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Art Trade with @kaindycandy ! :D

Kaindy just requested me to draw Sabo from One Piece (i assume that he’s Kaindy’s fav character xD)

this is probably quite challenging cuz i tried to draw his eye to match what he’s depicted in the anime with my style, i hope it’s okay xD (look at dem kinclong /plak)

and yeah i actually enjoyed drawing him and i’m looking forward to see Kaindy’s post on their part (since their part is already done xD)hope you like it!

Me II (Layered)
The 1975
Me II (Layered)

The 1975 - Me Layered (version 2)

use headphones

aurum88  asked:

I am in LOVE with the night club au. I would love to see more of it if you ever felt like it. I know you mentioned them sitting through a police raid... Also I love when you do fahc from an outsider's perspective, it's so good and so enjoyable. Keep up the good work :)

Thanks so much! I really didn’t stick to the perspective as well as i meant to but i just wanted to knock something out without going back to fix it so it is what it is. 

As for the raid, well. Normally Geoff’s contacts are enough to keep that sort of thing from happening no matter what kind of business he’s meddling in, but every now and then someone fresh and optimistic comes along trying to change the world, or one of Geoff’s crooked pals forgets what they owe him, and the club is subjected to a night of privacy infringement and poorly veiled insults courtesy of Los Santos’ finest. The notoriety of a raid never hurts FAKE’S business but any night spent entertaining the boys in blue is a night not spent raking in the cash from the public, and that just does not make Geoff a happy man.

Still, when the police descend and pull him from his office Geoff stays cool and calm and infuriatingly smug, Jack professional and blasé at his side, and the pair conduct every interview with the perfect polish of upstanding citizens despite everyone in the room knowing they are as guilty as sin. They’ll smile, will answer questions as their property is invaded and their people are harassed, they’ll pointedly refrain from mentioning that the police chief is a close friend of the business, and no matter how thorough the search is they’ll never be caught with a scarp of incriminating evidence.

None of the casual workers have anything to say, not privy to any of the background business, but even if they were they’re all smart enough to keep their mouths shut, and all too soon they’re deemed useless and sent on their way. Steffie and Matt tend to play themselves out with the crowd and laugh at the others come morning, saved yet again by their ability to refrain from stirring up a hornet’s nest, avoiding aggravating the cops in a way the rest of the FAKE’S crew is oddly incapable of.

The main team are not so lucky, though for the most part they bring it on themselves; intentionally infuriating and insufferably cocky they all toy with any member of law enforcement they’re faced with no matter the rank, daring them to bite back, safe in the confidence that there’s no trouble Geoff and Jack can’t get them out of. Corralled to the side of the bar to await their questioning and watch the raid unfold not one of FAKE’S diehard employees can refrain from commentating, calling out particular officers who look like they’re slacking or making suggestions of places to look, slouched together in their insolence, collectively laughing off every attempt to bring them into order.

Ryan, Jeremy and Michael always play their interviews the exact same way; stoic and unimpressed with crossed arms, incredulous looks and just enough menace to keep things interesting without tipping all the way into threat.  Lindsay and Mica swing from overtly airheaded to ruthlessly clever brutally enough to keep any member of law enforcement too busy trying to dig themselves out of the pit of offensively sexist stereotyping to bother collecting any viable information. Trevor pleasantly answers every question without ever actually answering a single question, and Gavin is, as always, a menace. All big guileless eyes and affinity for starting trouble he pokes and prods, taunts and teases, chewing up and spitting out officers like they’re regular patrons of the club, but the detectives are another matter altogether. They always circle back to Gavin, closeness to Geoff making him a prime candidate for interrogation, and for all Gavin hates them they tend to hate him right back, or pity him, or on one notable occasion that instantly turned the tone of the room from amused to quietly furious, call him all kinds of unpleasant names casting aspersions on his character and role at the club.

That particular detective didn’t last long; for all he mocked Michael’s sudden snarling appearance and Gavin’s scathing response, sneer only wobbling in the face of the cold, silent judgement of the FAKE’S around him, he wasn’t laughing when Geoff caught up to him later. Wasn’t laughing when he slunk back into the club the next night, face burning with humiliation as he issued a full blown apology in front of everyone, suffering through Gavin’s haughty dismissal and turning on his heel to leave. He certainly wasn’t laughing when Ryan, Michael and Jeremy sprung into motion at a nod from Geoff, effortlessly cutting through the rolling crowd like wolves as they silently followed the detective out into the night. Safe inside the dancers keep dancing, keep drinking and flirting with the staff, keep gossiping about FAKE’S latest brush with the law as they pour their hard earned cash into the club, utterly oblivious to the free lesson in minding one’s manners that is transpiring in the unlit alley out back.

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character/ship aesthetic meme: xeverlasting-illumination requested: naminé/xion

“naminé, are you able to see my face?”


Me in a tweet


under different circumstances, i think you and i could’ve really had some fun.

You called? “ 

The being stood away from the other giving a good distance between them. Face and tone remaining emotionaless as so often it would when confronting another. Figure standing straight and relaxed, though the feeling that they would leave still hangs in the air. If the attention was not on them then the feeling of them disappearing hangs over head. Gone in under a second.

Keeping any venmon that may spew from their mouth closed off as they rather not put anymore ill will between them. Already harboring a few comments and opinions they do not wish to make more. Dealing with the first is already enough for them, anything more and they doubt they’ll be seeing the other face to face like this again.

Changed my “Reading list” into “What’s keeping me sane list”

Yes I did! Just thought that I needed a break from all the stress from school. Since books are not the only ones giving me a peace of mind, I decided to replace the reading list with my own set of whatever list containing books still! k-dramas yaaaay! movies? I don’t know. I’m not really fond of watching them unless they’re book adaptations, disney or animations.

Here it goeees!

First 4 on the list ~~

Twilight Series! 

My cousin gave them to me as a gift last month and until now, they are still left untouched in the bookshelf! sad I know. Never watched the movies except one (don’t know which one but I’m sure it wasn’t the first). Sorry in advance to all the twilight fans out there but I find it boring? I didn’t even know that you spell twilight with a single L until now! All my life I though it was “Twillight”! Shame on me. So, now I’m giving it a shot with the books! maybe it could give me the feels that movie didn’t gave me. It’s always different in the books! they’re better (for me)! Any fans out there? What do you think? Convince me!

Last one ~~

Love in the Moonlight!

Watch it! I’m currently on episode 8 and I can’t wait to finish it as soon as possible! Park bo gum is such a sweetheart and all. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with the Second Lead Syndrome! Everybody on the drama is gooood! Can’t say a lot about story because I’m still stuck at 8 but as of now, nothing’s stopping me from watching it :) I’m really looking forward on this one!

I’m really hoping (crossed fingers) that I could finish reading and watching them until May? Yep May but I’m not quite sure because I still have my Law book, Auditing Theory book, Management consulting book and a lot of other books to read! You know what I mean :( I still have a thesis to make, some case analysis and don’t forget the exams! Those are the main reasons why I did this list anyway. I need to breathe! I used to be so positive but this semester is just too hard, demanding and frustrating that I needed something to make me feel at ease somehow. Anyway, that’s all I have to say! If you have a good book (also, series, dramas, movies or anything you have in there) in mind, please do tell me :) I would really appreciate suggestions :))

taylormstyles  asked:

hi okay this is super random but i read this one shot awhile ago and i cannot find the writer's tumblr! it was pretty long and it was about harry being super clingy and constantly wanting to be with y/n. if it helps he also visited her at work just to have lunch with her!! sorry this is really random i was just wondering if you knew!

Huuummm, I’m not sure I know which one you’re talking about, tbh. Sorry, love :( Does anyone know?

immaygtrash  asked:

hi i was wondering if you have that pic from mama last year where monsta x were looking down at bts hugging after the mc announced that they won the daesang??

im not sure which one…. sorry :“