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Maybe one day I’ll find the courage to tell you you’re full of the softest light I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’ll tell you I like who I am when you’re around. Maybe I wont. Maybe I’ll just keep loving you quietly until I’m sure. Either way, how lovely it is to find someone who sings to your soul.

Harry Styles Vocal Health on SNL

Hello!  So first and foremost I wan to put out there how much I love Harry and his voice.  Dear god it’s SO COOL and unique.  I love how when he’s in good vocal health he has all these different textures to it- the gruffness of his chest voice, the purity of his falsetto, the power of his belt.  When the studio version of SOTT came out I couldn’t sing his praises enough.  His voice sounded SO HEALTHY.  He was making such good choices!!!  Everything was relaxed and well supported.  He let the song build naturally.  He MUST have gotten some solid vocal training over his break because that isn’t something that can just happen over night.  I was very impressed and very proud.  I was also a bit nervous to see if these changes would hold when he started performing live….and… looks like I had good reason to be nervous.  

Here’s the thing. There are a few reasons I’m so hard on Harry in particular when it comes to poor technique. First, compared to the other guys, his technique is the only one that’s actually physically DAMAGING.  Could the other guys benefit from proper training?  Sure.  Of course.  Every singer can.  Even those who have been singing for years still should train on a regular basis.  But the other boys’ bad habits are just that- bad habits.  They aren’t going to do long term damage, not the way Harry’s are.    The second reason is BECAUSE I know he can do (AND HAS DONE!!!!!) so much better!!   I know he’s CAPABLE of so much more and so yeah, I’m hard on him because of that. And finally, I know exactly what he’s doing physically and exactly what’s going through his mind because I have the same exact bad habits and I can see him using the same exact thought process as to why he slips into these again.

Harry is the Ultimate Performer. He wants nothing more than to put on a good show for everyone, even if that means sacrificing his own vocal health.  Now, that’s isn’t a HUGE problem…until it KEEPS happening.  Which is what happened with OTRA.  And possibly might be happening now, although that remains to be seen.  One performance of one song slips into an entire show of this slips into two shows of this slips into the entire tour and wham, you’ve got nodes.  I think the biggest problem with Harry’s performance last night is he doesn’t trust the material or HIMSELF to sell it the way it is.  He feels he needs to overcompensate and big Big and Bold right from the start and that song is not built to be sung that way.  He started at a level that he couldn’t sustain throughout the entire thing and had nowhere to go.  That’s when he ran into trouble.  

As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew it wasn’t going to go well.  Don’t get me wrong, he sounds fantastic in the beginning…but like I said, there was nothing for him to build upon because he already started it at too high a height. His voice sounded raspy to me too, raspier than usual.  That can be caused by a few things- he could have been dehydrated (you can’t sing right if you don’t pee white!), he could have been tired (we know he’s a morning person and that show is pretty late for him), he could have strained his voice at the concert the night before, he could have over rehearsed, he could have smoked a bit.  I don’t know what the cause was, but he didn’t start off the evening in the best vocal health, especially for a song that’s very difficult to sing.  I also think he KNEW that so again, he tried to overcompensate for that by pushing.  

There is so much tension throughout his whole body, particular his shoulders on up.  I’m sure a lot of that is due to nerves.  I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: the SNL stage is one of the hardest venues for artists to play.  There’s something particularly rough about it.  He’s also always had problems tensing up his face when he sings, but it what was particularly striking to me was that he did it during the falsetto parts.  That should have been EASY for him to sing.  That’s something light and relaxed.  Almost a break from the tension of the rest of the song…and yet he looks like he was in pain.  Which makes me wonder if he WAS in pain.  it’s hard to tell, but it almost seems like the second time he does it he pushes it more to a mix than a pure falsetto. 

It’s notable to me how relaxed the second syllable of  “bullets” around 2:44-2:48 is compared to the rest.  THAT is what the whole thing should have sounded like.  it’s relaxed and he’s got a great vibratto on it that comes straight from the diaphragm there- compare that to how tight “bullets” are the second time he sings it in that phrase at 2:58ish-3:04.  Why did you change what you were doing, sir??? In fact, to me it seemed like he KNEW it sounded good the first time and did his cute li’l dance and then came back to it feeling like “yeah I got this…” and then tightened right back up again.  because he didn’t trust himself.  

Thennnnnn the bridge happens.  And this is what i mean by he had nowhere to go.  THIS should have been his first belt it out moment.  but he pushed too hard too quickly and his voice just…wasn’t there.  It was tired.  The first scoop up to the first “we” was off key because of it and I think he knew it which made it even worse and MORE tense to the point where he just didn’t have the vocal agility to flip into his fasletto again for “learn”.  And then we’ve got the “it’s just what we know” which was just a poor choice.  I have a feeling he nailed that MULTIPLE times in rehearsals and mannnnn if he was in good vocal health how killer would that have sounded!??!!?  But instead, we got what’s called harmonic distortion which is SUPER VERY YIKESY AND A BIG SIGN OF HOLYSHITYOU’REDOINGDAMAGE (i sincerely hope he has an appointment with an ENT this week and gets scoped to check that out).   This was another instance of him trying to put on a great show and overcompensate for what he probably felt was lackluster vocals (which for the record WERE NOT THAT BAD.  I’m picking it apart because…well, it’s what I do.  and i don’t think I would have had too much of a problem if it weren’t for the super damaging choices he ended up making).  

From there he’s thinking “Oh shit that was bad…I REALLY fucked up…better step up my game and make the end better!” and once again tries to overcompensate and push a voice that’s already been pushed to the brink.  there just wasn’t more in there for it to give.  He couldn’t sustain it.  He had already given everything that there was go to give.  

When it comes to ESNY, it was a much better performance.  I think it’s partially due to the fact that it’s an easier song to sing and partially due to the fact that he was playing guitar so he wasn’t as much in his head (Side note: CAN YOU BELIEVE HE FINALLY BLESSED US WITH HIS GUITAR SKILLS?????).  His belty part towards the end wasn’t as good as it could have been, but I think that’s just due to the fact that his voice was kinda shot and that’s the best it was going to be.  It wasn’t TERRIBLE and obviously it could have been better, but I am curious to hear the studio version to see if there’s more belting that he just wasn’t comfortable with last night.  I could have done without the facial affectations because it just adds more tension and tension is bad, kiddos  But I think it’s a stylistic choice and I’m trying to pick my battles here.  Additionally, as we’ve seen in gif form his li’l neck vein was popping out so yeah he was tensing up pretty good there…but again, it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been since the song itself isn’t as taxing vocally.  

All in all, the performances were great, especially if you’re not as picky as I am. I know this was his first time singing live in well over a year and SNL is high stress and it’s his first time out there ALONE.  I’m curious to see what happens on Graham Norton and if he improves his technique. I’m also really curious to see how he’ll be on tour as well. I do wonder if he’ll lower the key of SOTT so it’s not as taxing.  No one would really notice and it would make things a little easier on him. It’s just frustrating because I know he has it in him to do it well.  We’ve HEARD him do it well.  But he just doesn’t trust himself enough to do that and that kind of breaks my heart a little.  Thankfully, he’s young and has time to learn.  He can still break these habits and make new, healthier ones and learn to trust himself more.



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Little Do You Know
Alex & Sierra

So, here’s me singing a cover of Little Do You Know. I know, I’m sorry. I would once again like to thank @abbirae99 for helping me choose the song and @pretttypadalecki for helping me get back in the mood for singing! And a special thanks to @coast965 because she’s the best person on the planet. That is all. Love you guys! 

Renamed Ghost Quartet Songs
  • I Don't Know: welcome to Dave Malloy's twisted mind
  • The Camera Shop: sit down it's story time this fiddle was made out of my great-aunt's bones
  • Subway: Oh crap this is about someone dying
  • Usher, Part 1: what the f***
  • Soldier & Rose: why can't rose just go to the supermarket
  • Any Kind of Dead Person: oh yeah this show is about ghosts
  • The Astronomer: how come this show has astronomy in it yet the great comet has none
  • Family Meeting: why isn't this scene on the cast album gosh
  • Four Friends: LET'S ALL GET DRUNK
  • Fathers & Sons: the jazzy rhythm makes me forget this is about parental neglect
  • Usher, Part 2: what the f*** part 2
  • The Telescope: star facts feat. betrayal
  • Monk: this isn't on the cast album either i am salty
  • Lights Out: i'm so confused by the continuity at this point who even cares
  • The Photograph: WHAT THE F*** part 3
  • Bad Men: Why don't you just go f*** all your f***ing books
  • Usher, Part 3: Oh, I see, it's a retelling of a Poe short story also what the f***
  • Prayer: is this the moral or...
  • Hero: I'm not entirely sure who Rose is singing to but damn she sure is emotional
  • Midnight: so... are they all dead?
  • The Wind & Rain: what has the weather got to do with anything
Music Series: Ditmas by Mumford & Sons

I like for my stories to be as believable and relatable as possible. I think, at least for fan fiction that engages the reader, it makes it a more enjoyable read. Thats why I really hate AU’s. I want the real thing, or at least my version of it. I like to keep Harry as close to what our view of him is as I can. He’s a real person. He’s not a fictional character. So I always try to be respectful in my writing, hoping I never offend him should I be blessed by him reading it.

All of that being said, not all song lyrics easily fit into this context of relatable or believable, requiring me to either put a twist into it to make it work, take it less literal than the lyrics convey, or by context not lyrics, or regretfully not write the request at all.

I like this song and I like the group who sings it, but wow, the story sure isn’t coming easily to me. Going to try my best, so I hope you all approve. Sometimes those stories end up being the best ones. Another I’ve written and rewritten a few times until I was content with it, so I apologize that it’s taken so long. This interpretation is not exactly as I feel the singers intended, but for the purpose of this imagine, I hope it makes sense to you.

This is “Ditmas” by Mumford & Sons. You can hear it HERE on Spotify.

Just a note…some Spotify links I post are to the song only, while others are to the song via one of my playlists, linking you to my account, which is @charligirlmusic. If it links only to the song, that means I’ve not added it to a playlist, so to find me, you’ll need to search.

Thanks to those who follow me there and here! Much love to you all! xo



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Introducing the Tommy H, Boy band!

The cute fluffy hair guy who every mother wants to….look after or something!

The drop dead gorgeous guy who mothers and daughters want to…. entertain.

The dark brooding one who no one is quite sure about but  he sings nicely.

Your edgy alternative guy who sings the most and has all the moves.

And the guy at the back, who nobody even remembers his name but he fills a spot and is actually laughing all the way to the bank as he’s the guy who writes all the songs.

pictures not mine I just played with them.

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mariah is trapped by expectations set by her past self but also literally by her past self cuz the way she wrote and arranged those songs back then she made sure the only one who could sing them was herself @ age 25 im serious like anyone who covers her has to either alter the song so its less crazy or replicates the exact arrangement down to the last note but can only manage to do so hyperpolished in studio (ariana) 

Like kelly Clarkson is by most standards considered a great singer & this one time she covered always be my baby and she was like.. struggle. And that song doesn’t even seem that difficult since the way mariah did it sounds so effortless it fell so naturally like rain from a cloud but only because she made it seem that easy.. people.. so pedestrian…they dont understand what it takes……… they dont #realize

jimin did so well, his pronunciation was so good!! im so proud of him…. 

i love him and will support him in everything he does. 

Nichan: Revealing more information about my birthday celebration party!
I’ve planned a lot of signing performances, but I’m also thinking about performing one of them per request from you! I will need some time to practice, so I guess I will come up with a hashtag that you can tag your requests with! More details later! Please think of a song you’d like to request ♪

anonymous asked:

please don’t take what i’m about to say as if i’m a hater, i love infnt but there is something i am very curious about: why was sungjong and sungyeol added to the group? we all love them but come on, they could not sing when infnt debuted and although they could dance and were pretty, they didn’t really add anything to the group? of course it’s different now, but i’m just wondering why they made the decision to add them, and especially so late? if they wanted more members, surely there (cont..)

(cont..) would be others who could actually sing who would be interested (even if woolim was a small label). infnt wouldn’t be the same without them today but vocally the group would’ve been stronger without them at the time.

Hey anon!

The way that kpop groups tend to work (especially back in 2010 when INFINITE debuted) is to have multiple different roles within the group. Not everyone was meant to be an outstanding dancer or singer, but would bring other vital things to the group. 

Sungyeol did not originally want to be a singer - he wanted to act. Placing him in INFINITE meant he added not only looks (and height hehe) to the group, but it meant that he would have future opportunities in acting. Sungyeol acting = more exposure for INFINITE as a group too. 

Sungjong was placed in INFINITE because he was beautiful and could dance with the rest of them. He may not have been able to sing well at first, but just those two qualities alone meant he was able to debut with them. Also, he fits well into the role of maknae better than Myungsoo would have (in my opinion) and that’s another important thing - group dynamics. 

Yes, at the time maybe they weren’t the strongest vocalists. But they were in no means useless to the group. Back when they debuted, exposure on TV and on shows was incredibly important. You can’t argue that both Sungyeol and Sungjong have awesome variety skills and were often openly and outwardly confident and funny on shows when other members were still reserved and slightly shy. And I think over the past seven years both Sungyeol and Sungjong have proved exactly why they belong in INFINITE. 

They are both incredibly hard-working and have improved so much since debut. I am incredibly proud of both of them for never giving up and making it to where they are now. I think it was the right decision to include them in the group, because its all seven of the members and their different strengths and skills that have got them this far. 

The thiefshipping duo’s getaway vehicle(?)

My friend and I had this idea and I’m sure we’re not the only ones who think Bakura could use those batwing-shaped bangs to fly away

might be how he’s always disappearing

Get this artwork as a phone case, throw pillow, tote bag, and more!

I just remembered that I got woken up at 2:00am, by my husband singing in his sleep.  It took me a moment to realize what was going on, and once I did, I mostly just wanted to laugh.  But it was 2:00am, so I just gently nudged his shoulder and said, “Babe, 2am is not the time to be singing."  He didn’t flinch, crack an eye open, or react in any discernible way.  But he stopped singing.  And now I’m giggling remembering it. 

Oqooto, the fish kid who now has a name, likes to spend his time in marshes singing to fish who sure do appreciate it! I still have a long way to go with his backstory, but he’s able to communicate with fish and spirits to some degree. Locals believe that people like this were kissed by fish or their spirits as young or even are their children, they revere them but also fear them. They also don’t really take them as the same human beings as “ordinary” people but rather something between people and spirits and generally refer to them as he/they. 

I made this back in January and it was pretty rushed because of deadlines, so I wanted to work more on it later, but I got distracted by other things and it’s been months and I just really wan’t to look at something else now hahah…

Relationship preferences: Alex Summers (Havoc)

1)Who would be constantly kissing the other? You would. You can never get enough of his kisses and it always leaves him smiling knowing how much you love them.

2) Who’s the big spoon and little spoon? Alex would be the big spoon. Just like his baby brother, he loves having you in his arms.

3) Fuck or make love? Mainly fuck I would say. But probably a bit of both in there.

4) Who’s on top? Alex is. He loves watching you writhe and moan beneath him and he can’t do that from below you.

5) Who wakes up first? Alex does. He’s an early riser, a habit he became accustomed to after his time in the army.

6) Who constantly wants to hold the other? You both do. You both just love hugging one another at the most random of times.

7) Who has a sweet tooth? You do. Alex is too much of a health freak to have a sweet tooth, but you think he’s secretly obsessed with polo-mints cause he nearly always carries a packet with him. Strawberry flavoured of course.

8) Who’s the singer out of the two of you? Alex is. His baby brother got it from somewhere and Alex got it from their mom who would always sing him to sleep when he was a kid and he loved every second of it.

9) Who’s the bigger nerd? Alex is. Comics and books are his weakness, especially classics like Lord of the rings or Dracula. He’ll read them to you sometimes at night while your trying to get to sleep while curled up in his arms under the covers.

10) Who’s terrified of horror flicks? You both are. Neither of you will go near them. Books on the other hand are a different story. Alex just hates seeing them on the big screen and you just generally find them pretty damn terrifying.

11) Who wants to stay in bed the longest? Alex does. Just another minute in bed with you in his arms is all he asks for and very seldom gets.

12) Who says the first ‘I love you’? He did. It wasn’t anything special or overly romantic. You were just sitting on the couch watching TV with the other X-Men, when Alex suddenly leans down, presses a kiss to your forehead and says “I love you, you know” You looked up at him. Shocked at how sudden it had been. “I love you too, Alex”

13) Who gets jealous? You both do. If he sees another guy who isn’t Scott, talking to you he’ll quickly come over and slide his arm around your waist. Just to let the guy know your taken. Similarly, if you see Raven or someone else clearly flirting with him, you’ll sneak up behind him and wring your arms around his neck, forcing him o break away from the conversation. Your both very protective of one another and you need to make sure the other is okay.

14) Who would sing your baby to sleep? He would. He has a beautiful voice which you just love the sound of. And apparently your baby does too.

15) Who needs the most reassurance? You do. You can get a little insecure just like he does, and Alex is always there to give you a hug and some words of reassurance.

16) Who just wants to be held by the other? Both of you love hugging one another and most of the time you hold each other. There are a few exceptions. Like the time he had to go off to Vietnam. He was absolutely terrified, but willing to serve. You held him that night while gently stroking his sandy, golden hair? Or the time he thought you were dead after he list sight of you on the beach in Cuba. He held you so damn tight that night you could hardly even breathe.

17) Who whispers the dirtiest things in the others ear at all the wrong times? He does. The most filthiest of words leave his mouth at completely random points during the day. As he whispers them in your ear, you’ve got to resist the urge to excuse yourself and use the bathroom, and sometimes he’ll follow you and your restive the issue there.

18) Who knocks everything over? You do. Your a little on the clumsy side and Alex finds it absolutely adorable.

19) Who wants a baby? Neither of you do. You don’t want to have to raise a child into the life you both had to live. Being persecuted and discriminated against by humans was something you’d both had to put up with all your life, and didn’t want your baby to have to put up with the same thing. That being said, Alex always wage a baby girl and you told him that if one day, things got better, which they did, that you would love to try with him.

20) Who brings home all the stray animals? Your both absolute suckers for dogs and would bring one home in a heartbeat, much to the professors dismay.

21) Who gets the most nightmares? Neither of you really get nightmares. The occasional one here and there but nothing really major.

22) Who’s the complete flirt? Alex is and it drives you mental and you always end up hitting his arm and telling him to stop it , laughing the whole time.

23) Who’s the kinkiest? You are. You both have sown serious fun with that. He knows every single one of them and always makes sure to pluck the right cords when he’s going down on you.

24) Who’s biggest tease? Alex is. He could tease you for hours. Bringing you a hairs breathe away from orgasm before he doesn’t touch for a minute, then he’ll start again. He could do this about ten times and when he finally makes you come, it fells a hundred times better than when he lets you go straight for it.

25) Who’s the one who loves giving/receiving oral? You love to both get it and return the favour. It drives Alex crazy when you do it for him and he always comes within about three minutes. On the contrary, he always has you coming in about two.

26) Who’s the most protective? You are both extremely protective of each other. But you probably beat Alex in this case. You hate it when people judge him for his last mistakes and upbringing so if anyone even mentions it your straight on the defensive. Alex also has a thing for you and his powers. He is absolutely petrified of hurting you with them especially during sex when he can’t control them too well.

For Anon.

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aaa I won’t be able to draw for a pretty long time, so here’s a cute pixel Gortys! 

next week I’ll be going to London with school, and after that… ICELAND. I’m so hyped, you have no idea… so yeah, not a lot of digital work for a while! I’ll make a lot of pictures and doodles tho