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Gilly: Otter, can I come in?
Otter: Sure…
Gilly: What’re you watching?
Otter: Just finishing the movie Mel and I were watching. She fell asleep halfway through so I moved her to the bed where she’d be more comfortable. I figured you’d be going out tonight anyway. Did you want something?
Gilly: No. No more working late. No more partying. I don’t … I want to be there more for Mellow, I just … how do I do that? How do I make her … not hate me?
Otter: She doesn’t hate you. It’s not rocket science Gilly, you just be there for her. Put her first, even before work. She’s almost a teenager, it’s a rough time for her right now.
Gilly: Right, I’ll definitely try to do that. No, I will do that.
Otter: I’m glad to hear that. Listen, if you’re really serious about this, you could always do something with us for her birthday. Becoming a teenager is kind of a big deal apparently.
Gilly: Her birthday? Oh my god it’s nearly her birthday! I completely forgot! Oh god, I’m such a bad mother! I forget her birthday!
Otter: Calm down. You’re not a bad mother, you’re just … you’ve been focused on the wrong things. But you can fix that; start with her birthday and go from there. Baby steps.
Gilly: Ok … ok. I know! I can throw a party for her and all her friends! She’ll love that!
Otter: Uh, maybe something a little less social? Mellow is … she doesn’t have many friends.
Gilly: What? She doesn’t? *groans* Oh god, see I didn’t even know that! Why doesn’t she have a lot of friends, is there … something wrong with her?
Otter: Of course not! There’s nothing wrong with her at all Gilly, she’s just not interested in a lot of the things most little girls are interested in. She likes science, and space, and working with her hands; things like that. She has no interest in talking about boys, or shopping for clothes or anything other little girls like.
Gilly: Alright then … birthday … something small. Just the three of us maybe? Ok I’ll … I’ll figure something out.
Otter: Sounds like a plan. Wanna finish watching the movie with me?
Gilly: *smiles* Yeh, I’d like that.

Tell me you love me (Crowley x Reader)

Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, which wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was that you weren’t there with them.

“You can’t just keep me in hell forever. I’m sure I’ll slip past your demons at some point.” You said leaning back against the wall next to Crowley’s throne. He sat there with his chin in his hand.

“Exactly why I’m the one watching you sweetheart.” You closed your eyes in annoyance.

“I don’t get it. You know I can take care of myself. Sam and Dean would have my back anywa-” Crowley cut you off with a scoff.

“I wouldn’t trust those Winchesters as far as I could throw them.” You smirked.

“You say that but I know you’ve got the tiniest soft spot for them. It’s right up there next to mine.” You leaned down and kissed his forehead and giggled when you say his cheeks redden just the slightest. “But I know why you have one for me.”

“And why’s that?” He asked with a hint of humor in his voice.

“Because…” You smiled. “You…love me.” He sat up straight and turned to look at you.

“What did you just say?” You averted your gaze and laughed. It was the first time either of you had actually said that you loved the other. “(Y/n).” Crowley stood up and took your hands in his. “Please.” He leaned to catch your eyes before bringing your head back up. “What did you just say?” You felt fuzzy under his heartfelt gaze.

“I said you loved me.” Your heads seemed to inch closer.

“How are you so sure?” His eyes were planted on your lips.

“Because I love you too.” You took the initiative and leaned closer causing your lips to meet his. The taste of scotch filled your mouth before you pulled away. A single string of saliva falling from your lips. Crowley grinned.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to say that, and I’m only keeping you here during this hunt because I wanted some alone time with you. Now….” he traced his hands up your sides. “Shall we take this to the bedroom?”

Minhyuk: The Boyfriend

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Okay, so let’s be honest. This boy is the human embodiment of sugar. 

  • The sweetest boy you would ever love.
  • You two would do a lot of cute, and sometimes cringey couple things.

  • He would blow kisses at you. Even if you were right next to him. Even if hes a thousand miles away. He would text you to make sure you got the kisses that he would have to send you from very long distances.

Minhyuk: Did you get it?

You: Did i get what?

Minhyuk: My kisses that I blew to you?

  • He would wear you favorite color just to hear you say that its your favorite color just so that he could say that he knows it is, and then he would talk about all the other things he knows about you.
  • Everything he knows about you is his favorite thing about you.
  • You guys probably watch the clouds and the stars together whenever he’s not to busy.
  • Holds you hand a lot because he says that his hand is your hands soul mate.
  • He doesn’t have to do anything to make you laugh, sometimes you just look at him and then chuckle because he’s just soo…. cute!
  • I’m sure you two have accidentally worn the same colors on multiple occasions.
  • Always makes sure you look good: wipes food off your face, fixes your hair when it needs to be fixed, smooths out your clothes (things of that nature).
  • He is never afraid to do something just to get a laugh out of you.
  • Thinks about you all the time, and lets you know no matter the time.

“I love you so much. Today when I was eating, I thought about you and how much you would’ve enjoyed the food I had.”

“I love you too, and maybe we can go there one day!”

  • He is your biggest fan, and you never have to doubt it.
  • Whenever you guys have arguments he’s always worried that maybe he’s said too much. 
  • He is very hesitant to approach you afterwards, but he will eventually come to you and lay on you.
  • He waits until he thinks it’s okay for him to apologize or ask if you’re gonna be okay.
  • He is very understanding and wants to help you in any way he can.He just loves you a lot and hopes you never doubt it.

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Hello, I'm not sure how inevitably lost this will get, and I'm so sorry for bothering you. My whole life my parents have been fighting, they've threatened each other with divorce more times than I can count and I grew numb to it. I thought I didn't care what happened. Today they might be actually finalizing it, and 14 years of feelings just hit me hard. Watching your and your friends' content has always helped me and I just wanted to say thank you so so much for indirectly helping with this too.

Hey my parents are divorced too, it sucks, but eventually I kind of realized that there were good reasons for it. I want my parents to be happy, and they weren’t happy together. 

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I'm so so glad you liked the feral Hanzo pics. That's one of my favorite parts of the fic, imagining how absolutely AWFUL Hanzo looks after his blackout paired with his paranoid actions and McCree is just fucking watching that shit from across the street, having to figure out what to tell Genji since Genji is freaked out and worried and HE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT TO BE. Whatever McCree must've thought Hanzo ran off to do, I'm sure he wasn't prepared for the haunting, blister covered sad-ass reality


I’m so happy that you’re looking at it from McCree's POV, because holy moly, imagine poor Jesse’s reaction to TWO MURDERERS COMING RIGHT AT HIM no wait now they’re just one murderer OKAY JUST ONE MURDERER–owwie, what the hell–OW OW OW GETTING CARRIED GETTING CARRIED AND HE DOES NOT CARE HOW MUCH IT–wait where’d he go?

*after twelve hours*

Where the fuck did he go?

*after thirty-six hours*

Where the fuck–

*after sixty hours*

Well, fuck.

*Hanzo staggers out into the open*


And all the while he’s having to report back to an increasingly agitated Genji who’s about three minutes from sprinting all the way there if he has to, but he won’t because he has no idea what will and won’t spook his brother and make the situation worse, and when McCree has to tell him what Hanzo looks like–well. Genji had to rely on more than one exercise, mantra, and katra to keep himself articulate.

Plus, you know, when McCree sees Hanzo, he can’t help but think of Genji and wonder where those burns came from the whole time they’re in the car, and even after Hanzo explains what happened to Angela, McCree still doesn’t know if he believes it. Hanzo’s a secretive guy, after all.

BUT ANYWAY, thank you again SO MUCH for drawing them, it’s a sincere pleasure to see!!!!!!!!!!!

The Minyard-Josten Pros’ Coming Out

Or, That Time Andrew Got Pissed And Posted The Video That Broke The Internet

  • Years down the line, our boys are both pros and Neil is getting annoyed at all the press conferences that get derailed by either the Josten-Minyard rivalry or whether he is or isn’t in a committed relationship as some gossip magazines have been implying
  • he’s not allowed to deal with it, though
    • he’s actually not allowed to say anything to the press that his coach and PR team haven’t approved of
    • he calls it bullshit
    • he only ever antagonized a dangerous yakuza criminal once
    • people really can’t let anything go, in this sport

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CASTIEL AND HIS SACRED OATH - 12x10, 12x12, 12x23

This scene here. This split second glance is so so important. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about it (I couldn’t even find any gifs of it and had to take pictures coz I’m computerly incompitent). But I wanted to give my own analytical response to this millisecond glance, because I think it demonstrates properly why Cas has never done anything about his feelings for Dean. 

First, some context from my behalf: I always assumed Cas had never admitted his love for Dean for one of two reasons, 1) he was an angel, therefore not quite understanding his feelings himself - perhaps confusing them with familial love, Dean style. Or 2) he was afraid his love may not be reciprocated. But after watching 12x10, 12x12 and 12x23, I can thoroughly rule out reason 1. 

Now, I’ll be talking a lot about 12x10 as that ENTIRE EPISODE and THIS LOOK are so closely correlated. 

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so its probably a little late for who killed markiplier theories but

i was watching some fan videos and i was reminded of just how often damien can be found cradling his cane, squeezing and rubbing the silver head of it against his palm. especially when he’s stressed, or upset, or trying to think.

it’s obviously some kind of fidgeting for him. something to keep his hands occupied while his mind works, to take his frustrations out on. and as wkm progresses we see him do it more and more, with growing tension.

now i’m not sure what happens to that cane, seeing as dark starts out with it at the end of wkm but obviously the dark we’re used to doesn’t carry it. that’s not what this theory is about.

what does dark like to do? i mean, besides the neck cracking and being a manipulative little shit.

he clasps his hands behind his back. a lot. almost constantly, really, if he isn’t gesturing (at least when he’s standing). damien used to do this too, occasionally, but more often he fidgeted with his cane. so, my thoughts?

either dark disposed of/stored away the cane because of the painful memories attached, or something happened to it in his quest for vengeance. but without that de-stresser, without something to put his hands on, he’s shifted gears into the position we’re accustomed to seeing him in. he channels that energy into his hands and locks it away, hides it, uses it to make himself look prim and proper and trustworthy. a man who knows what he’s talking about.

it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if behind his back his fingers and hands are twitching and shifting with the old urge to twist silver and wood between them.

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I need help! My sister in law is a huge fan of the band, and I know nothinggg about BTS. I literally just searched for BTS and you popped up, so I’m taking it as a sign. I want to get her a BTS related gift for Christmas or maybe even get something custom made, but I have no idea what to do😭😭 any ideas/suggestions??

TOP 7 BTS GIFTS TO OFFER AN ARMY (according to Mimi):


  • An album or a DVD. Try to learn which one they don’t have and get them something HERE
  • You can offer them a Concert DVD and watch it with them, I am sure it will mean a lot to them

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  • If they do not have an ARMY Bomb Vers.2 (BTS’ official lightstick) this is what they need and this is what they want. Get them the latest version HERE

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  • BTS had just recently a collab with VT cosmetics for a collagen Pact. It’s like a moisturizing foundation. It comes in two models: Black and white and it’s such a cute present to show them you did enough research to know about this collab HERE

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  • If they don’t have BTS x Puma Court Star shoes, and you buy it to them. Even if you were their sworn enemy they will start liking you. That’s how impressive is this gift for an ARMY. It’s only available in Korea but this account ships them everywhere HERE

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  • BTS performed on the AMAs and they literally made history. There is now a limited merch of BTS x AMAs (patches and pins). Every ARMY thinks of this as the start of a new path toward bigger dreams. This gift will make them smile even in the hardest days as they recall the greatest memories HERE

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  • What’s the thing that will keep their body and heart warm? A BTS LOVE YOURSELF hoodie (Black/white are the best) HERE

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  • I am saving the best for last. BTS started the LOVE MYSELF campaign with UNICEF (learn more HERE) and by buying the merch you will both make the world a better place and turn them into this happy ARMY that owns something helping that cause (They will be hella proud of you too). It will be available starting Dec 1st HERE

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I included official merch so that they can be even happier.  

I think the best gift though is if you showed interest in an ARMY’s music taste and bear up with them talking to you about BTS for hours with sparkling eyes ^^. Good luck and thank you for being such an amazing person and going the extra way to make an ARMY happy <3

T.N: If you like the present ideas above you can send the post to a friend or a parent … so they get a hint about what to get you for your birthday or Christmas. 

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I love your drawings but some of your characters aren't very accurate. Especially with Lin you should pay more attention to his features.

oh no i cant believe ive been subjecting you all to low quality lins this entire time 

from now on my blog will be only the most accurate high quality lins dont you worry

Stranger Things/Steve Harrington imagines - They’re just boys

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AN: I love the requests you guys are sending in. They’re amazing. 

Summary/Request from anon: Could you do a Steve Harrington imagine in variation of the locker room screen in Riverdale (1x03) when Veronica confronts Chuck about slut shaming her but with Stranger Things where it was Billy (as Chuck) who’s slut shaming the reader’s best friend and in this equation she bumps into Steve (as Archie) and she gets kicked out by a teacher but doesn’t get in trouble because she’s a good kid but is still pissed and somehow she and Steve end up together? 

Pairing(s): Steve Harrington x reader

Word count: 1,013

Warnings: Mentions of sexual acts and some strong language.  

You were walking down the halls when you saw a group of girls snigger at you and your best friend. 

Your best friend turned bright red and put her head down. 

“Hey, what was that about?” You asked her. She turned into the bathroom and you followed. You watched her make sure it was empty before opening up to you. 

“You know how I had that date with the new guy, Billy?” She whispered. 

“Yeah, of course, why?” You frowned, knowing whatever was coming next wasn’t going to be good. 

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hotdamnitslaura: Okay José.. Today is the day. What an incredible journey we’ve had my friend. I’m pretty sure words will be insufficient to sum up the enormity of this experience so I’ll just say I love you and I’m so proud of you. I’ve never known anyone more dedicated than you. Watching you gracefully navigate the most insane year has given me an immeasurable amount of inspiration. It’s been such an honor to develop these characters together and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next! I love you to pieces @bensplatt and I will do my best not to sob throughout the show today. 💕

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(I love your writing it makes me wanna jump off a cliff with happiness) Can I uHHHHHHH get a drarry fic where it's 8th year and draco is quite and none of his friends are at hogwarts so he starts to make a habit of going outside at night and star gazing, one night harry decides he wants a break from the crowds so he goes outside only to find a sleepy draco and a whole lotto stars (Sorry if this ask sounded so demanding)

Ah thank you that’s so kind!  Only don’t go jumping off any cliffs!  Unless you’re base diving maybe…oh or bungee jumping.  Then that’s alright.  Also this took awhile because I started writing this in tumblr and IT ATE MY DAMN DRABBLE AND I WAS SO MAD, so it took me awhile to be less angry and start to try to write it all over.

“What’re you doing out here?”  

Draco jumps at the unexpected voice, snapping his eyes open and shooting the other boy a dirty look which is met with an impish grin.  Draco would be more annoyed at the interruption if he weren’t finding it so attractive.  Fucking Potter, try as he might Draco can’t seem to dislike a single thing about him anymore.

“I was…relaxing.”

“Looked like you were sleeping.”  

“I was not sleeping.  I was enjoying some peace and quiet before you so rudely interrupted.”

Potter doesn’t respond right away, so Draco finally looks at him and is surprised to see the other boy looking, well, nervous.  He wants to roll his eyes.  He doesn’t understand Potter sometimes, how he can be so smart and sarcastic and full of life and the next moment look like he’s unsure he’s wanted; he wonders what’s happened in his life that could make Potter so unsure how other people feel about him.  He wants to know desperately but they aren’t there yet so he files it away in his mental list of things he wants to know about Potter but may never find out.

When Potter makes no move to speak, or leave, Draco scoots to the side making room for the other boy to sit beside him.  He doesn’t say anything, just makes a bit of extra room on the blanket he’d transfigured when he’d come outside.  Thankfully words aren’t necessary and Potter slides down right next to him, impossibly close to Draco.

“So, Potter, what exactly are you doing here?  Isn’t there some sort of party going on in the common room?”

Potter huffs out a laugh, rubbing his hands on his knees.  “There’s always a party going on.  I just…there’s,” he sighs, looking a bit uncomfortable as if he isn’t sure what to say.

“There’s a lot of people in there.  Rather noisy.”  Draco sometimes wonders how it seems as if they both seem to feel the same, despite the fact that their experiences couldn’t have been more different.  It should be weird, realizing how much they have in common, but instead it just feels right.

The tension visibly leaves Potter’s body at Draco’s words.  “Yes…yes, that.”

After several quiet moments, Draco finds himself speaking without even consciously deciding to do so.  “I came outside to watch the stars.  Growing up I always liked astronomy, and I know what you’re thinking but it wasn’t some narcissist thing because I’m named after a bloody constellation alright.  It’s just…they’re fixed you know?  No matter what happens, whether we can see them or not, the stars are always the same.  I like that, knowing that some things are constant.”

“It’s beautiful,” Potter whispers, but when Draco turns his head to agree he realizes Potter isn’t looking at the stars, he’s looking at him.  And then Potter’s hand is reaching towards him, one of them reaching out to tangle his fingers with Draco’s and the other moving to the back of his neck.  They’re so close Draco can feel the other boy’s warm breath ghosting across his face.

“What are you doing, Potter?”

“No fucking idea,” he mumbles, closing the distance and pressing his lips to Draco’s.  Potter taste like fire whiskey and chocolate, and his lips are ice cold and chapped.  It’s perfect.

It occurs to Draco, as Potter pushes him down on the blanket, kissing him as if he were the air Potter needed to breath, that Draco has spent his entire life looking for something that wouldn’t change when maybe what he should’ve been doing was finding someone or something worth changing for.

Maybe like a dying star they will crash and burn, or maybe they’ll stay a constant he can look for on his darkest days.  All Draco knows as he reaches out to touch Potter in as many places as possible, is that for once in his life maybe he’s not so afraid of the unknown anymore.


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @superrisu - featuring the voices of Elsie Lovelock as Moira, and Tiana Camacho as Mercy! Gotta give super special thanks to superrisu, Elsie and Tiana for giving me the raw image files/voice recordings so fast that I think this might be the fastest turnaround for a comic going up and an AWNN comic dub of it getting made! Guys, I think we just love Moira and her potential weeaboo-ness THAT much. I mean sure, the connotation that anime fans are actually all secretly petty, over-reactive, vengeful people with no souls is… entirely deserved and we should all be ashamed of ourselves for what we are: an abomination on this good, clean world. o:

If you enjoyed that, why not watch some of my other comic dubs?