not sure that anyone would be interested hahaha

Serious question, if I made and sold a MarcoAce fanbook, would anyone be interested in buying it?

I’ve been thinking about it for a few months now. 
100% sfw. Perhaps a few sketches, old and new, cleaned up and improved versions of all the short doujinshi I made, and a new doujinshi too? How does that sound? 
Of course in my sketch-paint style. Content mostly sketches because I have been observing my reblog+like count for a while and that’s what majority of y’all prefer.
I’d love to here your thoughts and feedback. <3
The outcome of this crazy idea depends on how many people are interested.
This could be my main project in Dec 2016 and the first half of 2017.

P.s. Shipping cost may be a slight issue because I’m not from any country you can think of right now, I’m sure of it. But I wanna get my art out there OTL.

I had a thought recently that won’t leave me alone.

What if Justice had been the dominant force in DA2? How would that have changed the game and his interactions with the companions?

I have no idea how this would work, but I’m thinking of him playing the same role. Maybe Justice was just too dominant a force, or maybe Anders didn’t survive the merger, or maybe he never merged with Anders at all and is still inhabiting a corpse (either Kristoff’s or someone else’s). But let’s just ignore that for the moment because I think this is interesting.

(Cut for length; shouldn’t be anything controversial in here)

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HI GUYS this is already my 4th ff?!?!?!??? ((and I will still be making one for my one year anniversary coming up so beware…)) For those of you who still don’t know I was previously midorimmas :DD I’m sooo sorry for the poorly-executed graphic LOL but you gotta admit that this artwork is SO PRETTY so I’ll just be stealing the beauty from it to create the ILLUSION that this is a pretty graphic HAHAHA (thank you goddess yana)

but anyway oh my goodness I hit 6k WHAHT??!? lol tbh when i started this blog I really only expected like 1k at the very most because i didn’t know anyone could deal with all my shizzles LOL. so this is probably gonna be a huge ff to thank those who made my dash so interesting and my time on tumblr super amazing ( ˘ ³˘)❤

well I’m sure you all know I’m super picky on who I follow and I constantly go on unfollowing sprees a;dslfkja but honestly I would never be here if it weren’t for you guys??? you guys inspire me to make graphics all the time and even though it’s so stressful and time-consuming, I can just HEAR you guys cheering me on in the back of my mind and it’s super comforting so thank you so much!! (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ you guys are also super amazing I dont even know how you guys do it like all of you are so perfect and you all even human lol ?!?!

I’VE ALSO MET A LOT OF REALLY SWEET AND AMAZING PEOPLE HERE!!! I love talking to you guys and I’m so glad that i met you guys seriously like wow? you guys make me laugh and I’m so sorry I haven’t been active lately and act half-dead whenever I even get the time to blog cause of exams and all that but you guys are the!!

I’m not even joking when I say im a massive noob so I really want to thank the people that follow me too because when you guys reblog/like/reply stuff I post cause it makes me feel really good about myself like WOAH I DID SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY !!!1!!!1! and every time I receive those cute lil messages THEY MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY and they mean so much to me >////< 

OKAy I should stop now HAHAAh so here are all my FAVE blogs that inspire me every single day and the ones I love seeing on my dash :’) so anyone reading this, I REALLY recommend you check some of these people out ( ˊᵕˋ )

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