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I don’t think a lot of people understand the effort that goes into songwriting. There’s lyricism, putting those lyrics to a melody, putting that melody in a score, giving that score extra sound effects and beats at just the right moment for the effect you want, and all of those processes are time consuming and emotionally draining. You’ll spend hours combing through hundreds of songs you’ve written trashing 90% of your work just in the lyrical phase even if it’s good bc it’s not good enough and you’ll spend days making sure that melody is catchy but not annoying, conveys the emotions you’re trying to express, if you plan on singing it yourself you’ll make sure it’s in your range and compliments your voice, is it unique enough without being weird? Is it strong? Should it be strong? Could it be better? How can you make it better? Is this the best it can be or should I spend a couple more days working on it? And after that you have to write accompaniment. What instrument should you put it on? Can you add more instruments? Do you know anyone who can play some of these instruments while you perform/record/whatever you’re doing with it bc you can only play one thing at a time. What chords go with the melody? How can you make those chords more interesting to listen to? Is this really the best I can do? Could it use backup vocals? Who would back me up? Is that too much? Does it still convey the emotion you were going for? There’s a ton to think about. It’s an incredibly time consuming process and sometimes after going through all of it you still end up scrapping it. You don’t even know if any of your work will be seen. Ever. You then work insanely hard to find someone to record it for you (or save up money for your own equipment and find yourself a room and fix up that room to suit your needs, which also costs time and money) and hope and pray people like it if you ever get it out into the public eye. Bc after all the work you went through you still can’t make people listen you still can’t make people like it. Songwriters deserve more respect than being written off as lazy, privileged people who get payed way more than they deserve.

“Skin to Skin” Lyrics

Skin to Skin-Luhan (Full Song in English)

Take your time

Love me in the middle of your lowest night

I’ll be sure to lift you if you promise me

Give me your affection

And your honesty

If I could feel your touch

If I could be your love

I wanna go beyond

I wanna go to far

Now tell me I’m the only one

Skin to Skin


Take your time

I’ll be right here with you in the longest fight

Never will neglect you I’ll stay by your side

Never would direct you

If I’m left behind

Will I still feel your touch

Will I still be your love

I wanna go beyond

I wanna go to far

Now tell I’m the only one

Skin to Skin

Tell me I’m the only one

Skin to Skin (repeat)


If you think about it though, it makes sense why Yoongi loves Hoseok so much. I don’t mean in a sexual or romantic way either. I mean as a best friend and person, Yoongi genuinely loves Hoseok. The reason it makes sense is because Yoongi has had depression and probably still feels that weight on his shoulders every now and then when he can’t get a track right or is stumped when writing lyrics. Then we have Hoseok this man who doesn’t let his sadness effect others. Someone who is always smiling, complimenting, making sure his friends and family know how much they are loved. His smile lightens up the room and brings joy to everyone. If there is one member in the group who needs that sunshine, it’s Yoongi. He needs those smiles, those bright words and that laughter, the silly man that his Jung Hoseok. Yoongi loves Hoseok because Hoseok makes him happy and lets him see life the way he’s always struggled to see it. Yoongi loves Hoseok because Hoseok is his sunshine.

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See those birds going across the sky
Three thousand miles they fly
How do they know which way to go
Somehow they always seem to know
They say there’s mother nature in everything we see
Wish I had a little mother nature in me
Wish I had a little mother nature in me

Cause it’s not right, I’m magnetised
To somebody that don’t feel it
Love paralysed, she’s never gonna need me
but sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky

She’ll keep me hanging on
She keeps me hanging on

See the couple lying on the bus
Falling asleep with so much trust
I wish I had a chance to let them know
Their love is like a flower in the snow
If it’s just pheromones then that may be
I wish you had a little pheromones for me
I wish you had a little pheromones for me

Cause it’s not right, I’m magnetised
To somebody that don’t feel it
Love paralysed, I know you’re never gonna need me
I’m sure as the world keeps the moon inthe sky

She’ll keep me hanging on (keeps me hanging on)
She keeps me hanging on (keeps me hanging on)
She keeps me hanging on

North to south
White to black
When you love someone that don’t love you back

Yea it’s not right, I’m magnetised
To somebody that don’t feel it
Love paralysed, she’s never gonna need me
but sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky

She’ll keep me hanging on (keep me hanging on)
She’ll keep me hanging on (keep me hanging on)
She’ll keep me hanging on (keep me hanging on)
She’ll keep me hanging on.

—  Tom Odell, Magnetised

“Collectively, this may have been our favorite ending of any Girls episode ever,” reveals music supervisor Manish Raval. “The crew and I were all so amazed by the actors’ performances. It’s such a minimal interaction between Adam, Jessa and Hannah, and yet so powerful.”

To capitalize on the moment, Raval knew they faced a big musical challenge in ending the episode just right. “It was a big debate,” he explains. “We had to make sure the song kept those emotions with the viewer for the entirety of the credits.”

They ultimately landed on the Viktor Taiwò track, “Curse.” Its gentle beat and mournful lyrics put you perfectly inside Hannah’s frame of mind.—Diana Band

a strange kind of language
I don’t understand
A babbling fountain
I couldn’t have planned


Lyrics from Depeche Mode’s Angel, because every damn time I hear it, I think of Midnight.


“I’d rather spend my evening
Talking to Chloe on Twitter
Than having you come over
So it’ll be like old times
But I know that you don’t give a fuck
Cause you’re knee deep in your iPhone

But Now that you saw my tweets
You know that I’m home
Buried in my cell phone
Tryna’ get a hold of someone new
Instead of hanging out with you
And your high school stories

But you sure know how to get right to me
With all those Facebook statuses
About relationships and such
Poor grammar is a must
But I trust that you can do it

But I couldn’t give a fuck
Whether you give a fuck or not
Rip my eye sockets out
Make me regret ever going out
But I know I’ll make it out of here alive
As long as I don’t watch your life
Unfold before my very eyes
You told this high school story
One too many times for me
You know I’d rather

I’d rather spend my evening
Talking to Chloe on Twitter
Than having to look you right in your eyes”


I know the music video is freaky and cool 

but make sure you listen to the lyrics too 

You think twice about your life, it probably happens at night,
Right? Fight it, take the pain, ignite it,
Tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree, tell it, “You belong to me,This ain’t a noose, this is a leash,And I have news for you, you must obey me.”

^tell those bad thoughts that it’s your brain and they must obey you and leave^

Lyrics that mean nothing, we were gifted with thought,
Is it time to move our feet to an introspective beat,
It ain’t the speakers that bump hearts, it’s our hearts that make the beat.


Former One Direction crooner Zayn Malik is making good on his promise of a solo career, and he kicked things off with a dope rendition of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type.” The remix was actually done with UK rapper MIC Righteous.

Even though this is Zayn’s first attempt on his solo journey, it sure seems like those Drake influences are already present, as Zayn showcases his stunning vocals while sounding right at home with the hip-hop lyrics.

—  Zach Frydenlund, Complex Magazine
liam dunbar imagine

17, you were only 17 but you had to deal with problems almost all adults dont have to. Well, other than those in the known of course. You laid on the cold metal table unable to move, all that was in your sight was green long tubes and more tubes. Your hands were restrained by chains that Stiles used to hold Malia on her first full moon. “Ugh let me go!” you screamed, but you werent that sure anyone heard you. Liam was right, you were worthless and just another burden to everyone else so maybe whoever that was planning to kill you was doing you a huge favor. You started singing, the power of your voice raised in each lyric. You silently prayed that this would work and hopefully your pack would find you in time. But all you heard was heavy breathing, like someone breathing through a mask. The heavy footsteps of these people were loud and clear in your head. You knew exactly who they were, the Dread Doctors. Your breathing escalated immediately, this is impossible how could they catch up so quickly? You knew that they were after you for some kind of “experiment”. “ did you know?” you stumble upon your words. “We know everything, Y/N.” they said in unison. “They will save me even before you can do anything.” you said, your voice filled with anger. Your hand balled into a fist once again trying to break free but to no avail. “We are going to change you.” he said and immediately injected something into you. You felt your body going weak, your once balled fist slowly released. It was first your legs slowly changing into tail, then your entire body felt jelly. That was when you heard a roar, you tried to wonder whoever that was that the Dread Doctors were too dangerous and strong for them but your mouth just wouldn’t bulge. “Y/N? Y/N come on stay with me please,” malia? What were they doing here? “Liam bring her to Deaton’s quick!” you heard Scott shouted. “Hurry! Leave!” you felt the restrains on your hands loosen and your body being lifted. “Y/N stay with me, baby please stay with me” Liam said, putting his hands on yours as he drove his car and headed towards Deaton’s. You woke up, feeling your legs again, you felt human again. The first person you saw was Deaton examining a weird element. “Did that come from me?” you asked as you sat up but your body still felt weak. Deaton took the test tube that contained a weird greenish liquid and showed it to you. “It’s mercury, a very weird kind.” he said frowning his brows before putting down the test tube and looked at you. “Dont worry about that Y/N, you have to focus on healing for now.” he said smiling and nodding his head. You smiled weakly back at him as you heard the doors to the clinic open. Liam came in with bags of things, once he saw you he dropped the bags and ran up to you immediately. “Y/N are you okay? Are you hurt? Do you feel better? What happen? Why were you at the lab? How did you-” his words came out as a rush, his tone was filled with fear and worry. You laughed covering his mouth before he can continue, “Liam im fine,” you smiled, uncovering his mouth and looking at Deaton. “Could you leave us to talk for a few minutes Doc?” you asked. He nodded his head and left the clinic leaving me and Liam together, alone. “I’m sorry i’m so sorry if it wasnt for me you wouldn’t have been hurt. I-” you crashed your lips onto his. His reaction wasn’t immediate but he eventually reacted back. “<i>Liam</i>,” you moaned as he pulled back, knowing that it wasn’t time to start this. You look at him and kissed his forehead before jumping down the table. You landed unstably, nearly falling on your face but Liam caught you before you could fall. “I still love you Y/N i know you probably hate me b-but i s-still l-love you…” he said hugging you from the back as you felt his tears falling on your shirt. “Liam I-” you tried to say something but nothing came out. “I still love you Y/N, I really do I’m sorry.” he cried, very hardly may you add. You loosen his arm that was wrapped around you and turn around to face him as he look at you, letting his tears fall freely. Your thumb wiped every tear that rolled down his eyes. “I still love you, and i dont think i can stop loving you ever cause it will hurt so much Liam its like a drug you know? Loving you is like a addicting drug that i can never stop taking, and i dont want to stop either.” the both of you made eye contact as you closer the gap, your arms wrapped around your neck as you slowly kissed him on his nose, then on his lips. “I” kiss “love” kiss “you” you said as you kiss his lips for the last time and rest your forehead on his. He finally smiled and looked at you which reminded you of the first time the both of you met, his eyes never leaving yours. Love, that’s what this is called.

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How to Playlist like a pro

The first thing you need is a title–


Pick a theme and pick some words

The more pretentious sounding, the better.

Next, you’re going to throw a bunch of songs that might fit into your little sidebar

20 is too many. No one wants to sit through 20 songs of a non-instrumental, non-study, non-party playlist. Since this is a character playlist, 20 is absurd. I like to stick between 10-12.

Cut down those titles

You should have an absurd amount of lyric tabs open to make sure all the songs are damn perfect for this.

The most important part, I think, is flow. A lot of people ignore or forget the idea of flow in a playlist. Usually, I have to listen to it a few times through to fully correct it.

For example, this trio. The Beast is piano with a melancholy tone, which leads right into the beginning Monster (easily the coarsest song on the playlist). Dark Matter’s subject isn’t happy, and the music is slightly electronic, which phases in well.

And then you just build down so nothing’s too jarring to your ears!

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts about secular music? Do you think it's okay to listen to songs that aren't by Christian artists? Don't get me wrong, I love Christian music, but sometimes I hear a popular secular song and I want to jam out to it too.

hahahaha i get your drift completely!!  The best way i can probably answer question is by quoting phillipians 4:8: “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” If we should be thinking about such things, surely those are the things we should invite into our minds through music and lyrics. Can the lyrics in a secular song be true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy? If so, then there is nothing wrong with a Christian listening to a secular song of that nature. However, a lot of secular songs constantly glorify what opposes God, and its not really wise to fill are minds with things that aren’t glorifying to God.


Like I’ve been saying forever about Namjoon representing the gap between life and death and Tae acting as a trigger for the downfall of the group but listen okay I’m 99% sure that what’s represented in that video is Purgatory.

The ethereal lighting, the fact that Jimin’s hair is still wet (after drowning himself), the idea of being trapped. The references to Nirvana and Peter Pan and staying young throughout the entire series. The boys all died/killed themselves in various ways because they didn’t want to grow up without their friend. They didn’t want to grow old and have to deal with being adult’s and having responsibilities. They didn’t want to have to face the consequences of alcohol and drugs and all that shit, and so slowly the group fell apart and they all died in one way or another, in the hopes that they could stay young forever in the afterlife.

But the problem is they never got closure in life (Tae never got closure over his dad, various fall outs within the group etc.) so they were trapped in Purgatory until they dealt with it all.

I think that’s what the videos about, why there’s lots of little flashbacks in it, and them trying to escape the maze, because they’re all fighting to escape Purgatory, but then they realise they have to deal with what’s happened in order to move on together to the afterlife.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OP-Seishun Satsubatsu-ron
Class 3E Utatan (Nagisa, Kayano, Karma, Isogai, and Maehara)
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OP-Seishun Satsubatsu-ron

I was dying to find out the meaning to Ansatsu Kyoushitsu’s opening theme, so I uhhhh translated it. It may not be totally accurate, but I’m pretty sure it’s close. I put the English and Romaji translations. I made some notes to explain some of the lyrics too.


Youth savage theory!

To put it into words, you know it’s cool when executing the task.*

(We savages searching for our target.)

When thinking to hesitate, the hesitation wins over.

It appears in the right hand and right leg together.

Su-surely our irritation of those waving motions**

is the proof of our existence

We looked up to the rising moon,

Come-come-come-come on!

The fact that it’s not finished is unbearable!***

The fact that it’s not finished is unbearable!

Beyond the small status quo,

it makes us want to scream! (AHH!)

The fact that it’s not finished is unbearable!

(If we try hard, we can do it!)

The fact that it’s not finished is unbearable!

(Surely we can do it!)

Though it’s easy to say that now,

we want to struggle today!

We want to burst with you!****

Even so, youth is eternal!

(Come-come-come on!)

Youth savage theory!


Seishun satsubatsu-ron!

Kuchi ni dasu no wa, jikkō suru toki sore ga kakkoī koto shitteru-sa.

(Tāgetto sagashite bokura wa satsubatsu.)

Omoi wa mayou, mayoedo susumu.

Migite to migiashi isshoni de souda.

Nan-nanda iraira no hadō wa

bokura no sonzainoshōmei.

Tsuki o miage takamaru.


Yari kittenaikara yarikirenai!

Yari kittenaikara yarikirenai!

Genjō daha o chīsana koe de,

yagate zekkyō shitaku naru! (AHH!)

Yari kittenaikara yarikirenai!

(Yareba dekiru-sa!)

Yari kittenaikara yarikirenai!

(Kitto dekiru-sa!)


Douse to iu no wa kantan dakedo,

ima wa agaite mitainda!

Kimi to hajikete itainda!

Saredo seishun wa miraieigou!


Seishun satsubatsu-ron!


*executing the task: trying to kill Koro-sensei

**waving motions: Koro-sensei’s waving tentacles

***the fact…unbearable: the fact that they haven’t finished killing Koro-sensei

****burst: it has a double meaning, the students want to burst with excitement, and they want Koro-sensei to literally burst.