not sure what my tags or feelings are doing rn

anonymous asked:

I just wanted you to know that you're my favourite blog around and I have post notifications on for you and I try to make sure to check in and like your posts when I can and btw you're doing great rn and I'm proud of you!!! :)))

if u can hear someone wailing loudly from the distance ………… it’s me

(why do u have notifications on for me; would not recommend; thank u!!)

this .. is so sweet and it makes me really happy and and idk i just. appreciate you and your existence and you taking time to check in on me and like my posts and send me this

 and to all the other anons who told me i’m their favourite blog - no idea why - um ……. with every piece of my heart: thank u. i love you

@ anon: you’re doing great - and i’m trying so thank u thank thank u - and i’m very proud of you!! idk thank u this means a lot to me

aye the excellent @tumbling—star tagged me in an 11 questiosn thign

you answer the 11 questions, then make up 11 of your own, then tag 11 people. thanks for tagging me bb!!

1. Are you scared of death?


2. Would you sooner save a cat or a person?

Why must you put my morals on trial like this. person

3. What’s your dream animal?

Not sure what thsi means but i wouldnt mind a cat, horse, or goat rn

4. Do you enjoy art (of any kind)?

Yes! I’m particularly partial to fantasy drawings/paintings, and fan fiction 

5. Do you stay up late at night?

its already 12 36 am and i dont feel tired yet

6. lol or lmao?

both or none we lolamo liek men

7. What is love?

baby dont hurt meee. chemicals, and generally a fun experience 

8. Is school out for the summer?

school is out for life for me, i recently graduated! and by recently i mean earlier today i took the last leg of the ged and i know i passed so yay

9. Do you see your friends often?

no all my friends are online bc im a nerd who doesnt leave th ehouse

10. Do your friends live out of state?

i think all of them do funny enough

11. Any cool summer plans?

I’m headed to Oregon for the summer in liek 12 hours!! I’m suuuuuuper excited to see all my family. love them.

im lazy, so i’m using the questiosn above. bite me

besides #10, make that one ‘how did you choose your url?’

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guys all this hype for the break dancer au and all your sweet messages in general and everyone’s kindess got me like

this is going to be obnoxious

ok so i was rewatching I Do from season 4 and i noticed that the door that k/laine hook up in was in room 206

and then in 6x06 they were across from room 204, meaning they were in room 206

and kurt and blaine met in episode 2x06 

it’s almost like 206 is their way of foreshadowing them getting back together