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pidge and keith headcanons

  • pidge is lucy and keith is charlie brown
  • keith whenever he hears a weird sound: mothman pidge: i knew he’d show
  • keith always gets her peanut preferences mixed up and thinks she likes peanuts but hates peanut butter flavored foods and pidge doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’s wrong
  • pidge, with tears in her eyes and a mouthful of peanuts: i love them…they’re my favorite legumes
  • even though keith isn’t that short he is still technically the second tiniest and pidge holds this fact near and dear to her
  • pidge, sleepily walking into the kitchen: give me a boost [keith pops her up too hard and sends her flying through the ceiling] keith: shit
  • they hang out in pidge’s room and when they do they put signs on the door that say “don’t enter” and “cryptids only” 
  • when they hang out they turn out the lights and tell each other creepy stories
  • keith will get hungry randomly while they’re on missions and pidge just pulls out like three granola bars lance whispering to hunk: how did she get those
  • neither of them sleep enough so they see each other walking half dead through the ship at like 4:28 AM and they’re just like [waves weakly] hey
  • they’re both level 6000 roast masters so they insult each other all the time and shiro will be like “hey, hey enough of that” and they’re like “what? no we love each other”
  • they both are sarcastic so often that sometimes they talk to each other and they just “was that a joke” “fuck i’m not sure” “me neither”
  • keith: mumbles everyone: what pidge: god use your ears guys. he said he thinks the galra are going after the most densely populated planets first
  • [the crew goes to the beach] pidge to keith: pass me the sunscreen, scully
  • keith and pidge when any of the other paladins do anything annoying: men
  • keith: what is “truffle butter”? pidge: absolutely not
  • keith has a crush on zak bagans and pidge makes jokes every chance she gets
  • pidge: hurry up keith zak is waiting for you keith: SHUT- lance: who is “zak”… is he taller than me?
  • they’re both just. garbage goblins. there’s wrappers everywhere.
  • pidge drinks too much coffee and is all jittery and keith is the one who finally takes the mug out of her hands and is just like “that’s enough”
  • keith always gets minor cuts and scrapes when he trains alone and pidge and him have a routine where pidge kinda just bandages and disinfects the cuts and while she does that they gossip with each other
  • [pidge rubbing her hands together like a fly] 
  • pidge: that’s morally wrong you know keith: yeah pidge: let’s do it
  • shiro: you two cannot just go around asking random alien bystanders if they’ve seen the chupacabra. that is so unprofessional. 
  • pidge: were you listening to evanescence again keith, with tears in his eyes: no… pidge: give me the other earbud
  • pidge can rap the entire nicki minaj verse in monster and keith is just there in the back hyping her up
  • pidge capitalizes off the fact that lance doesn’t know who zak bagans is and is constantly making comments that imply that keith is romantically involved with him and lance keeps getting so mad and jealous and hunk is just laughing in the corner
  • keith finds pidge asleep in like, empty cupboards all the time and just. sighs and pulls her out and puts her in her bed
  • keith’s repeats the ghost adventures intro all the time bc echolalia and pidge is just like..there he is…my sweet son

I’m doing this a couple days early, but this week will be 4 weeks with Zoe, and she will be 3 months old.. I know I’m bias, but she is a cracking little dog, so smart, so full of life, very confident and stubborn, so happy and VERY healthy! She had a Vet appointment for her next round of shots over the weekend, she is 18 lbs! (she was 11 lbs 2 weeks prior) and the Vet was very impressed with her muscle tone and general health.. Her collie traits are really starting to come into play, she stalks, has the “eye” and LOVES to chase and “try” to herd the cat and Zak, neither of which are happy about that! She is all about playing fetch, being a typical BC it’s become a bit of an obsession.. She loves it outside, and as you can see, mud is good fun! Zak has settled in to life as the “big brother”, he isn’t always happy with it because she can be relentless and rough, she has chewed the white tip of fur off of the end of his tail! Not sure which one is to blame really, her for doing it OR him for letting her! I’ll be honest, the first 2 weeks of life with Zoe was HARD and I was thinking “what in the heck were we thinking”!! But things have settled, she is learning about life in the house verses a barn, she has learned to trust us and will now look us in the eye(she wouldn’t do that for the first 2 weeks), She wants to sleep next to you when it’s nap time, and is just a whole lot more loving and seeks out our attention.. So, in short, she has come a LONG way in a short time and I couldn’t imagine life without her.. AND, she is going to be a FANTASTIC guard dog, which is what I need after loosing Brodie!

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  • Aaron: What's with the knocking?
  • Robert: I wasn't sure if you wanted me here.
  • Aaron: Well, you do work here. And you came straight in anyway.
  • Robert: What's with that?
  • Aaron: I don't know, it's a bit hard for me to see it.
  • Robert: Now that mirrors have been outlawed? Aaron, are you fighting?
  • Aaron: No, I'm talking to you.
  • Robert: Yet, and managing to say nothing.
  • Aaron: I'm boxing, all right? Like thousands of other people do without getting hassle off people it's got nothing to do with. Are you here to work or what?
  • Robert: Erm... yeah. These came.
  • Aaron: The festival.
  • Robert: Yeah.
  • Aaron: I thought you said you couldn't think of anything worse.
  • Robert: Well, I can now. (both sigh) You can still go if you want, take someone, or... I'll go with you if you want, keep you company. Separate tents. Might be a bit awkward, I don't know, what do you think?
  • Aaron: No. No, that would be... that would be fine. Er... I better go anyway. Get some practise in, try and avoid these.
  • Robert: Right. (Aaron turns to leave) Aaron... please be careful.
  • Aaron: Yeah, I am. Uncle Zak's training me.
  • Robert: I'm not too sure those two phrases belong together.

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How do you bind? And I don't mean what literally every website says. I'm not looking for wear for only 6-8 hours, don't wear it when you're sleeping, etc. I know the basics. I'm looking for info on breast placement and general tips and tricks from someone who's actually a trans guy binding, not some magazine. Thank you so much if you answer this!

Zak: So, what I always learned was to push your chest/breasts down and out (to the sides). That way you avoid the “uniboob” look and it helps make your chest look flatter. This is easier said than done, in my experience. I’m not sure if this is the ideal way of doing things or what is best for your body or anything like that, it’s just what I was told by other trans guys when I started binding and what I tried to do.

Do you think Zak or his family ever gets really worried or freaked out because, oh my gosh, Zak actually died

not necessarily in big ways but not necessarily not in big ways

maybe after a while they can sort of joke about it- ‘Mom, I’m going just going out at night, what’s the worst that could happen’ ‘I seem to recall you dying on me once’ or ‘Mini man, I swear I’m gonna kill you if you don’t knock it off’ ‘been there, done that’

maybe it affects them in little ways- Fisk wincing when Doyle says Zak ‘slept like the dead’, Doc hesitating just a little longer when Zak’s going on a risky mission, Drew hugging him just a little tighter when she thinks about it, Zak feeling unsettled at cemeteries and burial sites, the look Drew and Doc give each other when Zak says ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’

maybe there are big ways it affects them- Zak wakes up with nightmares and thinks about death a lot, Fisk gets more scared than ever about something happening to Zak again. Zak getting closed off from Fisk because he thinks about it all the time and Fisk knows why he can’t sleep at night but Zak doesn’t want to talk about it. Drew can’t stop watching Zak when he’s sleeping until she’s sure he’s breathing, then Doc tells her she needs to sleep but he stays behind to make sure himself. Doyle spending as much time with his nephews as he can since he almost lost his favorite person and all he could think about when Zak was gone was that he didn’t have enough time with him, but being scared of the idea of having his own kids because he knows he can’t go through what Doc and Drew almost did. Doc considering getting a different lifestyle altogether when the cryptid war is over because of everything that happened. Zak fighting with his parents about what he can and can’t do until Drew yells that she can’t lose him again. 

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could you do poison, compass, and UFO for the 4 mains? :o thanks!!

Poison: vices/bad habits? what are they? how do they affect your OC? -

This is a tough one. My characters have flaws, but mostly in their personality, not in the things they like/do. It’s more like “this one is stubborn and has a mean streak” “this one is selfish and has a bad temper” etc. Those aren’t really bad habits. But I’ll see what I can come up with.   

    Xennariel - Not sure if these count as bad habits, but Xen bites her tail when she’s nervous or stressed and there are scars on the end of her tail where her fangs have pierced and scraped the skin. She also puts tons of sugar in her sweets. So like, lots of extra sugar in ice cream, milk shakes, yogurt, etc. She loves sweets. These don’t really affect her in any way, though. She’s also easily annoyed and speaks her mind.

    Loki - Challenges authority, does what he wants, deliberately disobeys orders.

    Amy - She gets jealous easily, which is bad since she tends to flock to cute guys and go out with them simply based on looks and then gets her heart broken when she realizes the guy isn’t as nice as he looks.

    Zak - Bites his nails, procrastinates

Yeah, none of those are really bad habits as much as personality traits…

Compass: who’s the moral compass? in general: what are your OCs’ morality like? do they have high morals, or not? are their morals self imposed, or do they base their morals on religion/family/influence of others? -

    Xennariel - I feel like Xen is chaotic neutral. She believes sacrifices need to be made sometimes and violence is sometimes the answer. If she has to kill someone to accomplish a goal, she’ll do it without a second thought. (Though I feel like that falls under the “Evil” alignment). The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few in her eyes and she will do anything it takes to accomplish her goal and protect the people she cares about. Though she’d really rather not do anything for anyone at all, she always finds herself thrown into a situation where she has to help others. She’s the begrudging hero. Didn’t really want to save the day, but did it because she was there and had the ability to help. Her morals are based in what she learned as a child. Her mother kind of imposed her own morals and laws on Xen when she was growing up and because Xen felt like she was trapped by family and duty, she hated it and became pretty cynical at a young age, outright disagreeing and going against a lot of her mother’s more peaceful teachings.

    Loki - Loki is more on the chaotic good or lawful neutral side I think. He wants to save and protect everyone he can and would definitely try to avoid killing or hurting anyone in the process. He has a calm, rational outlook on most situations and he’s not afraid to stand up for what’s right. He’d never impose his views on anyone and if he has to break a few laws or hurt some feelings to accomplish a goal, he’ll do it. He knows how to manipulate a situation to turn in his favor, choosing to use wit and words to solve problems instead of jumping to violence (though he will resort to violence if there’s no other way). This doesn’t come from his father, but a little from his mother and more from himself and the world around him.

    Amy - Amy is definitely true good. She’s been through a lot of shit in her life and wants others to be happy and not have to deal with the kind of emotional abuse and neglect she had to go through at a young age. Her bright outlook on life reflects this and she makes sure to help people in need whenever she can. Putting a smile on someone’s face and making them happy, even just for a few minutes, is what Amy strives for. Her morals are definitely self imposed as she doesn’t remember her parents or sister and her still living relatives didn’t care about her and treated her like dirt.

    Zak - Zak is probably lawful neutral. Maybe true good? He just wants people to be happy and he feels like bending the rules occasionally is okay if it’s for the greater good. Killing/hurting people is definitely out of the question, though and he’d probably step in to defend someone if they were being hurt. He’s a pretty good mediator and knows how to deescalate a situation without violence. He gets this from his parents and a little from himself and the environment around him. Also Amy has a pretty big influence on him too.

UFO: identity! what are some key identifying qualities or traits of your OC(s)? how do they identify in regards to gender/sexuality? -

    Xennariel - She’s pretty cynical and always seems to be annoyed about something. Her sarcasm and wit are through the roof. She’s a natural leader, but she’s lazy so doesn’t want anything to do with all the work involved in being a leader. Xen is a cis female het ace. Literally anything is more interesting to her than sex. She’s still romantically attracted to men, she just doesn’t care about sex at all. Kissing and cuddling are okay with her, though she doesn’t really think about those sorts of things. Her first thought when she likes someone/is attracted to someone is not “hey, lets make out” or “I’d hit that” or something, but rather “hey, want to play some games? Maybe go on a hike? Just spend some time together?”

    Loki - He’s got an air of class and coolness. He acts like he’s a cocky badass, but deep down he’s a nerd. He tends to banter with and pick on his friends/people he likes. He’s smart and capable, but would much rather be involved with interesting things, which to him are things considered weird or nerdy by the majority of society. Loki is a cis het male, though later on discovers he’s the TV Trope “Single Target Sexuality.” He’s attracted to women, but when it becomes apparent he likes someone, all he can see is that one woman and all the other women kind of just fade into the background and he never bats an eye at anyone but the woman he likes. He’s never been a hopeless romantic and it shows in just how oblivious he can be at realizing when someone is flirting with him or not.

    Amy - Amy is flirty, spontaneous, and feisty. Cute guys draw her attention and she’s always talking about finding the perfect guy, though after so many failed attempts at a relationship, she’s skeptical that she’ll ever find someone right for her. She keeps an open, positive outlook on everything. Amy is a cis het female, as if evident by just how often a cute guy manages to steal her attention away no matter what she might be doing. She just wants to settle down with the right guy some day and feels like if she dates a bunch, eventually she’ll find her Mr. Right.  The problem is she has no sense when it comes to romance and can’t tell when someone is flirting with her or romantically interested in her at all.

    Zak - His quiet, calm, and cool outward demeanor belies the fact that he has a great sense of humor and quick wit with plenty of sarcasm thrown in. He can be easily frustrated and it’s a wonder that he has the patience for computer programming. Zak is a cis het male with a thing for blondes.

Thank you so much for sending some of these! These were fun. =D

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Hi friends! I have a quick question for you. A friend of mine is getting top surgery this summer, and I was thinking about making them a post-surgery care package. Problem is, I have no idea what to include, not having gone through major surgery myself, and every time I google it the only thing that shows up is post-mastectomy info geared towards cis women with breast cancer. Do you know of any resources for this or have advice for things you have found people to really need after top surgery?

Zak: That’s a great idea! I’m sure your friend will really appreciate it. Adrian made me a care package before I left for top surgery that I found really helpful. He included pajama pants (your friend will probably be most comfortable lounging around in those for at least the first week post-op), some hand-me-down button down shirts (can’t really pull a shirt over your head the first week), and a tube of mederma scar treatment. Those were all really helpful things. Some other things I really found useful were a wedge pillow (you have to sleep on your back at a slight angle for awhile), a water pitcher with a straw, magazines and books for entertainment (maybe some DVDs too, at least in my case the internet at the hotel was too slow for Netflix), and little snacks like granola bars or almonds. Really the main problems that I had the first week were that I was bored out of my mind, stuck in the hotel, and unable to get comfortable or move around very much. So anything that provides entertainment and helps your friend avoid moving too much is great. 

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Recently, I saw an ask Zak replied to about top surgery. I noticed he said top surgery not only involves the removal of breast tissue, but also plastic surgery. I've never heard of plastic surgery being part of the process and I was just inquiring about more information on this. Thanks! Keep doing what you're doing, guys! :)

Zak: Short answer: I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve heard that plastic surgery is part of the process and top surgery is generally performed by plastic surgeons.

Long Answer: So, what I meant by that is that with top surgery there is “male chest contouring” and nipple resizing and placement. This article on Hudson’s Guide goes into more detail explaining top surgery procedures and might explain this a bit better. With the double incision surgery, the surgeon cuts away excess skin and positions to the scars so that they lie close to below the muscle. The nipples are also generally removed, resized, and reattached in a way that more closely resembles a typical male chest. This is what a typical mastectomy (like someone with breast cancer would get) looks like: 

Notice that the scars are not placed under the pectoral muscle and the chest seems a bit sunken in. There are multiple types of mastectomies, though, and it may be that this one is a modified radical mastectomy in which some pectoral muscle has to be removed. In contrast, this is what top surgery looks like (Adrian had the peri-aerolar surgery and is on the left, I had the double incision and am standing on the right):

I don’t know the details of why top surgery and a typical mastectomy look so different other than the scar placement and nipple resizing, repositioning, and reattachment. I would guess that more tissue is left behind in top surgery, but I’m absolutely not sure. All I know is that I’ve heard top surgeons refer to what they do as “male contouring” and that top surgery is typically performed by plastic surgeons. 

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this is a wierd q im so sorry but i identify as agender(im dfab) but feel I'd rather have been amab. However I'm scared 2 admit I want testosterone because then aren't I just a trans guy? I want to look like a guy but I'm not a guy??(1/3)

I’m not sure what to do because I’d rather have been born ‘male’ than this but I feel like I’ve gone too long with a female body and I’m not a trans guy and it just feels like too much effort to explain my gender situation so I dont really see the point in transitioning and im scared to because im not sure id b allowed because im not ‘full trans’ and ive had bad experiences with doctors. but dysphoria is making my mental illnesses worse so I don’t know what to do?

Zak: First off, this is not a weird question nor a particularly weird or unusual situation. There are people who transition who are agender, genderqueer, and all sorts of other identities and do not fit what we are used to hearing in regard to the trans narrative. It sounds like you have body dysphoria and would like to physically transition but that you might not want to socially transition or be viewed as a man. That’s totally fine and something you can do. There are doctors who will prescribe T or do top surgery for people who are non-binary, transition is totally possible for people who are non-binary. If you feel that you need to take testosterone and that it is right for you, than that’s what you should do. Finding a doctor who is understanding and accepting may be more difficult, and it can be tough if you’ve had bad experiences, but there are definitely good doctors out there who could help you.  

For more info, I’d recommend checking out our post on partial transition and/or transitioning without identifying as male as well as the blog Neutrois Nonsense (website here). Micah is a great resource and knows a lot about this topic! 

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My parents allow me to have the school call me by my name and pronouns, but my school doesnt let me use my pronouns because "it'll be a distraction"? I can go by my name but I'm still a girl to everyone

Zak: Pretty sure that’s not legal, though I’m not entirely sure. Check out this resource on trans students rights and this information over at GLSEN. If you’re able to bring in information like this that suggests that the school could get in trouble if they don’t let you use your proper pronouns, they may change their mind. You can also contact GLSEN at and ask them what they recommend you do. I really think that your school could get in trouble for doing this and that it could be considered discrimination. Again, though, I’m not sure and I’d recommend you ask the trans student rights people over at GLSEN and see if they can help you. 

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Is it pretty common to feel inadequate? Every so often I'll be doing my grocery shopping or walking to class or at work and I'll just be struck with the overwhelming feeling of not being good at being/presenting male, at least to my standards (which I know is unfair in the context of 'what is masculinity anyway?') and I'm not really sure how to deal with it beyond running away and curling up in my house and letting it fester. Any tips?

Zak: Yes, I think it’s pretty common to feel inadequate. A lot of cis men struggle with feeling inadequate as men or worry that they are “not man enough,” and they don’t (presumably) have to deal with people outright telling them that they don’t count as men because of their chromosomes or genitalia. So, what you’re experiencing is pretty common. There have been plenty of times where I’ve felt frustrated with myself because my gait or mannerisms are “too feminine” or that I felt I was failing as a man in some ways because I’m not handy, don’t like sports, and talk to my dog in a ridiculous, high-pitched voice. Knowing that masculinity is socially constructed and that those things don’t make me any less of a man rarely helps with those feelings of inadequacy. What has helped me, however, is to make more male friends who are confident in their masculinity but challenge traditional male roles. One of my male friends is open about his tendency to cry during movies, another crosses his legs the same way I do. It’s one thing to intellectually know that I’m not the only man who doesn’t like sports, walks in a “feminine way”, etc., and another thing to actually hang out with other guys like that and see that its okay. We’re surrounded by images of macho men and live in a culture where men are shamed if they exhibit any trace of femininity. That makes it hard when you feel like you’re not living up to the masculine standard, whether or not you are trans. Trans people in particular often find their gender policed (sometimes even by well-intentioned friends who “just want to help”), which can make it feel like you have a bright spotlight on you just waiting for you to screw up. Luckily, I’ve found that that gets better with time. It just simply gets easier as you become more accepted as male by the people around you and feel less like you have to constantly prove yourself. At least, that’s been my experience. 

One thing I think is helpful to do to deal with these feelings is to try to think about, or better yet go do, something that you’re really good at that makes you feel good. Even if its something silly, like having a super high score on flappy bird, its rewarding to feel like you’re really good (or potentially even the best) at something. It’s good to remind yourself that you are worthwhile, important, and capable!