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Fic: One Compass Guides [Pike/Vex]

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In the aftermath of the Sunken Tomb, Pike knows there’s a conversation she and Vex still need to have. She’s not really sure what to say or how to say it, but she’ll be there, and she figures that’ll have to do for now.

One Compass Guides

There’s a strange energy about Vex, afterwards, a crackling wildfire of emotion that seems an awful lot like fear. Pike knows the feeling, a bit, so she’s been hanging around as much as she can. It’s not much help, but she figures it’ll have to do for now.

“You were brought back at the whim of the deity of second chances and redemption,” Vex says one day, a propos of nothing. “That seems about as poetically perfect as you could ever hope for.”

“Yeah,” Pike says, swallowing a giggle at the sheer weirdness of the situation—hanging back a little while their friends march on ahead so they can chat amiably about their more-than-near-death experiences. Just another totally normal day. “I mean, it makes sense. And I guess I did have a feeling through the whole thing that I just wasn’t done, you know? So I came back to do more. Which had its own set of problems, because I keep feeling like I haven’t done enough.”

Vex smiles, but she’s clearly distracted; Pike finds herself actually having to slow down to keep pace with her, which takes some doing. “Well, I can’t say I have that problem,” she says, in a tone of voice that seems about as brittle as a thin sheet of ice over some fathomless depth. “I don’t remember a thing about being dead. And it’s my understanding that I was brought back at the behest of the Raven Queen and… and Vesh, the horrific deity Kashaw’s terrified of. So that’s about ninety kinds of reassuring.”

“Was he really that frightened of her?”

Vex shrugs. “I had to corner Grog for the details because everybody else either changes the subject or changes the subject by leaving the room, so take it with a grain of salt and all, but apparently Kash almost didn’t carry out the ritual because of the potential consequences.”

Pike mulls that over, searching for an appropriate response, and finally settles on, “Yikes.”

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Now that i read a comment in a fic, something to consider:

How did Ladybug knew kissing Chat would break the spell in Dark Cupid?

The only thing she remembered to do that was that a True Love Kiss defeats dark magic or something like that.

Anyway, she knew kissing Chat was going to be a True Love Kiss. Or at least was sure enough that kissing him would be powerful enough to break Dark Cupid’s spell  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


and thank you for giving us the amazing gift that is your talented sons Shannon & Jared 💕💗💕💗


Why don’t you look in that magical future book. It should tell you.


AhRo is everything to me. Not because I want or need her. She is the reason I’m still alive and breathing.

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Reaction to a Girl Trying to Get Between You and Him. . .

A/N cute request Anon. Also I got a message saying you guys would like an easier way to send in requests, so I will be changing my theme to make it easier for you all.

Kai ~

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He would continue to be the gentleman that he is. However, he would find this very frustrating more on your part, because he wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea. He would most likely pull the hoe girl aside and speak to her about how unacceptable her actions are (queue disappointed mama, Suho). He would make it clear to her that he is not the least bit interested and that she should give up and find a man who can give her what she wants. Afterward he would make sure you don’t have the wrong idea about their relationship, or lack thereof, and that the only girl he looks at, or wants, is you.

Suho: “You know you’re the only one I want right?”

Y/N: “Yes I know.”

Suho *hugs you tight*: “I love you Jagi…”

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He would not give a flying cow. That hoe girl could try flirting, talking, looking sexy, playing damsel in distress and he still wouldn’t give her the time of day. He has you, and that’s enough for him. If she were to still not take the very obvious hint that he couldn’t care less about her, he would call her out. He doesn’t care if it’s in front of other people and it embarrasses her more than she already embarrassed herself. He would be doing it for you because even someone like you has their limits in how disrespectful someone is towards your boyfriend and your relationship. So he would call her out and tell her to cut it out before things get worse.

Hoe Girl: “Kyungsoo, what do you say to going out sometime? I know this really nice Italian restaurant. Hmm?”

D.O.: (his response is the gif, no words needed)

(that eye roll tho, and sorry for using the same gif twice)

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Channie would be uncomfortable. He wouldn’t like the idea and feeling of a girl that isn’t you giving him affection. He would, however, continue being a nice guy and simply try to be friends with her. However, as time continues, and the hoe girl continues to flirt with him and try to get between you two he would continue to grow more aggravated. He would eventually pull her aside to talk to her about how uncomfortable he feels and how dedicated he is to you. He would then probably realize how much he loves you and would–after talking to the hoe girl–show his affection for you by playing you a song, cuddle with you until morning or take you out to your favorite cafe and buy you your favorite beverage and sweet.

(Chanyeol getting flustered when the hoe girl wont quit her ridiculous antics)

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Xiumin would be very mature about this. The first sign of the hoe girl acting out and Xiumin would shut that shit down right away, in a civilized and mature manner. However, at the first sign of her talking you down and trying to convince you that you are not good enough for Xiumin, he would snap and pull her aside and talk to her. It would look somewhat like a parent scolding their child for bullying at school. However if one were to hear what he was saying to her, it would harsh. If the hoe girl didn’t stop, he would become more aggressive in his attempt to stop. This would mean him calling her out in front of others in the hope that she would realize that what she is doing is embarrassing and tactless.

Xiumin: “Look, honestly, I wouldn’t care about what you were trying to do. But when you say something to Y/N, and you’re rude about it. I care. And I’m pissed. You can do whatever you want around me, but the next time you say something other than ‘Hi’ to Y/N, I’m not going to be too kind about telling you to shut up. Get it?”

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Let’s be honest. He wouldn’t notice. You would need to handle the situation. However, if he were to notice, he would be too shy to ask her to stop, and would just work on reassuring you that he’s not interested in her and that you’re the only one he loves and has eyes for. He would treat you with more love than he usually does, and when she’s around, he would keep you by his side as a way to send her a message (kindly) that he’s already happily taken.

(ermergahd, he’s a sweetheart, lookit him! lil cinnamon roll ~~)

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Lmao, for some reason I laugh when I think of Chen in a situation like this. But, anyway~ Chen would find this hilarious and outrageous. He would wonder if he really was amazing enough to get himself in this situation. It would be an enlightening moment for our little dude Chen. He would most likely just make the hoe girl feel really awkward and uncomfortable about the whole situation because he would be smirking (trying to hold back his laughter) while she attempted (and failed) to flirt with him. He would tell you about the events so he could share the laugh with you. He wouldn’t think of it as a threat, but more as an interesting occurrence each day he goes to work. However, eventually he would just feel bad for the hoe girl and tell her she should give up and move on ‘cause he can’t give her what she wants.

Chen: “Look, I’m sorry, I’ve found this entertaining, but I’m afraid I’m leading you on. And that’s not my intention. I have a girlfriend who I gladly want to stay with. So whatever kind of things you have in mind, they’re not happening, you should find someone else.”

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Kai would be another cutie that keeps this whole situation civil. He’s a sweetheart, and he would be worried about you. He wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea, or think that he’s cheating on you. He would tell you immediately, but assure you that he’s handling it. He would tell you that if there are any rumors, not to believe them, because you’re the only one. He would make sure that you know before anything gets out or the rumors start, trust and honesty being a big part of your relationship.

Kai: “No matter what you hear, know that they aren’t true. You know you’re the only one right? I love you with all my heart.”

Y/N: “I know. I love you too Kai.”

(ignore the subs)

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Baekhyun would just be friendly with her in hopes of either her becoming a friend, or her realizing that there isn’t a chance and she’ll give up. However if she were to do anything towards you, he would become serious instantly and tell her she needs to stop. If you were to complain to him about her getting close to him, he would simply laugh it off and ask in a teasing manner if someone is jealous. However, if it seems like you’re really loosing your patience with her and even him, he would quit playing and have a serious talk with her and tell her she needs to stop because it’s making his jagi worried and sad.

Baekhyun: “Look, it’s been fun and all, but i think it’s time you find another guy to like. I’m not available and hopefully wont be anytime soon, but if you don’t leave me alone that might change, and I don’t want that. You’re making my Jagi sad, so do you think you could find another guy? I really love my Jagi and don’t want her to be sad anymore.”

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Luhan would simply tell her repeatedly that she needs to stop. It would probably take about a week before she finally got on his nerves and he snapped at her. Meaning he pulled her aside and told her sternly that she needed to find a new hobby because whatever she is hoping for with him wasn’t going to happen. If that doesn’t work, he would blatantly ignore her, hoping she would go away on her own.

Luhan In His Mind: (What is this girls problem???)

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We all know this boy is gunna be sassy as shit. Give that hoe girl a flip of his hand and be on his way. He don’t got time for that shit. He’s muthafuckin’ Zitao bitches.

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Another sassy fucker. He would just be smug about the whole shit. Probably thinking about ten times a day “Of course, I’m Oh Sehun after all.” But seriously, he would be kind about it at first, but it is Oh Sehun, and we know he has his limits. If she were to continue bothering him, he would eventually tell her to stop. Even though he’s a littler fucker, he wouldn’t want to hurt you like that, and wouldn’t want to lose you because of some persistent hoe girl. Believe it or not, despite his ridiculous remarks and sassy attitude, he does love you with all his heart and soul. He’s gonna tell that bitch to get lost. Then take you out to bubble tea. And of course the next day you would be in his arms and holding his hand in front of her to settle your worries and tell the girl he’s not interested, cause he’s Oh Sehun after all (lmao i’m sorry i had to).

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I can see him telling her off in front of people, that’s how little he would care. He would make sure she got the message that no, he’s not interested, and yes, she better back the fuck off. He’s got you, and with that being said, he would make sure all misunderstandings, if there are any, with you are cleared up before the end of the night. He would bring you to work the next day to flaunt you off in front of her like Sehun, just to make sure she knows, it ain’t gunna happen, and you know that he loves you and only you.

Kris In His Mind: (Is this girl foreal???)

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Kai ~

“If you can’t stop them in time, you can say goodbye to about a quarter of the world’s population. Any questions?”

The Flash raised his hand.

“Flash, I’ve told you before, you don’t have to raise your hand,” Batman said.

“Right, sorry,” the Flash said, lowering his arm. “I was just wondering why you have a baby?”

“I don’t.”

Batman was clearly holding a very small child in one arm. She had plastic barrettes in her braids, and was wearing a pink tutu. Her shoes were bedazzled.

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Mkay so in the very first episode, in the hospital, oa asks the nurse if she flatlined. When the nurse says she didn’t she doesn’t believe her for a second. She says “are you sure? Did you check the ambulance records?”. What reason did she have to question this? Did she meet khatun again? Did she see Homer and the others? I need answers

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I'm scared of the rest of SH season 2. I love the show but right now, everything seems to go downhill and I'm not sure how or IF they'll fix it. But well, I guess this is what happens when CC gets "more involved" in season 2 ... and it really makes me sad.

You know what’s funny? Well, not funny funny but yeah… how one episode can put nearly the whole fandom in such a mood. I am not saying there weren’t flaws before but I think last week’s episode really topped it all off. Sadly.


*spreads some positivity*

OK, I might not be the best example but maybe, just maybe, it will get better than we all imagine now?

I mean, apart from the whole mess there is still Max meeting Magnus to look forward to (I might have issues with the last ep, as I mentioned over and over but this is still something I somehow can’t wait to see!) and also Magnus showing his cat eyes to Alec? If that really happens I might lose my chill. Plus, hopefully more Malec than just two minutes.

So just look for the good moments and enjoy these. Deal? Deal.


4 days before opening night, I sneeze in class and a cast member says “get your shit together, we need you.” 3 days before opening night, I get a sore throat and some nasty drainage and I say to myself “OH MY GOODNESS GET YOUR DANG SHIT TOGETHER RIGHT THIS INSTANT YOUNG LADY”


the night before she took her life, and only a few days after her birthday, this is what my best friend messaged me. I said “I think I’ve been hacked bro” for whatever reasons, and she said “bro”. Classic ‘Tana, always so nonchalant about things. Her brother was the one that broke the news, and he was always a jokester, so that might have been why I didn’t believe it. Until a few minutes later, when she didn’t text me back even though she was online, so I was sure it was true. I find myself constantly asking myself, “What would she have done?” or “What would she tell me to do?” If she hadn’t come into my life, I most likely would be dead. I’ve seen the post, “If I died today, would you be satisfied with our last conversation?” My answer is no. I’m constantly wishing I could talk to her one more time and tell her how much I love her.

What Are You Doing New Year’s?

An Outlaw Queen Advent Fic

So this is my contribution to the amazing 2016 Once Upon an Advent Calender. I’m so honored to be a part of it, and I hope you enjoy this story. You can read it here or on 

Mild s’mores ahead.

She’s warmer than usual.

She stretches her limbs, feeling the press of muscle and flesh against her backside, the weight of an arm half-draped over her waist, the heat of human breath tickling the back of her neck.

He’s still here, she muses, not sure what to think about this development but somehow calmer than she would have been had he left. Her fingers trace the hair on his arm as her lips remember the feel of his scruff on her mouth, her jaw, her neck, her breasts.  

God–she’d let him kiss her breasts.

Merry Christmas, she thinks to herself. The hollow pit in her stomach created from acutely missing her son expands as the very reason that brought this stranger into her bed reasserts itself with morning’s intrusion. A tear slips from the corner of one eye and drips onto her pillow, and she sniffs as quietly as she can, trying not to wake the man she’d taken inside her body to ease a loneliness that had driven her to drink.

“Are you alright?”

His voice is husky and textured, still weighted with sleep and sex. His arm tightens around her middle, and she wonders at the gesture, what it means, if it means anything, and why exactly it should matter to her either way. But it does matter, she realizes, so she relaxes into him, feeling his exhale as he draws her into his body.

“Not really,” she answers as he dots a kiss to her bare shoulder. His mouth is as warm as the rest of him.

“Regrets?” he asks. There is no hesitation in his question, which makes her wonder if he has several of his own. Could she blame him if he did?

“About last night?” she asks, laying her hand flat against his right arm. “No, oddly enough. You?”

He moves then, sliding over her as she turns to lie flat on the mattress until they are nose to nose. A small smile greets her just before he kisses her gently, and her arms slide around his neck, clinging on to the one thing that feels good this Christmas and holding on to it with trepidation.

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NAME: Dana.

PRONOUNS: she/her.

SEXUALITY: bisexual.

TAKEN OR SINGLE: Taken by the most amazing cutie patootie, @atlasbcrn


  • I have the worst memory ever. I’m always forgetting something/someone/etc. :c
  • I love confusing my english speaking pals by talking in spanish to ‘em.
  • I beat myself up for not being active around here sometimes. |B

EXPERIENCE/HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Uhhh on/off I wanna say 10 / 12 years. IDK MAN, LET’S JUST SAY SINCE I WAS 15.

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Gosh, almost everything kinda. Yahoo Messenger, Myspace, Sitemodel, Aniroleplay, Roleplayer && now Tumblr. glfdkjglkd

BEST EXPERIENCE: I think it has to be when I met @cosmichymns​ / @wclfsanker​ / @baskvtcase​ && the wife @atlasbcrn​  just because I’ve never met such a loyal, honest && creative friends like them ??? I love all my friends equally, don’t get me wrong but they seriously helped me && inspired me throughout our 13058435 years of friendship. Best roleplaying experience ever, ok.


MULTI OR SINGLE: Never done a multi, but I have a shitton of blogs enough to make one sO. SCREAMS.

FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: All of the above but mostly fluff. ;n; I just want love ok. jk, maybe.

PLOTS OR MEMES:  I’ve used to love plotting? But when it’s one-sided for so long ( especially on yikes ) you kinda grow out of it so I def. prefer memes.

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: I love both, equally. I just have more time to reply to short things due to my schedule.

BEST TIME TO WRITE: Usually during my days off or right after work.

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Don’t get me started on how much I want to protect the people I love ok. I always feel so determined to protect everyone as much as I can, wow it’s crazy. Cause then it comes back to bite me in the patootie.

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I’m sorry about what happened that night.’