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Look :’) how far :’) she’s come since her first appearance :’) So proud of her :’) She’s so much happier :’)

jinm1n  asked:

the word u're looking for is "formicophilia," deriving sexual pleasure from bugs crawling on or in genitals, and maybe "entomophilia" which is a sexual fondness for bugs in general. i haven't read ur fic so idk what kind of bugs r involved but if there's worms then "vermophilia" could work too. tbh there's a whole slew of words for bug fucking u're rlly spoiled w choice here (anyway i rlly hope u r actually the author of the bug fucking fic or else this will be awkward lol)

I KNEW OF SOME OF THESE WORDS ACTUALLY i wasn’t quite sure what to tag it though just because i’m not??? sure the bugs are really meant to be a sexual element??? it was mildly confusing buT i did my very best

i do appreciate the fact that your acknowledgement that i may not have been the author of the bug fic when it was still anonymous is at the end though. when i got this ask i laughed real hard, thank you my guy XD

Fanfic Meme: 101 Days of Smiles

It’s 101 Days of Smiles and it’s time to talk yourself up, writers! Appreciate yourself and your writing. Enjoy it and don’t be afraid to tag your fic. This is all about self love, so have fun with it. Answer these questions about your own fanfiction and reblog, tagging at least 5 of your friends!

So I was tagged by my good friend @swiftsnowmane​ and thought this might be a fun and completely shameless (lol) way to promote some of my fics for Bethyl shippers.   So here goes:  

Favorite fic you’ve written:  Probably the one I am writing now, A World Above, a Hades and Persephone Bethyl AU.  It’s a Bethyl soulmates AU where they are living out their past life as the Queen and King of the Undead world. It tells the story in two verses, in the Underworld and in the world they live in above, a tiny town aptly called “Olympic Falls”.   It’s my fave so far of anything I have written.

Least favorite fic you’ve written:   Worth the Run.  ZA, canon-divergent.   It’s a one shot and something I wrote directly after Terminus.  Basically it’s as if Daryl was the only one in the train car and that’s where he found Beth.  It gets smutty.  ;)  

Your most popular fic:  And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, ZA, canon-divergent.  This fic is one that I consider my “Post-Alone” canon divergent story, what I think could have happened if those walkers hadn’t come and ruined everything.   It’s just a sweet, adventurous story with a few twists and turns and a happy ending for everyone.  

Fic you wish more people would read:  Carnivale, I really lost my confidence in writing for it as it didn’t seem to get as much traffic as my other fics and therefore I got discouraged and quit writing.  It’s pretty original I think, Daryl and Merle run a traveling carnival and Daryl is the knife thrower.  Beth stows away to escape her troubled home life and well, the rest is history.  ;)  

Fic you most enjoyed writing:   Vanilla Fields. ( only)  It’s a Bethyl AU wherein Daryl is an ex-mercenary whom Beth hires to fly her sister to safety from her abusive husband, Philip.  Trouble ensues and Daryl ends up having to take Beth to a safe house at a remote coastal location.  It seems to be one of my readers’ faves and for a time over the Summer of Bethyl 2014, there was evidently a book club about it on a well known spoiling website, so I thought that was pretty cool.  

Your funniest fic:   Hmmm, a lot of my fics are really emotional and have a lot of tension but I would have to say the one with the most laughs is probably Prisoner of Love.  It’s also pretty hot, if I do say so myself.  It’s a Season 4 prison era fic and definitely rated E for explicit.  

Your hottest fic:  This is a tough call, because I know a lot of my readers come read A Shady Affair quite a bit because it’s pretty much loaded with smut but my other one that gets a lot of traffic is No Strings Attached.  The former is a romantic thriller while the second one Daryl and Beth are basically friends with benefits and well, you know the rest.  

Your saddest fic:  Hands down, this would be Whiskey Lullaby.  I wrote this also in the Summer of Bethyl 2014 when my friend Beth died.  This is by far the saddest thing I have ever written for fandom and it is not for everyone.  MAJOR CHARACTER DEATHS and SUICIDE trigger warnings are needed for this fic.   Sad.  Sad.  Good god, I should probably delete instead of rec to read.  

The things(s) your fic contributed to fandom head canon:  Well, I am not sure how to answer this, but I am kind of known for fluffy smut I guess?  That’s what I probably feel like I am best at as well.  The emotional, but not too sappy, hot Bethyl sex.  A good example of this would probably be Come Undone, A funeral home AU where Beth and Daryl continue that conversation and what happens next.  Rated M for mature.     Maybe someone else could answer this question for me?  Lol  This is why I suck at these list things.  

So I am tagging @thevampirecat@writerloverpsycho-pomp@abelinajt@bethgreenesgirlgang@walkerfairytales@weshallflyaway@sillymommy2010@mizxsmokeyxmacmanus@happycookiieblog @dancingin-neverland and anyone else who wants to do this  Have fun!


H e e e y guys. I called this a “thing” because I don’t know what else I could call it :) idk if this a Follow Forever bc I’m not quite sure of how a FF is supposed to work :w so let’s say that I’ll just split some words and then tag cute people who I follow and love seeing on my dash.

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