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Hi! I’ve recently hit 200+ followers and I just want to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” to all of you so I decided to make this follow Follow Forever plus its been 6 months already since I joined the fandom, a decision I will never regret cause I met so many amazing people who I can call friends, I love you all so much!!!  ♥

First I will mention the people whom I talk to the most, and who have become like sisters to me (my real sister included):

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Thank you all so much for being the most amazing people I know. I love you!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

And now to all the people I follow, who literally make my dash, Thank You so much!

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I will mention the shadowhunters blog I still follow, even tho I’m no longer in the fandom nor watch the tv show, they all seem like nice people and make/reblog really nice gifs that I enjoy seeing on my dash:

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Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah
In these stolen moments, the world is mine 
There’s nobody here, just us together 
Keepin’ it hot, like July forever

Me II (Layered)
The 1975
Me II (Layered)

The 1975 - Me Layered (version 2)

use headphones

Hello bbes!! Hope you all are doing alright and well :) I have been a bit offline yesterday and today cause I’m remodeling my bedroom ahaha ^^”””” so I kept my theme under construction for a good while X’D So I was a bit tired of my old theme and I decided to do a new one, I know summer is almost over but I was feeling like on doing a summer one for this new bnha scans XD They all look so cute with their refreshing ice creams heheh~ Anyways, let’s celebrate summer for a little more :D Hope you enjoy it~ *hugs*

Personal Gay Shit Ahead

Hey so. I have a lot of things to be thankful for from the Love Live fandom. And I’m gonna take a second on this blog to say that today is a very special day for me.

Today marks a year since I’ve been with my partner, Alex ( @queelava & @typhloo ). Who I met through the Love Live fandom, through this very blog. And I feel like I post more about her than I do actual Love Live stuff but damn she’s just so good to me.

I’ve documented a fair bit of our relationship on this blog, and some of you have shown a lot of support to us and it honestly means so much to us. Long distance relationships are far from easy but I strongly believe that one day we’ll be together, without a whole ocean between us.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, my friends and family have all said so (despite a lot of them not knowing about our relationship at all), and I owe that to her.

So I hope in a years time I can celebrate this same date with you all again. And the years to come after that. Because honestly if this relationship keeps going the way I want it to I’ll be able to call her my wife one day.

So thank you followers, fandom and hellsite. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me find her.

Happy anniversary Alex. I love you.

aurum88  asked:

I am in LOVE with the night club au. I would love to see more of it if you ever felt like it. I know you mentioned them sitting through a police raid... Also I love when you do fahc from an outsider's perspective, it's so good and so enjoyable. Keep up the good work :)

Thanks so much! I really didn’t stick to the perspective as well as i meant to but i just wanted to knock something out without going back to fix it so it is what it is. 

As for the raid, well. Normally Geoff’s contacts are enough to keep that sort of thing from happening no matter what kind of business he’s meddling in, but every now and then someone fresh and optimistic comes along trying to change the world, or one of Geoff’s crooked pals forgets what they owe him, and the club is subjected to a night of privacy infringement and poorly veiled insults courtesy of Los Santos’ finest. The notoriety of a raid never hurts FAKE’S business but any night spent entertaining the boys in blue is a night not spent raking in the cash from the public, and that just does not make Geoff a happy man.

Still, when the police descend and pull him from his office Geoff stays cool and calm and infuriatingly smug, Jack professional and blasé at his side, and the pair conduct every interview with the perfect polish of upstanding citizens despite everyone in the room knowing they are as guilty as sin. They’ll smile, will answer questions as their property is invaded and their people are harassed, they’ll pointedly refrain from mentioning that the police chief is a close friend of the business, and no matter how thorough the search is they’ll never be caught with a scarp of incriminating evidence.

None of the casual workers have anything to say, not privy to any of the background business, but even if they were they’re all smart enough to keep their mouths shut, and all too soon they’re deemed useless and sent on their way. Steffie and Matt tend to play themselves out with the crowd and laugh at the others come morning, saved yet again by their ability to refrain from stirring up a hornet’s nest, avoiding aggravating the cops in a way the rest of the FAKE’S crew is oddly incapable of.

The main team are not so lucky, though for the most part they bring it on themselves; intentionally infuriating and insufferably cocky they all toy with any member of law enforcement they’re faced with no matter the rank, daring them to bite back, safe in the confidence that there’s no trouble Geoff and Jack can’t get them out of. Corralled to the side of the bar to await their questioning and watch the raid unfold not one of FAKE’S diehard employees can refrain from commentating, calling out particular officers who look like they’re slacking or making suggestions of places to look, slouched together in their insolence, collectively laughing off every attempt to bring them into order.

Ryan, Jeremy and Michael always play their interviews the exact same way; stoic and unimpressed with crossed arms, incredulous looks and just enough menace to keep things interesting without tipping all the way into threat.  Lindsay and Mica swing from overtly airheaded to ruthlessly clever brutally enough to keep any member of law enforcement too busy trying to dig themselves out of the pit of offensively sexist stereotyping to bother collecting any viable information. Trevor pleasantly answers every question without ever actually answering a single question, and Gavin is, as always, a menace. All big guileless eyes and affinity for starting trouble he pokes and prods, taunts and teases, chewing up and spitting out officers like they’re regular patrons of the club, but the detectives are another matter altogether. They always circle back to Gavin, closeness to Geoff making him a prime candidate for interrogation, and for all Gavin hates them they tend to hate him right back, or pity him, or on one notable occasion that instantly turned the tone of the room from amused to quietly furious, call him all kinds of unpleasant names casting aspersions on his character and role at the club.

That particular detective didn’t last long; for all he mocked Michael’s sudden snarling appearance and Gavin’s scathing response, sneer only wobbling in the face of the cold, silent judgement of the FAKE’S around him, he wasn’t laughing when Geoff caught up to him later. Wasn’t laughing when he slunk back into the club the next night, face burning with humiliation as he issued a full blown apology in front of everyone, suffering through Gavin’s haughty dismissal and turning on his heel to leave. He certainly wasn’t laughing when Ryan, Michael and Jeremy sprung into motion at a nod from Geoff, effortlessly cutting through the rolling crowd like wolves as they silently followed the detective out into the night. Safe inside the dancers keep dancing, keep drinking and flirting with the staff, keep gossiping about FAKE’S latest brush with the law as they pour their hard earned cash into the club, utterly oblivious to the free lesson in minding one’s manners that is transpiring in the unlit alley out back.


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Cult of Forgotten Shadow + Three Virtues

anonymous asked:

"Can you tell me how much that book on the table is?" "I'm sorry, I'm not sure which one you mean, what's the title of it?" "I don't know! Shouldn't you know that? Are you new?" "I'm not sure which specific book you're referring to. If you want to grab it I can check the price for you." "I'll just go ask somebody who actually knows how to do their job!" I work in a BOOKSTORE. There are a LOT of books on tables. I don't just magically know which book out of THOUSANDS you are referring to.


Sooooooo I made Valentines….

I am a terrible person, yet I regret nothing. Happy early Valentines Day~~ :) you can print these out for your friends if you want! :D <3


character/ship aesthetic meme: xeverlasting-illumination requested: naminé/xion

“naminé, are you able to see my face?”



in response to the message i received last december from my abusive ex-boyfriend asking me why i keep writing about him even though i’m dating somebody else:

wouldn’t you like to know? 

i know you still think you’re the innocent one, that you don’t deserve to have all the lies you told split open on the operating table, all the moments between us dissected like cadavers. 

as if you didn’t leave me with crippling paranoia. the inability to trust somebody when they say they care about me. a debilitating fear of abandonment.

you said that it was inappropriate of me, that i was beating a dead horse. 
you even had the audacity to tell me it hurt you. all the poems. all the prose pieces. the pain it put you through, to see me ripping through our relationship like canines ripping into flesh. 

so maybe i’m writing this because i’m tired of choking on your arrogance. i’m finished with letting you think you got away with something, like i’m just fragile, easily cracked, hard to repair.

but i’ll tell you why i haven’t stopped writing about you.

because i can’t.
i want to, but i haven’t figured out how to stop when i see you around every corner. 
because every time i think about the stars i think about your hands, and every time i find myself in the backseat of a car i can feel it closing in on me like your mouth.

because i’m afraid i won’t be able to love him as much as i can.
do you know how that feels? to be afraid to love somebody?
i look at him and i see somebody who is softer than me. 
because he fits into my side like a jigsaw piece but sometimes his voice lilts and it sounds like yours for a heartbeat and in that single second i forget you aren’t here anymore. 
because sometimes i forget you aren’t here anymore. 

i didn’t ask to be stuck to you. i didn’t want to still be bleeding a year later. but you have to ask yourself how deep this wound must be if i’m still not healed, you have to start looking at yourself. maybe you really were the monster. maybe you are. 

but you won’t.  and that’s why i’m still writing about you.

because you can’t see it. you can’t even fathom the thought that i wasn’t just made this way. it wasn’t somebody else who left gashes across my throat. it was you. and you can’t see it. or you won’t. i’m not sure which one it is anymore.

i keep writing because you never said sorry. 

you will never understand, and you will never apologize. i don’t know if you weren’t paying attention when i was telling you to stop or if you heard it and just didn’t care. now i’m not even sure if that matters anymore, you caring or not. it never felt like it. 

i keep writing because i don’t know how to feel about us now.
because you were so important and i don’t even know what to call you.
because i can’t tell if you were a forest fire or a hurricane, but either way you ravaged me.
because when you left you did not leave quietly, you left on a war path, smashing in the windowpanes and ripping out the ceiling lights,
because you left reminders, your spit splattered across the walls, your bloodied fingerprints smeared on the door frame, 
because i am still too weak to be able to wash them away,
because i will probably always be too weak.

that is what you did to me. 

for a long time, there wasn’t anything left to build from.
i was bent beams and shattered glass with dusty kneecaps and rusted elbows, sitting out on the curb waiting for the garbage truck to come.
i didn’t know how to look in the mirror anymore without being afraid i would see you lurking over my shoulder.

eventually, i learned how to breathe again. i began to wipe the dirt from my cheeks and brush the blood from my mouth. i learned to stand on my own without you grasping my arm. i trained myself to smile; a different grin, one you wouldn’t recognize. i taught myself how to unlove you. 

so here i am, a year later. 
the soft boy clicks into my hip and i am still writing about you.
you want to know if i’m still in love with you, if that’s why the poems never stop. 

it’s not because i love you, or because i care at all. 

it’s because there’s a long white scar on my chest from your claws. 
because he touches it sometimes and that’s the one part of my body where we don’t fit like puzzle pieces, where we don’t fit at all.
because that’s the one part that’s still yours. 

i will write as many words as it takes to color it in.

—  “in between the lines” -c.h. // instagram: (via @poeticaffinity)

nobody can give me shit about not seeing movies anymore tonight my mother is watching young frankenstein for the first time in her entire life