not sure which of them to do next!

After 32 years in the House of Representatives, here is my advice on how people opposed to President Donald Trump’s assault on our basic values — a majority of those who voted last November — can best influence members of Congress. 

Done the right way, communications from citizens can have a significant impact on legislators, even when they claim to be immune to “pressure.” (“Pressure,” in legislative jargon, is the expression of views with which legislators disagree, as opposed to “public opinion” — the term used for sentiments that reinforce their own.)

The key to doing it right is being clear about the goal, which is to persuade the Senator or Representative receiving the communication that how he or she votes on the issue in question will affect how the sender will vote the next time the legislator is on the ballot.

This means the following:

Make sure you’re registered to vote — lawmakers check.

Many office holders will check this, especially for people who write to them frequently. Elected officials pay as much attention to those who are not registered to vote as butchers do to the food preferences of vegetarians.

Lawmakers don’t care about people outside of their district.

You can only have an impact on legislators for or against whom you will have a chance to vote the next time they run. In almost all cases, this means only people in whose state or district you live. Senators or representatives whose names will not be on the ballot you cast are immune to your pressure. There is a small set of exceptions — representatives who want to run for a statewide office in the next election will be sensitives of voters throughout their states.

Your signature — physical or electronic — on a mass petition will mean little.

You are trying to persuade the recipient of your communication that you care enough about an issue for it to motivate your voting behavior. Simply agreeing to put your name on a list does not convey this. I have had several experiences of writing back to the signer of a petition to give my view on an issue only to be answered by someone who wondered why I thought he or she cared.

The communication must be individual. It can be an email, physical letter, a phone call or an office visit. It need not be elaborate or eloquent — it is an opinion to be counted, not an essay. But it will not have an impact unless it shows some individual initiative.

Know where your representative stands. 

If you have contact with an organization that is working on this issue, try to learn if the recipient of your opinion has taken a position on it. When I received letters from people urging me to vote for a bill of which I was the prominent main sponsor, I was skeptical that the writer would be watching how I voted.

Communicate — even if you and your representative disagree.

On the other hand, even where you are represented by people whom you know oppose you on an issue, communicate anyway. Legislators do not simply vote yes or no on every issue. If enough people in a legislator’s voting constituency express strong opposition to a measure to which that legislator is ideologically or politically committed, it might lead him or her to ask the relevant leadership not to bring the bill up. Conflict avoidance is a cherished goal of many elected officials.

Say “thank you.”

If your Representative and Senators are committed to your causes, you should write or call to thank them — not frequently, but enough for them to feel reinforced.

Enlist the help of friends in other districts.

Your direct communication with legislators outside your voting area will have no impact. But you do have friends, relatives, associates etc. Find out who the potentially influenceable legislators are on issues of prime importance to you, think about people you may know in their constituencies, and ask those who share your views to communicate with those who represent them. On an extremely important issue, get out the list to who you mail holidays cards or important invitations and ask them to communicate with their legislators.

To repeat the essence of point 5, if a legislator who you might have expected to vote differently — e.g. a Republican who votes no on a Trump priority — votes as you have urged, send a thank you. 

— Barney Frank, former Democratic representative for Massachusetts. Read more

So after watching that deleted scene :

- Actual Dad Graves who takes care of his Aurors and makes sure they’re alright is canon

- Tina crushing on Graves is canon

- Therefore, we may assume that everyone crushing on Graves can be canon too

- Graves wtf are u doing

- Tina ur future husband is right next to u stop making heart eyes at Graves oh my God


-it’s also canon that Picquery is hella stressed out, which is normal

- But

- Papa Graves. Fuck.

- Also Graves talking in a low, deep, non threatening voice.

- He knows what he’s doing the little shit


God-Pharaoh Bolas Progress 02/20/17

I’ve actually finished the torso armor a long time ago; it’s just today that I was able to put them together with belts. Also attached new belts to the arm armor. I’m not sure what to do next. It’s either the wings or the leg armor, but I still can’t make up my mind on which designs I should go with. I also kinda want to make a new set of horns.

I also finished the staff! I based it on the staff the crocodile giant holds in the Amonkhet art. Made it a circle because eh, I want a sun disk. 

We’re thinking/talking about adding Overwatch phone charms or stickers to go with our huge Overwatch perlers, but we’re unsure how well it’ll go and which characters to do so we started with our favorites. Mel’s favorites are Genji and Zenyatta, mine is Hanzo and McCree(and McHanzo of course, hence the last one) and Sloan’s favorite is Mercy and so we will probably have them next.
We are hoping to have them by Sac Gamers Expo, but if not, we will try our best to have them for SacAnime. :)
We personally love them, but we are not sure if others will. ):
Art is by our lovely artist Mel~



A few of you may have been following Gertie’s story (Long story short, i rescued her about a month ago after she was neglected. 50/50 chance of surviving after the vets but she pulled through and had been sharing a pen with my baby geese) and I just wanted to update you all. 

Sadly, my three geese were stolen last week. Why someone would steal them? I don’t know. I mean, sure i get the impulse to steal cute, adorable little fluffy animals but being a decent human stops me from doing that, y’know? 

Gertie wasn’t taking it too well. She didn’t want to be alone and spent the next day calling out for them. It broke my heart. Which was when my friend who works at the RSPCA told me about Buffy. A sheep they had been found abandoned who was was suffering from an infection in her uterus caused by her lamb sadly passed away. She’s undergone surgery (she’s got this pretty hideous haircut from it too) and was in the all clear but no one was interested in her. She’d been at the centre for a few months and lucky for me, I got to adopt her. 

It took six vets to catch her, a quick trip home, getting sheep pee on my foot and, just a few minutes for these two to become friends. Now, they’re inseparable. I’m still heartbroken about my geese (BamBam, Ryan and Mikkal) but i’m so, so happy that these two are happy. 

Well, long story short, meet the newest family member, Buffy. 


I spent a big chunk of this lovely Sunday morning reimagining my pedalboard. The drawing is crude, yeah, but it’s really just about making sure there’s room for everything. When it comes time to build it, as the bottom picture of my current setup shows, it’ll be tight. I pride myself in my technical craft as much as I do in my artistry.

I’m at something of an inflection point, musically. I don’t really know what the next ten years of my music sounds like yet, but it seems almost certain to be pretty different from the previous twenty. It feels like time for the high-gain, multi-channel amps which do a bunch of things pretty well but none of them fucking amazingly to give way to a single-channel vintage amp that does only one thing but does it fucking amazingly along with a new complement of pedals to offer different sonic possibilities.

To spend a lot of time on gear planning while being unsure of where the music is going probably seems backwards. One probably ought to decide on a musical direction and then shop for the toys to support it. But I’m going at it the other way intentionally. I find myself playing and creating what sounds good given the tools at hand. Give me a gained up, scooped-mid half stack and I’ll naturally start to shred. Give me a spanky clean silverface twin and a Strat and I’m likely to bang out funk licks. And so on. The tone I’m going for here is a moderately compressed mid-gain crunch, something where I can back off the guitar volume into something fairly clean, or crank it and stomp on the red channel of the Full-Drive for a sustainy solo tone. I also need room for a reverb pedal since my Marshall doesn’t have it, and I want to add my looper pedal since that seems like an interesting way to go as an artist. I know that once I have those tones underneath my fingers, the music I want to create—I am loathe to use either of the terms “Americana” or “roots rock” but they at least get you in the neighborhood—will come from it. I write with guitar in hand, literally. I have to get into the right aural idiom first.

So. Those new pedals mandate a bigger board and travel case, and since I’m going that way, I’m going to add a Timefactor and a second distortion based on the old Muff designs in case I need that “alternative” rock tone again. At 36″ x 14″ there’ll still be room on the board to spare in case I want to expand later. 

This project represents a moderate-to-severe financial and time commitment, and I’ve got a ton of other stuff to do. But the events of the last four months, globopolitical and personal, have impressed upon me very deeply. Life’s too short for bad tone.


Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY!

Last week we went over hang-time with Brunhilde tossing Thundercluck straight up and down. This week he’s going sideways, which means we’re introducing arc motion!

Once again I’ll let the GIFs do the talking. Enjoy!

And credit where credit is due!
The tree is adapted from a piece Meg did earlier this summer:

…Is that not ADORABLE!
Well done, Meg.

Today’s post took a little longer than expected, and now it’s past my cats’ suppertime. (They’re making sure I know.) I’m off to feed them now, but I’ll be back with more GIFs… on the next MOTION MONDAY!

The Way My #TeamPetty Is Set Up... :Hopes, Dreams and Shade for Penessa and Fauxlake in 605

A/N: This post is dedicated to #TeamPetty. You know who you are. Also= Peter + Vanessa (h/t @jarmstrong05)

It’s time for one of my favourite pastimes: shading Jake  and Fauxlake (past works cited at the end).  A few stills from #Scandal’s next episode, “They All Bow Down” (605), have emerged:

There are more, but you can find them yourself. The  photos have some in the fandom all aflutter with fantastical assumptions, about which I feel shady enough to address:

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Some Pokemon Go Tips

Just some things I’ve learned that when I share some people don’t seem to know yet! 

  • CATCH DUPLICATES. Catch them and then return them to prof willow. You can do this by clicking on the pokemon’s stats, scrolling down and hitting transfer. You get pokecandy for this which you can use to evolve/power up your original! 
  • Make sure you compare and contrast CPs of your duplicates. One pikachu might be 10cp and the other 56cp. Keep the higher one, transfer the other. EDIT NOTE: Also check the move set! Some pokemon with lower CPS still have better/different moves! So compare contrast these too!
  • EDIT: EEVEE’S EVOLUTION IS RANDOM (and limited to vaporeon, flareon, and jolteon all of which you can catch in the wild too.) Sources say that Eevee evolves based on it’s second move! Body slam = jolteon, swift = vaporeon, dig = flareon.
  • Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes. (SPIN the picture to get your items) You can visit them for an unlimited amount of time. I live right on top of one and check back in whenever I remember to. YOU DONT HAVE TO CLICK ON EVERY ITEM. Once they drop from the picture, press X and you will collect them all automatically. 
  • Leveling up will give you LURES, INCENSE AND INCUBATORS. So don’t think you NEED to buy these from the shop. 
  • If your wary about spending money for coins, you can GET COINS by having pokemon in gyms. This is the ‘defender bonus’ Theres a shield icon in the shop section that you can refresh every 21 hours. You can have up to 10 pokemon in 10 diff gyms for a total of 100 pokecoins and 5000 stardust a day.(10 Pokecoins and 500 stardust per pokemon)
  • Your gym alliance makes it so that ANY GYM you fight of your own alliance, your pokemon WILL NOT FAINT.  Their hp will reduce to 1 and they will need healing, but they won’t faint. You also gain gym prestige this way which helps strengthen your alliance territory. Any rival gyms however will faint your pokemon and they will need a REVIVE to keep being used. You can also transform them into candy at this point if you are a heartless monster. :( 
  • EDIT: A gym has a max of 3 pokemon traners/defenders. note on the gym level: you can have as many defenders as the level of the gym, three is NOT the max. so if you happen upon a full level three gym, you can train there until it levels up and then add your own defender as well. have had luck with this up to level 5 thus far! If you find a gym of your alliance with only 1 or 2 pokemon in it, you can ADD YOUR POKEMON WITHOUT FIGHTING YOUR FELLOW TEAM. Just drop a pokemon in there! (Do this by clicking the bottom left icon of ‘add pokemon’)
  • More than one trainer can fight one gym leader at a time. Getting a friend to fight with you is the best way to beat the gym!! You attack at the same time.
  • ITS NOT TURN BASED ATTACKS. Its real time! Click once for a basic attack, swipe to dodge, and hold down a click for a SPECIAL ATTACK!
  • My best method is not to dodge at all but just click forever. So long as I have a bigger CP I usually win lol. 
  • Do NOT put your best pokemon into a gym. Your second or third only. You cannot recall your pokemon once its in a gym and you will need it to fight other gyms.  (they get returned to you after they are beaten)
  • Everyone gets one free incubator that lasts forever. Any extras you find or receive from leveling up only last 3 hatches before breaking.
  • TRACKING POKEMON! Sparkling grass doesn’t guarantee a pokemon showing up. The ‘nearby’ tab is the actual tracker. It pulses to indicate it updating. The highest on the list is the closest. 3 footsteps away means THREE RINGS (the area rings around your avatar) away (or more). 2 footsteps means TWO RINGS, one footstep means one ring and NO RINGS MEANS YOU CAN CLICK ON THAT POKEMON AND IT WILL APPEAR IN 10 SECONDS.
  • Battery saver mode, found in settings, works as follows: Once clicked on, if you drop your phone to your side as you walk, with the top of your phone facing the ground, the screen will dim so only the pokemon logo shows. It still tracks your steps for your eggs and it will vibrate and beep when a pokemon shows up. As soon as you lift your phone to your face (right side up) the screen will appear again as normal!
  • The higher level you get, the more rare pokemon you come across.


Stretches and Tickles (Victuuri)

Author’s Note: For @missy3307​​ who has requested Victuuri with #1: “Aah! That tickles!” I swear, y’all really know the key to my heart. The Victuur…key. Okay, that was bad but I tried XD Anyways, thank you for the prompt!

Description: After practice one night, Yuuri asks Victor to help him do a few cool-down stretches, which he happily complies. While doing this, Victor accidentally runs his hand over a sensitive spot on Yuuri’s body. I’m sure you can guess what’s next.

Word Count: 449

  Yuuri let out a tired groan as he slipped his skates off, placing them in his bag. He had just finished practicing with Victor and was now absolutely worn out. Today, he worked much harder than he usually would’ve, but, due to the competitions coming in the future, he wanted to step up his game.

  “Yuuri, you worked hard today. I’m proud of you,” Victor’s voice came suddenly from across the room, causing Yuuri to jump. He hadn’t heard his coach enter the vacinity; either that or he was just too tired and wasn’t paying attention.

  “Thank you,” he sighed. “Erm, quick question… Can you help me stretch out a bit, please?”

  “Of course!” his coach beamed. He strutted over to where Yuuri was and crossed his arms patiently, waiting until the glasses-wearing man was ready for him.

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So, I’m not saying that Even WILL be the next character. BUT it would make a lot of sense.

Think about it, season 3, which has taken this series to an international level of fame; had to do with Isak’s relationship with Even and the complexities along with it (i.e. Coming out/mental illness)

As far as profit and increasing the notoriety of the show, it would be a very smart move for them to find a way to continue this storyline. This could also explain why the season is shorter.

I trust Julie and this show, so I’m sure whether Even is the focus of season 4 or not, it will be amazing as always.

The thing that’s always missing from those “don’t use said, use ___” posts is the fact that every sentence needs context.

You can’t switch out “said” for “expound” or “enumerate” if all that’s being said is “Yes.”

The idea behind these lists of “better words” is sound, but not all words in the English language are interchangeable, and the people who learn the most from them would also benefit from links to, because when you learn a new word you also have to learn what it means and how to use it.

I’d just like to see one post that lists a ton of dialogue tags and tone markers do the next step and define stuff and put it in context. They claim to help people make their writing better, but throwing a pile of verbs at aspiring writers isn’t actually that helpful.

It’s like handing someone the keys to a car and not telling them which pedal is the brake. Sure, maybe they’ll figure it out on their own, but why not just lead with that?

How To Be Safe in ERS 2016-17

1. Check your venue restrictions before you get there. What cameras are you allowed to bring in? Usually you can’t bring in outside food and drink, but check to make sure. Look at purse restrictions (I actually had to put up five bottles of water which ended me to pass out, I had one bottle of water the entire day which leads to my next point), to make sure that you can bring them to the venue. 

2. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Do not chug water. Dehydration starts as soon as you sweat, if you chug there is a chance that your stomach can’t handle it. Sip it, but water is not good enough. My doctor reccomended after I passed out last year that if you are standing in the heat you have to replenish electrolytes as well since sweat decreases your salt in your blood. Get a Gatorade or Powerade as well to sip if possible. If not get something salty at the venue such as fries, just make sure that you get extra water with it. There is a balance. 

3. Even if you are not hungry, eat. Eat a big breakfast if you get there early and get food throughout the day. If you are in a seating venue or an ampitheatere, eat a dinner beforehand to make sure you have enough energy while you are there. I find it pretty draining, but it’s an amazing night. 

4. Bend your knees while standing, people will drop in the military (the formation requires for you to stand straight, but locked knees are a terrible thing) due to this, your blood doesn’t flow well if they aren’t and could lead to the blood not flowing correctly and you passing out. 

5. If possible, bring a friend or make friends. Safety in numbers, groups of friends allow for a better time and it will be harder to push you (we made a block that prevented people from pushing). Friends will also know if something is up with you sometimes before you will know. Plus if something does happen you can get out easier. 

6. Anxiety? I have it and standing in the middle is the absolute worst for anxiety and claustrophobia. Navigate towards the sides if needed because it makes it easier for you to leave if needed. 

7. Don’t be afraid to refuse your spot either. If you are at the baricade and someone wants to push you out of the way, give yourself a poised position that gives yourself more room. Do not get aggressive, but don’t back down if someone wants your spot.

8. Use the restroom when you need to, you don’t want to hurt yourself by getting an UTI or anything, please use the restroom when you need to. 

9. Don’t be afraid to sit down if you can. If you have a seat and need to sit down, do it. Ask someone to get yourself something if you start to feel dizzy in any way. 

10. If you are old enough to drink, drink one or two. Someone got alcohol poisoning at their shows that I know and was in the hospital for a couple days. Please restrict yourself if possible and if you do drink, get a sober friend to help you drive. 

11. Know your symptoms for heat exhaustion. Get into a shaded area and sit down. Your safety is more important and I hate to say that if you are near the front if this happens, shade or leave. If you vomit, go. I had to get a full IV.  Go to the doctor’s or if you pass out like me go to the doctor. If you can’t afford it, get a friend to drive you home and rest, replenish your water and electrolytes by sipping. 

12. Wear as little as possible, with lightest colors as possible. I know that red beanie and flannel is amazing but take it off when you get there if you want to wear it. You could get overheated. 

This is all I can think of, if you have anything to add, please go ahead!

Commenting On Fic

DO: Say thank you if you enjoyed a fic.

DO: Tell writers which bit you like best (If you quote bits I’ll love you forever)

DO: Encourage them and praise their efforts/show your eagerness for their next project.

DON’T: Overshare. Knowing my fic resonated with you is great. Knowing the intimate details of your medical conditions/sexual experiences/personal life leaves me struggling to work out how to reply in a meaningful way.

DON’T: Be rude. Writers are human too. If you want to criticise, make sure your primary motivation is helping them improve, rather than showing off your intellectual elitism. 

wip submission deadline has passed

big thank you to everyone who turned your wips in on time or communicated with me abt an extension! you guys are rock stars!

if you have been granted an extension, they will be due by 23:59cst on the day on which we agreed, so make sure you email those to by your due date!

heres the wip submission post which tells you how to do that.

there were also a rather large number of no-shows. if youre one of them, pls expect a message from me via your preferred contact method. all i want to know is if youre still participating or not! just keep in mind even if you drop out you can still participate as a pinch-hitter ;)

important note on whats next:

on february 27 (monday) the claims page will go live following an announcement post with the link. this will give artists time to check over their submission and ensure everythings correct, and it will give writers some time to peruse their options and get an idea of who theyre interested in.

on march 1 (wednesday) writer sign-ups and claims will begin following an announcement post with the link to the sign-up form and the claiming form. writers should sign up first and then claim (top three choices in order of preference). this is a first-come, first-served process so the earlier you sign-up and claim the more likely it is to get the artist you want to work with. the process will be explained in full in the post, but you can check out the faq page and faq tag as well in the meantime.

obviouslywolfie  asked:

So I'm a little stressed at the moment. I was recently told by my science teachers (yes I have two) that they might possibly move me down because I didn't do that well on a test that I didn't know much about because I had just moved to that school. If I get moved down and don't make it back up to top set in a year I won't be able to do Triple Award Science for my GCSEs which I really want to do. Science was the only thing I used to be good at and now I just feel stupid. What should I do?

Don’t give up ! Why don’t you try explaining the situation to your teachers? I’m sure they will understand and from what I understand they haven’t decided anything yet. Maybe they will reconsider it if you explain the reason for why you didn’t do well.

Maybe ask them to give you a second chance too. Like to wait to decide until the next test where you will be able to show them what you are capable of when you are in your full potential.

But the most important thing right now is to not give up !! We believe in you so you need to believe in yourself too. If you are determined enough I’m sure your teachers will see it too !


Can you do a imagine where you’re Cat Grant’s daughter and you flirt with Kara while visiting Cat please - Requested by Anonymous

You were going to surprise your mother. It had been your idea, and Carter had been up for it, but he’d suddenly realised that he needed to do something or another, and instead of the both of you standing in the lift, counting down the floors to your mother’s office, it was just you. You’d texted him to make sure that he knew you were going to explain it to your mum, making sure that she was aware of how sorry he was that he couldn’t make it. He’d made his thanks to you and promised to do your chores the next time you stayed with them.

The doors had barely opened when you crashed into someone.

‘I am so sorry!’ said the woman, straightening her glasses as you tightened your grip on your phone, which you had almost dropped.

‘No worries,’ you said dismissively, a small smile slipping onto your face. The young woman was pretty, and there was something endearing about the blush that was rushing up her cheeks. ‘At least the view’s good.’

Her blush darkened as she fiddled with the arm of her glasses. ‘Well, um, thank you. Um, can I help you?’ she asked, moving aside so as to let you out of the lift.

‘Probably,’ you said, moving to place your phone in your pocket. ‘I’m looking for Cat Grant’s office.’

The woman smiled at you, and you couldn’t help but grin, too. The smile was infectious. ‘I can help you with that,’ she said brightly, and there was an earnestness behind her words which made you wonder how long she’d worked for your mother.

‘Only if it’s not any trouble,’ you said.

She shrugged dismissively. ‘None at all. In fact, I want to help you,’ she said, motioning for you to follow her. ‘I love your outfit, by the way.’

You felt a blush rising up your own cheeks. ‘Thanks,’ you said, automatically moving to fiddle with the cuff of your cardigan.

‘I mean it, the colour really brings out your eyes,’ she said.

‘I like your glasses,’ you said, trying to move the conversation towards her once more.

She chuckled slightly, finally ceasing with her fiddling. ‘Um, thanks. Well, this is it,’ she said, motioning towards the large office where you mother was sitting. ‘That’s my desk.’ She pointed to the one near the entrance.

‘Now that’s some useful information,’ you said, your confidence slipping back as you noticed her trying to supress a small grin. ‘How about your name?’

She chuckled. ‘Kara,’ she said, holding out her hand for you.

‘Pretty name for a pretty woman, how fitting?’ you flirted, shaking her hand.

Her blush deepened once more, and she tried to splutter something.

Before you could make another comment, however, your mother’s voice pulled your attention away from Kara. ‘(Y/n)?’

‘Wait, your Ms Grant’s daughter?’ asked Kara, her eyes widening as her hand slipped slightly from yours.

You shrugged, winking at her though. ‘Got any qualms about going for drinks with your boss’s daughter later?’ you asked, moving to the doorway of your mother’s office.

You were glad to see Kara shaking her head, a bright smile on her face.

‘Good; I’ll see you when you finish,’ you assured her, before giving her a small wave and wandering into your mother’s office, beaming at her in greeting.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Jimin As Your Boyfriend

Seokjin || Yoongi || Hoseok || Namjoon || Jimin || Taehyung || Jungkook

Yay, it’s done! This is what I’ve decided to do as a follower appreciation, since I feel like I don’t thank you guys enough ^-^ This is my first time doing something like this, so I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I think I did okay~ Please tell me what you think! And which member do you guys want to see next? I haven’t gotten any requests for the other members, so feel free to send them in!

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

  • super sweet and cuddly almost all the time
  • almost being the key word
  • like one minute he’s got his hands wrapped around you tight
  • his fingers write silly little words on your skin
  • lips leaving rapid, quick kisses
  • or eskimo/butterfly kisses
  • he’s cooing about how cute you are
  • and then you shift a bit too much
  • and your hip rubs against his crotch
  • and oh no what happened to sweet baby boy Jimin??
  • the man holding you now isn’t about to be called baby
  • daddy more like
  • suggestive whispers in your ear
  • fingers writing things like ‘ride me’ or ‘suck me’
  • teeth lightly scraping at your ear or neck
  • and then you giggle or squeak
  • and whoops baby boy is back
  • in front of others he’s kind of a mix of the two
  • more baby boy than daddy but still a mix
  • arm around your shoulder protectively at all times
  • maybe running his hand down your upper arm lightly/lovingly
  • pulling you closer to nuzzle the side of your head with the side of his
  • but then he rakes his fingers through his hair
  • and shit, he caught you staring
  • and his sweet smile is now a smirk coupled with a raised eyebrow
  • and then someone’s reading your shirt
  • except there aren’t words on your shirt
  • his arm is now draped across your chest
  • he’s still smiling, but it’s cocky now
  • like ‘hell yeah, this is mine, i know i’m lucky, fuck off’
  • despite that, though, you swear he’s in love with someone else
  • and that someone is Jungkook
  • Jungkook hates it too, don’t worry
  • but Jungkook also thinks it’s really fun to annoy you
  • so sometimes he plays along
  • but Yoongi’s got your back
  • he leans over on the couch
  • falling onto his side so his head lands on your thigh
  • wait no now he’s on the floor?
  • oh wait now Jimin’s curled up in your lap that makes sense ok
  • hanging out with the boys was always pretty exciting
  • mostly because they liked to tease Jimin
  • which could lead to one of two things:
  • he jumped out of his seat to chase the boy(s)
  • or he pulled you into his lap
  • with his nose pressed into your neck/shoulder junction
  • because God you smelled good
  • dates - by comparison - were pretty cliché calm
  • dinner and a movie, a stroll through the park
  • maybe, every now and then, you’d go dancing
  • but that didn’t mean your dates were boring
  • you could talk to Jimin for hours about anything
  • and you loved it when he showered you with compliments
  • there was never a dull moment between you
  • but the end of the night was always the best part
  • even if you didn’t have sex
  • the night could end in three ways:
  • one, an obscene amount of cheesy cuddling
  • the compliments would continue, now with playful touches
  • and the night would end with you curled up on his chest
  • fast asleep in his arms as he smiled down at you
  • two, sex - or, rather, making love
  • Jimin was sweet, caring, gentle, loving
  • he knew just how to praise and pleasure you
  • and again, the night ended with you sleeping on his chest
  • covered in a thin layer of sweat, but neither of you cared
  • and three, sex, but your baby boy was nowhere in sight
  • but don’t worry, daddy’s there to take care of you
  • sure, he was rough, tough, and crude
  • but you lived for his praise
  • you never fell asleep on daddy; he slept on you
  • because you were both too exhausted to roll over
  • the room smelled of sex and sweat
  • but neither of you had the energy to care
  • the next morning would always be the same, though:
  • a sweet good morning kiss, followed by a shower
  • and then making breakfast together
  • scolding Jimin when he made you drop the food
  • then, to let him know you weren’t mad,
  • you smacked his ass as he bent down to clean it up
  • and he only laughed and slapped yours as he walked by
  • then back hugs galore as you tried to cook again
  • like that boy could not get enough of your smell
  • the smell of home, of love and warmth
  • the smell he always wanted to come home too
  • always
Joshua smut

“Babe! I’m home!” You call as you step into the house.

You close the door behind you and kick your shoes off, carrying all of the groceries into the kitchen. You were hoping your boyfriend would come help you but he didn’t reply.


You scrunch your eyebrows, setting the bags of food down on the counter and go in search of your boy. You check the livingroom first, where the video game was left on but no Joshua. You walk over to switch the TV off and grab the two empty beer bottles on the table, along with an empty bag of chips. You toss them into the bin next to the couch, wondering why he seriously couldn’t do that himself before you head upstairs. You check the bathroom, thinking that maybe when he got home from practice he took a shower but there was no Joshua in sight, nor any dirty clothes on the floor. Which he for sure would’ve left there for you to clean.

You walk down the hall to go towards your bedroom, maybe he was sleeping? He was so tired these days after work, he’d come home to take a quick shower then nap a little before you got home to make dinner.

If he wasn’t in your room you didn’t know where else he’d be.
You slowly push open the door to your room, trying to be quiet in case he was sleeping, but what you peek into definitely wasn’t a snoring Joshua.

You widen your eyes. Your boyfriend was sat on your guys’ bed, his body leaned against the wall behind it. He was completely naked and he had a slow hand stroking his hard cock, his head thrown back with his face scrunched up in pleasure.

You sharply inhale, strangely very turned on by the sight. Soft moans were leaving his lips and you couldn’t help the flipping of your stomach. You didn’t know what he was getting off to, since there were no earphones in his ears nor a laptop in front of him but if you weren’t enjoying it you’d be lying.

You push the door open further and walk in, hoping he wouldn’t notice you but you weren’t very lucky.

“Babe!” He shouts, shocked. His free hand reaches for the blanket and he pulls it over himself quickly. “What are you doing?!”

You don’t say anything to him as you crawl onto the bed. You could see the blush spread from his chest up to the tips of his ears as you get closer. You reach for the blanket he was holding and he scrunches his eyebrows when you grab it and start pulling it away, but he doesn’t make any move to stop you.

“Babe.. What’re you..” He gasps lightly when the air hits him again and you bite your lip. You drop the blanket to wrap your hand around his, which was still gripping his member. You slowly guide him to move and he moans loudly, throwing his head back.

“Keep going,” you tell him, talking for the first time. You pull your hand away but he doesn’t stop his from moving up and down his shaft.


His hand instantly slows down when you tell it to and he teases himself, his hand dragging. He moans again, his pretty mouth parting slightly to let the noise escape.

“Play with your head..” You instruct him, voice filled with lust.

His hand immediately stops moving and moves to the leaking tip of his angry cock, just how you told him to. He rubs his fingers through the precome, spreading it around. He whimpers when his thumb dips into his slit and he has to stop everything all together, his hand freezing but his other gripping the sheets under him.

His flushed chest was heaving when he starts up again, the head play stopping as he goes back to jerking his whole shaft. His pace was faster now, more needy and you couldn’t stop him or the string of deep groans coming from his mouth.

“Baby,” he breathes out desperately and you lean forward to attach your lips to his damp neck.

You kiss him hotly, trailing your lips down his shoulders and chest. You leave a circle of kisses around his nipple and he intakes several sharp breaths when you blow cold air on the pert bud. You didn’t know why, but he had very sensitive nipples. He had a very sensitive everything, his body responded amazingly to the slightest of your touches.

You move further down, shifting your body so your lips can glide along his warm skin. You get to his thighs and nip at his the soft paleness there, easily leaving a few bruises in the wake of your teeth.

“Baby,” this time the word is moaned out.

You move back up his body, noticing his hand sliding up and down quickly on your way up. Your lips trail along his jawline as your hand reaches behind him to grab a handful of his soft red hair. You tug on the strands lightly.

“Ahhh… Mmm,” his eyes flutter closed, his body trembling with how close he is. “Uhh uhh uhh ohh..”

He finally comes when you flick your thumb over his nipple, making him hiss out a long whine as he shoots his load over his hand.

You pull away and wait for him to come down. He smiles lazily at you when he does and you lean in for the kiss, swinging your leg over his lap. You hover above him so you don’t get your pants dirty, kissing him slowly but he pulls back and rests his head against the wall. His hand lifts up and he trails his fingers along your lips gently before pushing them into your mouth. He watches you with hooded eyes as you clean him off, sucking on his long digits.

“Good girl baby,” he murmurs, pulling his clean fingers out to slide the other come-covered one in. He slowly thrusts his finger in and out between your lips, watching your cheeks hollow out. His other hand grips your hip tightly when you swirl your tongue around, making sure to get every last drop before he pulls his hand away completely.

He goes in for another kiss, poking his tongue into your mouth the second your lips touch. He warmly massages the inside, tasting himself for a brief second before he rolls you both over.

“Your turn..” He murmurs into your ear, his hot breath making you shudder. Your body produces goosebumps as he makes his way down, his hands tugging at your work pants.


@harrypotterloveralways replied to your post: Okay, sorry…. but can I say I am disappointed??? …

I’m saying it right now, I am 99.99% sure they didn’t do the do, which is why they specifically didn’t show anything other than what they did. Magnus still looked unsure and now we see Magnus in the promo for next week telling Jace “so he told you” as in he refused Alec and maybe it made Alec feel insecure and stuffs so Jace was pissed and went to go give Magnus the “if you hurt him I’ll hurt you talk”. I’ve already seen this theory go around and I completely believe that’s what’s happening

Yeah, but like I said, I don’t need them to show me any Malec “porn” at all. Not in this ep. Or in the future. But I wanna see them communicating, like they did in all the eps before. I wanna know how they left off after the date. Because it all kinda ended awkward with Jace interrupting and suddenly we are …. Malec went shopping? As in…. Alec Lightwood went shopping? How when why??? I also wanna see them have some private moments on that damn balcony when you tease me with those pics.

What I don’t wanna see is stuff like Alec suddenly acting ooc here? That whole scene was not cute as we all imagined but rather uncomfortable to watch. And since when does Alexander knock??? He always came into the loft without knocking. Heck, even Jace strolled into it without knocking first. This didn’t make sense. At all.

Also Izzy? Being all surprised that Alec is a virgin? For real? @flammenmeer mentioned episode 6 to me where Magnus came up with the shit “virgin shadowhunter energy” and Jace also just smirked and Simon was like.. “that explains so much”. And now Izzy is clueless??? Of all people? Izzy?

I am sorry, but I never did care much for the “sex scene” to begin with. But I sure as hell didn’t sign up for this mess that was this episode. Where so many things were just stupid and ridiculous.

So yes, I am hoping to get some answers next week. Because this is just a very huge disappointment rn.