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zanderlicious  asked:

I just recently started coming out to close family/friends as non binary and only one of them have been... ok with it. How do you deal with people who don't think it's real and/or don't care? Especially family members that you live with?

I don’t come out to everyone… which isn’t the ideal response from me, I’m sure, but I struggle with that issue a lot actually. When people call me “he” the word screams at me. Whenever I talk to my mom about my date mate I always struggle because I want to use their correct pronouns, but my mom doesn’t understand nonbinaries in a way that almost feels agressive. I’m getting anxious as I type these words, because just thinking about all of this it’s stressful. That’s why this blog is so necessary for me. People aren’t always going to accept us because not everybody in our culture is ready to accept people that identify the way that we do, but people like you reaching out to me makes me feel better about myself. You, and other people like you help me. I’m sorry that our families and the people that we considered friends don’t always accept us, but we’re not alone, and sometimes that’s enough for me.

I just do my best to live with the fact that people will disagree with my identity (even my family), because I understand that eventually I’ll have the means to put myself in a more open environment, and I’ll have the freedom to surround myself with people that except me exactly as I am.

colin is so strange to me. like, personality wise he’s so sweet and humble and SO self-deprecating - literally shouting in pain when ppl try to show pics of alexander, begging a director not to cast him bc he thought he might ruin the film, relieved no one threw bottles at him when he went on stage, always correcting himself whenever he says he’s a good actor/has talent, etc… just this Chill Dad who types one finger at a time and has an aol email and loves grocery shopping and more than anything wants to be in more animated movies to impress his kids

at the same time, here’s this dude who goes out of his way to make sure that his shirt never exceeds three (3) buttons.. takes time to choose which pair of earrings to wear that day….wears fake glasses for the sake of Fashion…. he’s so special and unabashedly himself and i love him

Can’t wait to brag about my super glamorous career at my next high school reunion!

Anonymous submitted: 

I am a conservator for a museum located on a lovely downtown canal, and we have many beautiful outdoor sculptures for visitors to enjoy.

Yesterday I got a call from one of our security guys, informing me that a large animal sculpture had been vandalized with, as he delicately put it, “pictures of male anatomy.” I went to check it out and, sure enough, the poor thing had been tagged with two penises: one in the anatomically correct location, and (because why not) one on the side. 

The second was perfectly visible from the viewing window in our natural history gallery.

Which is why this morning I was to be found using a toothbrush and acetone to scrub a bright blue dick off the side of a bronze mastadont.

Teen Wolf Imagine- What Happened To Y/N? (Part2)


Authors Note- The second part to this imagine, sorry if things get a little complicated from her on out, just make sure you read in the correct order, which are linked above. Hope you enjoy, sorry its late but my school takes no prisoners x

Scott’s Perspective

After having time to think, Scott remembers little signs that indicated you were caught up in something bigger than he realised. One occurring about a week or so before your disappearance. He walked into your room and sat in his usual seat at your desk. “So, what’s the problem?” you asked, taking it as an indicator for your usual heart to heart. “Nothing, just wanted to see how my litter sister is doing” he claimed while spinning the chair around to face you. “Ah, so that must mean you want something” you replied, looking up at his cheesy grin. “Well actually me and Stiles were wondering-” he began, You shook your head lightly, “This cant be good” you accidently thought out loud. “It’s nothing elaborate” he defended with a smile. You rolled your eyes and he gave you a playful nudge causing you to laugh. “I was… Stiles and I were hoping you would look after the house and cover us at school for a few days-” he trailed. “What, why?” you asked as your face straightened out. “We need to do something important and for once its not supernatural related so you don’t need to worry” he shot you a confused and pleading look. He didn’t see what the problem was, it wasn’t like you hadn’t done stuff like this before. He heard the slight increase in your heart rate, “Look, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to” he said softly, he thought it might have been to do with you being home alone while your mom was on her nightshift. “It’s fine ill do it” you said with a weak smile. “Actually, I don’t think I want my little sister home alone for that long of a time-” he said with a sudden disturbing thought. “You better not say, what I think you’re going to say” you moaned, sitting up. “Derek can babysit you” he nodded knowingly. “No not again, not after the last time. Id rather-” you began but cut yourself off after receiving a text message. Scott couldn’t help but notice another hitch in your heartrate as you immediately locked your phone and slammed it back onto the bed. “Who was that?” he asked in concern, reaching for your phone but you squatted his hand away, picking it up as you walked over to the window casually. “So, are you going to tell me why you’re being so secretive?” he asked as he stared at you. He watched as you peered out of the window, looking left and right before slamming it shut, checking the lock and pulling the curtain over. “No, are you going to tell me what you and Stiles are doing?” you asked back. “No” he replied shortly. “Touché” you joked it off. “Idiot” he exclaimed throwing a cushion at you playfully. “Jackass” you replied, throwing it back, only for him to catch it with one hand. “I hate you and your stupid wolf powers” you huffed, flopping back onto your bed. “I love you too sis”.

When he returned from his and Stiles’ short trip the house was completely upside down, it was an absolute mess. “Y/N!” he shouted, his voice vibrated the upstairs floorboards of your bedroom. “Shit!” you exclaimed, rolling out of bed and pulling your hair into a messy bun, you still had last nights clothes on. You slowly crept downstairs and into the kitchen. “What the hell is this?” he shouted, following you to the fridge. “I ermm, I had a party last night…” you said, trying to keep your heart rate steady. “Where’s Derek?” he questioned. “There was an emergency at the loft and he had to run out” you claimed, pouring yourself some orange juice but your hands were shaking so it went all over the counter top. “Have you been taking drugs?” he asked with wide eyes. “What the fu- No Scott, I don’t do drugs” you defended with the 100% truth. “Then what is wrong with you?” he asked again. “I’m just a little hungover, ill be fine” you said, rubbing your eyes. “So what, you think its ok to have a party and get drunk and… and…” he continued. “So shoot me! For trying to be a normal teenager and doing normal things like partying and enjoying life rather than trying to run from it all the time! Don’t you understand that? I didn’t ask for this, it’s you that dragged me into it” nothing but venom was coming out of your mouth. “Why are you acting like this?” you could hear the hurt in his voice. “Save the big brother act until someone is around to actually see it, you’re wasting your breath” you said bitterly. He stood there opened mouth, not able to speak. “That’s exactly what I thought” you exclaimed before running back upstairs. He stood there, his hands shaking and his eyes watering, he never expected his little sister to say that, especially when he tried everything to keep you safe and it wasn’t exactly his choice in telling you about the supernatural, you uncovered it by yourself. But little did Scott know that when you returned to your room you slid down the wall and sobbed for hours, you didn’t want your brother to miss you as much as he would have if he remembered nothing but happy memories. It would of been a lot easier if he didn’t care.

So today Scott called a pack meeting, determined to get to the bottom of his sister disappearance once and for all. Stiles arrived, his skin practically transparent and the bags under his eyes seemed to drag his once hyperactive self down. Lydia and Allison soon followed both of them sulking and moping about like two lost souls. They sat in your living room, except for Scott who stood. They were staring at the ground, not wanting to see the cheesy family pictures on the walls or your things that were scattered around your house; textbooks, jumpers, even something as simple as a nail varnish bottle was enough to set them off. “We’re going to find her” Stiles assured, placing his hand on Scott’s shoulder, before sitting down. He gave a weak smile, he hadn’t lost hope, but after hours of trying to track you by scent and nothing turning up, he couldn’t help but feel beaten down. “Y/n is a hard nut to crack, she may not have any supernatural abilities but she’s as badass as the rest of us” Lydia cracked a small but genuine smile. “If not more badass” Allison agreed, thinking of the same time. “If this gets too much for you, we can stop” Stiles offered. Scott nod his head and exhaled, before opening Stiles’ theory pack on the coffee table. They all edged forwards on their seats and began to scan over the facts they had and what they needed to find out. Scott’s chest began to feel tight, this wasn’t some crime scene investigation the pack was working on, it was his baby sister’s. He was unaware that his claws began to protrude from his hands, not in anger but upset and guilt. “Scott look at me” Allison said in a calm panic. “Woah Scott are you ok?” Stiles asked with concern. “I think we need a time out” Lydia agreed, they hadn’t been looking for long and it was taking a tole on them all, not just your older brother. Allison assisted Scott in standing up and exiting the living room. “Scott!” she called after him as he stumbled upstairs and into your bedroom.

It was the first time he had been in your room since you disappeared, he slowly sat on your desk chair and stared at your bed. Memories of you two since you were little flashed through his head, from the pillow fights when you were six to the countless times he embarrassed you when your friends or boyfriends were around since freshman year, to the current relationship you had of studying and having your daily chats at night together. He could see the practice lacrosse jerseys spilling out of one of your draws because you insisted in having one from every pack member that was in the team, from Scott’s to Stiles’ to Isaac’s to Liam’s to Kira’s, he was even sure you had Jackson’s and Brett’s too, even though they weren’t actually pack members. Meanwhile in the living room Stiles and Lydia sat there in silence, reminiscing themselves and trying to connect the dots to what seemed like an endless chain of events. Stiles gave a sigh and closed the book before taking it off the coffee table. “Oh here, you dropped this” Lydia said, picking up the piece of scrap paper that had fallen out. She briefly read it and began to pass it to him, before she processed and read it again. “Lyd what is it? Lydia?” Stiles asked. “Is everything ok?” Allison asked, walking into your bedroom and approaching Scott at your desk. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just miss her” he shrugged glumly and swivelled so he was now facing the actual desk. “We all do” she trailed, looking around your bedroom that somehow seemed dull without you there. He opened the notebook and flicked through the doodles you made when you were supposed to be studying, before he stumbled across something he shouldn’t have. “What is it?” Allison looked over Scott’s shoulder at the note you had written. “Did you know?” Scott asked, quickly standing up and ripping the page out. “No, she never mentioned anything about seeing or dating anyone” Allison claimed with a furrowed brow. When Scott and Allison re-joined Stiles and Lydia in the living room, they were sitting there with nothing but the note on the table. They sat beside them, “She didn’t want anyone to know, I wasn’t even supposed to know- what I’m trying to say is, I know who the mystery boy is and-” Lydia began to ramble, before Scott placed the note he had found on the coffee table beside the other. “Surely he wouldn’t do anything to harm her though, right” Allison chimed in. “I don’t know, but you’re going to tell us everything you know about there relationship, right now” Scott said firmly. Lydia nodded in agreement, before explaining her part of the story.

So the next part is in Lydia’s perspective, comment below or in the requests who you want this mystery boy to be and sorry this part is kind of short, but Scott has the least involvement in her disappearance, hope you enjoyed x 

The Hogwarts House Matrix

So this entire post arose from a conversation I was having with a friend of mine. As we are wont to do, we were discussing Harry Potter and sorting various acquaintances of ours into each of the four Houses when my friend confessed she wasn’t sure of the House to which she belonged. I said, “Gryffindor” without a second thought.

But my friend was unsure. Pottermore had sorted her into Ravenclaw, not to mention her sister and one of her best friends (both staunch Gryffindors) also told her she was Ravenclaw. She herself thought she might be Hufflepuff. However, as the Ravenclaw-est of Ravenclaws, I felt obligated to correct her. I tried explaining my theory of the different value axes and alignments over Gchat, but decided visual aids were probably going to be more helpful.

Hence the Hogwarts House Matrix.

I’ve divided these traits into primary alignments and supporting characteristics

To explain the alignments (in declining order of weight):

Governed by morality vs. ethics: Ruled by a sense of Right and Wrong vs. Correct and Incorrect.

Externally vs. internally validated: Derives a sense of satisfaction from achievements and praise vs. personal accomplishments.

Socially vs. individually orientated: Effects and is affected by social situations and peers vs. is unaffected by others’ opinions.

The supporting characteristics are as follows:

Reactive vs. proactive action: How one responds to external stimuli.

Subjective experience vs. objective reality: How one believes the world should be judged.

Driven by passion vs. guided by reason: The raison d’être for doing.

Really, in my opinion, you can generally figure out which House you’re in by answering two questions:

1. Are you governed by morality or ethics?

2. Do you derive satisfaction from internal or external validation?

Answering those two questions gives you a pretty good picture of what I’ve defined as the core value of each House:

Gryffindor = morality + external validation = Justice

Hufflepuff = morality + internal validation = Fairness

Slytherin = ethics + external validation = Success

Ravenclaw = ethics + internal validation = Knowledge

The characteristics of Bravery, Hard Work, Ambition, and Cleverness are external manifestations of the core values. You must be brave to seek justice, you must work hard to be fair, you must be ambitious to find success, and you be clever to gain knowledge.

(More charts and LONG explanations under the cut!)

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Let’s talk about the Raijinshuu

Thunder God Tribe, Thunder Legion, Gods of Thunder, whatever you prefer to call them - all of these are correct. If you have scrolled at least a little through my blog(s) then you’ve probably noticed how passionate I am about these three. Passionate and salty. Disappointed. Sad.

Because of the treatment they got after the Fighting Festival ARC (which is one of my fave ARCs for sure and for different reasons).

So this right here is long overdue. A long rant about these unique characters that deserve way more than they are getting from both, canon and fandom. I beg you that please if you care a bit about them, read this and reblog it and/or leave your own thoughts on the matters! This is gonna be long but I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to read, really! So I’m going to put it under a read more, not wanting to clutter the dash especially for those on mobile.

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All about tags.

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion about how to get your pieces read and reposted by Poetry Riot. The whole purpose of this blog is to share the work we like with people who want to read great poetry. In order to facilitate that, we have three tags we track. They are as follows:

  • #poetryriot - Use this tag on any non-prompt related piece you want us to read and consider posting.
  • #poetryriotprompt - Use this tag on pieces that are for the current week’s prompt only. Please do not use this tag for non-prompt pieces.

  • #riotprompts - Use this tag when posting a piece that is inspired by one of our past prompts. Please do not use it in conjunction with #poetryriotprompt.

Make sure you spell the tag correctly with no spaces between words. And the tag must be one of the first five tags in order for us to see it.

Using the correct tag avoids confusion for us which means your piece is far more likely to be reposted by us. Using more than one of the above tags on a single piece will create confusion and means your piece is less likely to get reposted.

We want to read your work. We want to reblog your work. Help us do that by using the correct tag. Thank you.

Write on!


This new acrylic charm is so adorable but it’s a lot lol. 

Yurio’s (leopard print because of course he can’t use the inn provided towels he has to bring his own extra one) towel came off and he is mortified even though no one is paying attention/they’re off in their own little worlds so they probably don’t even know it happened. 

Yuuri, who of all people, knows the rules of the onsen, has taken the dog into it with him, which I’m pretty sure (correct me of I’m wrong), is against all known onsen rules?? They’re SUPER stringent about being sanitary at those places after all. Victor is actually just being normal Victor and drinking sake and enjoying himself. Nothing weird going on there. 

Anyway, it’s by Empty and it comes out in May! Retail price is 1,080 yen. 

Bard Week: Musical Puzzles

Here are some puzzles and challenges that rely on music made for those special bards in your campaign!

The Gibbering Obelisk

A small obelisk with many mouths sings a dissonant tone. When a musician finds the right note, they can make the dissonant sound into a harmonious chord and solve the puzzle. Have the bard make a Performance check to see how good their ears are for this. You could have the dissonant note change each time it is harmonized, and solve the puzzle on the third successful check, and reset on a failed check.

Definitely Not Zelda

In a very Lost Woods scenario, the players are travelling through identical rooms and have become lost in a looping illusion; only able to escape by traversing the correct sequence of doorways. The players hear a short lick from a doorway, but they are not sure which one, as it came and went so quickly. The bard can mimic the musical phrase with a successful Performance check or by acting it out. When the phrase is successfully mimicked, the lick will play again. Hopefully this time the PCs were listening! By going back and forth with the unseen musician, the players can follow it out of the trap.

The Conductor

A prop puzzle in which players each have a one-note instrument (whistle, chime, drum, horn, etc.) that plays a different note, perhaps with a number attached to it. Signify this in the dungeon with instruments mounted on pedestals or something (so it requires more than one person to solve the puzzle). Searching the room or decoding a message reveals the correct order to play the notes in. The bard can read the music properly and leads the players (out-of-game) in the performance by pointing or calling out each note in turn as the other players respond by playing their note. This is easier said than done, as my family has tried this a few times using the toys from themed Christmas crackers

Walk this Way

A tiled room has different letters on each tile, each no higher than G, hinting that they are musical notes. A looping song is being sung from a Magic Mouth or a ghost somewhere in the room, with a distinct pause to indicate the start and end of the tune. The tiles must be stepped on in the correct order to cross the room safely and unlock the door. If a tile is stepped on incorrectly or out of order it will produce a painful electric shock for the person stepping on it. The bard can figure out the starting note and can make Performance checks to get hints on how many steps higher or lower the next note in the sequence is. The key is to estimate the next note based on the previous note. I would stay away from sharps and flats, here; the simpler the better.

Play for Us

There are a four stone doors in an echoing chamber. Each door has a relief of a human upon it, each with a different expression. One is angry, one is solemn, one is happy, and one appears scared or surprised. A short poem (perhaps found earlier, or maybe simply in the room) hints that you must sing or play a song appropriate for the audience; “four friends came to hear four songs” or something like that. The bard must improvise a song (you can have the actual player do so, or just have them make a Performance check) that evokes the emotion shown by a door. When this is done, it will open the door with the bust that enjoys the song the most. Perhaps the busts animate when the players sing or play.

Folk Tunes

A riddle requires the players to sing or play a “traditional” elven/dwarven/gnomish/folk song in the campaign universe. The bard must make a History check to remember such a song from their travels. Alternatively, the players could return to an appropriate town to seek out the answer if the bard fails this check. Regardless, the bard is able to perform the song and solve the puzzle.


Xyphos, is a derivative of the greek word Xiphos, which means sword. Which is why I made sure she had sword cards next to her.

She does actually do fortune telling, with her mother and sisters. They all took turns, and it was part of one of many scams they were all running. She just makes it all up as she goes along. Any correct readings was all dumb luck.

I used to randomly collect star signs, and do “readings” for that for one of the other players, and they always happen to come true which was funny! I stopped, because it really bothered the other player, even though I showed him I picked a star sign at random, and they were generic as star signs are.

It was for this character I designed the Elven Tarot deck for actually.

Her new wig, which I love was made by the lovely @missmaishka who will hopefully be opening her store soon!

I had this “guest” come in to my store. She was buying a specific hot item this holiday season and noticed the one wrong tag below it along with the rest of them correct ones. So her being a customer grabs the incorrect tag (a $5 difference mind you) and tracks down my store manager to make sure she gets this price. Keep in mind, this is a big box retailer. Not some small shop.

Now, I work in electronics. And at this time I was the only one there. Which means in addition to running my registers I also have to go and grab games, work stock, manage inventory, AND supply all of the workers with their scanners and radios for the day.

So she being a genius decides to buy this non electronic item in my department. Something that we haven’t been allowing much of in the past week. So I kindly tell her that unless it’s electronics she’s going to have to wait in the regular line since I have to get the other people first. I also tell her that this will most likely be faster for her too. So she throws a huge huff and puff about it. Then comes back after she’s done to yell at me in front of everyone in my department with things including “I’ve been shopping here for years” and “I know your manager personally” “Hell be DAMN sure to hear about this.” And my personal favorite “For someone like YOU to make ME wait is BULLSHIT.”

Now I don’t like to toot my own horn nor put myself above others. But I deserve more respect than that. I have a bachelors of science. The only reason I’m working that job is because I need something short and simple for a month before I move

Fuck customers 😒😒

ALRIGHT HERE WE GO WITH STANDSWAP, this is the alleyway hands ofc since Reimi does not have a stand

This is Chiyo, she’s a famous model, very well known for her doll-like features. Somtime after she had a well-established career, she was in a train accident that tore off her right arm. However, that didn’t deter her from continuing with her career.

Most of her fame comes from conspiracy theories, as many people report there’s something off with her. Photographers and makeup artists say she smells strange, like perfume covering rot. Along with that she has thin scars on her neck, shoulders, and upper thighs, all of which seem to be slightly different skin colors. People report feeling an odd sadness whenever they’re near her. All in all, most everyone thinks she’s not exactly who she says she is.

They’re correct, but it would sure be hard to guess who she really is. Chiyo is in fact 6 different women; Hanako, Michi, Sakura, Reiko, Ai, and Fumiko. They have one thing in common, they were all victims of a notorious serial killer.

The killer’s goal was to create his ideal woman out of parts of other women. He tried numerous times, however most of them were failed and he dumped the stitched-up bodies along a riverbank. Chiyo was his success. What he didn’t expect, though, was that Hanako (Chiyo’s head) had a stand that could bring a spirit back to any dead thing she touched. Her stand, Famous Last Words, activated as soon as her head was attached to the body.

The now “living” Chiyo wasted no time in ripping apart the killer.

All six of the women were back to life, in a sense, but in reality only their spirits were. Famous Last Words could only bring back a spirit, not bring life back to the body, so Chiyo was rotting quickly. Fortunately, Hanako was skilled in embalming, having worked at a funeral home previously. After preserving their body as best they could, the six women decided to make something of their new life, and easily rose to fame with their abnormal beauty. They are very close to each other, in a physical and emotional sense, but tragically Michi was taken from them when her arm ripped off in the train accident. 

Guide of Which Characters know each secrets of HTGWM

There are plenty on this show, and i’m not sure everyone noticed but there is basically no secret that is completely out in the open. 

So here is a guide. Feel free to correct me.

  • Frank killed Lila, not Sam: Laurel, Annalise, Bonnie, (Frank)
  • Bonnie killed Rebecca: Frank, Annalise, (Bonnie)
  • Rebecca is dead: Frank, Bonnie, Annalise, [Wes and Laurel -partial~]
  • Wes shot Annalise, not Laurel: Laurel, Annalise, (Wes)
  • Frank made Annalise lose her son: Bonnie, Annalise, Wes, (Frank)
EXO’s Reaction to You Asking Them to Buy You Pads/Tampons

I’m really not one hundred percent sure how exactly periods are treated in Korea, but I feel like the stigma surrounding menstruation is, unfortunately, pretty universal, and likely more so in the more traditionally-strong countries like South Korea. Slight research on the subject only seemed to turn up a small amount of information for me, such as the fact that women receive menstrual leave from work, which makes me feel like it is indeed an issue there as well. But anyone can feel free to correct me if I happen to be wrong. :)

Baekhyun: would agree, but the only thing that would get him through this supposedly-traumatic experience is the thought of a possible reward when he returns home with your desired items. “Soooo? Don’t I get a kiss for being such an awesome boyfriend and doing something so nice for you?”

Chanyeol: would be reluctant, mostly worried that he wouldn’t be able to pick out the proper kind, but as soon as you offered up an old package as comparison for him, he’d be all for it, even coming home with a helpful supply of pain killers and comfort food to make you feel better. “Y-Yeah, I’ll definitely grab you some. Just hold tight and I’ll be back with the right stuff soon! Probably.”

Chen: would surprisingly be all-too-happy to head to the store for your feminine needs. Chen strikes me as one of those guys that’d be okay with this errand, purely because he’d be able to brag to everyone who saw him about the fact that he had a girlfriend.

D.O: can you say “awkward”? Kyungsoo won’t feel totally comfortable with this, but he also wouldn’t want you to be unhappy, so he’d be stuck in an inner debate, trying to factor out which side of this issue he wanted to side with. But in the end, you’d win, and Kyungsoo would grudgingly find his way to the store for you, a very vivid description of your needed item clutched in his hand.

Kai: would agree to this adventure, and would set off for the store right away. But, he’d likely get lost with all the types of tampons and pads and may just have to call one of his sisters for a little assistance, not wanting to rely on you ‘cause he’d want you to think that he could manage such an easy task on his own. “Of course I did it on my own, Jagi! Wh-What do you mean, my sister called you to see what kind you needed? Ahhhahah, sorry.”

Kris: this would honestly be probably the LEAST cool thing you had ever asked him to do, and he’d be prepared to grumble and bitch like hell about it. But after he got his complaints in, he’d suck it up and run to the store for you. He’d grab a random assortment of different types and hope to hell that one of them was your preferred type, 'cause he’s sure didn’t feel like making a second trip in.

Lay: would feel a little awkward about it all, but since he knew it would make you happy, he’d be up for it. You’d best send some old packaging along with him, though, or he’d probably be at the store for way too long, standing in the hygiene aisle, becoming increasingly more confused as to why there are so many different types, and coming home with the completely wrong one for you. “Extra long? Heavy flow? Overnight? Why…why does this one have wings?”

Luhan: Really? You think Luhan’s going to be going on a tampon run? Yeah. I don’t think so, honey. He’d be afraid that if he were to go, he’d be mistaken for a girl, and God forbid that happen. He’d be a little embarrassed that he was unable to run such a simple errand for his girlfriend, but that’d be nothing compared to the embarrassment of being mistaken for a woman. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’ll drive you to the store, though?”

Sehun: totally seems like the type to agree to this for your sake, but also strikes me as the type to attempt to cover up his identity for the journey, not wanting anyone to actually see him buying such things. Like, he’d throw on a hat, baggy clothes, and a pair of dark shades, and he’d look like the sketchiest person in the world, probably gaining him more negative attention than anything else, but he’d damn well ensure that you got what you needed. I’m sorry, this is the only good gif that i could find a Sehun with sunglasses haha

Suho: would know that even if he didn’t want to go on a tampon run, he didn’t have much of a choice. He’d know it was an argument that he just wouldn’t win. He wouldn’t waste time in the store even though he would be thrown off by the many different types and styles, he’d simply buy a very large variety of pads and tampons, likely gaining some odd looks from the store clerk, but he’d be happy knowing his job was done. For the month, anyway.

Tao: would refuse at first, but as soon as you began describing, in excrutiating detail I might add, the process that your poor body goes through monthly, he’d decide that heading to the store and getting it over with would be much easier than staying put and listening to such gruesome things. “Ew! Fine, Y/N, I’ll go to the store for you, just please stop!”

Xiumin: is going to be totally prepared for this situation, knowing full well in advance that your special time of the month is coming, and he’d have purcashed your pads/tampons for you ahead of time, tucking them away for when you needed them. “Just look in the back of the bathroom cabinet, Jagi-yah. I already got you covered.”


alright so because of this post and many others i’ve seen, i feel the need to point something out for any artists who aren’t sure about how lighting works.

an easy trick you can use to make sure you’re not unintentionally whitewashing characters is to see whether their hair is lighter or darker than their skin. because no matter what kind of lighting your character is in, the light/dark difference between their hair and skin will almost always stay constant. now keep in mind that this is just based on what i’ve observed. so if anyone knows otherwise, feel free to correct me.

one of the other problems here is that the skin tone is completely different, which is another thing i see a lot.

see how far apart these colors are from each other? the whitewashed picture has a red-pink color for ilima’s skin, when it’s actually more of an orange-brown. as far as i know, there is no lighting that will change someone’s skin tone that much. the color might get lighter or darker, but the color itself won’t change that drastically. 

so artists, please keep this in mind! and if anyone has any better posts in this, let me know so i can spread those too.

i want your opinion !!

is it

viktor or victor

yuri or yuuri

because i see both of them used as much as the other. i am interested to know if anyone knows for sure what it is or tell me which one you think it is. i tend to tag my posts with both of the names bc i’m unsure which one is the correct one.

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honestly I LOVE YOU GUYS

for added angst to this scenario, please consider: 

Ichigo and Rukia got engaged before they had the fight about Soul Society changing the records. They hadn’t got around to telling people but Rukia’s wearing Masaki’s ring. And then the orders came down to change the history books, and Ichigo realises that if he marries Rukia he’s essentially marrying into revisionist history. Rukia…. wants to fight the orders, honestly, but I think one of Rukia’s main flaws is that she trusts the system too much (oh, they’re executing me for actually saving human lives? Maybe the system’s fucked u–naaaaaaah they’re totally correct I deserve to die), which stems from her lack of self-esteem (she just assumes that everyone is smarter, wiser, better than she is, so surely they can’t be wrong?). Besides, she can’t make a fuss about this, that will put nii-sama in an uncomfortable position, won’t Ichigo see, she can’t do anything about this– 

“–can’t go along with it, Byakuya will understand–”

“Nii-sama has enough on his plate, Ichigo! He’s in far too precarious a position because of me already, I can’t ask him to do more–”

Ichigo runs a hand through his hair; he’d been growing it out the past couple of years, and the unruly strands stubbornly refuse to stay out of his eyes. He takes a step closer to her, but Rukia stands her ground. 

“This isn’t about you or me or the goddamn Kuchiki clan honor, Rukia, this is straight up lying to everybody, and you know it–” 

“But does it matter?” she asks desperately; if her tone is pleading, she tries to ignore it, just as she tries to ignore the aching of her heart and the corner of her mind that is screaming yes, yes of course it matters. “You and I know the truth, a whole bunch of other people know the truth, if new shinigami are not unnecessarily frightened with the idea of an enemy that they’ll never personally have to face is that truly all that bad–?”

“This isn’t what I fought for!” Ichigo hisses, and god, Rukia knows, she knows; but Ichigo hasn’t been in the Gotei all his life like she has, and he doesn’t understand that despite the occasional misstep, they are fundamentally working for the greater good. That they do what they do with everyone’s best interests at heart. And sure, she can’t see the wisdom in some decisions straight away, but surely, in the long run, this must turn out to be the correct decision? They’ve been to the Royal Realm, they’ve met the Zero Squad; the Zero Squad trained them. The Zero Squad helped them. The Shinigami maintain the balance of the universe– so surely any decisions they make must contribute to the overall harmony of the world? 

“Ichigo,” she says, and a part of herself hates her for it, “maybe there are some things you shouldn’t fight.” 

Ichigo’s eyes snap dangerously gold and hazel. 

“You are trying to write down a wrong history and sell it as gospel truth,” he snarls, and if this weren’t Ichigo, Ichigo, Rukia would be afraid. “You’re trying to lie to every single shinigami who comes after us– to our children, to their children– that we’ve never done a single thing wrong, ever. You’re trying to erase an entire race from the records–”

“Erase? Ichigo, there aren’t any of them left to erase!”

The moment the words leave her lips, Rukia knows what she’s done; her hands clap over her mouth uselessly, as if to prevent the words from escaping. Ichigo’s face twists into an expression she’s never seen directed at her before, and Ishida flashes through her mind, straight and true. Like an arrow. 

The next thing that flashes through her mind is Ichigo. 

“…I’m half-quincy, and my mom–”

His mother’s ring, on her finger like a brand–

“Ichigo, I–”

“Forget it.” 

“Ichigo, I didn’t mean–”

“No, you did.” 

“Ichigo, I’m–”

“–sorry?” he laughs mirthlessly, and cold seeps through her skin, trickles down her spine. “Are you?” 

There’s a question in his eyes as important as the one he asked her two nights ago on a moonlit bed, the night she slid his ring onto her finger. There’s a question and a plea and a request that she abandon everything she knows, to turn her back on her family and friends, to throw her lot in with him entirely–

There’s a question in his eyes that she cannot answer. 

Instead, she closes her eyes and tries one more time. “Ichigo, please–”

“Rukia,” he breathes. “I can’t.” 

He is the one who walks away.

But why does it feel like she’s the one who’s abandoned him?

He never asks for the ring back, but Rukia takes it off anyway. She wraps it up in tissue paper, along with her heart, and stows it away in the back of her closet in the Kuchiki Manor. When the clan elders speak to her of marriage, she puts on a fake smile and tells them she is amenable. She breathes, she moves, she lives. With or without him, the Seireitei continues on.

And when she hears, a few years later, that he’s married to Orihime Inoue, she realises– 

with or without her, the Gensei turns on too. 

The third one is definitely correct, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to play some cute tune like the one heard at the end of of “Star Comes To Earth”. As Brian H. Kim described one of his tunes from “Sleep Spells”:

[…] Oh look at these two, having a moment. This cue is kind of a callback from the end of the first episode, Star Comes to Earth, right after they fight Ludo for the first time together. It’s the same sound and vibe, a laid back indie guitar kinda thing, which we only use for these Starco moments. […]

But yeah, I supposed they could throw a bit of the BMB waltz into there as well, assuming that the Blood Moon is something that actually wants our dorks to be happy instead of, you know, evil demonic stuff.

What to Expect From Cheritz’s Next Game

-Cheritz will always find a way to include sad tear-jerking moments during the secret/true ending. So remember to prepare tissues nearby.

-The antagonist will get a happy ending. So prepare to comfort them and be there for them as they prepare to walk the path that will finally lead them to happiness.

-expect the heroine to have brown hair and gold eyes/no eyes at all.

-keep in mind there will always be at least one yandere hiding among these bunch of adorable and cute boys/girl(s) (depending on whether Cheritz will include a girl route in Lynn Project). 


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