was my turn to keep him calm.
“I’m going to go get dessert, try not to kill each other.” I said getting up from the table and heading back into the kitchen to get the chocolate cream pie that I had made for tonight. As I was about to walk back into the dining room, I heard Derek and Peter talking, so I stopped, and listened for a second.
“What are you doing?” Derek asked his uncle with arms crossed, he didn’t seem all that happy nor convinced that Peter and I could love each other.
“What do you mean Derek? I’m having dinner with my girlfriend and my nephew. What are you doing?” He asked causing me to chuckle quietly at his straight forward answer. I knew that Peter was different when he was around me but was is so unbelievable that maybe Peter had some good in him? I could hear Derek sigh and then Peter get up from his seat.
“Listen, your comments have nothing but rude and disrespectful. I love her and she is kind and sweet and yes Derek, human. I know what I use to say about love, I know I use to think it was beneath me, but she changed the way I think about those things. I plan on loving her for the rest of my life or the rest of hers, I want to stay with her until my demons catch up with me or until she gets sick of me. This is different and you being like this, is just plain horrible. I know I may be asking a lot but can you accept her, can you just accept the fact that I’m different with her?” He asked, nearly making me drop the pie. I knew Peter and I were in it for the long haul but just hearing him say that made me weak at the knees. It was silent for a minute, you could hear a pin drop and I’m pretty sure that they could hear my heart racing.
“Yes. I like her, I have liked her since the first day I met her. I just never thought I would see you like this. It just took me by surprise that is all. I’m sorry.” Derek said causing me to smile softly and walk back into the dining room, pie in hand, and tears brimming my eyes.
“Who wants pie?” I asked, causing both men to nod. The rest of the night was great, we all cracked a few jokes and I know that I heard Derek laugh which is a miracle in its self. Around midnight Derek said he had to go, which was no surprise to Peter and I. We walked Derek to the door, closing it behind him and not speaking a world until we heard the elevator going back down.
“Thank you.” I whispered causing Peter to look at me and smiled. I knew that he had heard my heartbeat when I was in the kitchen. He knew what I was thanking him for, he knew that I knew that we were it for each other, that there was no going back at this point and I’m completely okay with that. So what if I’m human and he is a werewolf? We love each other and after tonight, I think that could be the key to everything.

The sad story of Gehrman and Lady Maria

Gehrman, an acquaintance of Master Willem and Laurence in Byrgenwerth, had always been known as a skilled fighter. In fact, he was so skilled that Laurence came to him to ask for help when the beastly plague threatened Yharnam because of Laurence’s extensive distribution of healing blood. So Gehrman founded the Hunter’s Workshop and transformed his skill into an artform. He started crafting formidable weapons, every single one of them unique and expertly made. He trained other talented individuals to become hunters and showed his own capabilities out on the hunt. Naturally, his students admired him a great deal and he was respected by everyone.

One day, a new student joined his workshop. A young noblewoman who had just come from Cainhurst Castle – Lady Maria. Gehrman, also still quite young at the time, was immediately intrigued by her; after all Maria was a very skilled fighter. Maria had heard about the hunters and their leader before and she was excited to be a part of them. Much like all the other students she admired Gehrman a lot and was maybe even infatuated with him. However, neither of them acted on their feelings or realized the other’s feelings, so both ended up thinking all they had was a professional relationship. They hunted together, fought together, suffered together and all that had probably forged quite a tight bond between them.

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Who You Should Fight: 39 Clues Edition
  • Amy: She took and survived the Master Serum, sure it's not in her system anymore but who knows? There might be a little bit lingering in there still. Do not fight Amy Cahill under Any Circumstance.
  • Dan: Dan would love to fight you. Dan would PVP you. Meet you in the pit. Fight Dan Cahill for the EXP but don't expect to win.
  • Hamilton: Do Not Engage under Any Circumstance. Hamilton Holt will use your body as a club for the next poor sap that tries to fight him. Repeat. Do Not Engage under Any Circumstance.
  • Ian: Ian isn't great at fighting. Have you seen him fight? Didn't think so. Doesn't mean he won't kick your ass though. Dude probably knows how to poison you with your own saliva. Do Not Fight Ian Kabra.
  • Natalie: Why would you fight a little girl? She's so cute and precious and she's already shot you with her dart gun. You're down. Oh now she's called in Ian. Do Not Fight Natalie Kabra.
  • Jonah: Jonah's muscles are fake, just like his personality. However, Hamilton happens to be his best friend. A great defense mechanism. Only fight Jonah if Hamilton is gone.
  • Reagan: Into ballet so she could easily backhand you with her foot. Backfoot you? Still, she's young. You both could use the experience. Do Fight Reagan Holt.
  • Madison: Do we even know if she's still alive? Whatever. Do Fight Madison Holt.
  • Sinead: Has turned into a Grade A wimp because of various relevant and irrelevant plot devices. Probably needs a good kick to the face. Do Fight Sinead Starling.
  • Ted: A complete nerd face. You will win, but you'll feel bad about it because he's blind. Do (Not) Fight Ted Starling.
  • Ned: A complete nerd face. You will win, but you'll feel bad about it because he's got crippling headaches. Do (Not) Fight Ned Starling.
  • Evan: Dude this dude is like. Oh man. Seriously. He's the dude that's your sidekick throughout the entire game but it turns out he's the mastermind/final boss. Do Not Fight Evan Tolliver.
  • Atticus: Are you even joking. The entire cast and half the fandom will beat you up if you attempt this. Do Not Fight Atticus Rosenbloom.
  • Jake: If you have the chance to engage, go for it. Always Fight Jake Rosenbloom.
Vernon/OFC: Flooded, like ocean waves

Genre: Fluff/Humor/Romance

Word Count: 804

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Summary: university!AU, “I accidentally flooded the laundry room and you really need to do laundry.” 

It was well late into the night, as she passed every floor with the halls being dead quiet. Students were pulling all nighters and it was quiet hours, so it was almost creepy having the only sound being furious laptop typing and violent pencil scratching. She made her way to the laundry room as fast as possible, her basket tucked in one arm and a textbook in the other. At the very least, she could kill two birds by studying while she waited.

The laundry room was closed shut, but light seeped through. Not only light seeped through, but soap, as she opened the door and took two steps in.

Squish, squish.

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Mac and cheese - Thomas Jefferson x reader

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

For  Anon

You sat on the living room chair, nose in a book, being invested in the story it told. It was just a typical Sunday afternoon, that is until a very familiar scent filled the air and brought your attention out of the book, and to the source, it was coming from.
“Thomas, darling?” You saw your love, Thomas, leaning over a pot, stirring its contents occasionally.
“Macaroni and cheese? Thomas, I didn’t know you could cook.” You hugged him from behind, nuzzling your head into his back.
He laughed “Oh trust me, I can’t.”
“ For someone who can’t cook, you sure are doing a great job.” you peered from his side at the mac and cheese he was now spooning into two bowls.
“ God has granted me one power, Y/N, and that is to cook the best food known to man.” He explained as he turned around, handing you a steaming bowl. You took it, and ate. Thomas is great at many things. Politics, being a lover, fashion ( referencing to his magenta suit he wore often) but all those things pale in comparison at how DAMN GOOD his macaroni and cheese was. You quickly ate the whole bowl, watching him snicker, but he soon finished as well. You set you bowl down and leaned in to kiss him. Suddenly, he pulled away, looking at you wide eyed and a grin plastered on his face.
“Whats wrong?” you asked, searching your face for any remains of cheese until Thomas stopped you with a long, passionate kiss, leaning you back so far that you almost fell.
“ Love, not that I’m complaining, but what was that for?” you laughed, fixing your dress.
He laughed before pulling you close “ I couldn’t help it Y/N! you taste like Mac’ and cheese!”


“Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I’ll just fall in love with you all over again.”

Happy Birthday to actual tsundere angel Beatriz! (´∀`)♡

Financial Reasons

Summary: Dan is hanging out at his best friend Phil’s flat in Manchester when Phil surprises him with a question.

Word Count: 1512

Genre: fluffy as the clouds

TW: drinking, some swearing

Excerpt: Phil took a deep breath, then spoke quickly, “Canwegetmarried?”
Dan blinked. He was sure his best friend hadn’t said what he thought he heard. “Sorry, what?”

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“—Like, seriously?! How are we the only hunters Bobby knows who can do this job, huh? It’s ridiculous. Eight and a half hours on a fucking… metal death trap and now, what, how long were we in the car for? ‘Only hunters’ my pale, white American ass…”

“Yes, Dean.”

Dean looks across the small table strewn with pictures and Meteora newspaper clippings, narrowing his eyes at his younger brother. “You’re not even fuckin’ listening, are you?”


“Dammit, Sammy!” Hands slam against the table, causing Sam to looking up, alarmed. “Are you really okay with this?! You’re cool with being dragged halfway around the world to take care of—what the hell is this black smudge bullshit—demon or ghost or flying-whatever-the-fuck?!”

At Dean’s frustrated and still somewhat panicked expression, the younger hunter sighs and runs a hand through his still-plane-greasy hair.

“Look,” he says. “The hardest part is done, right? We’re here. So, just… suck it up, okay? We’re in Greece!”

“Yeah, the hot-as-fuck, no beaches part of Greece.”

“Also the Game of Thrones, James Bond part of Greece. Stop being a jerk.”

“Whatever, bitch, I’m going to bed.”

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He had a young man’s face, with an old man’s eyes. His lips and dark hair stood out against the pale complexion of one who shirked the sun. He looked like a student who took no joy in his studies. One who perceived only the great problems of the galaxy and not its simple pleasures.
—  Rey’s first impression of Kylo Ren, from the junior novelisation of The Force Awakens by Michael Kogge
Random Snippet # 8

“So you’re Caroline.”

Caroline turned, frowned at the unfamiliar vampire standing on her porch. She was exhausted. Being a vampire did not, in fact, save you from finals kicking your ass. Plus, the entire Silas mess was becoming an actual issue instead of an annoyance, and Bonnie was way to friendly with the psychotic Kol. God, how she cursed the day that vampire had wandered into their lives.

Wait, hadn’t Kol been blabbering on about a brother? Her brain was fried by too much studying, but she was pretty sure she’d caught bits and pieces of the story the evening before. Well, parts of it. Something to do with doppelgängers and hybrids. The important part had been additional help - she was tired of digging through old texts with only a bag of B+ to hold her over. Someone else could do it.

The creeper on her porch was staring.

“Your Kol’s brother. The one with the army.”

Okay. Those dimples were unexpected. So was the odd, courtly bow. “The name your looking for is Klaus.”

Caroline shifted her bag and frowned at him. “Okay. Hi. Why are you bothering me?”

He tilted his head, gaze considering. “I must say, you’re not exactly what I expected.”

“Uh huh. Well, Mr. Expectations, its sort of been a shitty week around here, I’m sure Kol filled you in on all the details; so if you have a point to this meet and greet, find it.”

Klaus smiled at her, but his eyes were iron. “The last person who took that tone with me, lost their tongue. Among other things.”

He probably meant that. She was too tired to care. “Uh huh. Have you ever survived finals week?”

He blinked. “What?”

“You know, University? In all the years you’ve been ancient, you haven’t completed at least one degree?”

“Of course I have.”

“Great. Then when I tell you that trying to save the world plus the horror that is business law is exhausting and I’m honestly way too tired to give any fucks about your precious man ego, the likelihood of you torturing me should fall somewhere about forty-sixty.” Caroline shoved her wayward hair out of her face. “But please, if it makes you feel better, go on with the threats. It’ll probably bother me in a few hours. Post-nap.”

Klaus tilted his head, lips curving. “Well, I see why Kol hasn’t killed you.”

“Lucky me.” Caroline blinked when he was suddenly lose enough to touch. Leaning forward, he dimpled at her.

“You killed thirteen witches.”

“Bonnie is my friend.” Caroline said stubbornly. “She important. I’m pretty sure Kol and I already fought over this.”

“Hmmm.” His lashes lowered. “And the she-wolf?”

Caroline pursed her lips. “Seriously? How many times do we need to be betrayed before dealing with her? And why are you judging me?”

“I’m curious.”

Caroline held up her hand and took a step back. “Be curious later.”

She stiffened when he caught her wrist. Blinked in shock when he brought her wrist to his mouth, lips searing against her skin. The faintest flick of his tongue.

The unexpected rush of heat in her veins.

“My brother has told me about you, Caroline Forbes. How such a young vampire has held her own against an Original and Silas’ minions. How you defended your werewolf boyfriend and only killed the woman he betrayed you with when she tried to harm your friends. I’m fascinated.”

Mouth dry, she shook her head. “Ex-boyfriend. I’m not that interesting.”

He laughed against her skin, letting her hand skid free of his hold, callouses dragging against her skin. “I’ll be seeing you, love.”

Caroline stared at the empty space in front of her. Wrist burning; skin hypersensitive.

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I agree wit hyou! Touka is intelligent! Still I believe she and Ayato were able to read even if a little since Arata made her study as children and in the light novel it is shown that she can read Ayato's magazine. Btw Ayato can read and write too, it was shown both in that situation and when they wrote short poems (he could read Shachi's as well which is full of kanjis). Plus Touka is strictly linked to knowlege: she was asket by Arata to teach Ayato, she wants to be a teacher (cont)

She is driven by the prospective of Learning so she can live well and is the one who gives Hinami the newspaper saying human world can be interesting. I think her desire for knowledge isn’t limited only to academic stuff, but to people as well. After all school which is a social place played a great role in her development and it doesn’t do it for any other character. We get a glimpse of her school life in Bento and its focus are relationships while for example K’ school days are lonely

Yeah, Arata did teach Touka and Ayato to read. He took them on little study trips to the library :’) I’m not sure if this is more a headcanon or not, but I think part of the reason Touka hates classical literature so much and failed her lit tests is because her reading level was still behind- we see she has trouble reading the more advanced kanji (although I guess that’s also pretty common for younger people). Either way, Touka had a lot to catch up on for school and I’m so proud of her :D

And yeah, I agree. Going to school really was the best thing for her character. It helped her grow as a person and being around humans like Yoriko influenced her perspective on the world. Touka was always naturally curious about humans and how they lived, which I think helped. Contrasting that to Ayato’s views of humans being inferior, you can really see why she thrived in school while Ayato detested even the idea.

It’s one of the many reasons I love Touka so much. She didn’t have an easy time at school- it was hard work playing catch up. And she wasn’t naturally bookish either, like Kaneki. She worked hard to feed her desire for knowledge and to make a place for herself in the human world, despite all that. She went from having zero formal education, to aiming to get into Kamii which is a huge achievement. It really goes to show how much a curiosity to learn can help in school and is something I absolutely relate to. It’s adorable how in her character profile, one of her ‘likes’ is school life (and one of her hates are classical literature, no surprises hahaha)

The captains place bets on who will get bankai next

As requested by anon. :)

It’s open bankai season in Bleach! Insofar as it now seems possible for anyone with the requisite spiritual pressure and/or spunk to achieve bankai. So what if the captains took bets on who would achieve bankai next? Here is what they each might guess!

1. Yamamoto

Yamamoto: I’d bet on Hisagi, any day!

Yamamoto: He’s such a hardworking and handsome man, and he’s actually been training for it!

Sasakibe: I thought he achieved bankai already?

Yamamoto: No I’m pretty sure he would have used it by now if he had it.


2. Kensei

Kensei: I’m gonna have to go with Mashiro.

Kensei: For all I know, she has bankai already.

Kensei: She has weird powers.

Kensei: Weird, strong powers.

Hisagi: Y-you’ve given up on me, Captain?


Kensei: Put those puppy dog eyes away, Hisagi.

3. Kenpachi

Kenpachi: I dunno. Ikkaku probably.

Kenpachi: He always took this power stuff pretty seriously.


Kenpachi: What?

4. Unohana

Unohana: I would like to believe that with me gone, Isane will step up.

Unohana: Achieve bankai.

Unohana: And then take bloody revenge for my death!!

Isane: Um

Unohana: Or just the bankai thing.

5. Rose

Rose: I too have great faith in my lieutenant! Izuru will achieve bankai for sure!

Rose: Assuming he is alive.

Rose: I should maybe check on that.

Rose: At some point.

6. Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi: Squad 11, for all of its many faults, is full of men who care for nothing but raw strength.

Kurotsuchi: The most obvious chioce is Yumichika, next in line to achieve bankai, after his captain and Ikkaku.

Kenpachi: Then why wouldn’t you guess Ikkaku, moron?

Kurotsuchi: Don’t worry your barbarian head about it.

7. Soi Fon

Soi Fon: In my ninja experience, those who seem the least like they will achieve bankai should be the ones who will achieve bankai.

Soi Fon: Therefore, Nanao.

Soi Fon: Probably she does not come to fights because she is too busy training. For bankai.

8. Shinji

Shinji: Gonna have to go with Hiyori.

Shinji: TBH, I kept expecting her to spontaneously develop bankai out of extreme rage.

Hiyori: Did you just SAY ’T’, ‘B,’ 'H’ instead of just saying the fucking words?!

Shinji: See?

9. Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya: Only someone forward thinking and hardworking will achieve bankai.

Hitsugaya: So yeah, Hisagi and Yumichika seem like good bets.

Hitsugaya: I see them in the library!

10. Komamura

Komamura: Now that I am a puppy, Iba will have to develop bankai in order to protect our squad!

Iba: C-Captain…

Komamura: And with his sunglasses, he will look cool doing it!

11. Ukitake

Ukitake: I will guess Matsumoto!

Ukitake: I’ve always sensed that she has an inner fire!

Ukitake: Plus being around Shiro that much? Overachieving has got to rub off on you!

12. Kyoraku

Kyoraku: The next person to develop bankai had damn well better be Kenpachi.

Kyoraku: No way I sacrificed a captain for just a shikai.

Kyoraku: No way!

13. Byakuya

Byakuya: I would have to chose…….Hanataro.

Byakuya: That small clumsy man is hiding something.

Byakuya: I can feel it.

Renji: He’s, um, a 7th Seat. Of Squad 4.

Byakuya: I CAN FEEL IT

Captain Canary: High Tolerance for Pain

Posting another fic ;)

CC prompt from anonymous: Sara takes care of len’s injuries

I kinda hesitated posting this. I’ve had this in my drafts for too long then I read a fic similar to this one. Maybe we had similar prompts. I forgot who wrote it but I’m pretty sure we’re following each other.

If this fic is similar to yours, I apologize, it wasn’t intentional. We had similar requests :(

I still hope you guys enjoy this version :)


The team just encountered Savage’s forces in 2113 and the Waverider took a great hit. They were able to fly to the temporal zone but then, the ship had to rest and to be fixed because of the 93% damage it obtained.

Because of the gravity of its damage, Gideon wasn’t able to be contacted. The system was down and the team had to restore it manually. Ray, Stein, Jax, Rip, and Mick all volunteered to start the restoration of the Waverider.

Kendra and Snart were injured from the fight. Sara took the responsibility of tending to their wounds while in the infirmary. She started with Kendra who had a small cut on her eyebrow.

“This doesn’t need stitching,” Sara said. “A simple band aid would do. We just have to wait for Gideon for her to regenerate your skin tissues, alright?”

“Okay, thanks Sara. I’ll go ahead and freshen up and maybe rest. That fight has drained me.” Kendra walked away from the Medbay, leaving the crook and the assassin.

“What the hell happened to your face, Snart? You have a freaking Cold Gun that could shoot from afar,” she said as she sat across Leonard.

“Cold Gun’s power went out so I had to fight…manually. I’m sorry I’m not a trained assassin,” he drawled.

Sara chuckled and grabbed a damp towel and pressed it to Leonard’s face which has cuts and bruises. He closed his eyes as one of Sara’s hands held his face still, the other on the towel. She slowly pressed it by his face, cleaning it from blood.

“Come on, assassin, press harder, I have a high tolerance for pain,” he said.

So she did. Hardly, making his cuts sting.


“You told me to press harder,” she laughed. She continued tending to his cuts. She dabbed 22nd century ointments for the cuts to seal and for it to heal faster. “You’re done,” she said. “Unless there’s something else?”

“Yeah, actually,” he hesitated telling her but his larger wound started to sting so much that it was unbearable. “My shoulder was cut by a knife,” Leonard continued.

“Let me see.”

He stretched his long sleeved sweatshirt for her to see the long gash on his clavicle area.

“Tsss, that’s awful. Take it off,” she said flatly.


“Take off your shirt.”


“Then how the hell am I supposed to treat it, Snart?”

He hesitated. But then the pain was too strong. He was worried about how she’ll react to his scars, then he remembered that she has them too. He lifted his sweatshirt and threw it behind Sara.

She was amazed by what she saw. His lean but defined muscles surprised her, but what interested her are his scars.

“Yes, I have scars. Not a happy childhood. Deal with it,” Leonard drawled, his eyebrows burrowed.

Sara smiled and said, “I have scars on my body too. It’s okay.”

“We can exchange scar-stories next time. Just fix this goddamn wound,” he coldly said but deep inside, he was relieved that Sara gave no judgments.

She looked at the long gash and sat nearer to him. Again, she placed a damp towel to the wound, seeping the blood. She was so close to his right shoulder, one hand on the towel, another on his left shoulder. He could see her burrowed eyebrows, looking worried about his cut.

Her hair is up, allowing him access to her nape. Just at the base of it was a small scar. A cut. Barely noticeable but still, he knows it’s a cut.

Sara started removing small pieces of his sweatshirt’s cloth that stuck to the wound because of the blood. She was, again, close to him and his face.

“What’s the story of that cut? The one on your nape,” he had to ask.

“I thought we swap scar-stories next time?” she replied.

He didn’t answer this. Instead, he said, “Island or League of Assassins?”

“Island. The men of the one who rescued me got threatened that I’d be his right hand.”


Sara scoffed. “Hm. Wasn’t able to break his hand." 

Silence fell upon them.

"You’re done,” she said as she smiled.

Then he kissed her on the lips. Just a peck, really, but enough to stun Sara.

Leonard expected a slap but she didn’t so he said, “I’m sorry you didn’t get to break his wrist. Thanks by the way.”

He stood, picked up his sweatshirt on the floor, then walked away from the infirmary. He then exhaled the breath he’s been holding since after the kiss. He wished he held the kiss longer because the moment he broke away, he wanted to kiss her again.

She was left astounded in the medbay. Of course she has thought of kissing Leonard. Ever since he stopped her from killing Stein in Russia. She’d be lying if she’ll say she doesn’t find him attractive. What made her upset was that he took her by surprise, she didn’t have a chance to respond and reciprocate. So she ran after him.

Leonard was walking towards his room when he heard running footsteps from behind him. It was Sara.

She grabbed his sweatshirt and pulled his neck against her and kissed him. This time, it was him who was taken by surprise.

The kiss was long and deep, full of desire that has been kept suppressed by the both of them. “How about we swap scar-stories now?” Sara asked.

Leonard pulled her into his room.

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Same kind of receipts as uve pulled for an if true scenario of L being a deadbeat dad: sources close to the fam who presumably knew abt the situ. Yes fiz later apologized but B's fam had also since then said he was a great dad. And surely u rmbr those reports of B making it difficult for L to see F bc of D which backed by the fact that shed lashed out at D. So what makes the case against L stronger than its against B to allow u to entertain an if true scenario for the former but not the latter?

Tabloids definitely don’t count as sources. Fizzy apologized and took back her comments. Briana and her family said that Louis was a good dad and I don’t doubt he was for the entirety of last year. The issue is this year. Situations change. So..all we have to go on is what they’ve said recently. 

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whoever is running this blog is doing a great job. i feel like it's a new person and they Get It. (also mini request: more amy/eleven)

Thank you! Adipose #6 recently took over from Adipose #57 and is having a Star Whale of a time hanging out in the various Doctor Who tags and seeing all of the brilliant things you post. We’re still the best of friends but Adipose #57 needed some time to relax so he’s currently off visiting Pen Haxico 2, a planet with great tropical beaches and the best fruit punch this side of the Andromeda galaxy.

But before Adipose #57 left, we made sure to do a Faceswap which turned out about as well as you’d imagine

mystery of water and a star.

cs au week #1: alternative cs version. something halfway between lieutenant duckling and captain duckling, only a few months after liam’s death perhaps

The irony isn’t lost on her.

It is a peculiar thought to have with a sword in your hand while fighting for your life on the deck of a ship, yet one Emma has anyway as she braces herself against the next blow. The sea will be safer, her father had said, the forest is full of brigands these days. Yet here she is, ship taken over by pirates ready to kill her – or worse. The only comfort is that they don’t seem to know who she is and that she’s a better fighter. She may have a chance, and she may not get kidnapped and ransomed.

It isn’t much, but it might be enough.

Still, even with her skills, three deadly pirates to one tiny princess is everything but a fair fight – they have already gotten rid of the captain and are calmly making their way through the entire crew, she can only be next. Surrender is out of the question and she would rather die trying than give up now. But they are still taller and stronger, they still outnumber her even if she killed two already, and soon they manage to corner her, back pressing against the mast as one of them smirks at her with that glint in his eyes.

The one that disappears when someone starts slow clapping behind him. Princess and pirates stop in their fight, all too surprised and all looking at the newcomer. For it is a newcomer all right, leaning against the ship as he keeps clapping without even hiding his mocking grin, four more guys by his sides with swords and knifes in hands.

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In his endorsement of anyone-but-Trump, Scott Alexander touches on Trump’s disinterest in America’s political institutions. “If your goal is to replace the current systems with better ones, then destroying the current system is 1 percent of the work, and building the better ones is 99 percent of it,” he writes. “Throughout history, dozens of movements have doomed entire civilizations by focusing on the ‘destroying the current system’ step and expecting the ‘build a better one’ step to happen on its own. That never works.”

Trump has now gone further than this, though. I have some sympathy for the utopians who dedicate their lives to building the better system, even if they overestimate their chances of success. At this point, though, Trump is simply an arsonist. Sure, he would like to build a better system. But if he’s denied the chance, he’s just as happy torching this one out of spite. You wouldn’t do that if you valued what this country is, if you took seriously how rare its sustained political success has been.

“Make America great again” was Trump’s campaign slogan, but his closing argument is grimmer: Nice country you got here. Shame if something should happen to it.