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I'm convinced Harry wants that performed at their wedding. I'm sure Ed will literally be singing all of his Larry inspired songs throughout the years at their wedding LOL. I'm very excited to hear his new song "Perfect" that he claims is better than Thinking Out Loud....

Ed is 100% performing at their wedding, it’s one of those few certainties we have left in life!!!

“I’m very excited to hear his new song “Perfect” that he claims is better than Thinking Out Loud….” me, too, anon…I’m aggressively side eyeing him, because there are two options here, him being a big mean, liar or us being all dead on 3rd March

I love when

Idols curse, especially in English lol
If it was Korean their expressions after they realize what they’ve done is crazy funny but in English they casually move on. And it becomes like a joke that only International fans know

  • People: I can't believe Damien's not a Slytherin!
  • Me: What? Have you ever met a LESS ambitious person? He could do literally anything he wanted to the world. He could start or end wars. He could restructure the government. He could end hunger and poverty. He could appoint himself king of everything. And what does he do? He skips lines and makes people tell him their secrets!

… while an unhelpful boyfriend member offers no support…

And just when I think it’s OTP heaven…

OT3 makes its appearance!

What can Jun-kun and all the rest of us do but join in the merriment?

└ According to Sakurai Sho, the first thing Jun does upon waking is…

*cough* And how might you have known that Sho-kun? *cough* *cough*.

Cr: VS Arashi 17.11.2016 Opening Talk




hello, I’m new to the studyblr community so I thought I would introduce myself in the form of my new year’s resolutions! I’m also looking for new blogs to follow so rebagel this and I’ll follow you as my personal, sphagettio. Anyway my resolutions are:

  • to be more productive- not just as in doing more revision and studying, but putting more effort into it when I do and working really hard in class, so that I actually retain the information afterwards!!
  • to keep my room tidy and well organised because I know I focus better when it’s like that, even though I deny it when it’s not
  • to go out with friends and study in the library or in coffee shops so that I stay motivated 
  • to stop taking shortcuts- I have found a clear path in life that I want to follow that leads me to the end of university, but I have noticed that the more corners I cut the harder it is to find the path again
Prologue wip.

Jeff sat in the captain’s chair of his Daedalus-class ship the ‘Thunderbird’. They were on route to the Pegasus galaxy, having obtained the news of some alien tech they could make use of.

He was also looking forward to seeing his sons, stationed at Atlantis, Gordon and John.

Jeff was a billionaire, though it was unclear has to how he got his money. It was rumoured he had his fingers in a lot of pies, so to speak. One of those pies happened to be the Stargate program which was partially funded for by Colonel Jeff Tracy.

Jeff saw the Stargate program has an opportunity to find and obtain alien tech and to use it to better mankind’s way of live. Unfortunately not everyone had the same views on this has he did, especially has this usually meant obtaining the technology in less then savoury ways.

Colonel Jeff Tracy had set up his own labs, headed by a scientist known has Brains. He had made sure his sons were in all in the Stargate command, using them has spies. Not all of his sons agreed with this of course but they still did has he told them, not wanting to upset him, wanting him to be proud of them.

Gordon was the one who had told him about the alien technology they had found on a planet, seemingly left behind by some sort of civilization that may have been connected to the Ancients. That was where they were heading now, if it was worth it they were to take what they could salvage. Though according to official reports Jeff was just going to observe and see his sons.

John was the problem child, he was against what Jeff was doing, especially if there was people involved and it meant taking a part of the civilization away. He had been trying to get his brothers to see from his viewpoint, Scott was on his father’s side and couldn’t be swayed, he believed that what they were doing was for the good of mankind, and that’s all that mattered just like Jeff. Virgil would rather ignore the problem, throwing himself into his engineering work, his curiosity peeked by wanting to understand the workings of alien tech. Gordon, Jeff wasn’t sure what Gordon’s standing was on it all, though Alan might prove to be a problem, he adored John and looked up to him.

Now having gotten all my judgements out of the way I’ll say this again like I said in my tags:

I knew they’d find a way to show us she is there. They didn’t have to and we could have never known for sure. But they purposely put her in the snaps and they 100% know what they are doing.

Year of the Toma—I mean, Sith

Another year has come and gone folks.

Some ups, a lot some downs, and plenty o’ tomatoes. x3c

Now I’m not sure how or when I spiraled down into this tomato-y hellscape.
But alas, here I am and here I’ll be.

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So to celebrate the upcoming new year, here’s all the posts you’ve already (probably, maybe?) seen.
I’m gonna list them here because I can’t come up with anything better in time. ^^;


Sith Biology, aka my current “magnum opus”, if you will.

Sith Society, one of my earliest!! posts. It’s horrendously outdated. Will rewrite and revamp at some point. >,<

Sith Noms, :U

Sith Culture, plus edit! Oh god… this also needs a revamp. Dx

The Mother Goddess. ;-; Still in awe of artist~ Bless.

Gate Guardians, Sith lions man. Meow. :3

Tomato Faces :D

Those are the Tomato-specific ones.
As always, there are other things.

Onward to 2017!

Let’s see what kind of tomato-ness I can conjure up!

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Being back here has reminded me that most fandom folks run either scalding hot or icy cold. They either want to tear a character limb from limb or put them on a golden pedestal. And it can switch from one extreme to the other in the blink of an eye. Obviously people can watch a show or movie however they want and that’s their business. My point in posting is to make it known that I’m not gonna operate like that with my writing, especially if I write anything before S4 is through. I want to see where things go and I want to see where a plot is headed and give people a bit of a chance (EVEN IF I HATE WHAT THEY’VE DONE) before I write them off as unworthy of anything positive ever again.

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Tony/Sam Wilson *o* I feel like that’s rare enough…

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Can I also request some Tony/Sam for inktober? I don’t even care what they do.

You guys didn’t specify an AU so here’s AvAc Tony and Sam flying together! Inspired by BBT’s cute fic!

[ my october prompts: (1/31) ]


summary: she never knows what to do with her hands. shallura.
also read on: ao3
notes: blehhhh, ignore me and my current state of shallura trash.

After the Five Paladins are told who and what exactly they are, Princess Allura sighs deeply.

Whatever Coran will say to convince her, Allura still does not think that these Earthlings are the interstellar legendary defense force that she’s been looking for. Four creatures—young even by their planet’s standards—and sure, the Black Paladin is the oldest one of them but even he doesn’t seem recovered or at least completely put together—less so prepared to function as the core of Voltron.

Well—she’ll take who she can get, right?

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NEW YEARS BIAS LIST ( bc all the cool kids are doing it )

remember last year when i ditched this blog for several months with no intention of coming back? yeah lol what the fuck was up with that (@myself:lol u thought) but nah, i couldn’t get rid of zee that easily—he’s ingrained in my psyche unfortunately. but fortunately, i couldn’t leave you lovely people so easily either. and i’m very happy to be back in full-force (at least most of the time lol)

anyway, no graphic bc i’m lazy and i suck at them anyway, so why bother. but this is a special shout out to all my closest partners that have been the silver lining to this shitty year. thank you all for putting up with my erratic activity, endless semi-hiatuses, taking forever to reply, dropping threads, my loud opinionated ass, and last but not least, this sasshole muse. 

it’s been a great three years w/ you all. i can’t say how much longer i’ll be around with adulthood right around the corner after graduation this semester, but i’ve cherished the time we’ve had together and look forward to the rest of our time together, however long it may be~

whether we interact much or not, i especially appreciate these people for brightening my dashboard and being the least shitty parts of the year (in no particular order):

@lookwhatthekatzdraggedin, @heartstillbeats / @outcftheash, @protoniic, @defenestratio, @bestvictim, @mcrtyrdom, @drdumaurier, @wildhearted, @abittangledup, @agcntstarbuck@eidetective@hamndgirig (and all your blogs), @thegreatestevil, @whichmorgan, @persuadedparticipant, @shcsallrightnow, @aeipathix and so on, @superintcndent, @mistresscffear, @misskringle, @bcnquet, @yxtes, @youarenotakiller, @cynocephalii, @dissolvedshadows, @gangsterconsultant, @pathclogist, @thedestrcyer

hope y’all have a much better year this year