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Sera@Remi: Hello there, dear! It's nice to meet you. I was wondering, though, about your relationship with your trainer. What sorts of limits do they set with you, dear? Have you ever made a decision or relationship that they didn't agree with? If you have, how did you feel knowing that your trainer disapproved of it? Did you pursue it anyway? What did your trainer do in response?

“My relationship with my trainer is built on trust and understanding! We’ve been together for almost a decade, so we’ve generally got a good feel for how the other works. The same can be said for the rest of the team, so we get a lot of freedom in and outside of battle. Hence why we’re free-roaming instead of stuck in our pokeballs while she’s researching!”

“The relationship between pokemon and trainers is… kinda hard to describe. It’s part mentor-apprentice, part her being maternal over us, part us being maternal over her, part friendship, and then something unique?”

“But, yeah, like any relationship we don’t always see eye to eye? I mean. I know she didn’t like my ex-boyfriend. We…. didn’t have a super clean break, so none of my teammates are exactly fond of him, but even while we were dating she and Envy didn’t care for him. It was hard, knowing the two most important people in my life didn’t approve, but I also knew that it was MY decision and they’d have to deal with it. And they did, but remind me to show you the zangoose-themed punching bag Envy got me- he thought it was hilarious. When the relationship actually ended, though, my trainer didn’t rub it in or anything. In the end we both just want to see each other happy.”

things to think about

  • ronan and adam lying in adam’s too-small bed, flimsy blanket pulled up over their legs, ronan kissing adam’s palms really hard and kinda nudging adam’s fingers with his nose and breathing softly across his wrists while looking at adam through half-mast eyes. adam’s both sweetly smitten and super fucking turned on at the same time and keeps blushing and biting his lower lip
  • ronan and adam getting late-night milkshakes and drinking them in the bmw, except ronan’s not really drinking his bc he’s too busy watching adam’s lips on the red straw, and adam’s only halfway done before ronan drags him to the backseat and steals cookies-and-cream-flavoured kisses from adam while they shove their hands down each other’s pants
  • ronan and adam in ronan’s bed at monmouth, chainsaw sleeping in her cage in the corner and hazy music beating from ronan’s headphones where he left them with his ipod on the ground. ronan’s on top of adam and rolling his hips down, the denim of their jeans rubbing together, while adam grazes his teeth along ronan’s neck and bites down gently where the beginnings of his tattoo show 
  • ronan and adam at st. agnes at night with moonlight streaming through the stained glass windows and glinting off of the gold candle stands and porcelain statues. they make out in one of the pews, adam straddling ronan’s lap with his hands on the sides of his neck and ronan’s hands up adam’s shirt and it’s too good for ronan to feel any semblance of catholic guilt, he’ll pray for forgiveness some other time
  • ronan and adam at the repair shop after adam closes it up for the night, the air smelling of metal and rubber and gasoline and adam smelling of oil and sweat and moss, with black grease smudges on his forearms and across one cheekbone. ronan’s sitting on one of the counters next to a bunch of tools and adam pulls him to the edge of the counter and gets between his thighs and just attacks him with really needy kisses and gets grease from his fingertips smudged between ronan’s shoulderblades 
  • ronan and adam lying in the lush grass of cabeswater, blue petals tangled in adam’s hair while soft golden light filters through the trees and ronan can’t stop staring at adam, he looks like a fucking angel. they kiss super slow and lazy with their hands roaming all over and tongues deep in each others’ mouths
  • ronan and adam at nino’s at two in the morning, and ronan’s kinda drunk and keeps telling adam how fucking hot he is and how he’d rather be eating him than the pizza, and adam doesn’t even finish one slice before he’s leaving a tip on the table and not-subtly hurrying ronan out to the parking lot to pin him against the door of his shitty multicolored car
  • ronan and adam sprawled out on a worn leather couch at the barns on an early autumn night, soft music playing from a record in the background, flame flickering atop the wick of a pine-scented candle and casting orange onto their skin. ronan moves down and slides his hands under adam’s soft grey tshirt, pushing it up so he can kiss all over his stomach and hips
  • ronan and adam… ronan and adam!!! i need to stop buuuut i could go on forever tbh