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Uh, hello! I was wondering what would happen if Endertale Frisk and Storyshift Chara were to meet? Or maybe even their respective Asriels? Just an inquiry that had me thinking.

hmm, I’m not sure, though I suppose SS! Chara and ET! Frisk act pretty similar from what I’ve seen, so perhaps after after a rocky first meet they’d get used to each other. ET! Asriel would probably be a bit overwhelmed by an over-enthusiastic SS! Asriel 

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How far you are in the story? Because I saw you answering about things that would happen in day 4 or so in the fiction. But did you write about it already? Or do you have overall a plan about all heat period and you write based on it?

Oh, no. I’m still writing as I go. Everything I post is ‘hot off the press’, so to speak. I do have the smallest plan for what’s supposed to happen during specific days of the heat, which is what I’m referencing, but it’s nothing exciting. It’s just to make sure I’m not leaving out kinks I really wanted to add. 

Heeeeey, so...

I’m not even sure how to start this except to say

I’m sorry.

Mod Neko here

I’m typing this up because I recently visited tumblr and realized that what was suppose to be just a holiday break turned into a hiatus which turned into …well.

(Ahem) I’m sorry to say that I’m leaving this blog. It was a great project and I have learned a lot from doing it, I had never run a blog before, but with the way my life is going and HAS been going for the past few months (I won’t bore you with the details) and the fact that I’ve been so remiss in updating this it’s safe to say that I’m done with it. Or at least mostly done. I keep telling myself maybe I’ll come back to it, when I have more time off or when the next game comes out and my interest is fired up again, but I haven’t been able to keep up with it even at it’s lowest (and not even for a full year) I think it’s safe to say I’m not very cut out for it. Even when I had plans for the blog (like using February for confessions about Dragon Age POC characters) I ended up forgetting and doing nothing about it.

I should have said something sooner or at least made updates of my own to tell followers I was still paying attention but I didn’t do that and I am sorry.

Mostly I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to keep this up for AT LEAST a year. A full year just would have been nice y’know?

I also apologize to Mod Orsino (or Mod Jo I believe is the name now. Damn I’ve missed a lot) for kinda roping you into and then abandoning you to a blog that you didn’t even start. You’ve been a great and educational partner and very interactive with the fandom and I wish I could have met the standard. But mostly, thank you, for everything. I understand if you leave this blog be too since you have your own life and projects before and after all of this.

To the follower, a big thank you. If it wasn’t for you all this blog wouldn’t have lasted a month. You came together in a shared spirit of wellness and fun and healing and proved that this sort of project, that this part of the fandom is wanted and does exist. You proved that the Dragon age fandom isn’t as all bad as it seems.

Maybe I’ll come back and… maybe I won’t. But thank you all for sharing this experience with me. I’ve never learned so much from a fandom before and I plan to take what I’ve learned and shared here in the real world for myself.

Before I go, I’m gonna finish up the Inquisition confessions (that I’ve let sit since Christmas, forgive me) and then that will be it.

So long.

-Mod Neko

star wars voltron au where they’re all jedi

keith is shiro’s padawan, hunk is coran’s, lance is allura’s, and pidge is matt’s

the younger four were all initiates together

probably takes place during the time of the old republic??? because then we have the sith empire vs the jedi

keith probably has some chiss blood in his veins, or sith pureblood. im not sure what would cause more angst given the sith pureblood blood flows through 97% of the sith empire, but if he’s a jedi???? deeply attached to shiro.

lance still knows his family despite being a jedi. he was the only force sensitive one in their family and even if they let him be raised as a jedi his family absolutely kept an eye on him and kept in contact, and coran/allura’s biggest fear for lance is his attachments. jedi aren’t supposed to be attached!!!

honestly hunk was prob the first one to catch the attention of the older jedi (aside from pidge) because when shiro came to talk to the teeny initiates as a jedi padawan hunk was FASCINATED by his arm. that’s why coran ended up taking him on as a padawan!!! they end up all into technology and shit together and it’s great

in fact, allura/coran/hunk/lance end up having a sort of Strange Arrangement where they like trade padawans all the time. because coran is better with teaching hunk the like, knowledge shit but is extremely good at handling lance’s emotions. allura is very good at teaching lance like how to fight n the force n stuff, but is much better at helping hunk with his anxiety and his emotions.

it’s very unorthodox - but it’s allowed b/c despite how the jedi order tries to ditch attachments, coran and allura are the last of their species, which was wiped out by the empire, and they have always worked extremely closely together. it’s kind of unfortunate tho because hunk and lance get attached to each other b/c they work together sm and well… jedi and attachments….

finally, pidge is a very unusual situation in that she’s quite a few years younger than her brother (like a whole decade), and both of them are force sensitive. so matt was old enough, when pidge came to the temple, to look after her and they also have a problem with attachments. when she was old enough, there wasn’t even a QUESTION that matt would take her on as his padawan

needless 2 say, they all suffer from attachment issues but oh well

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do you use refs or do you just draw? either way, gosh your art is just ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

i dont understand what you mean by “use refs” i hope u ?? all use reFS WHEN DRAWING LMAO ?? whenever im not sure how somethin is supposed to look or bend i always look it up or ask someone to pose 

most of the time i just kinda draw and wing it tho, if im not goin outside my comfort zone, but sometimes i make ref sheets for specific colors bc im stupid and everything just is red to me if i don’t

i also take a ton of pics of my gf as anatomy refs there’s no better way to learn how things look than to… u kno… look at them LOL


@sassy-mary: Heey so i rlly like your blog ,and i follow it for a while now and i have a request for Newt I’m not sure if you already made something like this but, imagine showing up on the box and knowing that is a paralel universe and knowing what’s going and why you were filling up Teresa’s place Thank you dear

Warnings: none

You woke up in the Box. Te loud sounds of metal clanking against metal was alarming, but then you remembered. You remembered everything. 

You weren’t supposed to be in the Box. You weren’t supposed to be in the Maze with the boys or girls. You were originally supposed to be working on something else. WICKED’s plan for you was to be in the Scorch as an obstacle for the Gladers. See how you could change their strategy and whatnot. But something happened.

Teresa, the girl originally supposed to be in your spot, fell terribly ill. It wasn’t the Flare since she was immune, but she fell terminally ill and was in the infirmary. They needed someone to fill in her spot. You were the next best since you did all the training and schooling her and the others did. You didn’t want to do it, but you had no choice. WICKED swiped your memory, or so they thought. Apparently something went wrong when doing the operation, and you remembered everything.

“It’s a girl?” You heard the familiar British accent. It was Newt. 

You squinted your eyes at the artificial sunlight. Seeing so many familiar faces, it was nice to see these boys again. But they didn’t recognize you. 

“Help me out, will you?” You demanded, not even hesitating. The boys jumped back at your confidence. No one had ever been so… determined? You already seemed like you knew why you were there.

“Here’s a note for you guys.” You handed the crumpled piece of paper to Alby. It was the note Teresa was supposed to have. You were also supposed to be unconscious, but that didn’t work out either. The people of WICKED were losing their minds seeing how you were responding to everything. 

A couple days into the Glade, everyone knew you were different. Even more different than Thomas. It was strange to them all. You were inspecting their construction work, viewing how they lived up close. It was interesting. Way different than viewing them from a screen.

“Newt, come here a sec. I want to talk to you.”

You had always liked Newt. He was so easy to talk to. Very trustworthy and pleasant to be around. 

Newt walked over. “Yes, Y/N?” 

“Listen, I know you don’t remember, but we all used to go to school together in the facility that brought us here. We were raised in a facility after being taken away from our families… They swiped your memories and made you forget. I was supposed to be used for a different part of these Trials, but they sent me here. When they swiped my memory, something went wrong and it didn’t work. I remember everything. Including the way out.”

Newt’s look of confusion turned to shock. His eyes widened. This was so much information at once. It was almost baffling to him.

“O-Oh. Okay, um… Why did you tell me this? Why not Alby?” He questioned.

A small smile formed at the corners of your mouth. “We were best friends before the Maze. Now let’s get us all out of here, yeah?”

Newt smiled and nodded. Immediately there was a Gathering called. All the Keepers gathered in the meeting room where you explained everything in more detail. Of course there were a few skeptics. 

“How can we trust you? You been here a mere four days,” Gally sneered. 

“Same old Gally, huh?” You chuckled. “Gally, hush up. I could take you with such ease. Don’t even try me!” 

“What?” Gally got even angrier.

“Nevermind that, but listen, we need to get out of here and I know the way out. We need to pack food and create stronger weapons. It’ll take a few days, but we need to take action.”

“I’m with her,” Frypan grinned.

It took some convincing, but almost all the Keepers agreed. Gally and one other Keeper weren’t having it. Mainly because you were a Greenie and a mysterious girl. How could you be so trustworthy? But the boys who wanted to stay behind were left behind. No one could convince them, and that included Gally.

Every Glader who was on board with following your directions got straight to working. You viewed the Maps the Runners created, cracking the code. You figured out which pattern it was on.

You mainly worked with Newt, loving the bonding time with him. He really was your best friend before the Maze. You often comforted him when he missed his sister. You were always there for him, and he was there for you. It felt good to be with him once again.

It took time, and you absolutely pissed off the WICKED people. Part of you was afraid to face them, knowing you messed up the first Trial for Group A. But you always hated the way WICKED ran things. They killed innocent children, tortured them. This was your way of getting back at them, but you knew you were going to be severely punished because of your actions.

“Ready?” You yelled at the group of boys. Multiple nods and yes’ filled the air.

“I’ll take that as a yeas,” Newt grinned. “I’ll stay right by your side, okay?”

You nodded your head, ready to battle the Grievers.

“Let’s go.”

Everyone headed into the Maze, Newt right by your side.

this boy taught me everything i know about love right now, and i was wrong about the whole idea of it before him. love isn’t supposed to be something you figure out. it’s something you just plant on a field to see what it’ll bloom into. water it, give sunlight to it, fertilize it, make it grow. but along the way if it just gets less of the attention, and the consistency turns into ignorance then it’ll surely not reach the part when it can show its colors. what grows will eventually stop and die; love only has petals that fall on one’s cheeks. love is just a masterpiece you work on to probably leave midway, or erase, or paint over. love takes away the butterflies from your stomach, empties it, and replaces it with the monsters in your head. love is too creative to even make a single story so alike that one can feel exactly the same as the other. when a person makes you feel that the beat in your heart can run miles within seconds, and you feel like you can get used to feeling like you can do anything, it’s still going to be there in the end when you break at the sound of his name, or at the slightest moment you remember what you just lost and can’t have again anymore.

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๐Ÿ’— (mwah!)


Send 💗 to kiss my muse tenderly without explanation

Eiva + Jaren + surprise smoochings

Eyes closed, the Cathar breathed out slowly, trying to keep his hands relaxed on his knees. Meditation never came particularly easy for Jaren, but he was trying. Trying to recall Lothros’s teaching, he eased a breath out, focusing on the sun on his fur and the wind ruffling his dreadlocks gently. It was nice and soothing in a way, but he still wasn’t sure what in the world sitting around thinking very hard was supposed to do for him…

Light fingers touched his jaw, but he just hummed a greeting. He had sensed who it was before she had come closer, but he hadn’t expected the contact. He opened his eyes and tilted his head back, looking up at Eiva with a small smile. Her fingers slid over his jaw and ears, stroking them lightly. He gave a pleased hum.

The sun was blocked out as Eiva leaned over him and her lips touched his. Jaren gave a purr of pleasure, angling his chin and reaching up to burying his fingers in her soft chestnut hair. He parted his lips in invitation and gave another pleased sound as she pressed more firmly.

“Mmm, what was that for?” he murmured as she lifted her head. “Not that I’m complaining of course…”

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Hey! This acc is super cool! I've been feeling kinda down because I watched a lot of videos of myself and I hate my voice and my teeth are crooked. Ugh I hate it. I'd love a star, and I hope you're having a good day ๐Ÿ’š

Thanks! I try, lol.

I hate the way I look and sound on video, too : / Actually, as far as sound goes everyone hates the way they sound! We hear a different voice than what everyone else hears, so when we hear what everyone else hears it clashes with what we think we’re supposed to sound like. So don’t worry, you’re not alone in that department :3

I’m sure your teeth aren’t as bad as you think, either. We tend to hyper-focus on parts of ourselves we don’t like and think they look a lot worse than what other people see.

I hope this helps and you feel better <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney
You Can Hear the Wind

Description: Sherlock discovers he can feel emotions after all. He’s just not sure what he’s supposed to do about them. And why is John always upset with him?

Review: Miscommunication fic. John decided to move out until being in love with Sherlock doesn’t hurt as much, but Sherlock thinks he’s moving out cause he knows Sherlock is in love with him. Honestly, I didn’t understand what the miscommunication was until the last chapter. It seemed like the fic was trying to be angsty but it kind of fell flat, there wasn’t a whole lot of tension. But if you’re wanting an angst fic that won’t kill you, this will probably work

Rating: Teen


another thought point: not making accusations here, but in death note, they specifically made L to be weird and unattractive and like ugly unnapealing and shit. hes supposed to be super offputting. but netflix cast a pretty attractive looking black dude as L. and afaik hes the only black guy. what could this mean? 🐸🐸☕️☕️🐸☕️🐸☕️☕️🐸☕️🐸👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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Ok so I’m sorry it took a bit aaaaaand I dunno how much Yuri!! On Ice you’ve watched, but none of this is spoilers. Soooooo. Have some OtaYuri drabble!

96 - Why’s it so small?”


With a huff, Yuri threw his apartment door open. Practice had been particularly rough today and there may or may not have been some less than appropriate words shouted at his coach. Ever since Mr. Perfect had returned to competition, Yaakov had be particularly hard on him to make sure he was ready. As much as the teen understood, his explosive temper didn’t appreciate the extra stress. Worse still, he and Otabek were suppose to hang out after practice, but he was not there when Yuri finished. The thought that Beka had forgotten about their plans only made his mood worse, causing him to toss his bag beside the door forcefully before storming off to the bedroom to change out of his practice gear. What a surprise it was to find Otabek sitting in the floor of the bedroom with his back to the door. Yuri froze in his tracks, wide-eyed, both surprised and secretly relieved to see that he had not been overlooked.

“You slammed the door and practically threw your bag down when you came in.” Otabek said calmly, not looking up from whatever he was doing in the floor. “I take it practice didn’t go well.”

“Yaakov would not stop nagging me today! As if Viktor is going to be some huge problem,” Yuri shouted angrily before switching to a mocking tone, “He is too busy drooling over pork cutlet bowl.” The dark-haired man nodded an acknowledgment before shifting to the side to reveal a tiny grey cat asleep in the floor. The previous irritation and frustration quickly melted away as Yuri dropped down beside it.

“It’s a day late, but happy birthday.” Otabek let out a soft smile as the younger blonde gently picked up the small cat and held it close.
“Why’s it so small?” Though the question sounded ungreatful and rude, that was just how Yuri was and Otabek knew it wasn’t meant to be that way.

“I am unsure, but she made me think of you.”
“Me? Why?”

“Because great things often come in small packages”

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Wait why's ... Tatooine 'galactic Australia' like they used amazigh (the indigenous Tunisian ppl) architecture in the background for quite a few scenes. Like some of the background actors were apparently wearing their own clothes in crowd scenes. Like yeah there's the criminal element to tatooine but like ... Its named after the Tunisian town Tataouine. And like year it's whitewashed by the movies but fandom doesn't have to do the sane

So I wasn’t the one who used the term “galactic australia” , but i’m pretty sure what they meant by that was just using it sort of like an adjective, not actually implying that Tatooine was supposed to represent australia. Like, galactic australia in the fact that it’s lawless and crazy things happen there, not that it’s actually geographically or culturally based on that. Sort of like of if there was a planet full of really polite aliens we’d call it “galactic canada.” Yeah culturally it’s definitely based on more asian and middle eastern cultures and it shouldn’t be whitewashed. Sorry for any confusion!

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Let's face it. The only reason these crazy fangirls (or guys idk) think kylo isn't evil is because the actor is good-looking. And I think that's what jj was aiming for all along. To have people be divided with regard to kylo's affinity. Subconsciously, his fans know he's evil, but they can't accept that fact because he doesn't look the part. So good job on jj for that one. Still annoying tho

i’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they were going for. that’s why we see kylo committing so many heinous acts before we see his face. we’re supposed to be surprised and confused and frightened by the fact that such a monster is really just your average (white) guy. 

the fact that he’s modeled in part after school shooters should make that obvious and yet…

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Not so sure that one can entirely point out Taiyang's leaving the 4 & 6 yeara alone as an example of him not controlling his emotions. Since one could see it as what caused him to realize he needed to. (I disagree but neither side has much evidence) Besides there is probably a more recent example in Taiyang just staring at the photos with regrets instead of actually doing something.

yeah i mean ultimately it’s still that he didn’t do it when he was supposed to and causing a significant amount of damage as a result - when Yang is treated like a reckless buffoon because of a pattern that doesn’t really exist (two fights isn’t a pattern and the way he describes events doesn’t line up with what actually happened), over an event that didn’t play out how the characters think it did (the framing) and over an event Yang won’t talk about (losing her arm) but Taiyang is making claims about and painting her in a bad light (it’s very clear he’s treating her like her losing her arm is because she made a stupid, easily avoidable mistake and not because she was desperately trying to save someone she cared about and didn’t really have any other option after an incredibly stressful and emotionally tormenting day) as if he’s some kind of authority on how to handle emotionally taxing situations

the irony of a grown man who couldn’t pull his shit together enough to look after those who needed him telling the girl who has had to his own damn job for him since she was a child that she needs to think more and not be controlled by her emotions is not lost here, especially when he’s voicing a problem that’s primarily something he was responsible for and yet it’s still somehow her fault


On an unrelated note, the latest food supplement was discontinued

  • Qrow: Here's your cane, Oz.
  • Oscar: I'm also supposed to ask you for...
  • Oscar, to self: Are you sure that's right?
  • Qrow: Say no more.
  • Qrow: *Hands Oscar a mug of coffee*
  • Oscar: Ummm... thanks? What do I use this f-
  • Qrow: Tip it over.
  • Oscar: *Tips the cup over. Coffee comes out. Coffee does not stop coming out. It is an endless stream of coffee*.
  • Oscar: ..................
  • Qrow: Arguably the more dangerous of the two. Now tip that thing back up before we both drown. I'm getting flashbacks.