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… while an unhelpful boyfriend member offers no support…

And just when I think it’s OTP heaven…

OT3 makes its appearance!

What can Jun-kun and all the rest of us do but join in the merriment?

└ According to Sakurai Sho, the first thing Jun does upon waking is…

*cough* And how might you have known that Sho-kun? *cough* *cough*.

Cr: VS Arashi 17.11.2016 Opening Talk

so i was digging through my drafts and i found this rly old but rly cute pre-kerberos shidge doodle omg… it was supposed to be for a comic but i started drawing it back in like late july so fuck if i can remember what it was supposed to be about LMAO

My favorite thing is when the anti-ace/aro crowd thinks it’s so silly and pathetic and hilarious when vocal ppl from the inclusionist side r quick to block their crowd. Bc they called it “discourse” so don’t we know if we wanna talk about how they’re harming us, clearly we must want to have a debate about it…

…bc they call their often absolutely horrible anti-ace/aro shit “discourse”

someone called me cute today, i’m dying and i may combust

Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*

Gold & Son Pawnbrokers. Black Fairy looking like Regina and in Regina’s car. Sure looks like the Black Fairy used the Dark Curse for herself.

The Black Fairy is the one who created the Curse, correct? And we will likely find out why at some point during her episode. 

We know that she once cared for children but that her heart was darkened so she was sent to a dark realm where she sometimes kidnaps kids and takes them. I kind of assumed that in helping a child once long ago, the Dark Fairy killed someone. And was then banished. So she either kidnapped them out of spite or because she knew that one of them would help her in some way.

As an aside, it would be tidy if she got the kids from Pleasure Island. And that she met Malcolm there because he was doing card tricks. Malcolm always dreamed of being a child. 

Anyway. She’s off in this Dark Realm, so if she wants to have her HE, the only magic she can access to get her HE will be Dark. So she creates the Dark Curse for her own use - so she can go to a place where no magic will ruin her life again. But it’s stolen. Or…it’s intentionally given to someone to get it into Rumple’s hands.

Time passes and I think somehow Emma’s addition to the Curse as the Savior is an impediment to the Black Fairy coming to Storybrooke and using her own Curse to have her own HE. But if the Savior is eliminated, Rumple, her, Belle, Henry, and Gideon will have a HE.

After numerous attempts at killing the Savior, she decides the best way to deal with her is to lure her into what feels like her HE and then trap her and her family in a book - like the old author. It still would be real for everyone, but they would all be in one place for the wedding so that they could be locked away by the Black Fairy. If that makes sense.

After she does that, she maybe enacts a memory curse on the town to have the HE she always wanted in the LWOM. But Henry finds the book in which the Charmings and CS are trapped, and he confronts her, but she knocks Henry out - which Rumple doesn’t recognize as magic because he doesn’t know it exists. Off Henry goes on a stretcher because they all think he must have hit his head or something.

They say Henry’s role as author kicks into high gear this half. Perhaps the DF even uses that magic to have him write his own family into their trap.

That’s all I got.

Now having gotten all my judgements out of the way I’ll say this again like I said in my tags:

I knew they’d find a way to show us she is there. They didn’t have to and we could have never known for sure. But they purposely put her in the snaps and they 100% know what they are doing.

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Tony/Sam Wilson *o* I feel like that’s rare enough…

@bloody-bee-tea​ asked:

Can I also request some Tony/Sam for inktober? I don’t even care what they do.

You guys didn’t specify an AU so here’s AvAc Tony and Sam flying together! Inspired by BBT’s cute fic!

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summary: she never knows what to do with her hands. shallura.
also read on: ao3
notes: blehhhh, ignore me and my current state of shallura trash.

After the Five Paladins are told who and what exactly they are, Princess Allura sighs deeply.

Whatever Coran will say to convince her, Allura still does not think that these Earthlings are the interstellar legendary defense force that she’s been looking for. Four creatures—young even by their planet’s standards—and sure, the Black Paladin is the oldest one of them but even he doesn’t seem recovered or at least completely put together—less so prepared to function as the core of Voltron.

Well—she’ll take who she can get, right?

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Hi, senpai! ♡ Uhm, I really like your blog. You inspire me so much... Today we were in class talking about what do we want to do in life, and I said I wanted to be a writer. Some of my classmates proceeded to tell me that I would end up dying not being able to afford a house or even buy food. But when things like that happens, just checking your funny posts or your writing tips makes me regain confidence. Thank you so much~☆ PD: English isn't my first language, sorry if I made a mistake.

I mean… I’m a writer that speaks one language and I still don’t get it right 75% of the time–you don’t have to apologize at all. Especially concerning such a sweet and thoughtful message! Just glad I could help :)

Oh and one last thing–tell your classmates to stick it where the sun don’t shine

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From what I can find

the engraving on Mjolnir (sort of) says “He who wields this hammer commands the lightning and the storm
Loki’s warded chains just say the same thing.
I’m a little disappointed, Marvel. It’s not like you had to invent a language for it.

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who are your favorite people on this site? tbh ive been dealing with so much drama and i just want to follow nice people

well i’m not really sure what teams you are into or if you are even a hockey blog lol but some of my faves and people who i talk to a lot are @mmmarchy @davidbackes @rask-me-anything40 @mttymrts @milkcrate-rask @pbergeron @highstik @chaarmingly @patricebergies

more of my fave blogs/people i appreciate/need to talk to more are @mchmrnr @pksuburban @sassy-tuukka-time-tantrum @tyler-91-seguin @antoineroussel @pavszacha @grubaeur @chychrvn @carey-pricemas @davidpastaanak @27drouin

there are way more because i honestly love all of my mutuals but these are the ones who i reblog from, talk to, or see the most on my dash!!! hope this helps!