not sure that anyone would be interested hahaha

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Loki is rather shocked at the size of this new…. ‘Avenger.’ He looked like a child, merely by the height. Though he could not be sure, for he wore a mask. Ridiculous it were, even the name was absurd. 

Curiosity MUST be sated. His own thoughts and interest deafened him to whatever the mortal had said and he interrupted— “What is your AGE?”

I had a thought recently that won’t leave me alone.

What if Justice had been the dominant force in DA2? How would that have changed the game and his interactions with the companions?

I have no idea how this would work, but I’m thinking of him playing the same role. Maybe Justice was just too dominant a force, or maybe Anders didn’t survive the merger, or maybe he never merged with Anders at all and is still inhabiting a corpse (either Kristoff’s or someone else’s). But let’s just ignore that for the moment because I think this is interesting.

(Cut for length; shouldn’t be anything controversial in here)

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