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remus lupin deserves the world, but the world does not deserve remus lupin.

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Alright. I need some help about what gender I identify as, I am now non-binary, but I think I'm ftm trans, but the problem is I enjoy wearing dresses and makeup, and high heels and all that "feminine" stuff. (tho i don't rlly see it as "girly") I'm really confused, and not sure if I should identify as trans or gender fluid... (i was genderfluid before i thought i was non-bi) I think I'm trans??? But I'm still questioning. Is it ok to wear more feminine things, if you're ftm trans??? Thanks.

Kai says:

nonbinary people are valid trans people. the definition of being trans is just not identifying as the gender you were assigned at birth. genderfluid people, nonbinary people, and binary trans people are all trans people should they choose to use the label trans. and yes, it’s absolutely okay to wear more feminine things if you’re a binary trans guy! that’s totally normal and does not invalidate or dictate your gender in any way. We can’t tell you what gender you are, but you can always explore labels that fit you.

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cs:si bacc student here! :D any tips for the first semester of uni? supposedly I'll be learning java first and c and c++ later on 🤓

Hi back :D 

Here you go, you can check these posts of mine out: 

* coding resources for beginners
what to do before CS on uni - resources
* what to do before CS on uni - advice

I’m surprised they’re starting off with the difficult languages like java or c++. C and Python are not objective, and they’re, imo, much easier to learn. Don’t be scared tho! I’m sure they know what they’ll doing haha 

Good luck x Hope I helped!

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Hey I'm gonna throw up in about ten minutes can I get some Razz taking care of a sock S/O pls

Hngngnngngngngnngnggggg I’m sorry this took long bb, I hope you’re feeling better tho



  • Raspberry will actually make you soup. Not his burritos. Actual, edible, tasty soup. Because that’s what you’re supposed to make humans when they’re sick right? Obviously he’s right. He knows exactly what he’s doing.
  • Except he d o e s n ‘ t.
  • All the stuff that he’s doing is stuff that his brother suggests, he calls it stupid before doing it.
  • He’ll make sure you wake up and drink your medicine on time and eat proper meals.
  • He will also check your temperature each time to see if you’re feeling better. He won’t say that he’s worried, but you can tell.
  • If you tell him, then he’ll just say that he needs his minion to be healthy because otherwise, you’re useless to him.
  • He cares though, he’s just a tsundere.

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i'm pretty sure that person who was talking about homeless people drinking from fountains meant drinking fountains not sprinklers. at least that's what we call them here idk tho

I was weirdly talking about both because I forgot to use the other term, I realize that’s confusing D:

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yo i like you better than i like sheith itself. thanks for existing and creating and being kind

Yooo! Thanks, dude. Wow. I mean, I’m glad one of us likes me more than sheith. That means a lot to me, and I just. Try really hard. I won’t even pretend I don’t, hah. So this is a good feeling. A good feeling for sure. I never really consider the possibility people like me outside of what I produce (aside from the Close Ones), you know? It’s rewarding to know people see more than that, tho. Golly, shoot, etc.

Helsinki International Food Fair, day 1


The week of eating A LOT begins - thanks to all kinds of foreign folks who have crammed into our Central Railway Square to give me palpitations and extra kilos.

But before a person can get down and dirty with the food stuffs, it´s good to take a little looksey at what kinds of goodies and trinkets are on offer!

@ginie62 ´s people brought these adorable rainbow soap bars…

… and Belgians of course came with their chocolates.

Some Finnish produce are available too, of course. Those chanterelles look pretty good, even tho they do disgust me. 

And lingos are ripe and ready, baby! But fuck hell no I ain´t about to BUY them! Imma gather those suckers myself! Buying is for losers.

Anyhoo, all that roaming and rifling through stalls sure works up a girl´s appetite and by the time I arrived at the German section…


All it took was 3 little words.


Shut up! It´s so damn messy and so damn goooooooooood!

I did lick the plate a little, not even sorry.

And the fun didn´t stop there because holy moly, those Germans sure know how to please a girl! Their pretzel stall was massive…

… and so were the pretzels!

I´m gonna still be eating that thing in November!

And as there is ALWAYS room for dessert, it was only natural to simply take a tiny step across the border to Austrialand!

Mmm mmm mmm. Apple strudel with whippie cream. You wanna?

No. MINE. Step away.

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Okay, serious talking now. What would be the worst point in each paladin to attack. We know about Lance's insecurities, but what else? What about the others? I want to read your opinion because you do awsome meta and character analysis.

???????? Wow, thank you ;A; And I’m not sure if I can answer this well for all paladins but I’ll try^^ [tl;dr at the end because this post has gotten really long]

Let’s start with Lance. Lance honestly has many points to attack, which is probably why this fandom is so focused on langst. It’s easy to create content for that because we have so much to work with:

1. his insecurities about his role on the team and in general

I already wrote a lot about it here (and also here a little), desperately trying to figure out how strong these insecurities are but there is no doubt that they exist^^ Surprisingly, they actually seem to be very strong, to the point that fandom only exaggerates them slightly. Lance is just pretty good at hiding them.

2. homesickness

Lance is homesick. Really homesick. He’s homesick to the point that he would leave a party to hang out alone and get lost in his memories:

He is also the one that references his life on Earth the most often. “I missed 14 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that I never really had”, “That’s the tagline of 6 of my favorite movies” - those are little things, not very important in the overall picture but they prove that he thinks back to his past. 

3. fear of death/unnatural things that are dangerous

Lance isn’t afraid of aliens, that’s not what I mean with it - I’m talking about the episode Crystal Venom where the castle was trying to kill him. Here is an analysis on how deeply that episode really disturbed him. As for his fear of dying - he is the one that has been confronted with death the most of all the paladins (excluding Shiro - but Shiro has lost/repressed lots of his traumatic memories). Here’s proof:

S1E1. He thought Hunk had died in the explosion when they were trying to retrieve the yellow lion. S1E4. The explosion nearly killed him - “you would have died if Hunk and Coran hadn’t gotten a new crystal” (Pidge, S1E6). S1E9. He almost got sucked out of an airlock. S2E2. The snake monster thingy got free of the stone and Lance was in the direct line of fire.

He was the one screaming “we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die!!” in S2E5 when they had to hold the lenses for the wormhole maker. Lance is scared of death not despite but because he knows it the best of all of them. He almost died multiple times and he saw his friends almost dying multiple times (the Hunk thingy I included above, when he saved Coran from the explosion, when he thought he had to save Coran in “Crystal Venom”, when Pidge in the cube episode got shot down and didn’t reply to them). Look at his reaction vs the reaction of the other paladins when they thought Allura had died:

They are all shocked and disbelieving, meanwhile Lance:

He’s neither shocked nor disbelieving, he’s just hurt. One of his deepest fears became reality and there is nothing he could do about it.

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