not sure what i was doing in photoshop but ok

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Hi. What is the best recolor tutorial in your opinion? I wanna learn

ok so i’m not sure if you meant for clothing or hair?! i’ll cover both to be safe

clothing: i couldn’t find a tutorial out there that simply explained how i do it so i might actually make one - if you have photoshop and a dds plugin all i do is make a new layer over the texture, paint bucket the layer with the colour i want and set it to multiply - here’s an ok one i guess 
you can use actions people have made eg. wms’s colours and it really does all the work for you 

hair: here’s a tutorial a lot of people use to recolour hair and here’s another one
again you can use actions people have made to save you time & effort eg. pastry-box’s saccharine palette & dustflwr’s anathema palette

Ah, so people are getting pissed about the Bode meme now.

Like, it has occurred to people that cats who are overweight are unhealthy. It’s not like taking a picture of said cat and making a meme of it will change the cat’s health over night, and literally the worst cat i’ve seen be part of it has been obvious Photoshop. 
Anything else has been “cat has been eating well, healthy sized” or “ok work the cat out a bit more”. 
The ones i’ve contributed were either shelter cats that guess what! Yes, are obese and need to lose weight but it’s not like that’s happening over night. So, we play with them, take pictures, and have fun. 

Or muscular/fluffy cats being used.

I’m all for making sure cats are healthy and not neglected, and making sure people damn sure don’t do something harmful on purpose, but yelling at people for enjoying a meme that literally came out of someone’s dream about big fluffy cats is a bit of a dick move.

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hi sorry to bother you but is there a tutorial anywhere (or could you maybe make one) on how you got the text in these pictures to be white with a solid pink background? I'm really sorry if this doesn't make sense /post/157880402237/max-chloe-five-years-before

ur not bothering me !! and ofc i can cutie, the tutorial’s under the cut

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