not sure where im going with this one

radio show klance au

keith runs a local radio show at like 3am in the morning bc he really needs a job and he doesn’t sleep much anyways

and lance sometimes can’t sleep so he turns on the radio and finds keith’s show

the music keith plays isn’t lances favorite but he’s falling for keith’s voice over the radio

one night he calls the radio show bc he honestly doesn’t have anything better to do and they start talking and it becomes a nightly thing and it’s like those really late night conversations where it gets Real™

and lance is like “sorry for occupying all your show time im sure you have a bunch of other callers other than me”

and keith’s like “no actually you’re probably the only person listening right now”

and they learn that they both live in the same city or go to the same college and they meet & bond & are happy together

You are someone who took risks, the kind of risks you have to take in order to make mistakes, but also those risks will get you to places you want to go in your life. You are someone who walked through a bunch of rainstorms and kept putting one step in front of the other even though sometimes you didn’t want to. I just think that the one thing I’ve learned for sure is that pain, and all those terrible things we go through, those days where we just don’t know what’s what.

consider a scenario where hal is rocking this shirt

but like obnoxiously and only around barry

like a little kid comes up to him and the kid’s like “wow you like the flash mister?!!! :Oc” and hal’s just like “SURE DO KIDDO ;)))” and barry just rolls his eyes and is just like “hal why”

also im going to be putting up that pencil commission post real soon! this is one of the samples. :^)

“Princess Peach” This is the first piece of the second series I’m illustrating featuring female videogame characters in my style, hope you like it!

The next ones will include: Ellie, from the last of us, Chun li from SF, Lara Croft and a couple of more surprises, so if you wanna see more make sure to check out my instagram and youtube where Im going to be posting making of videos and tutorials, cheers!

The Engagement

Jasmine Cephas Jones x Anthony Ramos 
Words: 917
Request: do it where ant proposes on the beach of christmas eve

jas and ant are being adorable in that beach place and there are so many engagement rumours going around soooooo

i call this the fluff that no one asked for but secretly needed


i don’t know if you want me to do anything when i hit 1000. like i could do a lil competition where the prize is like a personal written imagine or something? i’m not sure.


(requests are open but you should know that by now xx)



“Man, I’m freaking out. This is like, a one shot opportunity. If I stuff this up, our relationship may never be the same. This is the end game, you know what I’m saying?”

“Anthony, there’s no way she can say no. Now, can we hang up for real? I’m going to miss my subway.”

Anthony gnawed on his lip anxiously, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “But what if…”

“Ramos. You’ve got this. Break a leg.”

Anthony sighed as Rob hung up, putting his hand in the pocket of his shorts and feeling the familiar ring box. He had been carrying it around for weeks now, but he hadn’t found the time to reveal it to her yet.

Well… that was a lie. There had been so many perfect moments, but Anthony had freaked out before every single one of them. He put his phone back on charge, jumping slightly when a knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Babe? Are you done yet? We kinda need to get going…”

Of course, Jasmine had no knowledge of why Anthony had been so skittish lately. He had just told her it was a lack of sleep and that he was stressed from filming; that it was not a big thing. But, he couldn’t give her the real reason until he finally was courageous enough to take the ring box out of his pocket.

“Yeah! Of course. I’m just… sorry,” Anthony said, fumbling with the lock on the door and opening it. Jasmine smiled at Anthony, putting her hand into his.

“Ready to go?” Jasmine asked, resting her head on his shoulder and letting out a soft sigh.

“You’ve performed in front of thousands. This should be easy…”

“Y-Yeah. Of course,” Anthony replied, giving Jasmine a quick kiss on the cheek. Jasmine blushed, pulling Anthony out of the hotel room and into the elevator.

“Did you not sleep well last night?” Jasmine asked, giving Anthony’s hand a gentle squeeze. She knew he had been acting strange the past few weeks, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what was making him… different. He had given her excuses whenever she asked, but she knew Anthony so well now that she could tell when he wasn’t telling the truth.

“Oh, I slept okay. But I got a phone call from Spike Lee and he had some problems with a few of my scenes. I’ve gotta fly back to fix them,” Anthony lied, stepping out of the elevator when it opened and quickly heading to the beach.

“Well, I hope you can stay here at least until the Christmas holidays are over. I feel like we’ve been a bit distant since you left Hamilton. With all the filming and my trips to London…”


The two stayed silent for the rest of the walk. The butterflies in Anthony’s stomach were raging and creating a hurricane. He felt like he could vomit, or pass out. But he knew this was it. She wouldn’t leave him alone on Christmas, would she? There was no way she could say no.

They sat down together when they reached the restaurant. The beach was visible from their balcony seating, the sun slowly starting to disappear behind the sea.

“Jas, you look incredible tonight. I love you so much wifey,” Anthony said, smiling as he pulled out her chair. Jasmine blushed, sitting and letting Anthony push her in.

“You look good too Ant. I don’t see why we needed to get so dressed up though. I know it’s Christmas eve, but we’d be fine to leave the house in shorts and a shirt,” Jasmine stated, watching Anthony as he sat down across from her.

“Well, I mean, I have something I want to talk to you about… and if you want to get food first that’s completely okay too. It can definitely wait. It’s not life or death, obviously, I mean talking is never life or death rig-“

“Ramos! Calm down,” Jas said, laughing quietly at how flustered he was getting. Anthony rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, taking a deep breath in and then releasing.

“Let’s get something to eat first. I think you need time to breathe,” Jasmine added, putting her hand on Anthony’s. Anthony relaxed slightly, picking up the menu and starting to read through it.

About an hour later, the two had finished their meals and were happily chatting away. When the first wave of silence in a while hit, Anthony knew the moment had come. He stood, kneeling down in front of Jasmine and pulling out the ring. Jasmine froze.

“Jasmine, I could go on forever about how incredible you are and about how happy you make me, but I think if I put this off any longer I will literally explode. So I want to ask you… will you be my wife?” Anthony asked, fumbling with the ring box and opening it finally.

Jasmine stared back at Anthony with wide eyes. She opened her mouth, trying to produce any sound she could, but failed. She nodded her head quickly, a wide smile spreading on her face as she started to cry tears of joy.

Anthony let out a sigh of relief, slipping the ring onto her finger and pulling her into a tight hug. “I love you so much Jasmine Cephas Jones. You mean the world to me.”

“I… I’m sorry. I have no words,” Jasmine whispered, looking at Anthony shyly. Anthony smiled, kissing her gently.

“Merry Christmas, wifey.”

“Where are you gonna go?”

“Im not sure. Im gonna see where the night takes me.” He says winking at her.

She knew this was going to come to an end. This is what he did, he was a drifter. “Well, have fun.” She says actually meaning the words coming out of her mouth. Even if the moment was bittersweet.

His eyes soften and he grabs her face. “You take care. And don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re ordinary. You’re one of a kind.” He says giving her a rough, lingering kiss.

And just like that he was gone. And she smiled because he had made her see something in herself that she never had before.

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i heard ya want angst.. what about an mc who was in college and there was a shooting but she doesn't make it out alive? with rfa and saeran?

Yes angst! Oh yeah….



 He was sitting in class half asleep when his professor dismisses the class it was his last class. He ran to the university where you go to. He saw police cars and ambulances. He sprinted onto campus and ran up to an officer.

   “What happened here” He gasps.

 “We cant tell you sir unless you go here” He says sternly.

 “My fiance goes here” He relplys.

 “I’m sure shes fine”He glares at Yoosung.”Go home”

 “Im not leaving unless I know MC is safe” He yells.

 One of the officers walk over.”Did you say MC”

 “Yes what happened”Yoosung asks.

  “I need you to follow me”She says.

 She leads him to a stretcher your lifeless body lay there he gasps and runs over to you.

 “Please tell me shes ok”He begs.

 “Im sorry Sir but their was a shooting and she didnt make it”They say.

 “T-This cant be happening’He sobs.


He was on break when one of his co-workers ran up to him.

 “Zen…look”He shows him his phone

School shooting 2 dead

  “So” Zen says.

 “Doesn’t your fiance go there?”He asks.

 Zen face falls and he runs out the door without telling anyone hes pretty sure that guy will tell everyone that his girlfriend could be in danger. He gets on his motorcycle and drives to your school. When he arrives he runs to one of the officers.

 “Hello is MC alright I’m her fiance and I heard what happened”He puts on his professional voice but on the inside hes freaking out.

 “MC? They already took her to the hospital we’re pretty sure she didnt make it though”

 He doesn’t even say anything he gets on his motorcycle and drives to the hospital. When he gets to the reception desk he just tell his your name and shows them his ID and how they were supposed to call him immediately. He then runs up to your room and sees your body covered up by a white sheet. It was clear that you were gone.Lifeless. He couldn’t protect you……


 She was proud that even though you worked at the coffee shop you still went to college. Like really proud. As she was waiting tables she glanced at the news.

 “College shooting 2 dead”

 Thats the same college MC goes to! Then her phone rings and she dashes toward it.

 “H-Hello”She says shakily.

 “Is this Jaehee Kang”They ask.

 “Yes who is this”She demands.

 He then proceeds to tell her that MC got shot and is probably not going to make it. And she tells everyone in the shop that shes closing immediately. She calls a cab and rushes to the hospital. When she gets to your room your already gone. She holds your hand until they tell her that she should go home and get some rest.  She goes home and just cries. Shes surprised when everyone comes to her house.

 “How did you know” She asks.

 “Well we go to the same college and I was trying to find her but it was to late when I did”Yoosung confesses.

 “We’re all really sorry Jaehee”Zen says softly.

 “Thank you guys but I just want to be alone”She sobs.

 “Ok lets go we have to respect her privacy” Jumin says.

 And she cried all night……….


 He was at a business meeting when an employee runs in. “Mr. Han it’s your wife”

 He stands up.”What happened concerning my wife”

 “There was a shooting at her college…she got shot”The assistant says quietly.

 “Call Driver Kim immediately”He says and turns to the table.”I’m so sorry but as you heard my wife is hurt I need to go now”

 Everyone nods and excuses him and he runs out the door. When he gets in the car he prays a lot like 5 times for you to be alright. When he gets there he immediately starts barking orders.

 “If she dies I’ll shut down your hospital” He shouts.

 He will do it dont mess with Jumin Han. Of course when they explain that honestly there was nothing they could do he didnt shut down the hospital…..hes not that cold.


 He always half watches you through your school camera and half works. So when a shady guy entered your school he panics. Like he cant freak out just yet don’t judge a book by it’s cover he of all people should know that. Now when the guy pulls out a gun it’s a different story. He half wants to run to the school and protect you but half wants to watch through the cameras to make sure your not in any danger. When the guy gets closer and closer to your class he freaks out. Is screaming at the screen like.

 “HOLY SH*T MC GET OUT OF THERE NOW” He screams but it’s no use you cant here him.

 Vanderwood just kinda gives him the sympathetic “yeah shes dead look” and  walks out. Shes almost out the door when he hears the gunshot and Seven just falls to the ground crying. and then she runs because ‘AHH human emotion’  But on the inside he is really sad.

 Seven is literally on the floor just crying his eyes out not caring about who hears him. He cant live without his MC.


 “SAERAN COME HERE NOW” His brother yells.

 “WHAT IS IT THIS TIME SEVEN” He yells back.

 “IT”S MC”

 That’s all it takes to get Saeran up like the only things that get him up is ice cream and you…..maybe if Saeyoung is dying,maybe. When he walks into Saeyoung’s room he sees a dead MC on the screen. He clenches his fist.

 “Who did this”He says his voice cold and empty.

 “Currently working on that” He says back.

 “We’re gonna ruin his life right Saeyoung?”

 “Oh totally nobody touches my sister and your wife”

Ok I’m assuming that when you play Saeyoung’s route Saeran is kinda close to you because your his sister same goes for Saeran’s route.

my brother and my birthday’s are three days apart, his comes before mine. we were discussing what to get each other for our birthdays, it went like this:

brother: i want a notebook, a small one for my dnd sessions.

me: how small is small? bigger or smaller than this one? (holds up my bullet journal i just got around to using)

brother: actually, that one. 

me: are you sure? i’ve already started using it

brother: yeah it’s perfect. so what do you want for your birthday?

me: i want you to go to the bookstore where i got this notebook from and get me the same notebook, but like, in red maybe

tl;dr im starting my bullet journal over

The Ball

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader


TW: Mentions of sex, mentions of alcohol

Word Count: 1841


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Hercules was asking, gently helping you into your gown. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

What he was referring to was a military ball that was being held that evening, which Alexander and Lafayette were required to attend. So, naturally, they insisted that their courters accompany them as well. John felt fine in attending. He’d been raised the son of a very influential South Carolinian, so of course, he knew how to dance. You and Hercules on the other hand…neither of you really felt like you belonged there. Not yet, anyway. Hercules was the son of a tailor, and you, by no means, were from an influential family.

So, here you were, the night of the ball, with Hercules lacing your corset, tugging delicately and trying to make sure he didn’t suffocate you. And the both of you were feeling just a bit on edge.

“I’m sure…this isn’t about me, it’s about supporting Laf and Alex! Are…you sure you want to go?” You asked, turning around to face him. He was just as important in this scenario as you were.

“I…I do, because yeah, like you said, it’s about supporting them…but…” He shook his head a bit and sighed. “I don’t know, I just don’t really feel like I belong there, you know?”

You cupped his cheek and brought his eyes back up to you. “I do. But trust me, you belong. You belong anywhere with us.” You gave him a gentle peck, and he blushed, huffing a slightly embarrassed sigh before grabbing the dress he’d just finished for you that day, and motioning for you to put your arms over your head.

You bounced a bit in excitement, lifting your arms above your head and letting him slide the silky fabric over you, until all of your limbs and extremities found their ways to the proper places. The material felt good. It flattered you, but you could still breathe, and Herc knew all the ways to flatter you with his sewing, since he’d also had his hands…


“John!” You called when the two of you were dressed, slipping your pearl necklace on with a grin. “We’re ready to go, if you are!” You lifted your skirts excitedly, as you starting hurrying down the stairs and almost tripping. Luckily, he was there to catch you, hands around your waist with a secure sense of strength that made you blush. He didn’t look it, but you knew he could lift you if he so wanted.

“Oop! Careful, baby, don’t want you getting hurt.” He laughed, setting you back down on the tile at the bottom of the stairs gently, and Hercules was not far behind you. Alex and Lafayette had left early, since they needed to be present from the time the ball started, to the hour that it ended. Hopefully, they’d still make it home while it was dark out, and they could crawl into bed with you.

You kissed his nose, and smiled, Herc giving his temple a kiss as the three of you assessed the situation for a moment, making sure you had everything, and that plans for the evening were ready. You looked out the window, and smiled, seeing that the carriage had just arrived, lantern swinging from the small hook at the front.

“Come on! We don’t want to be late for Alex and Laf.” John prompted, as you linked both of their arms with yours, and the three of you set off for the carriage. Hercules…still seemed a little anxious, but you were convinced, that would pass with a little wine, and a good dance partner.


The twenty minutes it took to get to the ball were spent, idly chattering with one another, most about the two members of your relationship who were not present. All good things, you promised, but it was always fun to gush about their little idiosyncrasies here and there. Like how Alex was sometimes too busy to even take his hands from the paper to push away loose hairs, so he tried to blow them out of his face, only to fail and get frustrated. Or how you’d notice when Lafayette was still learning a word, because he would repeat it under his breath, searching his mind for a translation. He didn’t want to ask for help.

But before too much more could be said, the carriage came to a halt, and a glance out the window showed the other carriages that were currently being loaded and unloaded with attendees of the ball. The three of you filed out, and thanked the driver, before making your way inside, with soft laughing and pushing back and forth.

From across the room, Lafayette spotted you first, dressed in his nice, purple command coat, and Hamilton in his own, blue and red one. The frenchman elbowed the smaller man, nodding to where you’d just come into the hall, and the three of you were lingering by the door, looking for them. They both grinned, grabbing onto each other, and starting to make their way across the hall, and not get separated. That was quite the feat, with all the people, dancing, and controlled chaos that went into a ball.

“Mes amours! You made it!” He beamed, releasing Alex’s hand once the both of them were close enough, so they could greet you properly. Kisses were pressed to hands, and cheeks, your little group finding a table together that would fit you all. Lafayette had already had a glass of wine or two, but nothing substantial. Alex, on the other hand, had yet to drink. He’d been waiting on you three, really.

“Come on, small talk can wait.” John gave a bright laugh, talking Alex’s hand and dragging him to the dance floor as one song ended and another began. Lafayette immediately seemed to stiffen at the mention of dancing, and he quickly took a seat.

“You two go ahead, I am…not really one for dancing.” He said quickly, trying to make excuses here and there. You frowned, and took a seat.

“Gilbert,” You often saved this name for when he was really upset.

Or when you wanted something.

“I’m sure you’re a fine dancer! It can’t possibly be as bad as you’re acting like it is. Please? I can be your partner~” You cooed, and he looked conflicted. It took a moment or two more of persuading, alongside Hercules’ own prompting for the two of you to dance, so he could see the dress that he made you in action.

Really, it couldn’t be that bad.


Ohhh, how wrong you were.

He was horrible. You’d think for a man who seemed so rhythmic most of the time, in words and actions, he’d have any sense of beat at all when it came to dance.

You’d never been more wrong.

He’d never had any sort of formal instruction. He stepped on your feet god knows how many times. And by the time you made it back to the table, you felt like you’d just walked four miles in your heels. You plopped down in your chair, gladly accepting the glass of wine your sheepish courter was offering you.

“I’m sorry to say it, dear…but you were right.” You sighed, relaxing back as Jon and Alex came from the dance floor as well, Alex seeming to be laughing a bit, before he got elbowed for the second time that night, this time a lot harder.

“I’m so sorry, mon cheri.” He frowned, gently patting your shoulder as you took a sip of the wine. “I tried to warn you. I once got laughed off the dance floor. By Marie Antoinette. He gave a soft laugh, shaking his head as he kissed your temple.

“Here, I’ll dance with you Laf, so I can lead.” Hercules offered, seeming to have his anxieties eased with the knowledge that, even though this was an even involving Lafayette, there was an aspect about it he wasn’t good it. There was something he was good at, where Laf was not. Not that he faulted him for being a less experienced dancer but…after feeling out of place, and nearly dreading coming, it was a nice shift.

You hummed, watching as John and Alex went to get you another drink, as well as one for themselves, while Herc and Lafayette moved back to the dance floor together, with things moving a bit smoother this time.

You couldn’t help a grin.

Even with your sore feet, you still had a good time. The food was good, as was the music. And when all else failed, John and Hercules lifted you, so that they could dance with you.

Alex stayed behind with you, talked with you, flirted, and complimented you.

“That dress looks lovely on you…it seems experience helped make it all the more beautiful. Hercules really outdid himself.” You blushed and looked away, letting him take your hand as they evening went on. You were starting to get sleepy…red wine always did that to you, you found.

Alex pulled you to him, and gave your forehead an innocent peck. The clocks rang out the eleventh hour, and you lightly pulled away from your courter.

“Perhaps we should be heading home? It’s late, and staying up is no good for health, especially with how delicate mine has been lately.” You sighed, looking around for your other courters. John still had a drink in his hand, lazily listening in on a conversation or two that he wouldn’t remember tomorrow, and couldn’t care about, while Hercules was talking with Lafayette where they were standing across the room.

Lafayette was giving him bedroom eyes, but that was honestly simply because he was drunk, and those became a permanent feature any time he was inebriated, as he was now. Yes, it was time for, at least the three of you, to be headed home. Your carriage was probably waiting for you by now, and it was rude to be late.

Your feet feeling better, you made your way over to them, gently rounding them up to head home.

“See you in the morning.” Alex cooed, giving your cheeks a gentle kiss, and doing the same for the rest of your group, though he had to stand on his toes to reach Hercules’ cheeks. Laf looped an arm around his waist, and they saw you to the carriage.

They were soon out of sight, and you rested your head on John’s shoulder as the three of your went home.

Even sitting with Alex and talking had been fun…this evening had been more enjoyable than you thought, even if it didn’t all go according to plan.

“I want to dance more next time.” You said simply, getting drunk, tired giggles from your two boys.

“Don’t dance with Lafayette next time.” John quipped, leaning his head against the window, and holding you to his warm side.

“Point taken.”


Yes, Lafayette was actually laughed off the dance floor by Marie Antoinette. He’s not a very good dance partner…

Love, Rosie


Jan. 2016 vs. Jan. 2017

The first one took me, like, probably at least 3 hours total, spread across several weeks. The second one I sketched and inked in class in about 20 minutes? and colored in like 15 afterwards. 


GoldMouse Everything Must Go Sale

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Asks #1

I just complied a bunch of the asks together cause I didn’t want to spam you guys. So here yeah go!

1. Yeah! He was super serious and my heart cried when he said he couldn’t leave a girl waiting while he was off saving people. Who ever this girl is she snagged a good one, your fiance is waiting to marry you because he wants to make sure you’re protected first im dsnjfks gladio is a gem and I love him. He’s a filrt but i’m so glad he isn’t the typical trope for one. He’s committed 100% once he sets his mind to being with someone. Where can i find me a man like that? Do they exist?

2. ahhh!! yeah here’s the link for it [Link] someone was actually kind enough to post it on tumblr so we dont have to search youtube for it. It’s one of their idle dialogues, just like the Ignis restaurant one is. A lot of it is left up to interpretation but from the sounds of it gladio found a girl to marry.

3. please don’t die i don’t want a murder investigation on my hands and im pretty sure you can’t read headcanons or play xv in heaven

4. ahhhh i cant seem to find the classic xv headcanon blog that was on here? Was it deleted?? it was started waaayyyy before the game even came out. hmm, i wonder where it went. 

I like @chocobro-daydreams they write some pretty good ones, they have quite a few nsfw ones too for you thirsty fools out there. Same with @chocobro-headcanons . I like both their headcanons quite a bit, they have a mix of silly and serious ones. I enjoy realistic headcanons, so I’m really picky about which one’s I like. You can tell quite quickly if a headcanon is a person’s fantasy or not, there’s nothing wrong with that! But it can easily start to sound out of character? if that makes sense? I don’t want to regulate it or anything headcanons are headcanons, you have to right to come up with whatever you’d like, its just those ones just aren’t my thing.

Other than that, I actually don’t read many of the other headcanon blogs….I’m not on tumblr all that much anymore. i really just login to update this, chat with you guys and then scurry away to do something else. 

5. You’re welcome!!! I’m happy you enjoyed it!!

6. The way I characterize Gladio is a challenging but I’m always happy with the results at the end. Gladio is a pretty complex chara, and writing stuff for him is really fun. ndsjkfdsnj I’m happy you like it though, I worry sometimes. Gladio looks scary af but is the biggest teddy bear on the planet. However, he’ll rip you to shreds if you threaten anyone he loves.

7. Thanks, dear!! +kisses

8. ndjdfnsji I’m sorry I just got a really good chuckle when you had sent it. Just the amount of excitement in the request brought me joy, it was really amusing. I’m glad you liked it though, excited anon.

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idk about you guys but i do think we're getting our endgame because •why hype stydia up and present them as an epic romance if he leaves/they don't end up together •jeff said that during the last twenty episodes they're really going to go for them or something along those lines which heavily implies that they're going to last 6b too •why have this build up in 6a where lydia is desperately trying to get him back and is so in love with him that it wouldn't be fair to her if he died etc sl=endgame

ohhhh WE ARE GETTING OUR ENDGAME. like i was never even worried for a second about that. dylan could not be in any of 6b and im still 100% sure stydia is endgame. i’m one of those rare people who has always trusted jeff davis and i firmly believe he wouldnt do us that dirty!

Ok so we’ve all read sex pollen fics, and I’ve even read a fic where some alien substance made Jim think that he’d had sex with Spock when he hadn’t, but has anyone written one where someone gives Spock a substance that’s supposed to make him fall in love with Jim?

Hear me out here, maybe they go down to some planet with a very open and demonstrative population, where the expression of love is one of their most important things and they can’t understand or trust Spock’s stoicism. Maybe he offends someone and they decide to force him to embarrass himself. Maybe someone sees the way Jim looks at Spock and thinks that they are helping. Maybe it’s meant to make Spock fall in love with the person doing it, but they make a mistake, however it happens, the culprit reveals that they dosed Spock with a very potent, very fast acting substance that will make Spock completely 100% head over heals in love with none other than James Tiberius Kirk.

But here’s the kicker: Spock doesn’t act any differently. He doesn’t even realize that anything has happened to him, because he was already fucking gaga over Jim, he doesn’t feel anything different. And maybe the crew assume that the stuff just doesn’t work on Vulcan physiology. Maybe Jim thinks that it’s just Spock’s strong emotional control that has kept him from acting strangely (and also feels like shit because while he feels terrible that his friend is being forced to feel something against his will, there is just a little part of him that is devastated that even this potent substance couldn’t convince Spock to love him)

But Bones insists that Spock gets a thorough check up anyway and Spock is his usual close-lipped self about the whole thing, but eventually Bones has evidence that the substance was in his system, and that he should be feeling the effects, and it is medically relevant and only logical that Spock be truthful about any symptoms he is experiencing and Spock has to admit that he feels no different about Jim than before and out good doctor puts two and two together and just rolls his eyes because he’s a doctor, not a matchmaker, and sends Spock on his way with a warning to let him know if anything else changes.

and idk what happens after that but at some point obviously there are confessions and maybe Jim at first doesn’t believe Spock and thinks it’s the effect of the drug but ultimately there are kisses and cuddles and just fucking gross sappy love everywhere ok?

  • Youngjae: so yeah "Hey" is about a person i cant have
  • Youngjae: *side eyes jaebum*
  • Youngjae: and their boyfriend who thEIR CLEARLY UNHAPPY WITH, and how I can treat thEM
  • Youngjae: *side eyes Jaebum*
  • Youngjae: mUCH BETTER then their boyfriend can
  • Youngjae: *side eyes Jinyoung*
  • Jackson: but maybe their actually happy in their relationship?
  • Youngjae: no because jaebum told me-i meAN they told me sometimes they find it hard
  • Jackson: im sure theyll work it out themselves-
  • Jackson: you wrote it about jaebum?
  • Youngjae: okay no one said that where are you going your false information who even are you okay bye